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  1. It's a fad to line their pockets Look at us look at us we've done a dvd buy our dog coats hats and weight vests
  2. It was green as grass I knew lad it was off he'd not done a thing with it but I liked the dog. Just a heap a shit lol
  3. Mines in the house. I only go daytime with 2 other lads ones an old boy been at it since the 70s very well known in coursing. My bitch is coming into her second season this time and if last is anything to go by I'll be over the moon she's filled out and muscled up I've got a beddy whippet grey pup to be bringing on for the young lad so it'll be fun and games
  4. I just bring them on like any other lurcher except the hunting up I won't let em til they're good at what I want them for and recall is bang on
  5. I've only ever had one pure off John Lennon the dog was Reuben speed of the pharaoh on paper or dickhe@d he could run but was ignorant as feck. Suppose the lad who had him til 8 month just left him in a kennel
  6. Proper ones run anywhere from bolting rabbits on the hills to hare on big land
  7. Mines 8 month now and we came home this morning to the living room looking like a wood chipper had had a few trees through it. The little w@nker had pulled all the logs out if the basket next to the burner and sat on every cushion on the sofa chewing em then in the rug the chair even on the fecking TV stand
  8. Start stripping off bollok naked and run towards em
  9. All the proper dogmen getting rid cos they can't be arsed looking after a jukel through summer .
  10. Your inbox will be full in 10 min with all the "proper" homes for it is try find it a home with lads you know buddy
  11. Get to the butcher's and get it a big old cattle shin bone to chew on
  12. I think you need to try get a leg over in your busy 9-5 at some point. Might be a little more chilled out then lads in here are always ready to help jumping down throats you won't get far
  13. I'm looking for a mk3 collar if anyone fancies selling one can't find mine for the life in me. It's needed asap I've got a job to shift some rabbits from a nursing home and know we'll end up digging with the time of year.
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