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  1. What cal is it bud and is the cylinder and barrel good no rust etc looks a bit off coloured on the pic may just be pixelating when I zoom in
  2. What's it like out to 100 yard ? And is the screen dimmable ?
  3. I'll have to get the daughter to resize the pics I can't get em on and all in I've got about 200 in the gun. I've been out this afternoon had a good so shooting then on the track on our way off the farm a woody dropped on the sileage 42 yard with rangefinder the ratty was on the top loaded it up have it 1/4" holdover nailed it through the back of head my pal couldn't believe it reckons it's a kids gun. Mine's the standard short 2250b too loads wanting a fn12 now so might be for sale soon getting 20 decent shots to a canister
  4. How are they bred and how old ?
  5. What size tube is it please ?
  6. I've got one for my lad it's got gmac brass lh bolt breech boss valve pinned and polished threaded barrel and custom silencer. Putting out just over 10.9 and I can headshot woodies at 25-35 yard I do better groups with this than my old dreamline
  7. Kalibrgun

    Hw95 k

    Have you still got this ? I've pmd you and got nothing back ?
  8. Hi all from Yorkshire .
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