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  1. Ffs blackie don't start him off again hell appear
  2. Collie whippet greyhound X beddy whippet greyhound
  3. Bought one of these from optics warehouse it lasted 2 days and sold it load of shite it was. Easier with red filtered torch mounted on scope
  4. No they're only wireless charging for smartphones ... My lamp still has cig lighter end on so plugs straight in
  5. Kalibrgun

    impact compact 22

    No probs buddy ended up buying a new prophet performance fri
  6. Kalibrgun

    impact compact 22

    Still got it ? Tried messaging you but won't let me
  7. Couldnt imagine bieng out with you ffs be more laughing than owt else
  8. Your as bad as that bottle less c**t katchum read the previous posts properly I never said I was torching anything
  9. Mine Mr blackie grassland turns into moorland at the top then I've got about 800yard strip on the top
  10. Not saying I've never poached and the Moor at top of my perm is within boundaries of the land Im allowed on . Fact is you've been asked not to go on and carry on going on you can pull whatever you want out it's not me going on other folks land that I've been asked to leave alone
  11. Wasn't my perm he's been going on Didn't say I've not been on at all I'd not lamped it glad he didn't with his track record boomeranging
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