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  1. Must of been looking east that's over Russia
  2. Near enough a cubic meter at 4" and about 1.4cube at 6"
  3. Bedlington whippet grey X collie whippet grey 21" coming 12 month old.spending the next few week off with a skin tear and staples
  4. My pals got one of the "new" MK1 copies and threw it straight in the cupboard after first use was picking interference up best bet is eBay for a proper MK1 or mk3
  5. Mine are on alpha racer seem to do well on it the high maintenance seemed to be good when running through the season
  6. Imagine fuel bill driving that cnut about
  7. Wasn't a lad called Paul was it ? We were going down around that time it came on top one night driving about he said he'd lost his spaniel earlier in the day we were "looking for it" good job they didn't go to his house it was curled up on the sofa
  8. Needed one for tomorrow we're out on a new farm making a start. For the landowner.
  9. I've got a collar and box just fancied a spare. I don't do Facebook. Will have a ride to rabbitfever off the bat next week I've enough purse nets but out tomorrow would of been handy with a longnet.
  10. I'm after a quickset net and basket 50 yard + a 25 yard a spare mk3m collar. West York's area but will travel for bits if prices right
  11. Bucket of water ..... Priceless
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