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  1. I had one out of the Lucas crow litter and was one geared
  2. Be better finding one that a pal has got or one you Be seen graft instead of chasing names I guarantee it won't be Lucas bred. Young lad I know had bought a "bulldozer" bred dog which it ain't bulldozer never got out to the bitch it was supposed to be bred from. Too many people breed outta dogs and stick a name on em cos they've pissed on the same lamppost as a decent juk.
  3. It was on bags out the back window down the garden I wouldn't take it out the house with my gimpy arm at the min lol fancying a Artemis m40 after looking/playing with my pals today would soon empty a tin of pellets though
  4. As far as I know he was working teckels or another that type
  5. When my old bitch got nicked I saw it 14 month later on lurcher link in Halifax West Yorkshire I phoned them told them it was my bitch etc told me to go down the bitch came flying over the fence and jumped up into my arms. Kaye the woman who runs it seems a decent woman too she knows they're not just pets. They've usually got a few in for foster
  6. Might be able to get his details that way but I won't pass people's numbers out without their approval
  7. Had a look on gunstar earlier missed an ultra se full kit big bottle etc 375
  8. I'm going to try the nephews see if I can manage
  9. If it was a fair bit cheaper id of had it id have to faff about getting rh stock. Just waiting on a reply about a s6 contour.
  10. Mine came to the UK from Belgium off decent working stock I went over hunting we got a decent mixed bag with the terriers ended up missing the ferry home so had to stay another 2 days
  11. Fcuck knows it was called that when I got it at a few month old ended up getting called scruff no way was I walking the dog with the kids shouting muff muff come on muff
  12. That's what I need I tried and tried to use the 110 today. Rested its ok but when out shooting I won't be able to rest it with one hand especially without damaging it.
  13. Wow looks identical to a bitch I had Kingsway muff she was called
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