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  1. Couldn't run it was stuck on the washing line
  2. Had another trip out today on a new perm. Pals bitch and the young lads beddy x did well.
  3. Mine is he's separated now made right hole in back of the lads jill the horny cnut.
  4. I've been there and done it kept a litter on til they were 7/8 month old to see which I preferred fcuck that never again my next litter I'll pick 2 straight away if any of the lads want one they can take em
  5. Why's it being a cnt he'll know what he's getting what it's out of and read the other bit where it says or give to pet homes.
  6. Get some athletes foot cream or fanny rash cream looks fungal
  7. We once took a deaf lad out lamping he was a shit hot Lampert when driving down the lanes sat on door. He'd tap on the roof and do antler sign with his fingers on his head. Took hi roosting a few pheasants one night he's walking round a big wood dropping em for fun we heard someone coming from towards keepers house so we've half hid behind some big trees trying to wave at him. he was still shooting em with keeper a few yard off him keeper lit him up with a torch the lad set off running straight to motor ffs was hilarious
  8. Best way to teach em young my youngest is 6 he's all for the dogs oldest is 8 and hasn't missed an outing all season first thing he does when we're home is fill a bowl up of warm water with tcp and washes there feet and feeds up. Teach them right
  9. Breed your own and tap what you don't want/need sounds harsh but it's a reality or put them on for pet homes
  10. If you've a new mk3m collar at 90 pm me I'll buy it
  11. Good day. We had a ballache of a day yesterday couple of awkward digs full of stone but ended up with 21 dogs knocked a few up themselves
  12. His post is nearly 8 year old bud
  13. I'm not too sure whatbit was called it was just off the knuckle joint they pinned it and plated it. On xray it looked as though her joint had extended too far and broke the socket
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