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  1. Anyone in or around west yorks need to make room I'm after a steady gold cock bird or a finch noted mule. Let me know what you've got and a price can collect straight away
  2. English lowland red 350 average where you hunt 350 average that's the same size
  3. All you can do us get him bouncing fit and hope for the best
  4. So does octavia scout 2.0tdi and still do 45 to gallon lol
  5. He's done me a better for the lad has sandymere top fella
  6. I've said the same for years yet lads are still running foresters jacked up cakes in mud and wonder why they get pulled. I was running a 60 reg Antara last season and beginning of this kept it clean on the outside and not once got pulled. My pals running a yeti we've driven past wildlife officers that were looking for us on land and didn't get spun on.
  7. Don't let the lad take this and leave it in the back of the car then. Top work sandy
  8. May as well have a pink elephant with bright green letters saying PULL ME. They were red hot 10/15 year ago. Can't beat an average looking family car with a few kids toys and kids car seat in the back for when parking up
  9. Not the clearest of pics
  10. I'll get you a day out Blackie reckon it'd be a laugh
  11. We've all been there at one point. The hard part is admitting to yourself blacky
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