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  1. Same as my old one. I set mine up with Lancet mk9 reg at 125 bar with key and was an absoloute animal with 18grain jsb and Hades. My key was a push and turn 90° to lock like a flat slot
  2. Usually every 4 year hits em there been 2 year since they had it last and still didn't wipe them out properly. Gotta keep them happy or lose it so keep them happy it is.
  3. Haha my little lads ready to go his wellies and waterproofs next to the front door he's wanting beef casserole on a flask lol he's expecting an apocalypse with the gear he's wanting to take
  4. Yeah the fcucking things
  5. Just had a phonecall off a new perm asking me to go up and shift a few tonight not reply my cup of tea this time if year but will try the pup in a few and shoot a few as the landowner is wanting to see bags ffs was hoping he wouldn't ring til end of sept/Oct.
  6. Right I'm after a whippet type beddy X or similar bitch pup as young as possible to bring on for just rabbits I've got a new perm and need a rabbit only bitch will travel for the right pup no coursing saluki bred prices
  7. My pals was stacking pellets out to about 37 yard down his garden it got boring it was that accurate.
  8. That with the r10 bottle would be some rifle it's a nice gun but looks to me more a bottle type rifle forend. I was looking at the first edition yesterday that my pal bought and they shoulder lovely real nice
  9. Best sort of magpies need to get a hammer spring for mine then put her through her paces At the dairy farm this week.
  10. Cracking fellow is Mac always helping people out helped my nephew out (the little shite).
  11. I've just got a mk1 need to sort the hammer spring out but apart from that it's mint. Came with 7 and 12 shot mags screw cut with hw mod and theoben mounts. But has a big 500 bottle on at the min so looking for a 400.
  12. I let mine out in the yard at 5 Tuesday morning whilst I went for some milk I thought it had jumped the garden fence it was curled up with the Mrs in bed
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