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  1. Ill have a spin out this coming season the pup will be 12 month in Sept ideal for the stubbles.
  2. The blood from him will be well diluted lol that's why it might be half decent. The ones I saw would need land as big as Texas a hare with 2 1/2 legs and about a week to put a strike in but the were directly of him
  3. Ducking tablet changing words
  4. Give her some good rest short lead walk in a few week and build it back up. Metacam is a good enough anti inflammatory doses right over a few days. It's got age on its side I had one do it few year back same thing running about like a knob head big help and limping the Bingaman checked it and said rest for couple month
  5. I wouldn't try recreate or replace it'll only ever lead to disappointment. You can never get what you had in a dog. I wouldn't entertain 99% of breeding out there most are silly priced and the breeding is mostly hear say unless you fall lucky and get someone who has genuinely line bred their own stamp. I'd try lurcher link if your not against rehoming one. A woman local to me used to foster for them and had some very smart dogs come through their kennels. I got my old birch back through them after 2 years "missing"
  6. Know if a couple breeding by him and not 1 would stop a rabbit in a ginnel never mind a hare all shite people breeding for names In the line that were junk to start with
  7. Get down geldered road site that's first port of call if mine ever go again they went 4 year ago and got a couple of pals in the shot in and screamed into the site not 1 man came out but a woman did shouting and balling we had a walk around and both bitches were there tied to a dog box kennel. Ripped the chains off the box and put them in the jeep and drove out. They won't be far I guarantee it always shit on their own doorsteps
  8. They're used for what they're made for not cabinet/shelf queens out in all weather's not sat there too spring/summer like them dan sarff
  9. No but if she sees it she'll be wanting shoe and handbag money and when there must be 50+ pairs of shoes and matching handbags in one of the wardrobes all worn .... Once or twice bollocks to that she can wear an a few more times each then she might see a new gun come through the door lol
  10. Cos we get out and use them a lot I've had the priest a week and put 2 tins of 25.39 redesigned and a tin of heavy 18s through it and a handful of Hunter extremes for a tin of hades to try next but not got high hopes for them I've had spirals in a couple of rifles with em
  11. I'll do you a favour and give 200 and a half eaten mars bar and that's helping you right out I'm not a huge Fx fan to be honest had a dreamlike classic .22 and wouldn't group for toffee with the superior kit had a wildcat mk1 I couldn't get on with but had a vermi mk2 before both that was spot on. Running a tad low at 10.8 but it put stuff in the bag. I'm liking the cricket tactical at the min and wondering if the Mrs would notice if I snook one in in the same gun bag I use for the rti .......
  12. That's true. Which was your rfd ? There was Leicestershire and city air weapons that only had them in the others I contacted to get one didn't have any at all. Bob at city air weapons had mine 4 week before he sent it to my rfd and as a good will sent the carbon bottle instead of the ally one I ordered I thought hed fcucked up because the extended butt didn't come with the rifle but came on Monday to my house rather than rfd.
  13. About a grand too dear then they'll be some cheap mk2 in the next week or two lol
  14. !there was a batch of priests that did have problems last year they put a "recall" on for qc to sort them and replace/refund mines the newer one with newer style mag that flips over from left or right newer reg etc I've had it apart and not a single burr or rough edge only thing it has done is the bolt rubber the anodising from inside the channel it slides up and down but I was polishing that up either way. I had a mk2 impact and had nothing but trouble with it pissing air out constantly so far the priest is better in my opinion and a couple of lads I know with rti won't go back to fx. Horses
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