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    One of my lads went to a local car boot looking for fishing tackle ,and came back with this for my man cave .good little find.
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    I enjoy nothing more than been out with my young Collie/Greyhound
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    my young WBG bitch Teal,looking forward to some nights out on the lamp and days with the terriers this coming season....she pick up where we left it and i will be happy......she's keeping my ferret Kitts in fresh meat and catching rabbits local (not an easy task)she's around 25/26 tts and filled out nicely
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    Hopefully another few seasons left in these sisters yet
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    im not on about the so called bull sh,tters that say that will be there for you but when you need them there not to be found,a good mate of ours had a bad turn 3 weeks ago hes got no family just good mates ,he had been bad for a few weeks then got rushed in to hospital 2 in the morning I got the call me and the big felleh big shaun t went straight to the hospital he had had a stroke and was not in a good way ,basically after his divorce he had not been looking after him self and drinking a lot,well we got him home all our wives done the house up while he was in hospital we filled his freezer and have been checking on him all the time ,tonight he said jeff if it was not for my good mates I would of ended my life it hit me hard to hear him say such a thing I never knew his divorce had hit him so hard as he does not say a lot,this is the lad that lost his fac because he was on anti depression tablets ,which is fair enough,its nice to think that we were all there for him when he needed uss,but some people are not lucky enough to have good mates ,I say look after your mates and they will look after you ,apart from the odd gob s,ite
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    As long as a dog was a worker an undershot jaw wouldnt bother me in the slightest.
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    Before anyone gets too depressed and starts wondering whether they should put in an application to their Local Allotment Association they may also wish to consider the following facts: It’s the Courts who administer the Law, not the RSPCA. The Law as it stands, recognises and accepts that injuries can and on occasions do occur as a result of legitimate pest control activities, this includes terrierwork (this is actual case law not simply opinion). The increased sentences are intended to cover acts of extreme animal cruelty (as judged by the Courts NOT the RSPCA). And also to complement new legislation shortly to be introduced, “The Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Bill 2019” (also known as “Finns Law”). “Finns Law” is named after police dog “Finn” who received severe and life threatening stab injuries while protecting his handler who was in pursuit of a gunman. It provides increased protection for service animals (eg. police dogs and police horses) and removes the loophole whereby a defendant accused of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal could claim they were protecting themselves and were justified in using physical force against a service animal. For further information see - https://www.parliament.uk/business/news/2019/april/royal-assent-finns-law/ Now I’m not naïve enough to suggest that our opponents wouldn’t try to capitalise on any new animal welfare legislation, we all know them better than that. Nevertheless this is hardly the death knell of terrierwork, nor should it be misconstrued as such. J.M.H.O. - Barrie
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    An African lady called Betty came into my restaurant and asked "Is there any chicken on the menu?" I replied "No black Betty, it's ham or lamb!
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    Wonder how many people will be convicted of over feeding and lack of exercise of their dogs. This has to be one of the worst animal cruelty cases that goes unpunished.
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    Unusually me and my youngest daughter have a full weekend together, Fin is at surfing weekend and the Mrs is in London... So picnic, dogs and a mooch along the teign valley was the order of the day... Other than "losing" the sausage for nearly 2 hours in the ferns and gorse, only the occasional rabbit popping out given her position away, f***ing pain in the ass!! Lol..it was a Cracking few hours in.a beautiful spot..
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    Alright lads as the title says I’ve never posted on this before so thought I’d put a few pictures of the new pup up!
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    Posting these photos up for Busher100. He'll fill in the details
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    I've heard of it raining cats and dogs before but never cats and wogs.
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    I saw the writing on the wall years ago, none of my boys keep terriers, I wouldn't wish it on them. It's a hard habit to break, I've been banned twice, jailed once and I'm still out there doing my bit. How many lads would it take getting 5 years to stop 99% of you ? Do the maths, it's cheaper to give 10 or 20 of you varying jail terms upto 5 years than continuisly pump funds Into rural crimes. How many of you would still be giving it large after loosing your liberty and the right to keep dogs ? I've had it twice and it leaves a mental scar on you, fair play if you can pick yourself up and get straight back at it but I'll have a safe bet the vast majority wont
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    Ive had stick for it in the past but ive always said my friends are more important to me than my family,i chose my friends i didnt choose my family.....i have a lot of acquaintances and general pal types of people but i only have a handful of true friends who id do anything for,i love them dearly and am totally committed to them having studied their characters over many years and been through a lot together.....must admit i never thought id ever say it but my ol woman has become one of my best friends i always thought the " shes my mate as well as my wife " thing was a corny pile of nonsense but shes as solid as they come and through some sticky situations never left my side,very special person and the first female friend ive ever had.
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    All my early lamping pics were took when I got home after waking the missis up who was not best pleased to come down stairs to take a picture of me with a nights catch.lol
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    Sober would be a good start
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    Pups turned up someone's arse has fell out an decided to return them thanks everyone for your support
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    Looking well after a litter of 9.