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    Just been offered a bungalow its in my village, but away from my address so as I don't see this place anymore, it will be fully modernised , gardens back n front, overlooking farmland the housing association, will take care of my move , and all the support they can offer, there words not mine, thought id post on here, no one else to tell, and maybe I can think about a dog now thanks
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    My pup D, finished for the season now, had a few cracking digs with him, little natural he is, atb At
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    He's the last dog out of the old bitch, he's making a hell of a dog too, I'll see if it let's me load a picture of him and his half brother.
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    Just some old photos animal markets where more popular back then
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    Here is my terrier, great little dog in his own [BANNED TEXT] and has worked very hard and very well for me. I'd like to throw abit spaniel in the mix and see how they get on round me for wood etc as the terrier doesn't hunt as far as I'd like and a hound xs would hunt to far. Dax
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    Totally agree with you there poxon. The beddy whippets I go out with are decent. They Bush well and will go in any cover. Think it’s how you bring them on but there’s plenty out there that won’t go in cover. If you just wanted an out and out busher then go for a more bushing type. Terrier x spaniel, beagle spaniel and so on. I wouldn’t be without a busher now. See much more than when I just had a lurcher. Like you say it’s a game changer. He will keep a handful of lurchers busy!
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    Be honest Casanova ....I bet it's the first time you've been any where near a wet pussy
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    No one on here even smart enough to know wtf your on about mush
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    Thing is that like most things , you develop this gold standard idea in your head of scenarios and what you envisage them happening . A nice stubble field in a summers day , a lurcher tearing around , you with one kid in your shoulders , the other laughing walking . In reality, it’s bollocks , you can’t make kids like stuff , you just have to give them they want to do and kind of steer them away from non beneficial stuff and hope they come right about things. Onevthing I do though is that I take my kids everywhere we go . Its pretty cool the crack they get up to.
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    JUST TO KEEP YOUR HOPES UP: I live in Jilin Province in China. About the same size as Ireland but with a population of 23 million people. This time last month, February 12th, we had 93 cases. One elderly man died, 91 have recovered and now we only have one case being treated in a hospital. The lockdown for me personally was: Just going out to a public place if really needed. (Like local supermarket) Wearing a facemask and gloves when in an indoor public place. (I just used normal woolly winter gloves) Washing hands immediately after being outside. (Just normal soap and water. I haven't bought any sanitizer since the lockdown) Nobody over here stock piled anything. I don't even understand why this has become a thing. We didn't run out if anything in the shops. (You really are just washing your hands like you normally would) Temperature checks are done by staff before entering any indoor public places, like malls, shops, restaurants. (Some took your number, to contact you if anyone that had been there tests positive and you can self isolate at home.) Staying in most of the time. It's boring for sure. But probably the fastest way to beat this thing and have it over with, is to avoid public places, especially indoors, unless really needed. That's about it. I've never felt the need to panic. Binge watch your TV shows. Start trying different dishes to cook. Start a little project for yourself at home. Use this time at home to do something you wouldn't normally have time for. They've said, as of now, 2 weeks lockdown in Ireland. Don't fight it, there is nothing to be fighting about. The more you ignore it, the longer it will take to stop spreading. In turn, lengthening the lockdown. So just follow what is being said from the reputable sources, be smart, DON'T PANIC and it will be gone in no time. Stay safe Ireland!
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    True, but should we ?.......we have been brainwashed with all this globalist “we need them and they need us” bullshit.....We don’t need a zillion odd marks and everything made in the 3rd world to get a car or bike or pork pie, we can do all that stuff ourselves. Mate, 4 weeks and the world is shut down !!.......if that’s not a wake up call then I don’t know what is. The fragility of European life based on what happened in China should be a kick up the arse for everyone.......we have to start investing in, believing in and valuing ourselves. We need to take serious stock of what we are buying, where we are buying it from and who benefits. Loads of us have been saying for years that the importation of 3rd world things and people has weakened Europe and this shows starkly that we were right.
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    Nail on the head. They are lurchers with bull in the mix not bull x, to me a bull x has only greyhound and bull in it.
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    Sometimes i think about my ghetto upbringing education as " poor little me " but listening to some of this academic education it sounds boring as f**k im glad i played to my strengths after reading this
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    12wks old brother and sister
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    i sat outside a bar in Barcelona with mush a few year ago having a beer ....and I asked him then what he did for a living.....he explained ...and I sat with an expression like homer simpson ....... I'm still none the wiser....I actualy think hes just made it up.....
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    I agree with that my little grandson comes round and the first thing he does now is go and grab the dogs lead we have some great times muckin about over the forest its like the blind leading the blind i sit showing him footprints and he looks at me as if to say " piss off thats where the dog was just standing you idiot " ......once he gets home he,ll tuck into his Ipad and whatever devices he has for a while but his little red nose and cold fingers dont stop him wanting all the outdoors he can get he,s loving it and im having a whale of a time
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    Cyprus currently sending security forces to help protect Greek borders,with a current list of countries pledged to also help....Poland,Czech Republic,Estonia,Slovakia,Hungary. Imagine that little old Greece defending their homeland and Western Europe from foreign invasion while the big powerful European nations stand watching !
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    Freezing out this evening but had a few hours out and managed a nice little sea trout. Fair play they go til the very end. Took a good rest for him but I made sure he was 100 percent before he shot off back into the depths. Will be looking at fishing for them back in the UK when I'm home.
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    Tough one today dealt with in his usual style
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    Couple of years ago not far from me 4 lads got chased by farmer & Car got stuck in field So they abandoned car & ran off leaving the car. Farmer went to burn it out & luckily he checked the boot first coz when he opened boot there were two lurchers cowering in in there!!! He took dogs to a local rescue & torched the car. I would rather be nicked than abandon any of my dogs. Atb
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    My pals old bandog.Imo the best working bandog male in the uk.Always placed top 3 in every trial hes competed in against dogs owned by so called top trainers and security ladswith hardly any training and a real sensible gentleman of a dog to be around.Ive seen this dog take some serious stick and never take a backward step.
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    Just fitted new stock to 17 HMR tikka
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    Mate! China have become a real issue for me over the past year or so anyway. They are a f***ing savage bunch with some seriously conflicting ethics and ideals to us in the West. Historically they have kept all that to their own back yard and not rocked the boat internationally, just chugged away taking what business they can so long as no one bothered them. Now they are building up their ability to project power, initially regionally but inevitably globally and they have aspirations to start to flex those muscles. Never mind this pandemic, we can't continue to treat China like they're not tomorrows enemy! 'We' make strategic decisions about energy supply, defence procurement, foreign investment, communications infrastructure, eg we refused to become reliant on Russian gas like the rest of western Europe did. Time we took the same precautions with our industrial supply chains dependant on China. Eggs and baskets....
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    I wish these fcuking rock stars would keep their opions to themselves!
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    I’d gee you a job milking cows but i doubt you’d reach the udders
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    What a session yesterday evening turned into. Went about an hour and half before high tide, which I think is a point to note. Not to get there close to high. Then went around to the bend of the river and over to what I call the barrel, and it was bites all night. I hooked 9 of the bits, and landed 7 fish. Not huge but what a session really enjoyed it. Here's a few of the photos. Oddly my mate didn't have a single fish but I think that's just down to experience and knowing a bite over a rock catching. And how to bring your lure down with the water flow etc. All on a 10 g Toby. Here's a few pics of the other Fishermen out here.
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    i'm going to find out where you stay bh and when i do i will buy the house next to you and when i change my urine soaked y fronts which is always at the end of the month i will hang them from your door so you can see whats coming to you.
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    Bitch pup works out roughly 3/8 5/8 with bit of Wheaton in ther
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    Pulled all the winter coat out today
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    I started with a small cough yesterday, now I’m not very sociable anyway but I’m thinking just to be on the safe side maybe I should self isolate for a minimum of 28 days, now as I understand it self isolation is staying away from other humans not rabbits, foxes, pigeons etc this could be a month of shooting adventures, on my own of course
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    Shit’s getting real now, and going to get much worse in the next few weeks. In light of the recent panic buying, UK supermarkets have introduced the following purchase limits. Asda: 2 hand sanitisers, 24 toilet rolls max. Tesco: 1 Hand sanitiser, 18 toilet rolls & 2kg rice. Co-op: 12 rolls toilet paper, 1Kg rice. Aldi: 2 Trumpets, 1 diving suit & a MIG welder
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    My mates are fishing today, last few days of the season.... Just sent me this
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    Yanks bought them when they heard of there pedigree
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    About two weeks ago l promised to have a wander around a nursery that raises native trees in search of a rabbit that had breached security and been annoying the client by pooing ,digging and nibbling wher such activities were not welcome. It was a paid job but the recent weather had somewhat dampened my enthusiasm and it kept getting put into the "maybe tomorrow" catagory. Today ,empowered by a sunny start and the threat of little more than a few showers l set off in search of The Rabbit. Well the rabbit turned out to be two rabbits. There are few burrows on the place and most of these are along a single hedge line along a ditch. It is pretty sparce at one end but becomes thicker ,until at the far end One is faced with a right pigdog of undergrowth. Of course ,it was in this horrid tangle that the dog finally gave a mark. It took an hour to set 17 purse nets and carve a run for a stop net . After that it was easy. One rabbit bolted to the ferret in seconds from the hole the dog had marked. The second popped out soon after and there ensued a scene which involved rabbit dog and ferret thrashing about in the flooded ditch. It would've made a great picture but l thought it kinder to effect a rescue.
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    My boy was off school Monday with the shits, but it turned out a nice dry day so we headed out across the fields. We put up a rabbit (a rare beast round here), raised a couple of hares from the headland, flushed a hen pheasant from the long dead sun flowers, watched a harrier go about its business & then we headed over to a fox earth I know. Now this was the bit he loved the most. Amongst the spoil was a few fox bones, bottom jaw etc....... so we had to take those home! .....We then get to the little meadow beside our garden & find a fairly fresh dead vixen (hit by a car). So now he wants something from this, anything!! So we agree to cut the head off so we can get the skull. One very happy six year old! My Mrs go’s to parents evening last night & it turns out he’d told the class the whole story on Tuesday, but omitted the bit about cutting the foxes head off......even he considered this too much information.
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    it's come to something when a working man needs a fxxxcking degree before he let's the dog off its lead.
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    When Live Aid took place in the 80's the population of Ethiopia was 39 million......and they were starving to death. The population of Ethiopia today is 114 million ! This is what happens when superior races show compassion to backward races,it just prolongs the inevitable extinction of stagnant races and creates an altogether weaker species as extinction is the engine of evolution.....the curious part of todays society is that its the superior race thats now gradually being genocided.
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    dont believe you
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    Last out for the young dog till next season
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    Bit of an update here on the fishing. Weather getting colder and been fishing mostly at the harbour, so not anymore trout, however today we are going to start targeting the rivers again to get a few trout in. It's harder fishing now with the wind coming in, when it's still the mullet are straight on I, when it's Choppy they go to deeper water so we went to a river called the murrel yesterday. A huge expanse of water straight from the sea mouth. We were after trout but funnily enough caught 2 mullet. We kept these 2 for the table, and cooked them up with a few beers and a film later in the evening. Hard conditions and as you can see this is a huge river system and very deep. Yesterday was also very weedy. We had a fish each me and my mate so called it a day. Filleted the fish to make sure it cooked though and went down nicely with a tinny. Also fished at low tide the other day and had a few of these blenny looking thing but they still take a chunk of lamb no problem.
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    Finished of today with a pair in the hole, old year old dog still has it
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