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    The chicken sheds have been very quiet recently with very little rat activity due to the change of pest controller who knows his job (b*****d lol).Got the call last minute as usual and turned up with 4 terriers . Like the old days really with rats breaking out as the shed was moving and terriers doing their thing . Finished with 168 with about 20 killed under the shed as it cleared the muck and not in the pic . Hopefully some immunity has been built up . Brings our running tally to 19,775 since starting in 2008
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    Father and Daughter.
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    Just got a battery operated rotisary, it's meant to go over a camp fire but a little messing and it goes over the Barbie, boned stuffed with apples and jerk past then rolled belly of pork, on the left, the chicken on the right has a perforated can full of oil, garlic,chillie,s and smoked paprika inserted into its Ahole which flavours the meat better than any rub or marinade, well chuffed with my first attempt
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    a few from the beginning of time(pre 1980 lol ) Bred By Brian Nuttall
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    Kerny..... you know that puss coloured shit that leaks out of a dogs cock? That's what you are right now imo
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    These are my mates terriers Dog and bitch line bred from our Nuttall stock
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    Also if you want to use a spaniel.we have 2 full champion springers. Beagle x cocker dog and a sprocker dog. As I said in pm mate. Free to use any. If you sell pups. U donate stud fee to either cancer research or M. S society. Both close to my heart.
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    Young bitches both ready to start once the season arrives.
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    I visited the litter sired by my bull whippet dog. There was some cracking pups there. The mother of the pups is nearly full greyhound just a touch of bull. She’s a top class fox bitch, owned by a very good pal. Anyway here’s the pups I picked. Dog on the right bitch on the left. They are 4 weeks old so another few weeks until they join me.
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    Just working reed beds the old dog sleeping on the rabbits on the second picture Was a hard day for him lol 42 caughtb
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    many thanks to vin for setting me up with these corking 2 jill kits. this completes my little team for the season.cheers vin
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    Looking through some old photos and found this old one of me and me dad fire to say iv had my fair share of dog lol
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    You can use my dog for free. Or give someone on here a pup. Proven stud dog and produces bushing dogs.
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    My mates dog bread out of Jerry to his bitch was showing incredible potential end of last season it be his first season this year he’s 29 inch weights 100 pound
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    A lot of digs got with these two
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    Lucky I came along when I did or it would have been curtains for this one ... the mother was stood in the field waiting ......
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    Fawn stuck in a fence ,ken came along ,cut it's throat then ate it's liver raw
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    hopefully one off these brings me some good outings in th me future. Scan said 8 they reckon she’s absorbed 3 so only the 5 still more than happy
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    I heard green lurchers once went ten minutes without eating
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    Not long in picked up fresh caught skate flounder and Dover sole , a quick pick of some samphire and away she goes for breakfast with a few of Suffolk’s finest smoked bacon and pudding
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    My good mate has a small shoot he has started up. And the fox has nearly completly wrecked his pheasant population. He has been out with night vision, the lot. With no luck at all. He has asked me a few times to come help him. But weather has been far to hot. But this weekend it has been cool and wet. So decided to help out. First wood, dogs all in and away. 5 mins later they have found charlie boy. He's out and cleanly shot. My pal was over the moon. Gave us full run of the other woods to do through season.