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  1. That's so bizzarely specific that it's laughable.
  2. You're like a f***ing broken record
  3. Won't let me PM you mate, send me one.. Sam
  4. I'll stick at the day job mate but before I decide to live the straight life there's one last thing I've got to do.. Interested in a John Deere Starfire 3000? It's yours for 10 bob and a rabbit skin.
  5. I couldn't give a flying f**k what you believe
  6. SO AFTER ALL THIS I'M A f***ing DO GOODER SHIT YOU'VE GOT A RECORD. I'm clean as a whistle pal whilst you're giving me all this shit. Literally the biggest prick I've ever met on here you sad c**t. Why don't you go and actually take up hunting you might enjoy it.
  7. Why don't you go on a HUNTING thread? Or do you just pretend to hunt and come on here for a whinge and to sit on your moral high horse and to keep repeating yourself?
  8. I think Stoney's struggling to let it go. He's the type of bloke to find a leaf and take it back to the tree.
  9. How f***ing pathetic are you that you're nearly crying over this thread Is this the most important thing going on in your life at the min? Stoney the morals man.
  10. Go and lick a farmers arsehole Stoney you do gooder prick.
  11. All these planks saying take it to a farmer. What f***ing farmer? There wasn't a farm in site, shall I take it to a RANDOM farm? What's the farmer gunna say If I ask if it's his? He's gunna clearly go "YEP IT'S MINE LAD" and snap it up. It's gunna the police station tonight. I found something in a hedge, googled it, was worth a few quid so wanted to know if it worked, that's it. f**k what all these do gooder c**ts are preaching, everyone would have done the same. I've now realised they get stolen and it's an issue and it's not worth the hassle of holding onto. It was next to a road bridge so for all I know a tractor could have twatted the bridge and it had fallen off. f***ing people on here are hilarious. Anyone would think I'd gone on a raping spree in the local Tesco. Sad c**ts.
  12. Another perfectly moralled keyboard warrior.
  13. That's exactly what I've done. As would 99% of people. It's getting handed in tonight.
  14. The amount of saints on here is quite remarkable.
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