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  1. I've currently got 4 goldie chicks under a yellow mosaic hen about to fledge. Two bullfinch chicks under a mongrel bred canary and a goldfinch chick being reared by a redpoll. All doing fine so far. Sam
  2. Yeah ive heard they keep the nest immaculate mate. I know, good start for me but that's only the first hurdle. Fingers crossed Sam
  3. Got a pair of sibs and a pair of natives. Put pans in today and coconut fiber and within a minute they all picked up nesting material and the cocks trod the hens
  4. I've got a pair of sibs that are ready to go down. Did you remove eggs and put em all back at once or just leave em to it? Cheers
  5. Has she started building yet then mate
  6. They'll catch em but more flushers and finders. Good ones will face any cover and have good voices. I don't like spaniels as they're mute and too giddy. They smash through cover with pace when there's fu*k all there. Not for me
  7. I'd steer clear of beagle crosses for beating and retrieving birds mate.
  8. Not sure pal I'll measure him tts tomorrow for ya. Sam
  9. Dog on the left is bred that way. He's the best I've got he will smash through anything and screams his head off. Sam
  10. Thankyou very much mate appreciate it. I'll get some pics up. All the best Sam
  11. Yes they do mate. Bully hen from you is doing fine Atb Sam
  12. Nip in to change seeds, veg water then back out again. Leave em to it. Insulation needs covering but i'll get to it in the future it's only cosmetic. Saw a pair of bullies and goldies feedin each other already so fingers crossed. Would have had two pair native bullies and a pair sib bullies but lost a bully hen to going light a few week ago, was gutted. Got some baycox in the pantry now and theyre on it first two days of every month to keep it bay so hopefully no more issues. Chance in hell in findin another bully hen to pair cock with at this time of year but if by some miracle anyone hears a
  13. They're italian mate. Called 2GR's. Thanks pal
  14. Thought I'd share a few pics of my little bird set up.This year will be first year with the British finches as I failed with a pair of goldies last season. I have Pair Greenfinch Pair Chaffinch Pair Redpoll 2 x Native Goldfinch pair Pair Sib Bullfinch Pair native Bullfinch Couple of pair canaries for putting eggs under. Wish me luck. Atb Sam
  15. Think they're just in a show cage to view them mate...
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