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  1. Just wondered if any of you shooting lads that do a few foxes would he willing to post me a couple of tails every now and again? Don't want them cleaned or anything just cut straight from the carcass and sent in the post. I'm in the Uk and will pay for them and the postage. Thanks Sam.
  2. Yeah good thinking thanks for that
  3. Can anyone post me some fox tails? I'm in the uk and want some fresh fox tails straight off the carcass. I'll pay for tails and postage. Thanks Sam.
  4. Simply cant keep up mate. Hounds with a bit of leg on them are always infront and its like the Teckels are always trying but lagging behind simply because of lack of leg. I like mine she's a lovely little dog and will work but I can't fully get on with the moody temperament and yapping at nothing. Gone the beagle cross route now. Teckels aint for me. In my opinion I think they were a bit of a 'craze' thing and everyone liked the idea of something new and foreign and I fell for it as much as anyone else but from what I've seen they aren't a patch on dogs that were created on British shores. Sam
  5. Went through to pick up the bitch pup from Kris today and she is a cracker, full of life and really confident he's done a brilliant job with them. Top bloke. She seems to have settled in fine already and looking forward to seeing how she turns out. Thanks again mate.
  6. I've got one. Wouldn't own another. Noisy as f**k barking all the time for no reason and for bushing their legs are too short. Always behind dogs with a bit of leg on them. Sam
  7. Think Jimmy Rose is still alive. Lives in Worksop
  8. Cheers Tommo appreciate the reply mate. Think I'll go with the lamp and bulb set up then but opt for one a bit better quality Sam
  9. Just wondered what kennel heaters you lads are using and if you can recommend any decent ones wether its tube heaters or the red heat lamp/bulb design. Anyone use the 250 watt bulbs and if so are they sufficient to keep a dog warm enough in the winter months in a wooden kennel? Thanks.
  10. Appreciate the tag mate but I only keep bitches as a rule. Bugger!! Sam
  11. Thankyou. Recently had my old bushing dogs pts after 16 years so I'm in the market for a couple of pups to bring on which is always exciting. I've seen a few beagle crosses working in the last few years and liked them so gunna take that route I've put a post in the hound section asking if anyone knows of any litters of pups about with no luck. I'll probably have to take the pup websites on which I'd rather not do but it's very difficult finding decent bred dogs with not many contacts. That vendeen is a beauty always liked the look of them. Good luck with the litter
  12. Just what I'm looking for a type like that!
  13. Cracking pups. They all spoken for?
  14. I'm after a couple of working Beagle bitch pups if anyone can help me out and knows of any up coming litters. Prices are ridiculous on the internet at the miniute with this Covid about and it's 99% show bred stuff anyway. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Sam
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