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  1. Yes I saw em today mate. Not a bad walk round for an hour. Sam
  2. I'll have a black and white hound with me and a black and tan one. Sam
  3. I've been before it's a decent walk round. Gunna go on the saturday I reckon, take the dogs for a wander. Sam
  4. Yeah I'd do em myself if I could get hold of them.
  5. I picked a terrier pup up 3 days ago. Took it to the vets for its first jab, when I got to the till she said £99 please. I nearly spat my fu*kin teeth out. That's with the other one included like but its disgusting. Other than the jabs my dogs have got to have their legs hangin off to take em to the vets. Don't get me wrong, it's good to have them there if needed but I've got to be desperate. It's an industry at the end of the day not the NHS and they'll rob anyone blind and fill their heads with crap.
  6. Nowt wrong with the pets for homes approach. Most people these days don't want workin dogs it's as simple as that. Breed a litter of workers when you want one, keep what you want and give em away/and or flog em cheap to lads that wanna work em then put surplus pups on a website for a grand a piece. You'd be a numpty not to these days with the money they're fetching. Can't see the taboo.
  7. New addition. Patt/fell bitch pup whatever you wanna call it. Sam
  8. I'm not far from Rotherham. One from barnsley one from Wales off Chris off this site. Pickin a pup up from maltby this weekend. Ask ya cousin if he fancies a walk out with me and my mate. Sam
  9. They're mostly hound mate no terrier. They wouldn't fit either.
  10. Thanks mate. This en looks like a mini welsh hound.
  11. She's only small mate. Looks massive on the pic.
  12. Wasn't any about when I was in the market for a couple of bushers mate but I've got a beagle cocker bitch that I'm gunna put a terrier over next year. Pickin a patt bitch pup up this weekend as well so there's the potential to breed some terrier/hound bushers as well. Sam
  13. Frank Roe was my grandads brother mate and I've heard of that dog he said it was a very good dog there was summat up with it though every now and again it fell over on its side and you had to stand it back up for it to get going again like a wind up toy haha. And yeah he won't have a lakie he's told me plenty of times that they just want to scrap all the time. He's got mostly beagle/cockers now same as me but they're not a patch on those old beagle russells and he'll tell ya that himself. Sam
  14. He is mate and so am I, Going round to his lads in a minute to look at a litter of bushers he's bred.
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