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  1. sambo123

    Day old duckling

    Anyone in the Yorkshire area got a day old or bit older duckling I can buy? I tried incubating for the first time with 6 mini appleyard eggs and unfortunately only one hatched and I know you're not supposed to keep ducklings alone. Thanks
  2. Does anybody know of any dates of beagle pack meets in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire area? Seems almost impossible to find online due to pressure from the anti hunt club these days. If anyone can Pm me details it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. sambo123

    brindle patterdale

    Tough guy terrier comments on here are hilarious. "Walked when the going got tough" you fight a fox underground lets see how tough you are
  4. sambo123

    Ratting, leyburn

    What Stock is about mate?
  5. sambo123

    Sharp Innova

    This gun is oddly accurate for its age, remember using one about 15 year ago. A classic, good luck with the search.
  6. sambo123

    Quality Bushing Litter (First Cross Russell/Beagle)

    Is that a serious question?
  7. sambo123

    Hunting man by Plummer

    Has anybody got a copy of this? Recently saw that someone has uploaded a couple of his other docs on youtube but would love to watch Hunting man. I don't care about your opinion on Plummer as many feel need to share theirs. If not an upload then I'll pay for a dvd. Thanks
  8. sambo123

    can you work a whippet with pheasants?

    Now THAT's the reply he was looking for..
  9. sambo123

    can you work a whippet with pheasants?

    Why don't ya try helping the lad instead of giving some smart arse comment?
  10. Sent ya a pm mate 

    1. sambo123


      Can't see it mate there's nowt in my inbox

  11. Check ya inbox pal

  12. sambo123


    Wheaton/tiger idiots
  13. sambo123

    Teckel Stud

    It's too far away they're all the way in Northumberland. He had a last pup going about 3 years ago and said he'd save it, was just about to set off and he said sorry I've sold it afterwards. That alone puts me off going to him and I'm not paying 650 a line that's ridiculous. I only paid just under half of that for my bitch. Not having a dig at you pal just closer would be more convenient. Just wanted a stud that was decent on the coneys for bushing cos that's all I ask of mine. She's at the back end of her season now anyway I think I've left it too late. I'll find something next year. Cheers lads, Sam.
  14. sambo123

    Teckel Stud

    Cheers pal, no just above on rabbits. Sam
  15. sambo123

    Teckel Stud

    Teckel stud wanted. Must be working. The closer to Sheffield the better. Sam