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  1. Read a dog book on recessive and dominant genes. I doubt the eye colour has anything to do with temperament.
  2. Where else are lads going to look if they can't source pups?
  3. Fine looking animal. How much are you asking?
  4. Nice dog pal looks like he does you proud.
  5. Oops, didn't see that bit haha. Nah I don't keep terriers.
  6. Really shows how many people actually hunt on this f****n site when an offer like that comes up for terrier work and not a single person replies..
  7. Been looking for that vid for ages. Thankyou.
  8. Because it got a reputation for being a game, hard beddy that was a great worker and yet most on this site say they've witnessed a dvd it was on and said it wasn't worth a shite.
  9. Anyone know what happened to that Stuart Staley bloke who owned the controversail dog 'Rambo'?
  10. That's so bizzarely specific that it's laughable.
  11. You're like a f***ing broken record
  12. Won't let me PM you mate, send me one.. Sam
  13. I'll stick at the day job mate but before I decide to live the straight life there's one last thing I've got to do.. Interested in a John Deere Starfire 3000? It's yours for 10 bob and a rabbit skin.
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