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    Last night I went for a wander with the adler stealth .410 it was a very still, bright and quiet night but very eventful! I saw a few shootings stars, had a partridge fly into my face, watched a tawny owl try catch a mouse and was watching badgers for a long while some as close as 5 yards - They where not bothered by me at all! I managed to get a video clip of one of the badger's excuse the quality my phone is old.... The adler was brilliant I just need some sort of sight for night use. I managed 5 rabbits but only 3 in the pic I took as I left 2 in the car from 1st lap. I can't wait to get back there.
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    I'd like to see the back of it but it's what I know.... Few going at the minute, steel frames and cladding in the main... I think most of us in the building game are having a pretty good time of it at the minute, how long do those at it think its gonna last?
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    I’m factory based modular buildings, doing a lot of this type of stuff at the minute.
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    Middleton ward fathers side mother Middleton bred
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    Not quite construction but fencing and landscaping do a bit of site work but all that health and safety risk assessments are a ball breaker but it's a feast at the moment hardest part is finding decent lads and I pay better than most
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    make hay while the suns shines kev ,keep your profits high and your out goings low , they`ll come a time when you say fook this be prepared
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    The real question is who cares? Guys a fruit bat no hero of mine an I wouldn’t take one me 3year ole lads shite finger paintings off fridge for one them childish stupid images done by some idiot that wants to a celeb or famous or whatever it is he wants, that’s real questions
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    Wouldn't even phone the cops if I saw a tiger sat in the window....I'd be straight on the blower to Greyman though lol
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    It’s the boom times again dmd, there’s people making riches and there’s us making them rich haha
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    No still in the same place len we just do some similar stuff as them. Lads I work for started out there as well then started up on there own should have done the same thing myself as I know the trade inside out but it’s a costly enough business to get up and running.
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    You're making me feel grateful; I got these permissions as I work here, studying flightlines etc whilst driving tractor. Love the country life.
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    I guessed he was landed gentry
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    Dales stream.....up the road from Katchums farm....but of freelancing...
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    Glad to see he’s got it all under control you won’t be disappointed
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    Couple of years ago I used to get some guys from the North East down, accommodation paid, and £1100 in their hand for a five day week, always had to sub them on Mondays when they came down from a weekend back up north.
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    You could be doing alot worser things stav!
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    How much was your 410 ? Really enjoying my Baikal but it is a bit knocked about! I used some reloaded 3" with 19g load and some 2&1/2" hull with 11g load and they were noisier!
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    I cant handle those twats anymore....seriously grip my shit! As soon as they're paid it's in the pub or up their nose and skint again Monday moaning about it...each to their own how you spend your money but my days of subbing the twats is over...
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    Great to hear mate, you do similar work don't you?
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    Its mad mate...I could be back to our old size tomorrow, f**k do I want it though!! Fingers in other pies luckily cause i really don't think this will last more than 2 years...
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    We’re the very same, flat out at the minute and production isn’t meeting demand.
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    This tit is a whirling dirvish once he sets foot outside. Revved up and ready to go but in the house a right soppy bugger and happy to doze all day. oh he just farted and scared him self. I know that feeling
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    My mate who owns a steel erecting and concreting company is flat out with work ... just upped his work force to 60 guys.
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    Biakle 410 fully moderated , I found that no 5 shot eleys are quieter than any other round including sub sonics
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    I gave him the 12 quid and a tissue .. glad I`m out the job give me some old tat to sell any day ..
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    did same a few year back cut staff ,vans ,got rid of slow payers , ... mates gone in way to low on a load of lesiure centres all on penalty clauses , cant get the lads for what he priced , hasn't worked repairs into price, hotels booked and the weathers been shite not worked unsociable hours into his price all silly stuff that's been over looked , workers are like kids now days had one Monday crying because his expenses were 12 quid short and he couldn't wait another 4 days for it ffs ..
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    Site work ain't like it was mate, the funs gone imo...I wont work for any big main contractors, got some good customers and our own builds to end users/architects...one of the developers we do a lot for has just picked up 2 more big plots wants 33 units done, starting early next year...I don't do as much personally on this part of the business..but my brother who day to day runs it is away for 5 weeks with his mrs (midlife crisis trip I reckon lol)...so its loads of work whilst hes away lol... I know what you mean with labour, we've probably 4 subbie gangs I know I can rely on, the rest let me down regular...I think it's that busy they don't give a f**k! Only a few employed now....wouldn't go back to my wage bill a couple of years ago ever!!
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    You’d of found it handy in New Zealand mate and tbh I do all my editing on my phone now, some of them apps you can get are spot on!
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    Jumped off the big wheel 18 months ago, best thing I ever did....half the turn over twice the profit...its hard to say no, but you wish you did half the time lol
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    No he not McPherson bred very similar lines goes back to Keith Jones from ynysabwl lines .fiona McPherson got a lot of his bloodline.
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    I`m helping a mate out 2 days a week running painting jobs he` s fallen into the busy fool category once your in its hard to get out ...
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    I don’t think he trying for celeb status he just a man that has taken NO SHIT inside and the media HAS made him a celebrity simple as that I’d say....
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    Can’t beat 410 I use mine almost everyday
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    Fair play to you and your family for helping the kids out Bill
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    Must be something about bitches my next door neighbours have got a ridgeback bitch extremely well behaved when out walking but the end of the world when some one knocks on their door.
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    Jit's a short note katchum life's can be a bitch one never knows what round the corner fa them or there's sometimes life can give ya one big slap in the kipper , life's difficult turns and swing aborts I hope you have plain sailing and life's sees thing sweet but remember one never knows here today gone tomorrow enjoy yas fishing grab the moment atb bill
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    Nice Tom great little guns 410: keep saying I’m going to get one myself atb
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    There is a bloke down your way has a couple of clouded leopards, legally kept so you never no mate
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    Have you lived on the edge Bill ?
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    Ya a fruit at katchum that needs ta get off those units and get out a them hills and step in to the real world yas slagging someone ta don't even know ya fool but let me tell you this they fetched premium that went ta help kids in sporting areas the man you know nothing off only media hype you stuck ta cows and collies atb bill
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    I'll delete a few ciril
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    It's all good but o. A moot reason Hereford hopp picking Somerset fa scrumpy flagon back then cc ouple quid fa the boys that be good fa you Ronnie let's take the subject from Spain ta Somerset of Herefordshire atb bill
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