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  1. get her scanned mate,only 30/40 quid then you'll know one way or the other,neither of my greyhounds looked pregnant at 4_5 weeks
  2. Unfortunately you could well be right Neil..just been sat here thinking when I last saw Keith and realised it was about 9 or 10 yrs ago...shame that ,very nice bloke to deal with,always took time to explain anything I asked him but in layman's terms..
  3. Used them for AI and scanning,spot on to deal with Keith's a top fella,very knowledgeable and been doing it for years..not one of recent experts who seem to be popping up everywher..
  4. Might be worth getting the whippet to a decent bone man for a check over mate,could be something amiss you've not detected..Gus looks in superb nick..
  5. Get her progesterone tested..had similar problem with mine,get her tested and AI..every ball a coconut
  6. put her on greyhound data mate...who's she out of?any idea size/weight?
  7. Get her progesterone tested mate...saves disappointment. Last bitch I bred I took her for testing on day 9 just to get a better idea for later in the week to make arrangements with stud dog owner..only to find her levels way up and had to be lined that day or she'd go over..9pm dash to Yorkshire ..didn't expect her ready for at least 3 days..
  8. I've had 25 to 30 messages about these pups Fred..some probably good owners but imo not right for these..some absolute dickheads...one very nice lady rang me and explained she'd just lost her 13yr old retriever and had always wanted a "scruffy" lurcher to accompany her and the family on their woodland walks local..she then went on to reassure me it wouldn't get a chance to chase or hurt any rabbits as there was none,just squirrels and lots and lots of deer...?
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