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  1. Hate reading posts like this,carried one off myself two years back...I'm sorry for your loss Blacky...nowt worse..
  2. Like others have said ,it depends on individual dog..my bed/whip/grey had a cracking coat on him,never wire a coat in any weather..my broken coated bed/whip/collie/grey/deerhound dont like the cold,but rains no bother.Surprisingly my non peds impervious to cold/rain...thick skinned,nice double coat..apart from his bald arse lol..
  3. Not decided which one I'm using yet Francie..be loose wire rather than mats..easier to put it where you want it..I'll just be doing the dogs benches with it...I'll just put it on half the bench so they can get off it if they get too warm.Its easy to fit,just tape element and thermostat down,cover in flexible screed,then I'm putting vinyl over that..cost me about 100 a bench for all of the above plus digital control panel..The heat they give off is unbelievable, way better than lamps imo, warmth directly to the dogs and no fire hazard...
  4. I'm in the process of building kennels and I'm putting underfloor heating in them..cant understand why it's not more popular...easy to install and cheap to buy and run..
  5. What area are you in ,I might be able to put you in touch with someone who races non peds...
  6. If you cant feel them now I very much doubt they'll drop..my lurched had 1 you could feel the other was up in his stomach,they only found and removed it during surgery...
  7. Maybe hes trying to revive working ferrets..are they crossed with owt..Hes already saved bedlingtons,Glenn's and currently hes sorting out Plummers..we,d all be fukced without him...
  8. Had to get my lurcher done about 8 months ago as one hadn't dropped,like a different dog since..always trying to mount/dominate my non ped who's a lot bigger and swats him like a fly...prior to the op the lurcher never tried it on with him...They're both approaching 2 and a half yr old...
  9. Yeah I prefer a scratch dog...some dogs do really well of time trial or weight handicaps.. nowhere to hide in a scratch race...
  10. Makes sense now...read it at half one in the morning
  11. What's inner whippets?not heard that before...
  12. Hes a big, strong dog,but I wont let him near anything other than a lure...maybe once hes retired from racing...tbh I'd say hes physically capable of taking anything over here,but with so much speed accidents are bound to happen,I buried a very fast beddy whippet /non ped couple years ago,blew his neck out in the field..couple of month shy of 2yr old..best dog I've ever had,I'd swap my left nut for another day with him..The non peds over here are anywhere between 16lb and near 70lb,mines the biggest out of the litter,some of them are under 30 lbs...
  13. If it's a non ped its definitely got greyhound in it...my non peds about 25tts and 52lb,he was growing and filling out till he was 2 year old. The really small non peds ie 16lbers are done by 10 month.A lot depends on the breeding...
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