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  1. Personally id never touch feck all with collie in it again....my youngster never switches off/relaxes its a f***ing nightmare,paranoid as hell and very temperamental...beddy cross all the way next time.I suppose if you know the collie used its a different matter....either way id rather go without a dog at all ...
  2. northern lad

    Beddy whippet x greyhound

    Northernlites your man for beddy x,s.
  3. northern lad

    Crufts 2019

    Cant stand to watch it no more,have a look at the GSDs moving round the ring,absolutley f***ing disgraceful...
  4. northern lad

    Pups for 2019

    Grews,percentage of whip to grey gives the size difference.
  5. northern lad

    Pups for 2019

    See plenty nearer 70 lb beleive it or not...
  6. northern lad

    Pups for 2019

    Depends on him to be honest mate...hes quite a big lad,near 50lb now and still a bit to go....see when hes ready..atb Dave
  7. northern lad

    Pups for 2019

    My non ped just turned 12 months seen the lure a few times,his schooling ,trialling starts properly this week...get him ready for the opens..
  8. northern lad

    Sad day

    Sorry for your loss blacky....good innings,still doesnt make it any easier,been there and got the t shirt...keep your chin up buddy.Running free.....atb Dave
  9. northern lad

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    Became an anti in his later years.
  10. northern lad

    Phil loyd

    Yeah,hes a big miss on here,genuine wise words from experience,allways offers encouragement ,and ive yet to see him belittle man or dog on here...
  11. northern lad


    Can't understand anyone crabbing man,dog or book....nowhere does he assume expert status or imply the dog was a world beater.It was nothing more than the tale of a man and his dog.Never saw the dog run or met the man ,but that's irrelevant...it is what it is...a book...to be read and enjoyed as such.Dont get why a man/dog gets pulled down ,can only assume it's jealousy....no matter what he put the miles ,time and graft into both dog and book and should be congratulated on it.By the way I'm not one of JDs superfans,I own several of his books and I've said before on here ,some of the content put us in a bad light...
  12. northern lad

    Forum members age?

    50 in July....how the f**k did that happen...
  13. northern lad

    Working border types

    There's still some out there,I know a fella with stuff from Levi.
  14. northern lad

    Old hand teaching the youngster .....

    I do like that pup Ken,shes a cracker...
  15. northern lad

    whippet advice

    Non ped,definitely...