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  1. northern lad


    Can't understand anyone crabbing man,dog or book....nowhere does he assume expert status or imply the dog was a world beater.It was nothing more than the tale of a man and his dog.Never saw the dog run or met the man ,but that's irrelevant...it is what it is...a book...to be read and enjoyed as such.Dont get why a man/dog gets pulled down ,can only assume it's jealousy....no matter what he put the miles ,time and graft into both dog and book and should be congratulated on it.By the way I'm not one of JDs superfans,I own several of his books and I've said before on here ,some of the content put us in a bad light...
  2. northern lad

    Forum members age?

    50 in July....how the f**k did that happen...
  3. northern lad

    Working border types

    There's still some out there,I know a fella with stuff from Levi.
  4. northern lad

    Old hand teaching the youngster .....

    I do like that pup Ken,shes a cracker...
  5. northern lad

    whippet advice

    Non ped,definitely...
  6. northern lad

    Beddy in the mix

    Keep the pics coming mate,some cracking dogs there....
  7. northern lad

    A sadder than sad day.

    Feel your pain Phil,I pts my 13 yr old bitch on Friday...Chin up mate RIP DUSTY.atb Dave
  8. northern lad

    New to the site/working dogs

    Lost my bed/whip/grey earlier this year ,more than happy with him so got same again but with a splash of collie in it...it's the most neurotic animal I've ever owned...scared of it's own shadow...if it wasn't for my daughter I think I'd have pts ...collie....never,ever again .no way
  9. northern lad

    Pure saluki x whippet

    They're not all small,some are 70lb +...with more than enough drive ...
  10. northern lad

    Pure saluki x whippet

    Don't know where in Yorkshire you're from but if I were you I'd get myself to Askern ,some seriously good non peds run there.Theyre a friendly lot too,It's a good day out....
  11. northern lad

    Pure saluki x whippet

    If she were mine I'd be looking for a well bred 30/40 lb non ped...there's plenty about if you do your homework...atb Dave
  12. northern lad

    Shit will hit the fan

    Freelance or not ...if they pay him,they employ him,albeit on a temporary basis...surely???
  13. northern lad

    Shit will hit the fan

    The BBC also employ Chris Packam....
  14. northern lad

    Not eating

    Rice pudding mixed with a tin of sardines...
  15. northern lad

    how i miss

    Only seems like last week I fetched her over to you...Hope you're alright mate...