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  1. Nice one,will have look..good luck with your pup mate,I know youll put plenty in front of it...
  2. Had the exact same issue with my young lurcher,one not descended, the other just under the skin in his groin.It wasnt a problem until a month ago when he sometimes yelped when he ran,went over him as you do and found the testicle was tender.After speaking to my vet who i trust,she was more concerned with the undescended one,cancer being more likely in this one. Undescended testicles can be a long way from where they're supposed to be,and in his case it was...£150 was all it cost ,couldnt tell hed had anything done after 3 days..if i were him I'd get it removed...
  3. Dont come on here much nowadays so if its already on admin please remove...sadly Geoff lost his battle with cancer today.An absolute legend in the world of dog racing,not just for his success,but for his willingness to help anybody out and guide them along...RIP Geoff,a great man .
  4. Personally id never touch feck all with collie in it again....my youngster never switches off/relaxes its a f***ing nightmare,paranoid as hell and very temperamental...beddy cross all the way next time.I suppose if you know the collie used its a different matter....either way id rather go without a dog at all ...
  5. Cant stand to watch it no more,have a look at the GSDs moving round the ring,absolutley f***ing disgraceful...
  6. Grews,percentage of whip to grey gives the size difference.
  7. See plenty nearer 70 lb beleive it or not...
  8. Depends on him to be honest mate...hes quite a big lad,near 50lb now and still a bit to go....see when hes ready..atb Dave
  9. My non ped just turned 12 months seen the lure a few times,his schooling ,trialling starts properly this week...get him ready for the opens..
  10. Sorry for your loss blacky....good innings,still doesnt make it any easier,been there and got the t shirt...keep your chin up buddy.Running free.....atb Dave
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