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  1. Some good dogs in there Charts,if I remember right Scarback was owned by my pals grandad G.C..
  2. Sorry for your loss Phil,never easy...
  3. Scratch dogs run up to over 60lb..definetly wont add cloddyness,in fact the opposite..you mentioned using a greyhound..a non ped would be quicker from a standing start..
  4. Personally I'd put a good scratch dog over her...get a nice variation in pup sizes..
  5. Had to look at this twice..dogs the absolute double of my non ped...
  6. Had to look at this twice..dogs the absolute double of my non ped...
  7. Fair play D...how it should be..atb.
  8. I'm not sure tbh,ran at the Fed 200 thre in 2019,no idea what they run there normally..
  9. They go up to 200 yd now Claude ,at Horden..
  10. I think it's probably hard to grasp how strong these little dogs are chats for people who haven't seen one in the flesh and running..definetly not a one off or a freak ,just selectively bred..fact is that dog would flat line the vast majority of under 23 lurchers aswell..
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