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  1. northern lad

    I’ve seen it all now

    I bet he's gutted everyone on here thinks he's a cnut
  2. northern lad

    Non Ped Whippet

    Grews/non peds are the same thing...
  3. northern lad

    Non Ped Whippet

    Yes mate,theyre all non ped whippets...there can be massive size differences in litter mates too,30lbs+ in some cases...
  4. northern lad

    Non Ped Whippet

    There s non ped near 70 lb at my local club...there's plenty knocking about if that's what you fancy atb Dave
  5. northern lad

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    I agree with most of what you say shepp..my point is the continual addition of fell/pat/border is going to produce some variation in size shape and colour to the point where it's no longer a beddy...some of the hybrids I've seen look f**k all like a beddy,their litter mates very much bedlington like,would the wirey jacketed block headed dog still be a "bedlington the same as it's litter mates??
  6. northern lad

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    +1Seems you can cross anything with a bedlington nowadays...you then call the offspring working bedlington...I've no problem with people breeding whatever they fancy,totally up to the individual imo,but it's inevitable these hybrids will end up bred back to "purest maybe unknowingly .Diluting an already small gene pool even further.Im sure a certain someone's going to be along in a min to talk about base stock etc etc ...Again ,I have no problem with hybrids,just drop the pretence of the Working Bedlington monica...A border lakey isn't a working border.....my lurcher isn't a working collie..
  7. northern lad


    Give me a 5 iron I can do both at the same time...took up golf briefly...knocked up divets the size of housebricks
  8. What sort of idiot would allow what's clearly an inexperienced and clueless owner to walk away with a 6 week old pup....
  9. northern lad

    And so the fun begins .......

    That's nice Ken,how's it bred?
  10. northern lad


    Nice 30 ish lb non peds what I'd be looking for....
  11. northern lad

    Few years in the game

    Cracking pics,your old fella looks a character...
  12. northern lad

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    Good luck with your pups Adam atb Dave
  13. northern lad


    Get it on Facebook marketplace mate...much better
  14. northern lad

    For black neck

    Belter him Davie,What size do you think he'll make?
  15. northern lad

    Non working dogs

    If they're happy,healthy and cared for does it really matter??I don't think so...what does chap my arse is the idiots with lurchers or terriers banging on about how much stuff the dogs done when clearly it's never seen more than a tennis ball ...