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  1. Cracking stuff,I use it for my greyhounds, much better than straw...
  2. Harrison Greyhound ligament is cracking stuff...£22 a go incl postage from Scottish Whippet and Greyhound supplies...used to use trainers choice till they stopped making it,this stuff is better...
  3. Get her bloods done...better than swabs..as Igz said,only 30 quid..bitch here done same way,pups due next week..The science is there and widely available now,may as well use it..Good luck either way.
  4. I've used Ken W,Rob Meek and Tom Peppercorn for my non ped..found Tom to be the best by far...hard man to see nowadays though..
  5. Might be worth messaging northernlite off here mate,he might know of a litter ...Used to fish up near you many years ago..Loch Ken,at cross Michael?, and Castle Loch..ATM with finding a pup..
  6. Sorry for your loss Richie..RIP Lima.
  7. I've handslipped a few borzois and never had a problem,a bit aloof maybe but no aggression..had wheaten,bull and beddy crosses have a pop..
  8. don't like slating anybodys dog or breed etc..I've handslipped and trapped just about every type of lurcher/pure bred runner..these and borzois by far the worst..
  9. We've had half a dozen or so come to our racing club over the years...very slow very fragile and very sensitive..tbh there's absolutely nothing about them I'd want in a working dog...why would allergies not be a problem with IG but problem with whippet?
  10. Spot on these,Keith's been doing it for a long time..used him for AI and scans..
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