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  1. northern lad

    Mathematically retarded

    Thank f**k for that thought it was another Diane Abbot thread ....
  2. northern lad

    RIP Tilly

    Tilly f***ing phone....
  3. northern lad

    RIP Tilly

    Sorry to hear this ken gutted for you.MInes in the sick bay at the min blew a disc out Monday night...2 days in a coma been a nightmare,think we got them around the same time....RIP Tully chin up mate ...
  4. northern lad

    Quick Kill Instinct

    What are your thoughts on the subject??
  5. northern lad

    RIP Tegan

    Rip tegan,sorry for your loss ken.atb Dave
  6. Non ped have greyound in them and are considerably faster
  7. Personally I'd prefer a bigger dog for working.more options with a bigger dog....
  8. The 15 in bitch is hilarious.goes absolutely mental for anything small and mobile.hits a lure like a pit ull....got a mouth like a rat trap....
  9. The non ped whippets can be far larger than kc stuff
  10. Coursing whippets are usually kc dogs to the best of my knowledge which from what I see usually have better feet.size wise I'm not sure.thetes others on here far better qualified than me lol
  11. My ferreting partner also races kc whippets. He has 6 they vary in size from about 15 in to 21 in. I must admit the kc whippets seem better for rabbits Tec definitely a bit more meat about them and better feet on the ones I've seen.also the kc dogs aren' quite as quick as the non ped s .so possibly last a bit longer lol .
  12. Nice them jetro how are they bred?
  13. Yeah sort of.but still quite whippety....You can definitely tell a non ped from a greyhound. Theres some around 15lb and everything inbetween...if i were to get a non ped id definetly go for a bigger one 40lb upwards.
  14. I would say the bigger dogs go 24 maybe a bit bigger but very strong looking animals...nowt thin or shivery about these lol
  15. There' non ped at my club 60lbs+ some of them are massive.obviously extremely fast.one in particular is lamped regularly this is probably his second season now be interesting to see how it fares long term injury wise.atb dave