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  1. tomburras

    Plans for 16th

    Lol respect your style ha ha! Just looked on shoothill guage map and it's well up. I wasn't asking where, got my little secret spots too
  2. tomburras


    I had a few of these also 1987 models. The best era when their build quality was at the best. Is it a screw off back block? and stamped made in West Germany? If so it was made before the Berlin wall came down. A good strip, Polish, tbt drop in kit and uprated cocking shoe transformed mine. A very rare bueaty too in .177.
  3. tomburras

    Plans for 16th

    I bet the river levels will be really helping them get about at the moment. I found a huge fresh otter killed salmon here in north Yorkshire the other week on the U R E. Poor bugger was trapped in a shallow pool. Hope your conditions improve and good luck with your fishing. Atb Tom.
  4. tomburras

    Plans for 16th

    Good luck Devon minnow. Are the prawns for salmon ? And do you pick up other species on them? Cheers atb Tom.
  5. tomburras

    Falcon fn19

    Lovely guns shaaark enjoy.
  6. tomburras

    Moddded .410

    That's a bargain and a cool little gun
  7. tomburras

    Plans for 16th

    Good plan! Where are you planning on going w.katchum? I cant go this year as I've got 14 more days of 12 hour shifts left to go covering holidays! 1st year I've not been there for over 10 years to wet a line at midnight. Are you gonna be on the swale?
  8. tomburras

    over 75s

    I just canceled my direct debit and went to let them know on their online form that I don't watch BBC but looks like I'll have to do that bit tomorrow as it says I still have a direct debit set up. Shame on the BBC. I only paid my licence to keep them off my back but this was the last straw.
  9. tomburras

    Bsa scorpion airtech .22

    Now sold thank you.
  10. tomburras


    That's bloody awesome well happy for you. Have you decided what rifles your getting?
  11. tomburras

    A few longtails tonight

    Brilliant. Getting yourself out a lot BN. Nice one.
  12. tomburras

    well thats the first step

    Exited for you jimmy I hope you don't have to wait long.
  13. tomburras


    Lovely .410 iv just picked up the same gun is it a webley? I'm refinishing the stock as I type ace gun's. Brings back a lot of memories
  14. tomburras

    AA ultimate sporter

    Lovey looking gun philpot. I might put in for my fac back why I let it go I I will never know. Atb with that bueaty!