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  1. Bloody good bloke I had my 95 done by tony I was made up too. Do you know what piston seal he used? He stuck with the hw seal on mine as it shot better.
  2. Hi Daniel yes often get one on the swale when fishing with the maggot feeder.
  3. Nice fish. Theres retards fishing all over the place at the moment.
  4. Not a view from my swim but I wish I had a rod so it was....
  5. Hi Daniel! It's the Dearne in wakefield. A real little mr Crabtree place.
  6. The other night I was on nights and my wife said she can hear a cricket in the garden, in all the years and time I spend out an night iv never heard this..... Does anyone else hear these? And any info? I think i have ID it as a southern field cricket? In in leeds, yorkshire so very rare up here if that's the case?
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