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  1. Easy 100 yards. Here is a link.... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F143357925284 Have you got a new stock on your hushpower?
  2. Ace. I been lamping with my adler with 3 inch eley 19g magnums still quiet (ish) i stuck a ruby red fibre optic on mine and got it lined up with a cheap chinese .410 lazer bore sighter. Its fricking awsome lamping with my £3 chinease head torch.
  3. Sounds a great day out! Great to see a hushpower been used too. Nice pic.
  4. Very nice mark! I love seeing your pics.
  5. A few years ago i worked with a real character engineer in his 50,s they had a bring something interesting to school day. In the 70,s he found a bomb in his grandmas loft. It turned out it fell through the roof and landed in the loft and didn't blow up. The roof was repaired and he found it years afterwards. He took it to school with pride. He described it as a grenade with a handle. The teacher knew what it was straight away and the whole school was evacuated. He told his mates it the gathering in the playing fields seeking safety field thats my bomb! Naive kid obviously! Makes you cringe.
  6. Great wide boy wish you good drinking and fishing
  7. While out ferreting yesterday in an area close to an old air base i was digging and came across what i thought was an an exploded bomb. After careful poking about and digging round it i found out it was a vintage grease gun. I told my mate and he said he has ploughed out an old bomb in the area. Has anyone found anything from ww2?
  8. Really nice looking tackle and swim there! Did you catch any fish? Cheers. Tom.
  9. Great time of year mark, looking forwards to ferreting. Very nice pics. Atb.
  10. Nice shooting BN i love to see badgers some almost walk right up to me at one of my perms. Looks a great bit of kit that pard 007. What spotter was you using? Cheers.
  11. Yes the 1st pic is a cow drink. I had an unfortunate falling episode there last month in the dark. My wellies where sucked in. I had to fish in my underpants and walk back to my car the next morning in them too lol. I stunk! Same here canals and river for me too. Iv seen some really huge pike in the margins of the swale this summer. Really chuffed as the guys i bumped into fishing over the last few months said theres none about as last years seal had had them. There are still plenty about.
  12. I agree its a few weeks early This place is 60 foot deep and i walk the dogs around here, the locals recon once the frosts hit they are in the middle of the lake and are far out and very hard to catch. Iv fished it in the winter around 10 sessions over 4 years and blanked every time. I thought I'd give it ago before it gets cold and carefully fish for them. I think ill leave this place from now on, its a really barren place i think.
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