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  1. tomburras


    A small one but not for the swallows lol I heared that old wives tale
  2. tomburras


    6 bat boxs on left 2 bird boxs on the right blue tits where roosting in the 3 double chamber boxs on the left so I put a couple of bird boxs up to hopefully keep them out the bat boxs.
  3. tomburras


    That's great I love sitting out and watching them. I put some boxs up but none have used them yet that iv seen.
  4. Yes all in a kit I'll put a link on. I just throw it in. I put 2 tie wraps on the make it land level but it's 50/50 it landing upside down I'll modify it with a weight and float soon........ EYOYO 7" 15m/49ft 1000TVL Fish Finder Fishing Video Camera White LED Universal WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Resolution: 1000TVL. Depth: 15m. Application field: monitoring aquaculture, underwater...
  5. The other day I saw a interesting looking camera on ebay for fishing and I ordered it. Its a great thing kept me entertained. Here are is a couple of video clips....
  6. tomburras


    Very true. The best bit is how she spoke to me like I was an idiot. It amazes me how anyone can go through life without realising.
  7. tomburras


    I once had a funny encounter too, I was at a campsite sat by the river with my bat detector on. A couple and 2 children walked past and stopped. He said are you checking for radiation? I said no, it's a bat detector. His wife laughed and said there's no bats in this country so I pointed at them and said what are they then? She and her 2 girls screamed and ran off lol.
  8. tomburras


    Nice grey man I have the mk4 too great detector.
  9. tomburras


    Bats are amazing well worth getting a detector, I filmed this using a magenta mk 5, you can get a 20 odd quid build yourself haynes detector off ebay too
  10. Ace as a whippet and lurcher owner the first catch is special good luck in the future
  11. Cheers! I added a paintball bottle stock cover to shorten it and the cheap discovery scope is great too. Also got a Chinese compressor to fill it for £130 great little set up. I think I paid £329 for the gun and get loads of shots per fill too
  12. Looks really nice Simon you beat air arms to the job and made it better
  13. Here's my np02 iv had a while - love it.
  14. That looks great I love your 500 too
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