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  1. I'll be staying away from my favourite perm, I respect them very much, and as they are in there eighties. I think it's for the best.
  2. Hi claude. I have tried quite a few budget scopes that came on guns iv bought over the years, and I currently use one that shocked me how good it is! It's a richter optic 3-9x50 aoe. I used to dislike richter optik scopes but this scope has really surprised me they are 55 quid new. Iv had 2 now on secondhand guns iv bought and both very very clear and hold zero even on my hw springers. The mill dots are fine and this budget scope for the price they have blown me away how good it is. Here's a link.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351865690208 Iv even left in on my current gun (.177 hw95) and have no plans to upgrade
  3. That's great. Never met Jimmy but I can tell he is one in a million
  4. Fecking terrible this suicide thing nowadays. Lost some good friends
  5. I hope things improve for you Jimmy and I wish all the best for you and your serious issue. Life's really harsh Its allways good to have a back up air gun tucked away. Iv been feeling like you feel and ended up setting up again and it costing a fortune. Your welcome to borrow my 95 any time I'll post it up to you. I hope you keep shooting. This forum wouldn't be the same without you!
  6. Yes I'd rather forget about that pile of shit
  7. Smk b2 Gamo cadet BSA meteor BSA meteor Smk b453 Hw85 Webley tracker HW80 RWS 57 RWS52 S310 S410 TX200 HW57 S200 BSA lightening HW77 S400 HW97 TX200 again HW90 HW95 HW80 MK1 RWS Excalibure BSA ultra RWS rapier HW100 BSA hornet Gunpowder stealth FX200 HW99 BSA scorpion Now just a vortek tuned 95 But.... crap lots in between I forgot!
  8. I had one for a few years it was a great gun and had no issues with it, very nice looking too. It could fire the second barrel on the same trigger too so diddnt need to put my finger on the other trigger for the second shot.
  9. Nice to hear of your new purchase! That rifles shared platform is amazing. Mega accurate and very simple. Easy to re seal yourself and I bet they will go up in value too. My excalibure held air forever, no issues apart from the filler valve every few years, and once the cyl is empty of air its a 5 minute tiny o ring change. Very reliable a really great platform they are built on.
  10. Nice choice of gun mark. I have wondered before if you ever owned one, as you have classic springers. Great guns I have tried to find some pics of my old one but I have lost them and my pic of it in the classic guns bit has gone. I can't wait to see a pic of it and hear what you think of it. Mine was an 83 model too.
  11. Nice find jonjon79 I have it in my head the early airsporters have a different stock with a divot along the forend if i remember correctly. Nice to learn something new
  12. As a kid my mate had one looked exactly like that but without the ajax stamp. Had lots of fun with it shooting tin cans in the woods. Nice classic gun.
  13. Lovely looking old gun. I could be very wrong, but it looks like a cadet major?
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