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  1. I used to catch a lot of flounder on the river wharf at Tadcaster - nice to see one again.
  2. Are you on an overnight tonight? Some rain coming down so hopefully that will help you out. The lake part there is amazing for eels.
  3. Carl pilkinton, bloody hilarious.
  4. It seems that the worst things happen to the best people I hope you come round
  5. Aww Jimmy I hope you don't have any more mini strokes you have been through enough. I wish you and your health all the very best.
  6. Looks amazing! Out of interest did you use the Philips blue?
  7. I see them a lot on my evening walk on the reserve next my house often 3 + I never see them at first but there snuffling gives them away.....
  8. Sounds like you had it, I'm shocked how easy it is to catch. I'm 36 and in good health so hopefully it will pass soon. I had my vaccine booked and now cancled it. You can a pack of 7 rapid flow tests on gov website free and they come fast.
  9. Thank you very much
  10. I started with covid symptoms this morning and have a positive test. I pretty much keep myself to myself and wear a mask and I still somehow got it. It feels like iv been hit by a bus I can hardly move and ache so bad everywhere even moving my eyes is agony and iv never felt so cold in my life. I'd keep wearing a mask for the time been I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone.
  11. That was a great read I love small waterways they always throw up a surprise.
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