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  1. tomburras

    Macs back

    Oooo very nice! I bet that will be amazing
  2. tomburras


    Hi Jimmy I hope you don't mind me asking but what will you be replacing it with? A hw100?
  3. tomburras

    Your favourite film as kid

    The blues brothers of course and malcolm!
  4. I too would look at a second hand hw100, iv seen plenty around at 500 pounds in great condition.
  5. tomburras

    Free pellets anyone ????

    Nice offer! Them marksman tins bring back some memories
  6. That looks amazing the stock work you have done yourself. I bet it will look grand once it's all together. Looks like it's gonna be an amazing gun in the end after all the unnecicery sh!te you went through. Fair play to you!
  7. tomburras

    Bsa scorpion stock swap

    Cheers Jimmy! I'm loving the shot count on this I'm getting 150 shots per fill. I prefer it to my hw100 to be honest too. I can't wait to collect the stock.
  8. tomburras

    Bsa scorpion stock swap

    Now swapped. Thank you.
  9. tomburras

    I nearly let it go

    Hw110 changed to a hw100, Rws excalibure changed to air arms s410 and a falcon fn19 changed to a bsa ultra. Regretted all 3 lol
  10. tomburras

    I nearly let it go

    I'd love an impact but can't afford one. Iv had had what I thaught was the best and changed it and was thinking it was an upgrade. But it was a didsapointment. Be careful.
  11. tomburras

    First feeder to go out.

    Looks great and that's a quality roof
  12. tomburras

    Stock refurbished

    Looks amazing very kind of you both. I bet he will be over the moon with that!
  13. tomburras


    Just had a quick online search for a new one - John knibbs and chambers gun spares have new ones for £35. Maybe give arron wheelers at brighouse a call he has ton's of spares. https://www.aaronwheelergunsmith.co.uk
  14. tomburras

    NV Spotter

    I been looking at doing a diy nv spotter too, so looking forwards to seeing how your build goes. Did you use an E700 camera? I took my old 700tvl camera out of my scope mounted setup and swapped it for an E700 and it totally transformed it.