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  1. I nearly bought one of these the other week but I use thermal and a torch. Is this any good ....
  2. Sounds good, best free hides I ever had where upside down potato boxs with a couple of slats booted out of he side of them and left in the hedge. Had 2 contractor's in the pub tell me they found a pigeon decoy stash and told me where they moved them. I said oi they are mine. I went back to collect them and get back into upside down my potatoe box with my aya yoeman lol. Good Times.
  3. Merry Christmas to all on THL!
  4. I just looked again and yes it seems there are a lot fewer available compared to when I looked a few months ago.
  5. I like the look of this......
  6. I must add It was sat on the roof not flying.
  7. I'm in the garden just now I seen some thing I never expected. A magpie caught a sparrow with its feet and killed it on the neighbours roof. It pecked at it and took it away. I know they predate nests but not heared of this before. Is this common?
  8. It's hard to believe they where £98 quid, they look a lot better from that era too.
  9. I bought 6 1980s air gunner mags from ebay wow what a blast from the past. Reading them Is great takes me back look at the pics and prices...
  10. What a great person, not many around like that.
  11. Looks superb I bet your son in law is well happy. Nice one Jimmy what a gent!
  12. I think everyone is out for their selfs it should be a team effort on the roads to help each other to get about.
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