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  1. Hi! To be honest no I haven't gone direct to the doctors myself. I am really busy at the moment so I am using this for convenience and to make sure I have it on record that I got the ball rolling on this in good time.
  2. My renewal letter landed on saturday morning and I didn't realise you have to do this but after a bit of research I found these guys.... MedCert Medical Record Check - MedCert WWW.MEDCERT.CO.UK Applying for or renewing your firearms or shotgun licence? MedCert provides a fast and... £60 so I got one ordered straight away it looks a simple and hastle free way to get it done.
  3. Has anyone one here tried one? I picked up a stormrider nicely grained wood stocked version with the guage under the stock, fitted an altaros regulator and and then a filler with guage and rotating fill port cover. I have reg pressure and cyl pressure guages. After a good barrel clean and fitting a 3mm transfer port reg is set around 90 bar and wow. A proper cheap extremely light weight tack driver. All for less than £310. I was going to get a 99 but came out with this. Awesome little thing.
  4. 11lbs swale barbel (managed last years target of 10 lbs)
  5. Wow indeed it looks great! What stuff is he using? Stain and tru-oil?
  6. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/angling-unhappy-ending-topcliffe-seal-saga-582715
  7. I had one couple of years ago it was at topcliffe, middle of the night I was woke by a sneezing noise from the river. I got up and turned my head torch on and then there was an allmighty splash and bow wave. Totally shocked I slept with 1 eye open that night. It hung about most of the night. In the morning the bailiff told me the seal beached itself at night where my bivvy was. Another time I was at Tadcaster must have been around 2000 I was down by mucky hole and one popped it's head up, then disappeared. My mate I was stood next to missed it - I said to him did you just see that seal?
  8. Or OR138 if you have new type with ball bearing instead of plunger.
  9. O ring gone on fill port valve see part OR121..... https://www.gunspares.co.uk/shopdisplayproducts.asp?page=2&id=24857&Search=
  10. If you really don't want to do it yourself then a guy called shauny on airgun forum is your man.
  11. Sorry I just seen this.... iv been really happy with the tbt kits in the few hw99,s iv had (all been .22) .The bumslide is fantastic stuff - it beds in to feel really silky. I'm fairly sure you can post the spring and get the tbt guides fitted exactly to your spring, he is a really helpful bloke. The guides just slide into the spring. It's also worth polishing the ends of the spring too. The strip down of a hw99 is so easy you will have no bother. It's a really nice easy rewarding little project.
  12. Nice choice so easy to diy strip yourself. Get some TBT spring guides polish cocking slot and piston clean it all out with ipa lube piston with TBT bumslide and watch this. ..
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