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  1. People who tell you, about you. Who don't even know you. When they don't even know you are an introvert!!
  2. If anyone could help they would, no clicks on here
  3. Hi Ray so sorry to hear this, I am sending you my most sincere condolences. I cannot imagine loosing my wife. My heart goes out to you. Wish you all the verry best.
  4. Hi I have a 6x40 ao scope on my little pr900 it's great but I think in the same budget this looks good for around £50 Wulf Fireball 2-7x32 AO Rifle Scope SFP Multi Coated Lenses Lifetime Warranty WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Wulf Fireball 2-7x32 AO Rifle Scope. WULF Fireball 2-7x32 SFP Non-Illuminated Half...
  5. Sounds good, I use these I love them..... Carp Fishing Rod 11ft 2.75 TC 4pc Carbon NGT Profiler Closed length 89cm Only WWW.EBAY.CO.UK The NGT 11ft, 4pc Profiler CTR (Carp Travel Rod) new top end multi section carp travel rod... For barbel, carp and eels they have been brilliant. I use there travel case with reel fitted. Easy to keep stored in the van and quick to set up. NGT Rod Holdall For 4pc Travel Set Fishing Angler Angling Carp Bank Case Bag 840 WWW.EBAY.CO.UK This rod holdall is d
  6. Also fitted a custom bolt and 3d printed swing out single shot loader. It's pellet on pellet with biz mags at 30 yards. Also has a hw moderator. Great little gun! I'd reccomend one. It was good standard but I was only getting 35 shots per fill and inconsistent as standard.
  7. With a 3mm transfer port and a ultra light hammer spring (1mm soft wire from china) After butchering many springs (good job I baught 10) flattened and polished the end of the hammer spring. I got it set with zero preload and shimmed the valve spring 5mm and I'm getting 70 shots at 11+ ft lbs. For anyone looking for a tinkering project id reccomend one. It was just over £200 quid I think. I baught instead of a hw99.
  8. Hi guys! Iv had this stormrider a while now as standard. I fitted an altaros regulator but it was set too high (great reg but markings where innacurate) Iv had it apart maybe 8 times in the last few weeks. After much messing about I got the reg as low as possible....
  9. This is by build (750w) discreet and powerful. Thumb throttle with quick disconnect then it becomes road legal. Great for taking the dog out.
  10. Shane was one of a kind. A charecter when everyone was genuinely themselves. The new generation are all similar arseholes and like sheep.
  11. I found coffe granules good and convenient for storage and use. I also put them in my fenn trap box works a treat.
  12. Lucky young man! I can't imagine how happy I would have been with kit like that. I adored my bsa meteor!
  13. Same here I was an rws excalibure fan for years and had a few and raiders too.... No reg it was pellet on pellet for about 40+ shots. Simple old gun. Couldn't ask for more. Its getting complicated nowadays.
  14. Cheers shark! It soo cheap and does the job, very accurate. I couldn't ask for any more. I think you can get bad ones? I must have a good one? Since i baught it iv not even considered upgrading. I baught a new warrior pump to top it up. If am at the club I fill it there. No way you would empty it vermin shooting. It's a great bit of kit.
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