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  1. MIK

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    I will never take the lab to his full potential ...I saw his sire at a Scottish field trial and was very impressed but he does what I need and is a decent lab . the weeman got his cocker yesterday this thing will get to places the pointers can’t ...there will be years of fun ahead with these 2
  2. MIK

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    The latest to arrive today a young cocker for my young lad
  3. MIK

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    Some of our team
  4. Last day at the hinds for me today .... we had 14 but I never fired a shot just wasn’t in the right places but that’s stalking for you ....roe doe quota pretty much done so roll on roe bucks
  5. MIK


    This mild weather has melted most of the snow .....it was breezy on the tops today ...scent was all over the place
  6. MIK

    Keepers days

    Imo keepers day is the most stressful day of the season is for me anyway
  7. Totally agree...I can only go with what I’ve seen and I just don’t get the whole teckle thing ....I had a lad out that imported one from the continent that was 3 k ....it was 2 years old and I took him out and we showed it quarry behind the spade the ironic thing was my terrier was just over a year old ...this’s teckle struggled even in high stubble ..just a money maker just like the Jagd that seems to be the latest craze
  8. MIK


    There are better ways of breaking dogs to sheep the last thing you want is a dog to be nervous or scared of sheep ...and the type of dog s I keep whether it’s lurchers terrier or gun dog it can turn a dog the other way
  9. Decent bred terrier is far more versatile than a teckle ....teckles are physically restricted
  10. MIK


    I have to disagree you want the sheep to be running from the dog ....and that’s an old wives tail about putting a young dog in with some tupps
  11. MIK

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    Some decent animals
  12. MIK

    2 handed fly rod

    Is he right handed if so too use a double hander all the power is on the back hand (left) your forward hand (right) is purely for holding and direction ....it’s hard work casting a double hander all day . tey getting one of those straps that keeps the butt onto your wrist and change the line to a shooting head type which will make casting easier