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  1. mik stay off my post don't wind me up again 



  2. MIK

    some of the deer we have had

    Just because lads don’t know you 2 it’s blatantly obvious you are a pair of goons lol
  3. MIK

    New Pup Out Of Tigger

    Tor Tigger x Kim father daughter double bred back to Tigger a decent animal that I didn’t really give as much as I do normally in his first season but what he done he handled it well ...looking forward to this season he has matured into a nice hound
  4. MIK

    New Pup Out Of Tigger

    How’s that dog of yours getting on mate ? I saw the litter sister to yours a few months ago that Ali got
  5. MIK


    a few fish in pools
  6. MIK


    We don’t do day tickets it’s 3 days 4 rods with lodge as a package but we are fully book ....I will get something sorted for the weeman
  7. MIK


    The Irish lads have started well this morning in tricky bright conditions 1 salmon 4 grilse and 3 sea trout and lost 8 fish they should hit a lot of fish this evening when the sun drops
  8. MIK


    We had 3 grilse and a salmon yesterday had 2 and lost 2 already this morning ....got rods heading over from Ireland to fish the rest of the week these lads can fish so they will hit a lot of fish . aye still got the wee black dog he’s still going strong a few of yous will recognise this ugly fooker he managed to get his first North Esk salmon yesterday
  9. MIK


    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b20h0BESjcQ&feature=youtu.be#menu with the low water and high temps this season I have had a lot success fishing the hitch and have introduced it to many clients who are totally transformed to this exciting way of fishing for salmon on the surface
  10. MIK

    11 point buck

    Rut is in full swing up here mate
  11. MIK

    Rex x Fly

    How do you know what colours these lines throw?
  12. MIK

    Rex x Fly

    These 2should produce something special
  13. Had this malform about a month ago at first light while out waiting on a fox would of normally of left him for a guest but he was right on the March the rut is bang on up here saw a few bucks chasing hard w
  14. MIK

    i took my good pal for a stalk this morning

    I have never been on your back Les ....if someone brought a beast back to my larder in that state I would be having words