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  1. MIK

    Over the hundred

    Had a good day yesterday 4 Morphie silver bullets
  2. MIK

    Over the hundred

    been watching this bitch otter most of the summer with 3 cubs and hadn’t saw them for a few weeks then had this encounter it’s magical moments like this than can make this the best job in the world
  3. Had another decent week with over 22 salmon grilse and sea trout and putting the seasons tally so far to over the 100 mark
  4. MIK

    Running salmon

    They are probably the best salmon reels in the world lots of lads using them on the Alta so that speaks for itself I’ve got him on my beat today we have had a decent week 21 fish landed biggest 16 lb but water came up over 7 ft yesterday so it’s unfishable today I e got Rio Scandinavia on my 13ft loop going by whet I’m seeing other rods using it will be the most popular Scandinavia line at the moment yes hitching is done on the wee rod with full floater very exciting way of salmon fishing here’s a vid from last year with me and A mgall form Ireland
  5. MIK

    Running salmon

    My guests left late afternoon so went for a cast great evenings sport landed 3and lost one great craic on the wee rod and they made the Murray Stewart reel sing river came up a bit this morning but still gin clear and plenty fish coming off the tides ...I’ve got a party of very good rods from Northern Ireland I’m sure they will hit a good few fish in these conditions
  6. MIK

    Running salmon

    Small flies fished deep cascades ,willie guns etc the ban special is a favourite of mine a guest had a fish on one today it’s Morphie on the North Esk Scotland
  7. MIK

    Running salmon

    Decent few days on low water conditions 8 grilse and 4 salmon up to 20 lb all on the fly with a few on the hitch
  8. Out yesterday morning with a guest and plenty of salmon and grilse running ...amazing sight and right place at right time beter wathced in HD
  9. 16lb bar of silver north Esk perfection one of an 8lb and 20 lb landed yesterday for the same rod
  10. my young lad with a crakin 3 lb sea troot that hit a dry on a 7’ 3weight
  11. Slow start to 2019 with high water most spring which saw fish run right through my beat ...decent sea trout about plenty fish the 2-4lb mark and a few near double figures some really well made salmon about at 10-20lb and we ha e one or two well over 20 in some pools ...I’ve lost 3 fish this past week around 20 ...grilse starting to show but still not in big numbers let’s hope they make an appearance this year water temp above the 55 f and had 2 come up to the hitch on Saturday got some guests out tonight and hopefully there’s some action with the surface flies it has to be the most exciting way of salmon fishing .
  12. MIK


    New scope fitted on this set up as I wasn’t too impressed with the nightforce in low light and it didn’t work well with the Pard 007 titanium delta 2.5 -15x56 HD illuminated which is more suited for the add on NV with the lower mag and side parallax decent scope for the money
  13. MIK

    RIP Tigger

    Just noticed this is in the wrong section can the mods put this thread in lurchers section