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  1. Scooters are for men who love to feel the wind blowing through their vagina
  2. No my season starts 16th feb-31st Oct so too busy on my own beat
  3. Some rivers done well but some very poor been a very dry April…got rain today so hopefully a bit of a lift in water and we get into a few this week
  4. Some decent springers from this season so far Absolute spring perfection
  5. Torr x Rosie sire and dam to your youngster RIP Razor
  6. New terrier pup will be about 12weeks now some of the best show blood around with a fair bit of Russel in there a few generations back bred by a member on here totally bonkers but sharp as a tac
  7. Storm Frank Dec 30 2015 was a once in a life time flood with the river rising near 18ft causing a lot of damage to the river bed and habitat killing large number of the full cycle of fish from eggs to smolt to even adult fish ....a salmons cycle is 5 years egg ,alevin, fry, parr, smolt 1 year at sea returning as a grilse multi wintered fish returning as a salmon .....this is the first year that Storm Frank will not of effected the numbers also we have been smolt sheherding on the river for 12 years now basically protecting juvinile salmon from predation from fish eating birds under SNH licence
  8. Magic start to season 2021 never saw as much springers for a lot of years lets hope the rest of the season continues and there will be some great sport to be had. here's a few absolute pristine silver licers www.balmakewanfishing.co.uk
  9. Have to agree mine are all loaded up in the truck everyday no problem great around kids and pups
  10. Dilly still got that nip dog out of your Jim he must be about 9 and is still a fair stamp for his age pretty much retired still gets a look out every now and again was out picking up with me 3-4 days a week with the gun dogs i was I had him in his prime again
  11. https://balmakewanfishing.co.uk A massive thanks to @Craig Somerville and his team at the @Castabroad Collective for our new @Balmakewan Fishing online presence. Our fishery is made so much easier to run with all of the new features provided, and our anglers can really get a flavour for what we offer. We’re excited to be one of the first to have a ‘Castabroad Fishery Package’. What is most remarkable is the value offered. Check Castabroad out here: https://castabroad.co.uk/fishery-website-package/ Hers a link to my new website exciting times for the whole team
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