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  1. MIK

    RIP Tigger

    Just noticed this is in the wrong section can the mods put this thread in lurchers section
  2. MIK

    RIP Tigger

    Had to put the old lad to sleep last week .....what a dog and a decent producer .....he has given me some great me memories and I would love to do it all over again . over 13 year old and still doing a bit with the terriers and dog that put some amount of stuff to sleep and lived to graft plenty of stuff with his blood coursing through their veins and have 2 dogs in my yard that are breed from him and if they are half as good as he was I will be a happy man .
  3. MIK

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    They are a lot of work gnash but that will all depend on what lines he’s from just like with any dog ....my pointers all have different traits depending on breeding our last litter which was blood from the continent I won’t say the name of the kennel they produce top stock ....but the way these dogs work just isn’t for me very very rangey . nothing ventured nothing gained but you need to ask what the dog is up for sale in the first place ...if you get one right and you have the work for it they are a very satisfying breed to graft is he a pure or cross?
  4. MIK

    Best value fly line

    If you are looking for a line for all occasions the OPST skagit is what me and most of the lads I fish with are using not the cheapest with the MOWs tips but it’s a set up you use for every thing from tiny flies to the biggest tubes and intruder flies
  5. MIK

    Best value fly line

    Airflow forty + is a good line if you are fishing for trout and salmon I’ve got it on a Gordon’s 11ft #7 and have caught a helluva fish on this set up ......very good lines that throw out small hitches to big heavy tubes decent length of head on them and can be fished traditionally over head or small Scandinavia rolls and Spey style ....look out for them on amazon and eBay you can get them for 20 quid
  6. MIK

    New set up

    Ordered the PARd 007 ..thanks Ian ....and tried it with my nightforce scope and it just wasn’t compatible so after a bit of research got the delta titanium 2.5-15 x 56 he illuminated scope ....got scope zeroed today and seem a very decent scope for the price ...the illuminated dot on the cross hair will be very handy for low light stalking which let the nightforce scope down in my opinion .....just got all set up and very impressed with the quality of the picture will take it out for a spin tonight
  7. MIK

    Rex x Fly pups 5 months

    There’s nothing better than seeing a decent pup develop but there’s nothing worse seeing a decent dog grow old
  8. MIK

    Rex x Fly pups 5 months

    That’s the one I kept he is as bold as brass and just a good pup to have around but has some fire in him ....much the same stamp at that age as his grandsire Tigger
  9. That this litter 5 months now here’s some pics of 5 of the pups up and down the country .....some decent blood in these and should make very handy animals
  10. MIK

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Conor Benn is recovering from a bad hand injury after his rematch with that French lad last year...
  11. MIK

    Into the Wild ..Chris McCandless

    Great book and one of my favourite films
  12. It’s been some hard graft but I’m sure we will get there ..I just want to look about in 5 years time and say ...you know what we done this ...
  13. Our season started on Saturday the 16 th we have had 5 fish so far a very good start to the season which is down to the best conditions Ive seen for many a year a crakin 18lb springer for one of our rods today his second after landing a 10 lb fish in the morning
  14. MIK

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    I will never take the lab to his full potential ...I saw his sire at a Scottish field trial and was very impressed but he does what I need and is a decent lab . the weeman got his cocker yesterday this thing will get to places the pointers can’t ...there will be years of fun ahead with these 2