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  1. Well done sonny, looks like you are progressing leaps and bounds from the days when you had to sneak up on foxes having forty winks in a field and shooting them in the swede with the mouse gun.
  2. So long as there is zero wind. I am sure you can shoot them on silage because you know the same crows will shortly be on crop xyz.
  3. I knew that was the reason you called them French wellies but wasn't going to say anything. However now that SL has outed you! He is also right about the quality, my local gun shop has stopped supplying them now because he is sick of sending returns back. We should all get together somewhere in the middle of the country and invite the media. Whereupon we have a big ritual bonfire of "French wellies" and other "cheese eating surrender monkey" produce in protest of their "pissing and whistling over Brexit.
  4. If he is a knob as you so eloquently put it, there is only one course of action open to you. Tell him to "foxtrot oscar" and i would tell him why as well, but that remains optional for you.
  5. It is a matter of looking through them to see if you are happy. I have an ATN Trident tubed on a .204 as a back up. To be honest if that was all i had i would be happy. I have shot a fox at 270yds with it. It is really good in moonlight not needing i/r but with cloud cover using the srx it is like green daylight.
  6. If you aren't shooting on estates ie: paid stalking and aren't putting the carcass into game dealers, then i would stock up on lead and continue as you are.
  7. Yep! If I can neck shoot them I will, but when I go for them I want to kill as many as I can so I don’t have to go back for a while.
  8. I sometimes have to shoot Sika as you know and to be honest i was sick of the 243. If they see you they get pumped up straight away and even with with a perfect heart shot they run. Where i have to shoot them they invariably run into plantations or other dense cover making extraction difficult at best. On buck ran down a ravine and had to be butchered on the spot to extract it. Then i decided to try a 30/06 and to date have had no bother at all, it literally knocks them off their feet. With the advent of toxic free ammo 243s are going to be redundant for deer because they cannot shoot the larg
  9. The 55grn rounds i used and will use again are nosler varmageddons hollow points. Trajectory very similar to my .204s but carrying more energy. If zeroed correctly this round is capable of foxes at 400 yds no problem, i know because i have done it. I rarely get the luxury of sub 150 or even 200 yard foxes due to the ground i shoot over. Anyhow why are we talking about .243s, chavvy 223s and old mens .222s when the lad asked about and has quite clearly stated his ticket is for a .17 hmr (spit). Oh! and regarding 243s on deer, why use the MINIMUM calibre you can for the job? That is like tr
  10. That would depend on the twist rate and your intended use. In the two 243s i have had, i used 55grn bullets in homeloads and used them on everything from crows to sika. I will say that i never heart and lung shoot deer always neck shot. The next 243 that i buy will also be used with 55grn homeloads.
  11. I don't turn up to 200 bird days full stop. However the little syndicate i am in does have a 410 day. We invite lots of people who aren't in the syndicate as well. Everybody puts one hundred pounds in and the proceeds go to a local childrens hospice, we usually get two to two thousand five hundred pounds for them. We usually shoot fifty to sixty birds which are dispersed among everyone.
  12. As far as i understand this lead shot thing is for anything going into the food chain. I think shooting vermin with a 410 won't be affected.
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