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  1. I know what you are saying and i have skinned and sold my share of foxes in the past. However i am glad the pelts are worthless really because if there was any value in them every Tom, Dick and Billy Bob would be killing them.
  2. For those interested there is a very good set of videos on youtube called "the night crew". It is in Texas and they shoot a lot of bobcats. Well worth watching them as the camera work is superb.
  3. Back in the seventies i advertised a litter of lurcher pups in the exchange and mart, the cmw wasn't about in those days. I got a letter from Lockhearts lurchers two days later asking me to phone him, I didn't have a phone then either. I did phone him from my mothers phone and he wanted to buy the whole litter and would pay for a hire van if i would deliver them to him. I decided to sell them to him less the pup i had picked for myself. Two days later a cheque arrived in the post for the van and pups. I hired a Datsun 120y van and myself and the mrs set off to Hearne Bay. It was an epic journe
  4. Second picture, kin ell Stav when things get back to normal you want to join a gym and get some work done on them arms!
  5. My sister had a positive test a few weeks ago but wasn't ill, neither were my 87 yr old parents that she lives with. When the bloke from the nhs track and trace phoned her, he said about 30% of the results are wrong.
  6. I am pleased you have been offered work, well done.
  7. Yes good luck with the interviews. I have been lucky all my life with employment never actually being without it. It must be both frustrating and concerning when unemployment happens. I am sure one or both will offer you a job.
  8. We used to send ours wrapped in brown paper tied with string to a furriers called Cobbledicks i think it was. The top price was twenty five pounds and he paid the postage. My wage at the time was fifty pounds a week.
  9. Yes you are right there. In the seventies i made more than my wages skinning foxes for the fur trade and catching rabbits with lurchers.
  10. Every year i like to get out on new years night but the weather this year certainly wasn't conducive to foxing. I decided to give it a miss and go on the night of Jan the second instead. The owner of a farm localish and caravan park had sent me a message asking when could i go again as he had heard foxes calling all around the farm. It seemed a good place to start the year off, so i made arrangements with my mate to pick him up at seven thirty and carry on to the farm. This is the place that had the dimwit horses out earlier in the year but are now safely stabled indoors and can't interfere wi
  11. Yes! but you're "speshul".
  12. Was his needing a new barrel down to cleaning it or the amount of rounds he put through it? I suspect the latter. A few years ago Edgar bros stated that the cz hmr was only good for seven thousand rounds, it will probably be the same for all manufacturers.
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