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  1. ianm

    Which o/u

    You beat me to it. b Seriously i have yet to pick up a berretta o/u that fits me. they tend to be too high in the comb for me. miroku, brownings and my latest aquisition a winchester xtr 101 lightweight are more my thing.
  2. ianm

    Wary fox.

    You are dead right there. I like the ones that test you most. I always admire the tricky customers and this fellow was right up there with the best of them.
  3. A couple of months ago myself and my shooting mate came across a very wary fox. We baited a place up and set a trail cam to get an idea of it's habits. It didn't appear to have a pattern at all but would turn up at random times at the bait station. This fox was incredibly wary in as much as it had a sixth sense something wasn't right. My mate uses a digital spotter ( a good one) it is a pulsar x970 with an xsearcher that has an as i/r pill fitted, i use a thermal spotter. Well after waiting at the bait station or rather 120yds away it finally made an appearance one night but spotted my mates illuminator straight away and about faced and trotted off, not to be seen again that night. We subsequently found out, an old chap who shoots occasionally on a small piece of ground adjacent to ours had shot at and missed this fox twice, a situation that never helps at all. Hence the wariness and red glow of the i/r spooking it. I knew then that we would only kill this fox by letting it bump into us. So several weeks of looking for it and it knowing something was amiss ensued. It's awareness was incredible, even when approaching from upwind and it definately couldn't see us it somehow knew to turn around and trot off. After a period of time and seeing it at various times at different locations i had built up a picture of it's movements and decided to put my theory to the test. I reckoned it was coming out of a smallish spinney and trotting across a field following a ditch. This is purely agricultural land with big open fields and few hedges. It couldn't be ambushed here as to be in cover meant a good 400yd shot if it happened to pause for a second or two, rather stretching the bounds of credibility i thought. It reached a hedgeline at the far end of the field where it proceeded to follow it for around 100yds to 150yds before going through into the back fields. It would work it's way through these hunting about as it went. Eventually it would come through another hedge into a tramline on the headland of a wheat field before making it's way through the wheat field to check out some chicken hut's on the far side. If no chickens where available because they had gone in to roost and the automatic pop holes had closed it made it's way to the bait station. I decided to lay in wait for it to come out of the hedge into the tramline on the wheat field headland. The wind was about 5mph and blowing directly into our faces. I parked the Jimny at the end of a hedge which is at 90 degrees to the tramline and approximately 200yds from where i expected it to make an appearance. We had been waiting about forty five minutes during which time we had witnessed numerous hares eating the freshly planted lettuce, that would be our next task. Suddenly it popped through the hedge into the tramline and started towards us. I switched the scope and laser on as soon as i saw it. It was easy to pick up in the scope and i waited for a shot to present itself. Having got top the 150ish yd mark it suddenly stopped and turned around making it's way back the way it had come. I decided it wasn't getting away again and put the reticule just over it's back as it was walking directly away from me. Having squeezed the trigger i heard that familiar sound which is like hitting a fence post with a 2lb hammer and the air above the target was filled with a dark mist. This told me the shot had been a good one and the Drone/solaris/.204 Tikka supervarmint combo had accounted for another troublesome fox. I found him in the tramline at about 180yds having died instantly from a head shot, an 18lb dog fox. I was elated to have beaten him this time but i will miss our little duals, he was certainly a worthy adversary.
  4. ianm

    Marlin 990

    Can you buy an aftermarket trigger? What is accuracy like with it?
  5. ianm

    Marlin 990

    Nice looking semi auto that. Whats the trigger like?
  6. ianm


    You have a pm.
  7. ianm


    DM80 are made by Dave Mercer in Farnworth nr Bolton. I have changed all my mods to DM80s i really like them. The DM80 i heard wasn't on my hmr because i don't have one, it was on someone's i know. They are fully strippable aswell which is handy.
  8. ianm


    The best mod i have heard on an hmr is a DM80 over barrel job, it is very good.
  9. ianm


    Is that with head shots or chest?
  10. ianm


    What mod do you use?
  11. ianm


    To be honest i am a pretty good shot. I have a very accurate cz 22 rimfire which is zeroed at 70yds and is still spot on at 110yds using one mildot. I have thought about using it for this job but wondered if the wmr might be a better option. I wouldn't have another hmr i didn't like it at all.
  12. ianm


    Right chaps i may be in the market for a quiet short range ( less than 120yds ) fox rifle. It is for a specific noise sensitive area. So the question is, how quiet is the wmr with a quality moderator?
  13. ianm

    Savage laminate 17

    Unless you know for sure it has a low round count it would be better buying a new hmr.
  14. ianm

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    30/06 for me as 243 isn't the calibre for boar and "ain't all that" on sika either.
  15. ianm

    First go at reloading

    I have never seen a tight arse that is any good at shooting yet! Don't look at it as wasting ammunition but rather an investment into knowing your rifle and homeload combination. Time spent practising at different ranges and different wind conditions pay off as i found out the other night on a difficult shot on a fox that needed killing.