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  1. That woodcock was unlucky flying into the fence post.
  2. I have one of those Hatsan things here, i just keep it to lend people who haven't got a gun if i take them pigeoning or something. To be honest it hasn't missed a beat yet but i couldn't shoot it because the fore end and stock are quite big and i don't like that.
  3. Just loaded eighty .204 rounds and am in the process of loading another hundred or so, might as well use the time wisely.
  4. Forget the sx4 and look for a new or newish sx3. I have one here that my daughter shoots with, we bought it new last year. The sx3 is fully adjustable but the sx4 isn't. I like the sx3 it's a nice gun to shoot and cycles well.
  5. It is no use asking on here. Ring your firearms dept and ask about your individual circumstances. After all it will be them that revoke your certs if they believe you aren't complying with the law.
  6. They tried that and called it social distancing, but the twats wouldn't so everyone is now confined to barracks.
  7. What are the incinerators for? Covid 19 victims because people wouldn't stay home?
  8. Another two not to worry about, well done.
  9. Good shooting! horrendous disease is mange, you definitely did him a favour.
  10. The trouble with the digex as i see it is lack of optical magnification. The other pulsars that i have looked through and used are poor when it comes to digital mag, you end up looking at Lego foxes. I don't know if the digex is the same but worth checking before being disappointed in a purchase.
  11. Lefties are mongoloids and should be kicked in the nads at every opportunity! I have tried a couple of mates rifles with GRS stocks but they are too big for my mitts.
  12. Make them an offer they can't refuse "let me use your high seats or i'll set fire to them".
  13. I have some of the defiant pellets that i bought for my mercury but they don't group well at all. The new Bisley wasps as they are now are made on the old worn out dies that the Eley wasps where made on hence why they aren't very good any more.
  14. Well done! nothing worse than a fox that starts taking livestock.
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