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  1. ianm

    It was hot.

    .17 or .22?
  2. ianm

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    ^^^^This^^^^ and the sooner the better.
  3. I had a HMR years ago and i cured inconsistent ammo problems by swapping it for a 17 hornet.
  4. ianm


    You did the right thing waiting to id the fox properly, some dickheads wouldn't!
  5. ianm

    Calibre question,new ground.

    My force won't give you a rimfire for fox although they do put down AOLQ which covers you for using one on fox. However it would only be granted for rabbits etc. The acreage of land doesn't matter when using a c/f it is about back stops and topography. I know someone with a .243 on less than forty acres to shoot roe.
  6. ianm

    Calibre question,new ground.

    This is where we differ in opinion, i personally will not use a rimfire on fox. I have seen to many wounded with them. Yes i know all the arguments about shot placement etc but the reality is no one is infallible when it comes to taking a shot. Forty acres is more than enough for c/f use why hamstring yourself with a rimfire when c/f is far more capable? I did own a hmr it was the biggest mistake i ever made rectified by the purchase of a 17 hornet. The hornet has now made way for another 204 because it is easier to load for and cheaper to run than the 17 hornet was.
  7. ianm

    Calibre question,new ground.

    Forty acres doesn't sound a lot but depending on topography it could present some testing shots especially in the wind. Only the op knows how close he is likely to get to the intended targets. Foxes are one thing but crows and magpies are another altogether. They quickly work out when and where they are safe and in no time at all you end up taking longer and longer shots. If money for ammunition isn't an issue i would certainly go for centre fire. I use a .204 for crows and magpies and it works out about 40p a round because i reload and am happy with that. .243 isn't a bad shout really because it future proofs your shooting, ie: if you want to shoot deer or are asked to you are not going to need another rifle. At the end of the day only the op can answer the question of which calibre because only he has the knowledge of the ground to be shot over.
  8. ianm

    Calibre question,new ground.

    The op says it is windy so that would rule out hmr and wmr for me.
  9. ianm

    Calibre question,new ground.

    Having owned one i can say they can be difficult in the wind.
  10. ianm

    I’m going to have it

    Or the crows. I always cover my bait with vegetation to avoid either getting it before the fox.
  11. ianm

    GRS stock on e bay

    My mate has that stock on a custom built 204, GRS Berserk isn't it? Better get that oily gun off the bed before "er indoors" clocks it. Have you had any poi movement with the doubler fitted?
  12. ianm

    243 granted

    I too like Tikka's. I had a T3 Lite in .243 but when i got the 30/06 it sort of became redundant, so i sold it. Still got a slot for 243 though.
  13. ianm

    GRS stock on e bay

    Two things here, firstly you need hands like a Gorilla to be comfortable with these. Or you need to be very handy with a Dremmell or the equivalant. Secondly if your T3 isn't a varmint barrel and is a sporter, it will look like a knitting needle in a gutter. Something to be avoided at all costs.
  14. I chose 30/06 as my deer calibre. I had a few runners with 243 on Sika that had seen me, even with good shot placement they can run a long way. After recovering one from the bottom of a ravine that had run i decided to try something else. I had a slot on my ticket for 270 but a 30/06 came up at the right money so i changed it and bought the 06. It is very versatile with bullet weights running from 110grns to 220grns. It tends to just knock Sika off their feet and they don't run anywhere. If you are going to hunt moose i would like the extra oomph the 06 will provide but both calibres will do the job.
  15. ianm

    Anni 520

    I fancy one of these and have a spare slot on my ticket. I have had two Anschutz 525s and although they where both 100% reliable neither where very accurate. Most probably not helped by having a trigger like a rusty bog door latch. I had the second one's trigger worked on which did improve it but it was nowhere near as accurate as my cz 452, so we parted company.