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  1. The trouble with that though Stav is the antis will think it is because of pressure they have brought on and it will only encourage them. Also it is ok for us that are playing at it to have a season off but what about the bigger more formal shoots where lots of staff are employed? I can't see anyone wanting to pay them to do nothing for a year.
  2. Yesterday was the third shoot for us and we had a decent day finishing with 71 head. I managed to account for 4 mallard 6 pheasants 1 partridge and a pigeon. Then this morning we went out for the pinks and shot 14. Tonight was a duck flight on some pits and I managed another 4 mallard.
  3. Second day at our shoot today. The birds flew well considering the weather ( bright sun and next to no wind). We finished up on 63 head, i killed 6 mallard 5 pheasants and the only partridge of the day. One of the cock pheasants was a white one which incurs a fine but i don't care because it was a really good bird.
  4. We have all done something daft. Why did you take it out of its bracket?
  5. £600 is a p*** take for a tripod. I haven’t tried an alpex it will be interesting to see how you get on with it. Oh and what do you mean you didn’t know he was filming anything? If that lad goes for a s**t he films it!
  6. Stavross starring again. When are you going to replace the wraith and what with?
  7. I had a similar experience. It was my 21st birthday and never being one for pubs/clubs or parties i went for a run with my dog. She put a hare up and ran it, a minute or so later i heard two shots and the dog didn't return. I looked for hours but didn't find her. I went to the local police station the next day and they told me the farmer had reported shooting a dog. It would be a similar time frame when i acted on it 20+ years but it cost him a lot more than a cat. Over the years it has cost him repeatedly and now it costs his son. I never settle anything when something is logged in the grudge
  8. I am liking the build so far Wolfie. Oh! and the best bit is Biden and his clowns won't like it one bit.
  9. I think someone just hung it up so it doesn’t get lost or carted off with one of the dogs.
  10. Well it was our first day today and it lashed down all morning and early afternoon. There where some really cracking birds considering it is the first stir up. We finished on 52 head comprising of 30 duck, 7 partridge, 1 teal and 14 pheasants. I happened to get a good peg on the first drive and the next to last drive. My own contribution was 6 duck, 8 pheasant and a partridge.
  11. To be honest I don’t know what they sell for. I saw some at Stafford for £75 and they weren’t as nice as these. I have promised these two to a mate and his son. Another mate wants three. I have eight that haven’t coloured up yet so I don’t know what there is amongst them but if there are four cocks you can have one with pleasure, I don’t want paying for them.
  12. Here is the first two cocks to colour up that I have bred this year.
  13. Yeah i was trying to make you feel better but i can see my efforts are wasted on you, i won't bother in future! When i was younger my wages where fifty pound a week. I used to go out Friday, Saturday and sunday night if i could and i tried for 100 rabbits with the lurchers. If i got the 100 on the first night which we did quite often then i wouldn't catch anymore till the next week. Me and a mate went all over the place for them usually with four lurchers . It doubled my wages, i wouldn't know where to go now for numbers like that.
  14. Errr a night foxing or shooting scabby rabbits? No contest for me!
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