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  1. The bloke that runs that shoot has been arrested. From what i can gather he was running it for profit without insurance, he is apparently in the shit. The least injured person had three broken ribs and a broken ankle.
  2. You need to cut them some slack, they are very busy hiding from people with colds!
  3. Cracking job! first n/v kill. HMR + N/V where is it all going to end! My mate who has just tried the Wulf 4k again last night has confirmed to himself that it is shite! Being a bit quicker on the uptake i didn't need a second look to know it would be no good for what he needed. Anyhow i have found him a scope that will do the job, a Drone pro x10 will be arriving this week.
  4. There was plenty of moisture in the air but mist didn't roll in till later. Yes i could see clearly with the Drone and that is what i benchmark all n/v on. Good job you didn't miss the rat , it could of been painful!
  5. Nipped out tonight to have a look through this wulf 4k of my mates. I was very underwhelmed. I can't see him keeping it long.
  6. If you are going to use it on lamp shy foxes, it may well be worth your while investing in a 940nm 500mw laser. Something along the lines of a Dark engine.
  7. Yep! Which is why I asked what it is like when the air is full of moisture. In those conditions there is only the Drone that won’t have you going home.
  8. What is it like when the air is full of moisture? That is when you see how well or not a scope performs.
  9. That .410 would be just the job on our .410 day.
  10. Glad to hear pulsar have produced something of worth to fox shooters in this country rather than continental pig shooters. Pulsar gear is decent quality and i prefer it to chinese offerings. The c50 isn't a fortune either, which DE did you use the 850nm or the 940nm?
  11. I must admit to being an AYA fan. They are superb guns but not very popular because they are sxs and double trigger. The first guns i had were sxs so i have no problem changing between single and double triggers. I think the fall from popularity is due to people learning to shoot at clay shoots. The first thing they are handed is an o/u with which they are taught to shoot. It then becomes "the norm" and afterwards people either can't or are unwilling to try a sxs. There are two of us on our game shoot that use sxs, i like tradition and i think it looks sad the rest of them stood about with the
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