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  1. That would worry me to death. What if she sparked out and fell on to one of my guns and broke the stock! No seriously it must be a worry, does she drive?
  2. They will use it as an excuse for incompetence and/or laziness.
  3. It might do if you manage to hit them.
  4. I wouldn't bother with 22.250 when you can get the same or better performance out of 243 which if needed is deer legal.
  5. As most of you know i filled a vacant slot with a Tikka T3 supervarmint 243. It was either fill the slot with something cheap just to fill it or something usable, i opted for the latter. Load development didn't take much work. I decided to use RL15 powder as it is easy to get and my RFD reckons a good powder for 243. I already had a supply of nosler varmageddons 55grn bullets from my last foray into this calibre. So with my usual devil may care attitude and total abandonment of anything safety related i started at the top load and tried them. They where actually quite good from a group point
  6. The bigger more glitzy gun shops tend to be staffed by salesmen that (A) haven't much idea (B) don't give you the best advice on any prospective purchase just what they need to shift to meet targets. I would visit my local gunshop and ask their advice, also seek out local shooters who in the main will be glad to help.
  7. No picture no fox! thems the rules.
  8. No no no! Fourth picture, them legs need to go back to the KFC there is some hot wings missing.
  9. I have three Tikka rifles and wouldn't consider anything else. When i come to replace any of my other non Tikka rifles it will be with Tikkas again. I don't understand the fascination of people wanting to buy rifles from a country that lost two world wars.
  10. I wouldn't bother going off any ballistic charts if reloading. I always load on the hot side so the charts are meaningless to me. I replaced my 17 hornet with another T3 supervarmint in 204. It is considerably flatter and harder hitting than either hornet. I like to kill the crows that think they are safe.
  11. There is no 17 hornet on there and the 22 hornet is a 45grn bullet travelling relatively sedately.
  12. I have shot both extensively but never actually compared the trajectory of them. I have shot and killed far more foxes with the 22 than the 17. The 17 is an absolute maximum fox killer at 150yds past that and you stand a very good chance of looking for runners.
  13. For what it's worth, i found when loading for the 17 hornet it only takes a tiny difference in powder, load to load to make a difference. The 17 relies on good speed to be effective. To get good speed you need to be close to the edge with the loads. This can lead to pressure issues ie: blowing out primers etc. The go to powder was lil gun and a tiny discrepancy between loads made a difference to accuracy. I was lucky enough to buy a load of factory hornady ammo through my rfd that was on offer. When i used that up i sold the rifle as i couldn't be bothered experimenting with different powders
  14. On the plus side he could call it "Gargoyle shoots foxes".
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