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  1. ianm

    Happy chap. 204 Ruger

    Yep! i have two Tikka T3 supervarmints in .204.
  2. ianm

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    Ireland was also bailed out by mug UK plc.
  3. ianm

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    Not all the elite, just those that rely on the EU gravy train. By the way i admire the polish, Hungarian and czech poliiticians for making a stance against the corrupt EU.
  4. ianm

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    I think it is and thankfully so did 52% of the people.
  5. ianm

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    My point is we subsidise these countries instead of looking after our own people. However that is coming to an end and not before time.
  6. ianm

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    Both get far more than either contribute including welfare benefits paid to their citizens from this country.
  7. ianm

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    Neither Poland or Hungary pay towards the EU they just receive it, It's mugs like the UK that pay into it.
  8. ianm

    Quick brace!

    Yes .204, are there other calibres?
  9. ianm

    A foxy Hat trick !

    Well done on the fox control! SL on the subject of i/r the ruby pilled torches are ok but they emit a very bright red glow due to being only 820nm. Whilst this may not be a problem most of the time, it definately is when a lamp shy fox turns up on your patch. The fox will spot the red glow at a fair old distance and disappear quickly. I bought a Dragonfly 500mw laser i/r because the signature it gives off is very small and virtually undetectable so enabling me to kill lamp shy foxes. The only draw back with the Dragonfly is they are made by Starlight who are a really poor company to deal with. They have no quality control procedures in place at all so it is pot luck whether you get a good one or not. However there is now another chap making a 500mw laser on facebook and they are cheaper and better than the Dragonfly.
  10. ianm

    some birds

    Walked up pheasants of the type you are shooting are relatively easy to shoot because they haven't "got going" when they are shot. However proper driven birds on good topography at 40/50/60/70 yds high are a whole different ball game and are usually beyond the capabilities of the average to decent shot. It is these birds that the big money is paid for as the guns want to test themselves against good high fast birds.
  11. I hadn't been out foxing for a couple of weeks so thought i would go last night. After a conversation with the keeper who thought he had smelled fox at one particular farm i decided to start there. Arrived about 9.40pm and set the caller out on a fence post around 50yds away. Rifle loaded, scope checked and illuminator aligned and off we go with pheasant distress. After about 3 minutes there is one on the farm track looking towards the caller but not sure of it. I switched the Drone on and set the trigger by which time he had moved off the track into the field to my right and behind the sheep wire, so no shot yet. It wasn't long, a few seconds before he moved backwards, still looking at the caller but now clear of the wire. The little 32grn pill hit him through the front of the shoulder and he was dead before he hit the ground. I decided it might be prudent to keep calling to make sure he wasn't alone and lo and behold he wasn't. Within 2 minutes there is another on the track looking up at the caller. This fellow however was a little spooked by the plastic box impersonating an easy meal and made the decision to run for it. The Drone was already switched on and the trigger set so i followed him in the scope. At around 180yds he must of thought he had put enough distance between himself and the caller and so he stopped running and turned to look back, the little bullet hit him just behind the shoulder straight into the engine room and that was number2 down. Both accounted for within 10 minutes of arrival. I called at another 3 farms afterwards but didn't see another one. Still he will be happy to get rid of these two.
  12. ianm

    .22 lr for fox

    So the general consensus is doable but not advisable.
  13. I was having a discussion the other day with a chap i know about the suitability of .22 lr using subs on fox. Now i know they are regularly used in suburban gardens and the like at quite close ranges with good effect. However this chap claims a fox will drop on the spot at 100yds with a boiler room shot using subs. I just don,t know about that, never having used a .22 on fox, has anyone on here done that or is it as i suspect too much to ask of the small round?
  14. ianm

    223 ammunition

    My 223 Tikka T3 1-12" didn't like hornady 53grn ammo, odd ones used to tumble. I tried federal premium 40grn and they were ok in it but at £29 a box 6 years ago they where expensive. Then i bought a Tikka supervarmint in .204 to try and i liked it a lot. I bought all the reloading gear for £200 s/h and very quickly found a load that puts bullet on bullet at 100yds. The reloads cost me about 40p each and i have hundreds of cases once fired from mates who don't reload and have binned their 223s in favour of 204. I sold my 223 about 5 years ago and bought another Supervarmint 204 for day time shooting. Luckily both rifles favour the same recipe home load so i don't have any messing about. I have a Drone pro x 10 on a McKillop mount on my rifle for night time foxing fitted and zeroed 2 yrs ago and it never moves, even after driving over rough ground.
  15. ianm

    Moss berg hush power 410

    If one has been used more than the other it will be a bit quieter.