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  1. Half them ain't that bad and people get done for it
  2. Forgot that one My daughters birthday today, my cousins dogs birthday and my Nan's anniversary; me amd misses have put f**k all on social because she's 7 and will not see it but my newsfeed is full of photos of my dead nan and this bulldog that should be dead
  3. People that wish children happy birthday on fb that are young and don't have social media, normally with some big soppy article written to the child that will never see it Oh and pets, no-one gives a f**k that chanel is 2 you f***ing melt
  4. I drove back from slapton this morning and the twats are on the a379 doing about 20mph, you'd think it was a single track road ffs Emmets to the cornish mate
  5. We got an airbeam and it's 100% the way to go, saves so many rows and only needs 1 person
  6. Seen this buck mature over the last couple years, he pops out from 1 of 2 spots most evenings
  7. I've seen red kites in Cornwall a few times and see them semi regular in Devon, we also now get quite a lot of ospreys spending a long time here
  8. We have 4 little colonies here atleast; bombed out church, saltram blockhouse park and central park. You hear them well before you see them
  9. Yesterday sat on the beach invoicing and fishing with the girls and mutt, even had a few smuts
  10. Has here, to hot for waders really
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