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  1. We had 4/5 lads local that would pick bits up and they often had no finesse and would do time for their silly stunts; - walked into matalan and picked up a suitcase from the entrance and filled it with clothes. - picked up a chandelier and glass coffee table from next and walked out - they would pick up a receipt and fold it in half and put between their teeth so they could carry things with 2 hands and noone would question them. - we all did crate runs; walk into the supermarket, pick up a crate and just walk out
  2. There's a coop 2 secs from my house that's becoming a spar; the estate is deprived enough as it is. The other thing I don't think helps is how so few people now know how to use fresh ingredients or even ingredients that they aren't just warming up. You can go to the coop at 9pm each night and all the veg will be reduced, along with anything wholemeal, often the seafood and cuts of meat but they've never got a reduced shitty sandwich that they'll charge 2.50 for ... says to me people can't or won't cook
  3. I had the same down here; was about to write the same almost word for word
  4. Alot depends simply on where you do your shopping imo and whether or not your willing to sacrifice names. Price differences may not look like much but over a 100 item shop it quickly adds up. Personally I'll happily use own brands and wonky veg, it all tastes the same and can cut the cost of a shop in half
  5. Alot if 'smaller' shops are dearer just because imo they can be. Co-op is a prime example of this and using my misses as an example again .... she asked me to grab her a few bits which I would normally get from tescco but couldn't be bothered so stopped at the bigger coop. Same stuff was over double the price but wasn't double the quality
  6. It could be due to people struggling but I'd imagine it's because they're things the door to doors have always lifted My misses is a baker and uses stork for baking; in the last year it has gone from £2.10 to £3.25. May not sound much but like alot of other stuff it has gone up over 50% when they're saying inflation is 10% ... how do you justify the additional cost to people's food shops? You can't imo, someone on the breadline who has £50 to do a shop is getting half what they did last year. We've also noticed through looking back through her books (we were on about this the ot
  7. Just pop into the tackle shop your stopping at mate and spend half hour or so and they'll probably help you more than we could on here
  8. Ignore that. Just seen from the Start of the post. Look at sabikis or get some pulleys and bait. Depending on the ground you may need rotten bottoms
  9. What rod you gonna be using mate and what are you targeting
  10. Hold the lamp upside down, you don't even get real fog where you are... down here we'd just say it's abit misty
  11. You put the lamp under the fog
  12. Worse place I've seen fog is the black downs.
  13. Had a few of these and you could swap the lens for old lucas headlight glass
  14. It was tongue in cheek but nevermind... no I ain't; but our gear gets pretty battered fishing for huss and eels in proper rough ground
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