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  1. I know it is but 5g runs at 3.8ghz which is less than a fibre router
  2. Anyone using fibre routers already has frequencies above and below 5g in their house
  3. Got some in the cupboard, how much do I drink if I get a cough
  4. I know neville has given up his hotel free of charge and united aces are giving 30% each
  5. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/11287126/billy-joe-saunders-banned-boxing/?utm_campaign=sunmainfacebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1585574781 Daft sod thought he was being funny and now he's banned...
  6. Wonder how many claimed they only earnt 12k
  7. Maybe a few weeks ago they where but 4 percent is what the who are currently stating aswell
  8. What people seem to forget is this is deeply impacting everyone; yes flu affects alot of people but not at the rate this is. Its the speed it's progressing and people are dieing in a terrible manner!
  9. Guys a f***ing clown! He makes it all sound like nothing and we are over reacting
  10. Exactly that gnasher and tbh I think he's doing a f***ing good job, can only imagine what that waste of space labour party would be doing now
  11. Apart from your big cat mates in some uni where do you suggest we get info from?
  12. It is mate for sure, the mackerel and gar ain't leaving at all. Saw them on huss marks in October
  13. Gilts been wintering for atleast 5/6byeats and starting to see the same with blacks aswell
  14. 2 outstanding fish there mate
  15. Id give it a day or 2 mate, big easterlys put it over the houses at torcross and beesands today. I'm gagging to get the kids one each next week
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