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  1. 15 across the UK, atleast 3 are down here. Most definitely be a good money maker for charters and will also give alot of other fish a rest when they're about It's just starting to warm up to where it should have been early May, wonder what difference it'll make. Cant catch what ain't there mate
  2. Looks cracking NK, well done one the blue. All fish are a month behind aren't they this year so imo you did well to get 1
  3. We got them here and one of the Plymouth boats is 1 of 15 in the UK that can legally fish for em
  4. How can I recover my old WhatsApp without verification code? [SOLVED] ALHARAMAINEXCLUSIVE.COM How To Skip Whatsapp Verification Code | How To Verify Whatsapp Without Sim Card | R... Try this mate
  5. Have another go @BORNHUNTER
  6. Best bit is reminding a few they have PL postcodes
  7. Rather than mentalists on YouTube
  8. The quacks giving opinions as facts? Seen plenty of em
  9. ffs man take some decent pics in the daylight for us to see, looks cracking
  10. He has got a dead lift group, I don't think he'll struggle too much to get through the groups. He seems alot stronger and more focused than I've ever seen him
  11. Watched a vid of Hollands and bish the other day and hollands is looking in really good shape and very strong but think the competition is too good for him too have a decent chance now
  12. Yeah I do; love shaw, Hall and obey. Comedy gold those 3
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