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  1. No I just don't see the point in all these bitchy/gossipy threads
  2. Why not just message said member if you care so much?
  3. Digging maddies for the flounder comp at the weekend
  4. Finished digging; raced home to grab bait and Mills and off we go. So the forecast said slight offshore wind and a 2 -3ft swell ... beautiful. When we arrived you could hear the waves from the top of the cliff; we thought with the mark being 8ft or so off the water it would have been fishable but as we climbed down we could see the the swell was washing over the top on every third or so wave and had to change mark for our own safety. So the only way we could fish tonight was to take advantage of one of the many harbour walls east Cornwall has to offer. Even this wasn't particularly comfor
  5. Darkness came In well quick, only 25 mins between these photos
  6. No wage at all; just a big red button Course it could; what if a load of people just started posting pics of snotted pigs or dogged deer? Much worse light
  7. It's not just the attacks and stuff though; what about the members that just fuxk up threads for the sake of it? The posts that put hunting in a bad light? And all the other shit Forum would go to shit
  8. Could improve the flow and cut out the shit There's several illegal posts made a day by multiple members .... there's plenty of chances
  9. If there was anything really bad he could have just passed it to plod
  10. No such thing as impartial; not a single mod on here is impartial and nor do they need to be
  11. If they did take any notice which I doubt they would; have who as a replacement? Most members can't moderate their own posts
  12. He could have reported the posts and the mods would have removed them anyway; if someone is worried about what they post and the law then they shouldn't post it
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