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  1. I can control left footed but not play it
  2. The other one we used to play alot was spot, one touch against a wall with a letter if you missed. All games resulted in donkeys arse aswell, loser had to have their ass out and everyone got a free shot
  3. It's all over it mate, it's a package ain't it
  4. 7 aside tourneys are something I really enjoyed; can remember being in deepest Cornwall as u12s maybe u13s and we got through the group stages. In the quarters we are playing a team who had a lad that scored everyone of their goals. I was in goal and he stands to my left on a corner, only a few minutes in. I thought f**k it, as the ball come over I clocked the c**t as hard as I could in the temple. He goes downand I get a red. He wasn't back on and our team went on to win the tournament
  5. Did you used to play streets against each other? Our estate was made of 3 parts; our end had 2 main bits that would play each other and we'd venture up to play the other parts as 1
  6. Try a pop up from the shore, bet you'd get em
  7. Think your right mate, only Van Der sar was close to schmeichel
  8. He was shite, but then he had big shoes to follow didn't he
  9. Cheers gnash. my misses is terrified of spiders and I don't like rats, didn't want the same for the girls
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