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  1. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/pack-dogs-hunt-kill-730-21320751?fbclid=IwAR0rSmFd0ak5YGgIS8xBgqq6NG3ZGzJwSoY1cAgoq-AJuysHQ1Od83R20f0 Same group in the star
  2. They must have had good hits because they did 2 on it today or the star did 1 aswell
  3. Khabib has name his terms for a rematch; mcgregor to win 10 matches and come back down to 155 and a mil
  4. Buy. A plot, fence it off and fill with storage containers.
  5. You and @lurcherman 887 should watch sneaker hustle
  6. Been up about an hour, love their faces but the noise is breaking me already. That and f***ing batteries
  7. You a fancier? Just because you linked the rpra site
  8. Me and misses have been together 6 years and this is the first year we've been able to afford to; normally just the kids we buy for. Got her a few bits she wanted and a few she needed
  9. My dad told me about his rottie, scary animal from what he said
  10. That was tactical ; he didn't have anything to offer and knew hearn would say no. Yh he will deffo want fury over wilder as I can't see wilder risking his belt if he can help it ; it'll take hearn a decade to get that fight for aj
  11. We can all make assumptions and give opinions but until it happens we will all just be guessing. My opinion; I recon wilder will go in harder on fury in the rematch and try for the KO earlier. If wilder beats fury well AJ shouldn't even entertain him but if fury beats wilder then fury will dodge AJ for as long as possible. AJ will then not try and box fury but also simply try and knock him out
  12. Wasn't it you with a record for burglary?
  13. Gobshite/grass is what that looks like....
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