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  1. I do when I'm at work, I'm sat on my arse talking shit so easy enough to sit on here. I could but the rest would let me down
  2. Won't happen, nimble as a cat on them rocks
  3. They sell a bit, tick a bit and tax a bit
  4. No they're not but they're giving people cancer and enough innocent people die from the aftermath of drink Lee. Only habit I have now is vaping
  5. I know lockdown is going to cause issues with mental health but so will wearing masks and that was my point. As for care homes I ain't a clue and you'll never find the answer because all sources are stupidly biased one way or the other
  6. Max said masks should affect people but they do, he said if they're affecting them then they're a snowflake but some people genuinely struggle to wear one. Based on that then if people that can't wear masks are snowflakes then that means people that can't cope with lockdown are as well
  7. Well fags cause thousands of deaths a year, more than any illegal drug. Again you've obviously lived a sheltered life because I know plenty of people older than you and your age that done bird for fighting after a few pints Lee
  8. It's just people that have lived sheltered lives
  9. No worse than alcohol or fags lee
  10. Then lockdown shouldn't affect people's mental health either
  11. So you've obviously not looked into the jab have you Lee. Just get the Oxford one instead
  12. Coke isn't even the issue down here and never really has been. Smack and crack has always been an issue but you've also got things like bubble and spice that are 10x worse than coke imo
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