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  1. Those 5 things you said were definitely wrong and half of them you didn't even say
  2. No they ain't, not even close You know that's 0.07% which is probably less than a lot of drugs
  3. Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Extremely wrong! So that's 5 that are completely wrong
  4. Name 1 thing you've said that has been right? Francie had a go the other day and couldn't
  5. And once you've done those hours you'll be able to narrow down a window for next time. After the weekend when this pressure drops I think we'll see a few fish out
  6. A test of a few here but this 1 looks cool ken
  7. No chance of anything more than typing shit on here... They're alpha males after all
  8. That's a lovely gesture, condolences on your dad.
  9. Just seen a few came out the channel/Somerset to big dave and one just under 10 came out the tamar this weekend
  10. No, a lad on fb keeps posting them to a group. Thought they where relevant to this thread with all the handbag shit
  11. Sorry to hear that mate, the good ones memory lives much longer than they ever could. My old bitch has been dead atleast 5 year and shes talked about as if she ran last week. My dad and the old boys still talk about certain dogs and episodes on certain fields from the late 70s/ early 80s, heck they still lamp the same fields.
  12. Not as many are fishing it because they've closed devil's. Only half decent one I've heard of was end of November. I'd be too worried about the ray and huss to be chasing cod anyway if I was North Cornwall
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