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  1. It's always very red if that means anything?
  2. We got a 525d auto, mapped to about 300bhp which is plenty and same as you 55 on a run and it's about 35 round town
  3. It's a shame they've published where it was caught. I've always wondered if you could present the bait the same we we do for things like huss and conger
  4. I knew bull when he had rio, had a pup out of him and my mum hand raised another litter of his for him
  5. Is it really on you lot cyber bullying
  6. Piece of piss in Cornwall, 1 parent is also a grandparent. Benefits to having a family circle over a family tree
  7. Freddy quinn tweeted this so can't take credit but found it funny ' the royal doctors said they haven't seen a growth this big since Andy watched mean girls'
  8. But there's the van always around; saw 4 of them 1 day coming back from fowey to Plymouth
  9. https://youtube.com/@BladerunnersUK?si=6kP9w4ofJYIL-Kr0 This page is literally just cameras being trashed or a dinosaur getting in the way; oh and a dinosaur on an escooter getting a ticket
  10. Oh I know mate, been on it for about a year. I love to occasionally post and then let the carnage unfold
  11. The UK preppers fb is good .... we've got 3 months before shtf. Spend every spare penny on tins. Best one I seen was a women did a dry run with no heating, her housed dropped to 10⁰c overnight and she couldn't cope
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