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  1. The emergency alert they've turnt off isn't the same thing
  2. Ducking usyk the same say he ducked aj and will anyone who is a real contender
  3. Pigeons and dogs, it's not line breeding after 1 inbreeding. Has to be 'inbred' atleast twice to be line bred
  4. 1 ancestor 6 generations back is not line breeding
  5. The parents where line bred the offspring aint
  6. Blueberry cheese brings back some memories; last had that about 10 years ago
  7. What makes wbc better than the other 3? Usyk said he'd fight without out so we're just waiting on furys next excuse
  8. Usyk clearly said he'll do it without a rematch clause and it was fury that asked for it . Fury just making a meal and ducking again
  9. Fishing and bait collecting, kayaking and anything else by the sea
  10. Nigger was cinnamons great grandsire on both sides but she carries 43% of his blood.
  11. Yes, broke his hock as a sapling. Can remember my dad saying he'd thought he'd be no good but ended up owning him later on
  12. Yeah and usyk is giving fury the shot, he's got the belts so if he wants a rematch clause that's his call.
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