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  1. steve66

    4 youths stabbed in london

    Spice is whats the problem in this town , sometimes I think im walking through the set of the walking dead
  2. steve66

    Yet more Sex offences - by whom?

    Honestly believe its just the tip of the iceburg , and only get worse Atleast the people of sunderland are trying to fight back , think other towns should follow suite
  3. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    Some deep digging their AT, some ive found lately have been from cliff erosion on the coast
  4. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    Found a site afew weeks ago , but mostly seems to be 50s and 60s era
  5. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    Just a pic of the net , seemily theres a lot of fakes about going for afew quid
  6. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    Afew tops that ive picked up over the years
  7. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    some nice bottles there
  8. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    surprising how old some of these firms are
  9. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    shame that , but there maybe more there
  10. steve66

    Old bottles etc

  11. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    Anyone ever found a bear grease pot , think it was used for hair
  12. steve66

    Old bottles etc

    Found afew over the years walking a diused railway track , but they can soon take up a lot of space , gave most to a friend but kept afew back
  13. steve66

    Meet the drug lords/the real narcos

    channel 4 Thursday for episode 2
  14. steve66

    Meet the drug lords/the real narcos

    Good watch , shows the cartels brutality has no bounds , no just happy to kill someone they then gut them and spell messages with there intestines or dismember them , gruesome stuff, more killed in mexico in one year than the entire afghan war