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  1. Always amazes me some of the operations carried out in w11 , D day landings Dunkirk raid on st nazaire to name afew Some very brave men
  2. Is it an american bulldog ? certainly looks fit for purpose , good luck with the pup
  3. Cheers , ill have alook around at the weekend
  4. Where do you get the recipes and methods borr ? looks mouth watering
  5. Always liked walthamstow track with its big neon sign shame its gone , had some good night there
  6. Looks well Dave , im sure he said he was 70 , seems to have been around for ever
  7. Shame its gone , end of an Era .Used to enjoy watching the whippets on a sunday and always a good cooked breakfast The Closure of Askern Stadium - Documentary - YouTube
  8. Who ??? Fair do's youve had a good season
  9. some very nice work there
  10. just been on the news police have sized 15 dogs , sounds like puppy peddlers
  11. Never understand why he always turns up dressed a a carp fisherman
  12. Watched Luther the other night quite enjoyed it even though ive never seen the series , can see Idris Elba playing the next Bond
  13. A few birds on the feeders at Sutton bank , shame the turtle doves stayed to far away to get a decent shot
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