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  1. Wasnt there a lad called duck wing on here who put up the first ply catty ? always thought GJ copied it and expanded from there , Duckwing made a decent job if i remember
  2. The sopranos was class , also Gomorahs worth a watch , plus there a series on flix from the makers of gomorah about the drug trade
  3. Watched fisho mania at the weekend , at the end the winners jumps into the lake fully clothed which to me is sending out the wrong message maybe its time forthe organisers to stop the practice
  4. Went to Bempton on monday to see the albatross after an hour or so he showed up , perched on the rock formation known as the drinking elephant went to take some pics with the bridge camera and the bloody thing was dead, wouldnt power up dosent seem to be a battery issue so im at abit of a loss , possibly looking at getting a new camera
  5. Cold shivers down my spine , thought i was back in Nam , Dagenam that is seriously let us know what happens , quite interesting
  6. 21 miles today , mostly flat trails and some roads , been using strava but not that keen , so what other apps are people using ?
  7. Sad to say the rescue services have been looking for someone this afternoon at a reservoir near wakefield
  8. Been watching zero zero zero on sky , made by the people behind Gomarah , been a good watch so far
  9. Some of the border lakeys we had looked more like yorkies , crackin little grafters
  10. steve66

    The Somme

    wonder how many survived ? what i always found heartbreaking about ww1 was those how where shot for cowardice when clearly suffering from ptsd / shell shock and the stigma there familys sufferd
  11. steve66

    65 today

    Happy birthday stan , hopefully youve got something nice planned tonight
  12. Cant see labour getting in, there needs to be a change of leadership and Andy Burnham is sat waiting for that space As for Javid replacing Hancock i think its a good move , Hancock came across as a clown at times
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