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  1. At least coinage in them days was made from decent metal unlike todays crap
  2. Barbour in the late 70s we could only dream of owning a barbour in the late 70s , NCB donkey jacket with matching wellies for us lol
  3. Feck picking them up live , thats why we have terriers to deal with them
  4. steve66


    I know one or two one here collect medals, just wonderd what web sites a best , a friend was telling me theres alot of fakes about
  5. steve66

    Rat bites

    On a plus side nice to see a border out in the field As for the finger likes been said let the experts have alook
  6. Went to the pub last night dressed as a tennis ball ....... got served straight away
  7. Thats a shame, one of the few who made CW worth buying , RIP
  8. Whilst out walking through the fields, I found an abandoned Land Rover… I thought, 'That's a nice Discovery’…….
  9. Been watching afew , another time another era , very enjoyable
  10. Top pic looks like wax caps , Arry will know
  11. Sounds a dream compared to where i work , skating on a pump trucks is gross mis conduct and instant dismissal
  12. Get alot like that , im convinced there forced to get a job either by parents, partners or the threat of looseing there benifits , they rarely last a fortnight just breaking every rule looking for the quickest way out the door
  13. Had to spend an evening chatting to the wife , seemly she dosent work at C & As anymore
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