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  1. Very bold move, itll be interesting to see how it plays out , Labour are tipping a general election by easter
  2. Interesting piece to read Medal for hero dog Kuno which saved soldiers' lives in Afghanistan - BBC News
  3. Probably straight through Geogia and onto turkey
  4. Ukrainian mate at work said Rusians are pouring to the borders with turkey and finland to dodge the call up
  5. Ouch abit on the pricey side
  6. Did you go Mack, don't smoke it myself only interested in its medical benefits
  7. steve66


    History in the making today , certainly felt sorry for Charles. End of the day he was burying his mum with the eyes of the world watching and certainly did her proud
  8. steve66


    Looks like it Danny Davito stood in front
  9. steve66


    Remember years back in the 80s feeding omega rings and adding sa37, thought we were giving the dogs top stuff
  10. steve66


    Cracking thread, some good input from knowledgeable people, just wonderd what the dogs where feed on bearing in mind it was some years back
  11. My moneys on Daniel san Wax Off Ralph Macchio GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  12. steve66


    Seen clips of the public visiting the queens coffin , some wearing jeans and polo shirts trainers ect , just seemed a lack of respect treating it as a tourist attraction
  13. Klopp has said this morning liverpool need to reinvent themselves , think they already have
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