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  1. Londoners ? didnt think there was any left ,
  2. Be more shocked if she said she was straight , far to much politics in sport these days
  3. Nice looking pup , all the best with him
  4. A house in linton on ouse would be quite nice
  5. Ozzie osbourne prefers his raw rather than rare
  6. Living in south yorks ,i got some stick this morning at work of the wednesday fans , all good banter
  7. Terry's probably walking , because the wheels have gone off his car
  8. Small world . my gran lived in the tower block on hendon rd
  9. When i seen the title of this thread i thought Gazza had turned up at Mariupol with a kfc
  10. Hes a good player Hardaker , just seems to have a self destruct button and mess up no mater what club he goes to , surprised Rhinos signed him
  11. Valhalla's not a patch on the original vikings found it'd gone abit wokey so binned it
  12. Seen these nesting in the cliffs at Robin Hoods bay , not the best pics but fun to watch
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