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  1. steve66


    sadly that's about it in a nutshell , question is will the people step up the protests and things turn ugly like in france , cant see it been on a large scale to be honest
  2. steve66


    Its total deadlock and I cant see a way out , farage said tonight that he thinks there'll be a second vote just to note under mays deal tonight the end of free movement wasn't guaranteed , just on the table for later discussions
  3. steve66

    MP's expenses.........still taking the piss.

    £5000 aweek that some serious amount of sausage rolls from gregs
  4. steve66

    Out Ratting

    Love to bottom pic on page 61 , looks an old grizzeld warrior
  5. steve66

    Trump Under Fire

    Surely the longer these people go without pay and services are shutting down he's shooting himself in the foot
  6. steve66


    Brexit seems doomed as we wanted , mays vote will be lucky to pass and Corbyn will call a no confidence vote , question is will he have enough votes to get a general election , if not where back to tory deadlock and possibilly end up with a second vote
  7. steve66

    Fu**ing ouch

    Nooooooo , what goes around comes around …… and im not risking that
  8. steve66


    Always thought Clarkson was an arrogant cock and over rated
  9. steve66

    14 Year old stabbed to death in London.

    What is it , travellars ?
  10. steve66


    Seems theres afew tory mps changing there mind and backing mays deal awell as afew labour mp,s
  11. steve66

    View From Your Swim

    one beside me , we call it hook a duck , full of carp with damaged mouths
  12. steve66

    Well done Sunderland

    Bradford way more like
  13. steve66

    Well done Sunderland

    sounds more like a Yorkshire lad
  14. steve66

    beggers in your town

    Why is there a mass spike of beggars ? its only in the last few years we've seen the numbers rise , some of it I blame on the changes to the benefit system and giving people sanctions , if people have there payments stopped for a month they soon go into rent arears , it doesn't take long for things to spiral out of control and people end up on the streets
  15. steve66

    beggers in your town

    Plenty of homeless in our town , eighther begging or on spice mostly british kids sadly hit rock bottom , sadly seeing more and more people using food banks , something we never used to see and where one of the richest countrys in the world makes me sad to be honest to see ex service people struggling with limited or no support , sure its time for a new political party who will look after the working man and not the rich or the looney left