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  1. steve66

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    So , is it true he's trying to get political asylum ? would that make tommy a asylum seeker
  2. steve66

    Light Spin Rod Advice

    Ive a Wychwood rod that I use with micro lures great fun for knocking about with taking perch and rudd not had a trout yet but that's on the cards , could do with a smaller reel to balance it better though
  3. steve66

    Is it a bird!

    At least his deaths not in vain, they have skinned him out and made a wet suite
  4. steve66

    Is it a bird!

    Police have identified him him, he's called Amin......., amin ya flowerbed seemly he's a down to earth chap lol
  5. steve66

    Rod pod

    From what ive seen they seem right enough , ive been just using bank sticks , fancied a change this season
  6. steve66

    Rod pod

    Thinks of getting a rod pod for the river , korum one looks ok for the money just wonderd what other people recommend
  7. steve66


    Scary shit really if he changed his mind half way through he couldn't have thought it through properly
  8. steve66


    Sky news are showing some footage of the real chernoble tonight at 9pm
  9. steve66


    The thing is Watson and his cronies in the tooting popular front cant see anything past inner London , I think if a general election comes both main parties are in for a serious wake up call Had to laugh last night when asked why Boris wasn't at the debebt RJM said he's busy packing his bags and getting ready to move into no 10
  10. steve66

    British D-Day Memorial

    Also the Duke of wellingtons regt
  11. steve66

    Chris froome

    Sad to hear he's had a bad accident and going to be out for a good while , so no tour de france this year for him , would have loved to seen him win again just to piss the froggies off
  12. steve66

    Fight of the century ?

    No chance of it happening cruz is 56 , though id love to see him knock biebers head off
  13. steve66

    Normandy Landings 75 years ago today.

    Always amazed how the country pulled together and mobilized during ww11 , everything from the steel works, coal to keep the country running , munitions factorys ect , all those who gave there life fighting , certainly a humbling time and I have the deepest respect to all those involved
  14. steve66

    Old Photo's

    Fully agree fireman , I had a border mostly oxcroft blood in the 80's that looked like a staffy with a coconut coat on and over sprung ribs
  15. steve66