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  1. steve66

    continous moulting

    As it happens kay she is white aswell , think ill get a black one next time Were pretty much the same , she lives in the kitchen/outhouse but they still get everywhere surprised shes not bald
  2. steve66

    Earthquakes in Blackpool

    Green waste is another disaster where creating , must of its contaminated with plastic and metals that there spreading onto farm land breaking down and entering the food chain
  3. steve66

    Black cat

    FFS, charged the lamp, got the beddy whips ready , full tank of full , 2 hours finding the passport so I could get into Scotland and it turns out to be a fake
  4. steve66

    Fungi ID

    none for the pan mate
  5. steve66

    Fungi ID

    3rd pic wax caps ?
  6. steve66

    Fungi ID

    1st ones mycena ? 2nd fly agaric , quite a nice walk out today 3rd no idea lol
  7. steve66

    Black cat

    News seems abit sketchy at the moment , probably turn out to be a black dog
  8. steve66

    Black cat

    Seems theres a black cat roaming around ayshire , police are taking it seriously , so whos out tonight lamping
  9. steve66

    Snow White sexually assaulted !

    about time people started saying , oh your offended , tuff crack on , way past a joke with the snowflake generation
  10. Anyone else got a dog that moults continuously my staffies terrible , dispite trying different diets ect , she still moults continuously just wonderd if anyones dog is the same or have any ideas how to solve it
  11. steve66

    Fungi ID

    Think ive had it since the mid 90s , just ashame its not pocket size
  12. steve66

    Mushrooms 2018

    Im sure I read somewhere that they have been used to treat alcoholism in some countries
  13. steve66

    Mushrooms 2018

    Picked one up Arry to have alook , and after a bit it started to show some yellow ,to be honest without your post I would have probably thought it was safe
  14. steve66


    shit , turned out to be a hoax
  15. steve66