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  1. steve66


    Sadly universal credit has a lot to do with the rise in homeless , not fit for purpose
  2. steve66

    Jeremy Kyle show

    Fair point
  3. steve66

    Jeremy Kyle show

    Mostly chav baiting , but there where shows where he reunited families so it wasn't all bad
  4. steve66


    Noticed free movements hardly ever mentioned these days , just one big stitch up
  5. steve66

    Sir Loin Knight of Steaks

    Chips need going on a sunbed , they look anaemic , steak looks spot on though
  6. steve66

    Dandruff in dogs

    we use Gomega seems to keep dry skin dandruff at bay , just a teaspoon on the dogs dinner
  7. steve66

    Question Time Tonight

    Tories couldn't believe there luck when she resigned
  8. steve66

    Question Time Tonight

    Love to see her out on her arse come the next general election , but I think at some stage she,ll crawl back to the tory party , rumours that chuka's doing the same with labour
  9. steve66

    Title race

    A lad at work had Liverpool to beat barca 4 - 0 , Got giddy and cashed out after the 2nd goal , only Liverpool fan who I know that was gutted the next day lol
  10. steve66

    Danny Baker Sacked

    I got excited then , thought abott had kicked the bucket
  11. steve66


    Rip fredie star , a bloke who certainly lived a life to the full lol
  12. steve66

    Fen Ben 10

    Any alternatives that also does tape and lung worm
  13. steve66

    Staffy Bull

    bella , big daft lump
  14. steve66

    jacks shed

    I was on the as Ronin, didn't really vist much