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  1. steve66


    not seen one like that before , but he's a cracker , lovely colours
  2. steve66


    Sad to hear that one crashed today near conisby believe the pilot has died , one week before the D day celebrations . Hopefully the Battle of Britain memorial flight will still be able to fly
  3. The c*nts will only get stronger, until they turn on each other , hopefully that will be their downfall
  4. steve66


    Brian Glover absolutely nailed the PE teacher certainly an iconic film , , a snap shot of what life was like growing up in the 70s in northern england
  5. Missed Tyson singing at the end , he should have sang patsy clines who sorry now I dont think tyson will jack for long , he's egos to big and his dick Head father will miss the lime light
  6. Is it age or diabetes related Jok Constance high sugar will cause it , I’ve had lazer treatment and it wasn’t that bad , got a blind spot in my right eye that I only notice really when reading ,I’ve had double vision but it comes and goes Hopefully they’ll be able to sort it out for you
  7. And we wonder why towns keep flooding with no land to soak it up and drains that can’t cope
  8. You can pick up a 150-600 in the second hand shops for half there price ok for the garden or sitting about in a hide but to heavy to be carrying about all day The Nikon p900 range of bridge cameras are supposed to be good but ive never used on
  9. Watched it last on the the fire stick , thought it was very good said it was based on a true story? I know Ian Fleming used his wartime experience to create bond believe 007 was actually a bus he caught every day to work
  10. Just finished the series fallout based on the game, thought it was very good certainly different
  11. Sad to see , all were going to be left with is memories of that what used to be what gets me is when you go into cities and see loads of derelict factories and wast land doing nothing but they’d sooner build on green sites
  12. Sooo they shag there mums , punch police horses and then find it funny we get cheesy chips for a pound Strange lots from Newcasle
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