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  1. steve66

    Fao stiggy

    oliver twist tile on ebay , not the same but look simular by maw and co https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAW-and-CO-framed-tile-Oliver-twist/264939484026?hash=item3daf9fb37a:g:toEAAOSwGPhfXk~k
  2. We attended afew the other year but found it very clicky , gave up in the end trying to buy a grew for scratch racing
  3. Does anyone know if Hamas and Hezbollah accepting new members at the moment? Asking for a friend.
  4. steve66


    Cheers, good link that, I'll have a good read when I get home
  5. steve66


    Cheers I'll have alook about., bit of food for thought
  6. steve66


    Need to put up afew cameras. But know nothing about it. Any recommendations. Is wireless better, easier ect
  7. Should bring in a ten grand fine to the stores that allow people in without a face mask unless they have a later from the doctor to say other wise , im sure things will change sharpish
  8. Not very good at naming owls , is it a little owl ?
  9. Nice pics. What lense do you you with the 50d fuji?
  10. Cracking pic , seems to have stuck around the same area for a bit , must be a cricket fan Anyone seen the vulture ? heard he,s flown south ?
  11. steve66

    Had to!

    is goats milk not higher in fat ? just a thought
  12. Used one for years great for ripping through alsorts of materials, bad for causing white finger, trigger times about 15 min a day in my last job
  13. steve66

    Gyms shut

    Just wear a baggy sweat shirt and shorts to show your calves off
  14. Could get interesting they share the barracks with a gurkha regiment lol
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