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  1. steve66


    Think Dianne abott was his maths teacher lol
  2. Mackem seemed to be abit clued up when it came to archery but haven't seen him on for abit
  3. steve66


    Looks like more rain for Monday , sad to see fishlake flooded ,farmers and horse owners struggling to get livestock onto dry land , not nice any time of the year but on top of Christmas must make it harder
  4. steve66

    Showbox app.

    showbox is down no doubt itll pop up again , theres a facebook page called lets crack on also a youtube chanell by the same name thatll point you in the right way for active apps
  5. steve66


    I know some members on here live in the areas affected by the floods , hopefully there all safe with there families and there properties undamaged
  6. steve66


    Most I talk to voted for Brexit but just cant vote for the tories in the election even though they hate Corbyn , most seem to see farage as just another tory so that's a none starter , so labour it is then
  7. As above on tomorrow night bbc2 7.00 looks like itll be a good watch
  8. steve66


    Sadly theres stornch labour supports that hate Corbyn ect but will still vote labour because because that's what theve always done, this I think along with the looney far left will keep a lot of labour mps in there seats
  9. steve66

    The Election

    I think the government have had the tools to deal with a lot of what we think is wrong with being in the EU but chose not to , probably to look after big buissness, there all treacherous snakes and to be honest ill find it hard to vote for any party this time
  10. A few perch nothing big hopefully next time
  11. Not the most scenic place but good to be out for a few hours chucking some lures about
  12. steve66

    Wine drinkers.

    Don't mind a merlot now and again but shiraz is preferred
  13. steve66

    Wine drinkers.

    Don't mind a drop of shiraz at weekends nothing fancy or the odd craft bee
  14. Seen afew documentaries on the f 35 awesome bit of kit , still like the typhoons though proper top gun stuff lol
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