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  1. Itll be interesting when they retrieve the wreckage, hopefully theyll be able to find out what there up to
  2. Seems that there working on the theory she's slipped into the river weighed down by her winter clothes , to be honest i was half expecting her partner to be arrested as quite often happens in these cases
  3. Nice looking pair Tiny , hope the pup turns out ok
  4. Not sure but ive seen Dan afew times fishing a local canal to me , ill ask him next time i see him
  5. Keep us posted mate , interesting to see
  6. Im defiantly the c*nt who said were only 10 minutes from the top
  7. Visted Belsen , very moving , how people could take part in these massacres is totaly beyound me
  8. Good detectors tesoro's and lazer , still got a silver u max and rapier , sadly around here the big clubs are taking all the permission so i dont get to go detecting as much
  9. steve66


    Just been on the news that parts for abrahams are in short supply , youve got to ask the question how long can we keep funding Ukraine Seems to me they need some sort of big victory to force the Russians to the table
  10. steve66


    Heard the total of tanks been sent combined is 130 along way from the 300 zelensky wanted , also abrahams challangers and leapords will need there own supply chain that will only complicate maters surely
  11. Programme on bbc in abit about bull breeds and the money involved
  12. Well thats lampard sacked , lets see who takes his place Seems sunderland have bought a hammers player pierre ekwah ? hopefully do ok
  13. Are you using a prime lense these days Paulas ?, some good pics
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