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  1. steve66

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    we have an area like that mostly hawthorne and overgrown brambles , seems to hold a variety of birds, must take the camera sometime
  2. steve66

    Bobby Robson Documentry

    They should do a behind the scenes doc about Scotland , tonights dressing room half time talk would have been interesting
  3. steve66

    isis bint

    last I heard she needed to appeal in 30 days , but her solicitor was denied access to the camp so she couldn't sign the forms
  4. steve66


    Always thought it a shame the English demacrates weren't a stronger party with there act together think they would do quite well in the current situation
  5. steve66

    Quirky THL members

    Never realised he'd died a great shame , liked his posts
  6. steve66

    Quirky THL members

    The irish lass mo , something was a good laugh , think she had a small holding
  7. steve66

    Elevenses 🐖 🐣 👍

    I only drink on days that end in y lol
  8. steve66

    Quirky THL members

    Used to enjoy molls posts and pics
  9. steve66


    Can see a general election coming ….
  10. steve66


    Makes you jump when the flash goes off
  11. steve66

    Crufts 2019

    Fly ball looked good , but couldnt understand why they where wearing sports gear , when the dogs where doing the running lol
  12. steve66

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    He breeds some tidy stuff
  13. steve66

    Bets on who dies next

    cant stand her , zero manners ,its a wonder no ones slapped her
  14. steve66


    Had prostatitis , bloody horrible couldn't settle wanted to pee all the time and very uncomfortable , tablets sorted it but it was a worrying time , had it afew times since but not as bad boscopan tablets usauly settle things down
  15. steve66

    Bets on who dies next

    bill oddie , not heard much out of him lately