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  1. Not a big Furry fan but enjoyed the show , got to give him respect for talking about his mental health issues , cant be easy in the fight game as some will see it as a weakness
  2. Been watching banged up in Bangkok not seen him on it so hopefully where ever he is he's having a good time
  3. That's certainly a bargain , do you know how old ?
  4. Good read that , I was looking at a lews bait caster today lovley bit of kit just out of my price range at the moment Didn't realise the conection with shimano bet ordinals' cost a bit with collectors
  5. All this fuss over schofield , you'd think he'd declared he was a Man u supporter
  6. steve66


    He got something knocked back lol
  7. Buy a load of Brexit 50p this Friday , then watch the silly prices on fleabay a couple of days later
  8. Ffs about time they had a serious clamp down on inbreeding flecking loons
  9. Same as Mushroom but I have a vpn , to hide from my net work
  10. Watched it the other night and wondered what the fuss was about
  11. steve66

    RIP minister

    That's a shame enjoyed the early heart beats
  12. steve66

    Harry & Meghan

    At the moment we,ve got the royals , the labour election race, the irish parliament , scotish independence dominating the news ……. isn't there something big happening to the uk at the end of the month ?
  13. Put afew hours in on local canals with the lure rod recently had nothing to shout about but fun trying , they seem shoaled up under barges at the moment , maybe I should be looking to fish rivers for a decent specimen ? Darrens set the bench mark now lol 3.11 oz some fish well done
  14. This is when you need fell and moorland on speed dial , respect to the lads and dogs that work these places
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