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  1. I think it was just plain old af sam. Booth only claimed him in later years. Even claimed he bred him i believe.
  2. I saw the dog alright but didn't see him working....supposed to have been a handy dog I believe
  3. Keep your circle tight and your dogs tight and hear say wont enter the equation. You wouldn't need to rely on it.Theres probably 2 or 3 fellas in the country who's word I would take for gospel no questions asked. If they said a dog was doing it then that dog was doing the business. My dogs go back to some of the fore mentioned dogs and are now throwing a greater number of workers than ever before but believe me I've bred some useless dogs too some of which would really have you scratching your head but every one does. Sometimes the mating just doesn't click even within a line. Just cut that branch off and get back to your main stem and go again. Unfortunately luck does have it's part to play I reckon but so too does giving a dog time to mature . The best possible lines even have there skeletons in the closet guaranteed.
  4. Imagine calling jimmy a bald lad with glasses.......hed love that
  5. I never saw either of them working but saw them in jimmys. Fine dogs the pair of them. Lad I dig with saw them working alright said they were good animals
  6. That's the spike mushray is on about alrite Chesney. He was Sammy's father.Not sure if that's him in the photo tho hes gone a long time now.
  7. I mentioned it on here before that that line has produced very well for people who have gone there own direction with it. It's a fair testament to the original dogs and what was in them
  8. All very capable dogs mentioned there pal. And producers too in fairness. A nice number of terriers still producing well today with those names behind them.
  9. Rum and misty were very good terriers. Rum is back in nearly all of mine.
  10. I knew fogartys sam as black sam. That's what I asked earlier incase I was talking about the wrong dog altogether. Apache the son of sam we had was a baying type but there wouldn't be an inch between him and his game he used to get bitten everywhere. The dog got through tons of work. Whereas most of the grandsons were hard animals but did steady with work
  11. I only his sons and daughters and there offspring working. Never saw Sam himself working one son in particular off him was an outstanding dog I'd have a space in my kennels for him anytime
  12. Is that af's black Sam? Good few dogs down this way with his blood in them.
  13. My terriers produce 90 % black the rest are chocolate. The chocolate come mostly with dark eyes but some come with light almost bluey eyes for some reason. Theres no difference size wise between the blacks and chocs though I've never seen a line produce smaller of one colour than the other in my experience anyway.
  14. A legend of a man. Great company in the field or in the pub after hunting. Always a gentleman one of the last of a dying breed
  15. Couple of page's back people were looking for the current dog thief. Mr gary o reilly clonmel co tipperary knacker f***ing scum
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