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  1. 1st class airmail. He'll be with you tomorrow
  2. That's a cracking piece of work. I just stuck a stamp on a dogs head and posted him off
  3. A chap I know knows of a lad near him keeps gundogs and his missus has seen fellas eyeing up the place while he's at work. This man has video evidence of the same fellas trying the side gate of his house so he informed the guards who have done nothing so he informed them a second time that if it happens again one of them fellas will get a bullet. And the people who are trying to rob his dogs are so called hunting people. These are sad times we live in.
  4. If anyone is ever fortunate enough to catch the c**t in the act I hope they f***ing break the prick up because it's time enough that someone pays for these crimes and shows the c**ts that there not untouchable. And believe me it's coming.....someone somewhere will get caught
  5. I presume its every bit as bad if not worse in England but I can only speak for Ireland and the thieving is at an all time high. Something has to give and if it's one of these c**ts getting butchered then so be it. I'd gladly stick the cleaver in the dirty c**t if I found them on my yard enough is enough
  6. Surely if the man says the bitch is finished working then shes finished working he knows her best. Is there any point in working an 11 or 12 yr old bitch who's grafted hard all her life only to see her hard earned reputation tarnished by putting in a shift shes not up to anymore. The bitch is surely worth more than a man's ego. People often forget to retire a dog in time before there body starts to weaken after all the years hardship. When they give everything to the cause we should afford them that decency I reckon. Not having a go just my opinion
  7. Hes on Facebook and here apparently aswell.
  8. A fella gave me 3 strong stuff collars in 2012 to try out there as good today as the day I got them. Absolute top class so I bought one for every dog in the yard. Well worth the money.
  9. I got a good laugh off him quoting himself and arguing against the point he'd just made as if it was someone else who had wrote it the demon drink
  10. First time I've witnessed someone arguing with themselves on here
  11. The only one I saw was a Keith and rose son. Mother son mating. He was recklessly hard and too small. He made simple earths look hard cos of his style and size maybe if he had been bigger he might have been a useful dog. Keith/ kilo was red not brindle.
  12. Middle dog is the image of the soldier grandson I had. Fine animal
  13. I don't remember anything decent coming off him. There was nothing related to henry to breed too either way . There was a big price tag for a service off him aswell which was f***ing wrong which only inflated his owner's ego henry was too hard for his size he made life hard on himself.
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