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  1. The word fucktard sums him up perfectly. I'd prefer never to see that word again. Prick
  2. My mates have the kaiwaka gear seems great stuff. I've the deerhunter pro gamekeeper jacket I find it very good in the cold and wet.
  3. Like the determined look on its face
  4. ABC over this side of the world we're only men that work terriers that's all. Some men are better known than others but who cares. The way the dog game has gone it's better not to be known and out of the public eye as all you can be guaranteed is grief with notoriety. I could be wrong but over your side of the water fame seems to be much more sought after even a man with two jack Russell's will probably have a kennel prefix ffs. In the grand scheme of the world we're probably all not much to write home about myself definitely included. No offence lads
  5. Always hard to take when you lose one. You play the what ifs over and over in your head but it's part and parcel with the terrier game. At least you can take solace from a good performance from her and that the blood was right and will hopefully be the same with her pups.
  6. Ah now butter knife I must have got under your skin as your resorting to insults. I have a feeling your mixing me up with someone else buddy because you certainly don't know me. Your the one who has the problem with the judge so I thought you might feel you were better qualified to hand out rosettes than him or anyone else at that matter.........a bit jealous maybe??? As seeing you think you know me
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