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  1. bull mcabe

    Westmeath Working Terrier Show

    Ah now butter knife I must have got under your skin as your resorting to insults. I have a feeling your mixing me up with someone else buddy because you certainly don't know me. Your the one who has the problem with the judge so I thought you might feel you were better qualified to hand out rosettes than him or anyone else at that matter.........a bit jealous maybe??? As seeing you think you know me
  2. bull mcabe


    It's the key to a happy marriage............well it seems to work for me anyway. " I'm off hunting love I'll see you in March "
  3. bull mcabe

    Westmeath Working Terrier Show

    I didn't say you disagreed withthe judges choices. I'm just saying shows should be taken for the light hearted day they are. A bit of dog craic that's all they are. People seem to lose there mind over who judges a show or who walked off with a nice fluffy rosette. Put your name forward to judge it next year if you feel so strongly about the judging of a beauty pageant.
  4. bull mcabe

    Westmeath Working Terrier Show

    This is what grinds my gears about the terrier game. People losing there stand up over who judges a terrier beauty competion. I know the judge and he's as qualified as the nxt man to judge. But in all honesty it's a day out and a bit of craic and a few pints who cares who wins or what sort of head a dog who came third had. All the rosettes in Ireland won't stand to a dog and he six foot down working his game. Steak knife you need to untwist your knickers and see the day for what it really is. ....... . And put your name down to judge nxt year. Even the best qualified judge will annoy someone with his choice. Think about it
  5. If she's after staying swelled up I'd nearly say she's still in heat. She'll be able to tell you in a few days if she starts to stand for a dog. Fingers crossed
  6. I'd still be treating her as if she's in heat. You'd often see bitches as they get older or have had a few litters already that there heats don't seem as full on as younger bitches but as a day or two passes there bleeding again and have actually been in heat the whole time. I've seen this before more than once and the bitches have been bred successfully. But who knows may have been a false heat but in all honesty I've never had much experience of the whole false heat carry on in the first place and I've been around brood bitches a long time. Is the bitch in question pushing on a bit or had a few litters shane?
  7. She'll be in heat when she's in heat. Never rush it nature knows best.
  8. bull mcabe

    Jonny bluck 😳

    I wonder is he still wanking off over everyone's photos he should have returned. I was in a man's house when he was on phone to jb and got assurance he'd have all photos back.........not one came back. Lots of history gone so that fool could line his pockets
  9. bull mcabe


    Fucks sake just checked the back of the sofa and everywhere..........98p is all I got
  10. bull mcabe


    He was bred in Cork
  11. bull mcabe


    Smashing stamp of terrier
  12. bull mcabe

    Tom Parr dvd

    Well said. That shit should be consigned to history and left there. Does more harm than good digging it up.
  13. Hit the nail on the head there dilly. But thank f**k for that 1% who don't seem to have a silver spoon still wedged in there mouth somewhere. And there's a good few I know who I reckon are just plain old terriermen in disguise and I tell them that at every possible opportunity. Got to give credit to huntsman I have super guy on and off the horse had my back on many a day
  14. bull mcabe


    That's the one I'm thinking of anyway