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  1. If its the one I think it is then its a pb pup not a working terrier being raffled money going to charity
  2. Could have been a serious book written on the man if it had been done by the right person at the right time
  3. It speaks volumes of the state of the terrier game today when videos of such tripe like that are being produced. I haven't commented on here with a long time but listening to and reading such shite makes my blood boil. Lads need to go back to basics and keep dogs between a circle of trustworthy lads whatever the blood and breed best to the best and f**k everyone else especially the way things are at the minute....and no disrespect to decent lads In the USA because no doubt there are a few out there but stick to espn and nfl and nba where you've over dramatised sport beyond recognition and leav
  4. "Able to locate when others fail" hmmm
  5. As was said above torch the van with the c**ts in it. Its going to take something like that for the c**ts to start thinking there not untouchable
  6. We're all a sensitive bunch here I'm sure you'll find dilly was only having a bit of banter mate...no harm
  7. It's not often you get to see 0.1 on the box I could get used to it though
  8. I think it's one of glyns a new marketing ploy maybe ? Only fooling glyn couldn't help myself
  9. 1st class airmail. He'll be with you tomorrow
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