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  1. Fairplay to the dog and the blood dilly. Great pictures
  2. The problem with the game today is you don't have to serve an apprenticeship anymore.
  3. Vintage bitter yanks f**k off and stop trying to start something
  4. Nice to see working dogs again after yank bullshit
  5. Surely be a few cork boys react to that one I'm a black dog man myself but dig in cork alot. Some kennels of very capable white ones down there
  6. Fair play to ye lads good test for yere bitch is that a bit of sand I see or is my missus right I do need glasses
  7. We can put him in as many times as you like mate
  8. I have its ped hung on my wall and I'm not telling anyone how its bred so no one can ruin the bloodline or cash in on it. But if any yanks are reading this you can all send me thousands of dollars and I'll send you over heaps of pups with peds handwritten for all of them. Absolute truth nothing less. But don't tell anyone
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