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  1. Longshanx

    HMR Ammunition inconsistencies?

    Did you try a few shots at 50yrds? I tend to to start at 50 then move it out to the 100 mark and usually only takes a few clicks to get a tight group.
  2. Longshanx

    Ammunition question?

    I still think you have had some interigation training M! Can just see you now with the spot light, getting it ready to shine it into RFB face Ve have vays ov making you talk
  3. Longshanx

    HMR Ammunition inconsistencies?

    I use the hornady 17gr Vmax in my T1X never had any bother. Always had a descent grouping at 100 yards. So never bothered trying anything else.
  4. Longshanx

    Typical no show

    Maybe should have rephrased it and said hallway
  5. Longshanx

    Typical no show

    Be well and truly buried the depth that tyre dug in
  6. Longshanx

    Typical no show

    Stop rubbing it in B and what ever you do Stav don't rub that mud in further when your cleaning the carpet her indoors will be turn your rifle on you
  7. Longshanx

    Typical no show

    Ooopps, my Mrs always complains about my muddy wellies been in the passage. I'd have got the same wake up call as you if mud was on the carpet too I'll pop over on my way home to check the camera
  8. Longshanx

    Typical no show

    I'll be checking the camera today, if I see it turned up last night I'll be well pissed off
  9. I've been baiting a fox for about a week now. Started leaving a few rabbits and would go back to check and they'd been taken. Set the camera up to catch its coming and going and laying more bait. Checked the camera Saturday and caught it at 20:30 ish, big dog by the look of it. Checked the camera again Monday, Tuesday back again ruffly about the same time. On my way home from work today caught it 4 times between 19:00 and 20:30. Got hold of Stavross and we got to the stables/sheep farm for just before 19:00 tonight. Then Stav says "you did put the clock forward on the camera?".......... Bollocks I forgot about that Anyway we waited it out till about 21:30 and the fecker decided he was going to be a no show, bloody typical! Been stood freezing our nuts off for over 2 hours so called it a night. To top this evening off the bloody van got stuck in mud and took us 20 minutes to get out. Bricks, twigs, bits of wood and some brute strength from Stav got us out (cheers mate) Looks like more baiting and camera checks. Watch this space.
  10. Longshanx

    First day on the shoot

    Thought you might say that
  11. Longshanx

    First day on the shoot

    Looks good, they've made plenty of room. Might not get whipped in the face as much now when beating
  12. Longshanx

    Time for goodbyes.

    Hope you don't go U, I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures, like Stav says I tend to go straight to yours first. I'd definitely like to know the Law regarding front loaders. But I'm sure you've already started looking into it? I've never really thought about the coppers scrolling through the forum but I bet they do (dont worry officers I've done nothing illegal if your reading). Why the hell are the NE police involved?? You been shooting up here? Seems rather odd? Think we would all love to hear how this goes......... So that means you have to stay on the forum Hope everything turns out OK U.
  13. Longshanx

    A few hoppers

    Thanks Si, I had a word with Ianb the other week, he's away at the moment so when he gets back I think I'll get one. Be next month now when I get one
  14. Longshanx

    A few hoppers

    I've been toying with idea of getting a Pard Si. Would you definitely rate them? Need to go and have a look at one to see if I can get away with it, I'm right handed but left eye dominant. Need to make sure it's comfortable.