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  1. Longshanx

    Out with the long one

    Definitely get back up next week. Should have my freezer by then so what evers not for the pot I'll keep for bait. I've took a fair few from that cow field but now all the young ones have grown in numbers. Made it easier for Stav and me as the newbies weren't lamp shy
  2. Longshanx

    Something to brighten your day😂

    You should see his boots Dave
  3. Longshanx

    Something to brighten your day😂

    Out doing you sorry was that was uncalled for
  4. Longshanx

    What you playing at stav

    That's you not sleeping properly for a week You'll certainly get a chance at another one around that feild, the runs ran either side of the hedgerow with a lot of fresh scat. Definitely more than one. Charlie last night was interested in the caller but just didn't seem to want to commit to coming to far out into the feild As soon as you pulled the trigger you knew it wasn't good, the disappointment on your face, I was gutted for you mate As they say " Keep Calm & Carry On"
  5. Longshanx


    Spawn of duckula, he's got his dad's mouth
  6. Longshanx

    Limited reactions?

    Thanks Dave
  7. Longshanx

    Limited reactions?

    I'd react to that but I can't
  8. Not been on for a while with work n all, just having a catch up and reacting to posts. Just got a flash up saying you've reached your reactions so can't react to posts today? Never had this before? Posted in here as its the one i read the most. Has this happened to a to anyone else?
  9. Longshanx

    200m target

    I always loved shooting my mates rossi puma 357, cracking little rifle
  10. Longshanx

    Fox culling

    Jesus that's a cracking job FD, we are pleased if we get one
  11. Longshanx

    My new Tikka varmint stainless

    Very nice SL, look out foxes the sheriffs got a new toy
  12. Longshanx

    New HOWA .243

    Mrs wasn't happy, feckin fleas everywhere Mental what the damage they do, at least you know if you hit something it's dead before it hits the ground