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  1. I have the same problem with mine, doesn't happen all the time. sometimes when you go to load the round gets stuck in the mag half way? I thought it could be to do with the hmr ammo? Gets frustrating after a while!
  2. I've recently gone with gunplan, they cover every single bit of shooting kit and the liability and accidental cover is excellent also. They are underwritten by Aviva so not a 2 bit company
  3. Stav and I were only talking about the samething on Saturday while out. Saying how having a FAC/SGC makes you think before doing something stupid and getting into a brawl with the local d!ckhead after a few to many. It certainly calmed me down (along with the Mrs I'd rather face a copper than her when I got home after being locked up) I wouldn't jeopardise my certs for anything. My mate asked if he could put his name in my perm so he didn't have to pay the shooting club membership fees, I politely told him no and it doesn't work like that. Hes a sensible fella and understood when
  4. Yep, your correct mateAnd hopefully long may it continue Still smiling today, yesterday was such a perfect day. The Mrs found out I was keeping the skull, her reaction was, "OMG, where are you putting it?" Me," the heads going in the freezer till I get it done" Mrs,"im never going in the freezer again" Mrs, "then what you doing with it?" Me, "it's getting hung on the garage wall above my prep bench" Mrs, "Thank god for that I thought you were hanging it in the house"
  5. What a cracking evening mate, you've got a beautiful bit of land and only 15 or so minutes from the front door. It couldn't have worked out any better, you know the land like the back of your hand and it paid dividends. The Buck was an absolute corker for my first one and his head will be kept as a reminder of a brilliant rememberable evening. With the added bonus of pigeon shooting I'll be busy butchering and knocking up some burgers as everyone is asking for them, I must be doing something right got to keep the landowners happy Thanks again for this evening topped of
  6. Nice going that, gone are those numbers for me, not that many about . Still nice to get out for a mooch. Your like a permission magnet lately I've been advertising on Facebook smallholdings, farms sites etc, so see what happens. Going to have to start knocking on doors again. I've got my fingers crossed for my father in laws golf course
  7. Try leaving them in the garage for a week, forgot I put them in there ready for skinning and jointing. Needless to say it wasn't a pleasant sight or smell, good job the Mrs never went in
  8. That's the hornets nest kicked
  9. Cracking result Ben & a great write up, it's always nice when a new rifle gets christened, even better with a Charlie raspberry ripple
  10. Would need to put one of those black ones in for diversity
  11. Looks like they are under starters orders
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