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  1. , that's what I call a certain part of my permission Stav knows the one. Tell you what, a dog like that would take some bloody feeding, it would have to be the size of an ox
  2. You can't beat a walk about with the shotgun, I'm the same as you though miss more than I hit If I'm bored on Saturday or Sunday morning I just take my shotgun for a walk for an hour around my perm with 3 oak trees, if I had a dog I'd take that as well man I miss having a dog
  3. Only if you can rave like you did in the 90s Top one, nice one, get sorted
  4. Wow, wow, wow sweet child of mine! Don't you mean you would wear that if they had it in your size? I know what your doing there with your reverse psychology, your trying to get me to Google adult size rabbit onesy and send you the link
  5. I had a walk out this morning, basically just to get out as I've not been out on the fields for ages with all this shite weather. Initially thought I'd pick a few flying rats off around the outhouses, but the wind stopped that before I even started. There was snow drifts blowing big time. Ended up just having a walk around and seeing what tracks were about. Seems to be alot of rabbit activity in the paddocks, just need a chance to get out on a night to pick the feckers off. It was -3 walking round the fields but we'll wrapped up. Hopefully you get Charlie tonight in quick time as i
  6. Nice, very niceI keep thinking on changing to something similar for the 308. What stock is it Dave?
  7. Spot on FH, things changed regarding photos as memories when smart phones took over. You still can't beat picking up a proper photo. My dad couldn't have said a truer word when he said " everyone takes all these photos on there mobile, but if you lose your mobile all the memories are lost". "At least we got them developed and kept the memories in a box".
  8. Yeah in no rush, I've pre ordered, as soon as they come in I'll get one
  9. Yeah, he said, think every one is in the same boat, as soon as Thomas Jack's gets a date then others will know a date
  10. Yean helion 2 xq38f, he's the same as every one else and waiting on a delivery, so going to pre order with him
  11. Great photos FH, looks like you've had a really good bag over the years, you've had some cracking deer P. S I would have liked all your pics but would have run out
  12. Thanks Ian I've got my eye on the Helion now lol. I've been in talks with someone and getting mates rates. Thanks for getting back to me though
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