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  1. Dropped them of this morning for my mate, he was over the moon with them. Usually leave hares alone but if someone wants them for the pot it's the only time I'll take one.
  2. I've got long legs and can run like forest gump if that qualifys Ian, was having an off day so had to shoot it instead.
  3. Sounds good to me mate You can't beat it up there, it's a cracking place I promise to be a good lad and not wind you up on here
  4. To be honest Ben I think I peppered a satellite, so if your phone reception is crackling I do apologise One can only dream
  5. I like your logic Si at the end of the day it's always great to be amongst it and I've Stav to thank for that. Always a cracking day out.
  6. Haha! 16 shots, 1 hit the one I hit was a decent high bird so made up for the misses
  7. Certainly had a bit of speed and height mate, still a cracking day, always is The drive we were in the rape was mental, spooky even. Hear them coming but couldn't see them till the last minute.
  8. I wish they worked for me and Stav BC, even though we were soaked through it was still a cracking day, Stav bagging 8 and me...... well we won't go there.
  9. Got the Mrs saying some prayers for me being a good Catholic girl Be bloody typical my first paid day of shooting and it will be lashing down. Fingers crossed those birds get up like the other week (probably miss the feckers anyway but hey ho we live in hope )
  10. Hope it is only a light drizzle Si, the forecast I saw this morning looked very wet
  11. That's great news Stav, be good to see him again
  12. And me just caught up with my YouTube. Kept that quiet
  13. Your welcome mate. Cracking day, dogs worked brilliant and some good high birds. It's was great to see all the young guns taking some good birds, especially one young man who hit his first pheasant, he was brimming from ear to ear brilliant.
  14. He's a cracking young lad Stav, well keen on all things shooting. Did you teach him how to gut them in the field?
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