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  1. Longshanx

    First day on the shoot

    He was only there to socialize gorgeous looking dog though
  2. Longshanx

    First day on the shoot

    That’s better mate Cracking day again Stav, can still see the look on that pheasants face as it flew directly in front on my barrel Some great shots and the dogs worked brilliantly.
  3. Longshanx

    Rabbit thief!!

    Looks like Marty Feldman
  4. Longshanx

    Rabbit thief!!

    With I could shoot Charlie U, I have to leave them for the farmer
  5. Longshanx

    Rabbit thief!!

    Like some zombie rabbit with its eye hanging out
  6. Longshanx

    Nice morning for a 22.

    I have the ir on my 17, red dot low setting, comes in handy for a dark back drop and on night when your eyes are getting tired
  7. Longshanx

    Rabbit thief!!

    Been out for a mooch on the farm, a hand full of rabbits about but a bit to far out for the 22. Managed to bag one at about 40 yards, clean shot straight to the bonce. Picked it up and dropped it near my van and wandered off around another field. Called it a night and packed my gear away and went to pick my rabbit up to chuck in the van........... hang on a minute were the fooks it gone?? Some sneaky ginger terrorist must have picked it up and done a runner Not impressed On a plus note farmer Ben said he’ll give me £5 a crow up to 10 crows as his new seeds are getting battered. He’s just about to sow 100 acres and he wants the darkies gone. He’s wanting to hang the dead crows in the fields to spook the rest. Plan of action is 3 guns in around the field crow blasting let’s hope we can bag a few of the crafty feckers
  8. Longshanx

    A cold night foxing.

    Good size dog that walshie. Dont mind being out in the cold but it’s a nightmare when your eyes start watering, plays havoc when your trying to focus
  9. Longshanx

    First day on the shoot

    That’s a menacing looking selfie Stav
  10. Longshanx

    This might sound like a moan

    Looks like I’m saving up for something else now, the wife will be pleased The rabbits where I shoot are proper lamp shy and before underdog says it “ they will be the ones that I’ve missed” No doubt Stavross will have one before me so I’ll be able to check it out
  11. Longshanx

    This might sound like a moan

    Looks a tidy bit of kit that Si Saves swapping scopes and better than the NV add on with a screen
  12. Longshanx

    This might sound like a moan

    My virgin had a been playing up earlier. Done the usual turn it off at the mains then back on again
  13. Longshanx

    This might sound like a moan

    I was in no state to go out tonight. Bed at 3am and half a litre of Jack does that to a fella
  14. Longshanx

    Smith and Wesson 15-22

    Never tried the Blazer, I tended to use CCI Mini mags, quite a clean round. After 500+ through the barrel everything use to get a clean. If I still shot at the range I would still take the H&K rifles over anything else, but like I mentioned before they are really hard to get hold of due to them not being made anymore. I believe Walther, Umerex had a spat with H&K over some copyright issues. Have a look on Guntrader might be some on there but you will still be paying £800 for a 2nd hand rifle, still worth it because of the build quality.