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  1. Longshanx

    Am I stepping on toes???

    True, JK, the guilts passed now either use it or lose it and now he’s lost it.
  2. Longshanx

    Am I stepping on toes???

    Probably they were spooked before I started on the permission so made life harder
  3. Longshanx

    Am I stepping on toes???

    True BH, It like any job, if you can’t do it you get sacked and replaced. I don’t know this fella so fook him
  4. Longshanx

    Am I stepping on toes???

    Thanks for that U It’s a good job I use a red pill in my torch, I wish rabbits couldn’t see it
  5. Longshanx

    Am I stepping on toes???

    the guilts passed now you’ll end up coming with me anyway!
  6. Longshanx

    Am I stepping on toes???

    You never know might lead to more land with other farmer? Thanks bob
  7. Longshanx

    Am I stepping on toes???

    Very true! I’m sure if I wasn’t carrying out my job I’d sharpish get replaced. Thanks D
  8. Longshanx

    Am I stepping on toes???

    Thanks BN, like you say at the end of the day I’ve been asked, just thought I’d see what others thought. If it was me and I couldn’t make it for a while I’d let the farmer know so he knew I wasn’t just giving up and had a valid reason. Might try my hand at a bit of ratting it’s all bonus points on the permission
  9. Had a mooch around the farm last night, not a bad night knocked another six over. Just as I was packing up Ben the farmer came driving down to meet me and took me to another bit of land he farm shares just down the road, approx 30+ acres. The rabbits have been destroying the rape and the lad the other farmer uses hasn’t been on for months. Needless to say Bens had enough so asked me to sort out the problem and told the other farmer that I’ll be getting rid of them and he was happy for me to do so. Hope this doesn’t cause conflict if the other lad turns up, don’t want to step on toes, but at the end of the day he’s not doing the job. Feel a bit sh!t for taking over someone’s permission though. I had a quick look on my way home and the field is jumping literally. 10 minutes 2 more down. It was getting on so left them for another night. I also got asked about rats but have never done ratting before. Can you lamp rats? Don’t need the extra expense of night vision at the moment.
  10. Longshanx

    The old way!

    Better start watching my back, I did wonder that night why you were putting latex gloves on when we had nothing to gut
  11. Longshanx

    First firearm

    I’d maybe go for a safe that holds more than 3. That’s my personal opinion though. If your anything like most on here you will always end up buying more rifles down the line. Make sure it’s deep enough for your scopes also. My cabinet holds 7 and has an internal lock box. Even though it’s supposed to hold 7 it’s a bit snug for 5. Is there any rifle shooting clubs you can join? The FLO will see you have been trained on handling rifles safely if you are a member of a club. Or like you say try and get out with someone who can vouch you have safe handling techniques in regards to rimfire/centrefire etc. Hope you get sorted
  12. Longshanx

    The old way!

    Got to admit those dishes look very tasty
  13. Longshanx

    The old way!

    I’m so glad you put birds after the cock
  14. Longshanx

    CZ .22lr magazines

    Have you still got these??