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  1. Same all over Si, got 20% of my gear so saved a few quid.
  2. Happy days Si, my trousers were on the way out so only went looking for a new pair and ended up coming out with the matching jacket and a deerhunter body warmer
  3. He'll only ever look happy if you trun him upside down I've told you before, shooting times will have me on the front cover before long, fold out edition of course so they can get me all in
  4. Just to give it a test run, might jump in the shower and see how it holds up
  5. Bet it doesn't pack a punch like the winny as long as they keep selling them I'll keep buying them .
  6. I know it's a 5 year plan so I wonder who will come out first with a none lead 22lr round? I use Winchester 42grn hollow point at the moment and it's a cracking round. Wonder if any manufacturer makes a lead free polymer tip ballistic round in time?
  7. Happy days, at least the weather was a bit kinder last night. John will be happy. Did Andy crack a smile? I think I've just about dried out from the other night. Popped into Gilsan Sports on Saturday and treated myself to a seeland hawker jacket and trousers, windproof & waterproof Can't wait for this weather to fook right off
  8. Top result, good going for only a few hours out looks like they are in good condition. (or should I say were)
  9. Just looked and mines an built in 850nm Led ir.
  10. It may be the answer to why Stav and I had a fox the other week and it was very uneasy? We both had NV spotters and it could be that the IR was spooking it? It came in twice to the caller but as soon as we spotted it, it was off quick sharp across the field. (and no it's not my blue Stratoss scaring it before you say it )
  11. Could be worth a trip up early hours one morning
  12. Good going mate, especially with the weather, I know what that place is like when the wind picks up, proper wild, not to mention freezing. Should be out next week I'm getting cabin fever. I wish this weather would feck off so normal duties can be resumed.
  13. Get a trail cam set up SD, at least you'll get a rough time line when he's turning up
  14. Certainly lived up to the user name Now that's what you call a night on the foxes. Brilliant job FD, bet you were buzzing with that result.
  15. Enjoy your JD mate, you must have really needed to go out the other night when you dropped me a message, the weather was shite. I wouldn't have thought you'd be out so I hit the cans as soon as I got in, shit day at work, not as bad as yours by the sound of it. I'm glad the fecker got banged up, at least you know justice has been served and those that the crime has been committed against can try and get back to some normality. It may take a while but at least they haven't been let down by the system. Not been funny but I wouldn't like you sat staring at me with the look of I'm the forman and your going down son All back to normal now though mate, so chill out and have enjoy your JD, don't forget the pint of water before you go to bed
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