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  1. How did you get on regarding the permission
  2. A seen in morrisons 6 eggs 1 quid 60 sell mine 6 for 50p
  3. Guinea fowl are horrible noisy birds had them down the allotments if there got out there allways came back to roost
  4. Cut a long story short a had 6 eggs in the incubator 1 hatched so after 2 more durham area any tips much appreciated
  5. A got finished work a few months ago a live with my lass we got 1 girl nd she already had a boy when we meet nd am a few hundred quid better off nd with out all the hassle nd rushing about for time
  6. Who's worse Norwich .Sunderland
  7. Few chips in a bag put a stick through it into the ground. Should stop still long enough for a shot
  8. Good pictures nice to look back at the dogs
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