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  1. Chaseorbechased

    FU**ING RAGING .....

    Gordon grimley
  2. Chaseorbechased

    FU**ING RAGING .....

    Put your tail away wipe the steam off your glasses your mam might catch you
  3. Chaseorbechased

    FU**ING RAGING .....

    You want a bit off the pie
  4. Chaseorbechased

    FU**ING RAGING .....

    To be honest with the Internet it's in possible to be shocked
  5. Chaseorbechased


    Suspended parliament
  6. Chaseorbechased


    Big B has gone and done it
  7. Chaseorbechased

    Killing a tree

    Probley get payed in chippings
  8. Chaseorbechased

    Killing a tree

    Give a couple off quid to some pissed teenagers at the weekend
  9. Chaseorbechased


    There needs to be successfully modern day guy fawkes to step forward
  10. Chaseorbechased

    Funny Joke Thread

    Isn't it a pitty the women in the city got hit on the tittey with a hard boiled egg
  11. Chaseorbechased

    Snow this year? Yes or No?

    When a was a lad it snowed it November/ December a white Christmas. Now the last few years it's been February. Match
  12. Chaseorbechased

    Pre Season

    I agree
  13. Chaseorbechased


    If it wasn't ower country it would be funny
  14. Chaseorbechased

    David platts

    So his stocks like the add
  15. Chaseorbechased

    Pre Season

    A feed mine on a 10 pound bag off meal the days left overs the odd bones from the butcher's and s still come back with rats and rabbits