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  1. My guess a kookuburra
  2. A got finished work a few months ago a live with my lass we got 1 girl nd she already had a boy when we meet nd am a few hundred quid better off nd with out all the hassle nd rushing about for time
  3. Who's worse Norwich .Sunderland
  4. It's the best way really .no drama
  5. Few chips in a bag put a stick through it into the ground. Should stop still long enough for a shot
  6. Good pictures nice to look back at the dogs
  7. Probably 1 off the hi tech riffel boys taking a sovenier. Because he done well
  8. How long would DNA last a was thinking
  9. Snakes within. Hope you get sort pal
  10. Dont matter what's in the dog if the dont want it
  11. A disease from keeping whippets
  12. Not knocking your theory. But if the was 2 or 3 big bulls on it then maybe 1 could get a good grip
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