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  1. Report them for benefit fraud anonymously it's not a grass in my eyes a done it when a was paying maintenance why she on the sick nd working in a chippy
  2. If u can cope a wouldn't bother as much as it's wrong if you get involved in the dwp the want to about every ££ you have and what's under your mattres
  3. The real money's in milf prostitute
  4. Very true weird tho all the people a caught shagging didnt agree tho
  5. A feel like getting the old shoe box full off photos out myself
  6. Diana abbott but on the other hand trevor McDonald
  7. A spent 1 new years eve sober with the little 1 been pissed every 1 since
  8. A think back then the could only find you by ligth or shot a good thermal will pick you up before you know you been seen
  9. 1 local farmer payed the local door man gorilla to keep lads off his land at 1 point
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