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  1. Chaseorbechased

    Oldest dog on thl??

  2. Chaseorbechased

    Good read

    People want burgers chops fillets but the dont like the idear off an animal dieing for them to eat meat so when the see a carcass the ooo a feel sick but happily get stuck in to a bit meat just like my oldest daughter f***ing 8 year hypocrite
  3. Chaseorbechased

    Hot weather exercise.

    Best off luck with the pups bill hope the get tested
  4. Chaseorbechased

    Dog behaviour

    Top nd bottom of it if a dog shows that much aggression to an alfa Male female of its pack cos it dosnt want to do something it dosnt want to do its testing the boundaries like a teenager cos it hasn't found its place in the pack but then you got a untrusted dog on your hands hand but
  5. Chaseorbechased

    That time of year again

    That would draw a big cat in
  6. Chaseorbechased


    Would be an awesome sight
  7. Chaseorbechased

    Anyone on here know ....

    Just ask max
  8. Chaseorbechased

    ( celebrity trawler men at sea CH5 )

    You need to man up a bit
  9. Chaseorbechased

    ( celebrity trawler men at sea CH5 )

    Crazy how the have to throw the dead fish away a could understand if the were alive such a waste
  10. Chaseorbechased

    Tree felling

    On a serious note like blackmag say maybe work from top to bottom
  11. Chaseorbechased

    Tree felling

  12. Chaseorbechased

    Tree felling

    Sober would be a good start
  13. Chaseorbechased


    Must be more down south than up north
  14. Chaseorbechased


    Brexit this Brexit that Great Britain is great ower soils are rich ower meat eat the best grass we grow ower own grops .so why do we need help from people who eat frogs nd welcome rapist's nd bomb huggers with open arms but that's just my view on matters
  15. Chaseorbechased

    Wtf is this

    I want to believe and i believe Mr Greyman knows his shit