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  1. How come half the lads in that Irish terrierermen book are English
  2. Anyone know who's judging terriers at kilkenny on sunday
  3. I used it before and didn't find it any good for tapeworm
  4. Back to terriers enjoying a bit of son
  5. Plenty rats in the houses of parliament
  6. I'd rather start a bit early and finish early, like fat man as I don't like digging cubs or heavy vixens unless on call out. Seasons are all over place so who knows when they'll cub. I've dug on a week or so extra in past and thought it was grand until dog puked up cubs in box on way home. Not my cup of tea.
  7. Don't suppose any pups left thanks steve
  8. Change his name to blacksmith if he keeps making a bolt for the door I'll get my coat
  9. that's a bollocks, hope thing improve and bitch and pups are ok
  10. No Leitrim mate but I remember in the early 90s loads of hippy types couldn't hack it here and headed down that way, presumed a few stayed
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