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  1. steve t

    Bolting Jack Russell

    Change his name to blacksmith if he keeps making a bolt for the door I'll get my coat
  2. steve t

    Bad run of luck

    that's a bollocks, hope thing improve and bitch and pups are ok
  3. steve t

    Dogs dinners

    No Leitrim mate but I remember in the early 90s loads of hippy types couldn't hack it here and headed down that way, presumed a few stayed
  4. steve t

    Dogs dinners

    think that describes most of dunmanway
  5. steve t

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    Thats my problem now, been concentrating on keeping the bitches going and meanwhile dogs have died or got very old, my mates done the same so loads of bitches between us but no dogs
  6. steve t

    First Cross Bull/Greyhounds.

    i have an English bull/wheaton x greyhound first cross, not to heavy, only 10 months at moment so time will tell. couple of photos on the other bull cross thread, and yes the sire and grand sire were worked, will get better photos tomorrow
  7. steve t

    Old nuttall stock

    stuff round here was out of jetson, [miners grandfather?] and I can remember thinking miner was 'new nuttal'
  8. steve t

    Show us your Bull x

    Well spotted roybo English bull x wheaten x greyhound
  9. steve t


    good info lads
  10. steve t

    The morning after jab 😳

    happened to my mates bitch to, got her jabbed then when she was proven tried to mate her 4 times with no succes
  11. steve t

    nuttal book

    is the book about brian nuttal by sean frain worth a read, ?
  12. steve t


    My wife wants to move there aswell, whats it like for terrier work
  13. steve t

    Dogs dinners

    Sheep bellys