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  1. That's shit for you nipper. Thought I was having bad luck! Loose a couple and your kennels soon look empty. Big spaces to fill
  2. That's my problem the dog that is either father or uncle to my bitches died last year and it was always the plan to use him so its hard knowing what way to go. I've got his half brother or a generous offer of a good dog for an outcross. They both about 8 but not proven studs. This virus might make the decision for me if we can't travel anyway. Not everyone is as indesisive as me and a lad brought this wee bitch for a lining today.
  3. Be interesting to know how his litter mates worked?
  4. Three quarter brother sister. Bitch 4 years dog 8 months
  5. The last dog grandfather was a border lakey type that when put on a daughter of miner had real bordery pups. He was a good producer
  6. Different line but choctaw in the mix a couple of times
  7. Interesting Chesney as the terriers I keep aren't producing the percentages so a good outcross worked for u
  8. I can go close all right but the amount of working pups in each litter is getting less than it was only getting a couple of good ones out a litter. Thinking a good producing dog outcross might help
  9. It's that time of year again, the bitches are getting sick of me checking to c if there's any sign of blood and I certainly plan on breeding a litter but as always I have to decide what dog to use. What way do you like to go? Tight in a line? Worker to worker? Maybe u going for an outcross? What works for you?
  10. Steak knife there's duds bred in every line if truth be told. You get good spells and bad you just have to keep going when you get a bad spell till it clicks again. It's a tough game
  11. Think n. C choctaw was out this stuff. He threw a few good workers
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