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  1. Sorry for your loss Ray
  2. Not what you think . What age do you put elastrators on young Billy goats.
  3. Just googled grand daddy purple it's all very intersting
  4. Is there anything that would help you sleep without getting you to stoned?
  5. Nice birds. When did they hatch? Also what's the furthest you can fly them
  6. That's good if it keeps farmers farming and getting paid. For years they've been encouraged to diversify to make money due to bad prices hence all the rental development etc. I wonder how much grain we export compared to import? And New Zealand lamb and Danish bacon and foreign veg. If we stopped the globalisation of food and produced for our own needs and paid a fair price it's a win win. Plus we could plant a few native hardwood trees because if you're relying on the government to plant trees it'll be mates forestry companies and private investors planting acres of sitka spruce monoculture w
  7. We need food security though. We can't be relying on cheap imports from country's with lower standards and just have trees. Depending on other countries for goods and food is no good when a war causes shortages or price spikes. I think we should be self sufficient as possible in as many ways as possible
  8. Common sense been gone for years. I remember one job as an apprentice in about 1986 we had to go and build a overhead gantry to move a electric motor that was to heavy to lift at the bbc. We turn up motor in a tiny room right in way. Me and my mate lifted the motor put it where it was to go built gantry and put motor back in middle of room because we'd of been in trouble if anyone found we'd moved motor as it was over a certain weight
  9. Be a bit of work in making one of them.
  10. Can't do links but just heard irish government spent 800 000 euro bringing pets from ukrain
  11. Only big fish I've caught is tope what pike fight like in comparison.
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