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  1. Yes everlasting ones no scent off them though
  2. First ripe tomato of year and all rest came from garden aswell.
  3. Out of likes but I agree with wilf. We all go on about wanting a change but if things do kick of there will be allot of inconvenience for some people. Should we get 5 years for fighting for our beliefs.
  4. This is my wheaten greyhound x deerhound greyhound about 16 months and nearly 30 inches I would think. Still not cocking his leg yet and filling out now.
  5. How did this dog work for you sounds a big lad
  6. Yes some great places on it. Other beach had about ten camper vans on it so went round to this empty one.
  7. Got a good price then.
  8. Out of likes wolfie. Congratulations
  9. Scumbags. I'll keep my ears open.
  10. It's always tough when you loose a good one. At least she died doing what she loved and you have take the knock and get back in the saddle
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