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  1. We do a couple a week jukel123. if you want to check out Facebook or website give me a pm you want to scrape it first leaf blow any excess of clear gutters then apply a biocide treatment hand pump sprayer would do but you have to saturate it kills any remaining moss algae and lichens within 20 mins of contact look a brand new roof in 12 months and 3 years before moss can begin to regrow Any advice give me a pm you want to be buying algo clear pro biocide .... any issues with not having a trade account let me know and I’ll give you my log in details and you can order it thr
  2. Read Homo sapiens history of human kind homos deius a history of tomorrow and 21 lessons for 21st century probably spelt all three wrong but by same author there fascinating especially the first chapters of history of human kind up until 18tj century .... history of tomorrow mind blowing and brings to the forefront of the mind the arguements for universal basic income Christ hopefully the swing goes the other way back to a simpler time
  3. Here you go bird 14 weeks old.... been a joy so far from going to saluki Xs to this night and day as a pup. More cat like in her mannerisms and not puppyish in body she’s like a small dog in her movement. Switched on introduce her to something new takes to it in a couple day eg she’s a crate in the van only took tills second day to realise she doesn’t get out every time door opens. Already needs to be mentally tired rather than physically if that makes sense.... takes her toys and drops them down side of decking or in the pram or under the couch just to make it harder for her self. great
  4. You in Scotland or England? Pm me if you want there mortgage brokers and there’s ‘mortgage brokers’ might be a higher rate but lenders do want to lend give things a couple months and the they’ll be a rake of deals
  5. @Greb147 exact same boat as you my man.... congrats but I get the worry bigger house check two year old princess check but with running business a princess that’s going through sleep regression and a 14 week old pup it’s like there not a clear thought in the head be different when they arrive alsong as all fit and healthy love/hate the difference parents are with grandkids I’m oldest of three boys I got away with feck all and they got progressively softer as the other two grew up youngest even was aloud on our lads trip to Hamburg at 15 .... I had a 8pm curfew at that age ex
  6. “Stealing fire” Jumping between audible and kindle.....have to get a hard copy for future reference. about getting into flow state and the experiments by navy seals Wall Street Silicon Valley etc with micro dosing phyciodelics Very very interesting only 3rd of the way in and hooked love Wilbur Smith thought greatest author total loose my self into the pages of his writing
  7. Just on the wind up. You know the greenyards is 4g now? Big loss for them loosing out on the sevens this year they reckon they could go bust
  8. Give me a pm jok when you do .... we’ve discussed certain places in the past and it would be great meet a fellow borderer of here. gala rfc wasn’t it?
  9. Just done it no hassle at all need national insurance number driving licence or passport and utr number taken 10 mins
  10. You’ll get full 3 months 80% of your average monthly turnover from the last 3 years X3
  11. I’m worried she catches me in the morning after my Ritalin and I take a nack or liking to it and that’s another job she’s swerved to me lol
  12. I’ve been there a few times and it’s the ones who I’ve given my all to who have done me in the end i started my own window cleaning business when I passed my driving test man I worked for fencing was the one person to give me a chance when I was young and daft and everyone had written me of .... love him to bits and I’m now the godfather to his daughter but he couldn’t run a business or pay a wage on time ... I got the book of customers because he was due me a wedge anyway I worked on with him as agreed for 3/4 months mon to fri until I had to say sat sun wasn’t enough for me to do the wi
  13. This has been my lockdown been promising for the last 12 months.... great advertising got a couple of the neighbours to do thank god for my own sanity usually out the house for 12-14 hours a day 6 days a week so this is a massive challenge. actually nice to take a reality check and make some plans business and personal wise when we come out of this less work and a dog again learnt how the washing machine and oven works not bad at 29 but if she try’s to get me started on the ironing I’m west!!
  14. Can anyone recommend a good UK book on raising broiler chickens?
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