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  1. Yeah mate just something for knocking about coming to work and for the kids to have don’t like having big dog in van at work no good if I’m on a roof and someone try’s to nab him out plus I’ve a little cocker x patt I’ve being trying to replace with the same x but nothings really came up she’s 10/11 now and shes a been a dream and going to be a massive hole when she goes Get plenty ratting trips I turn down and get the kids starting ferreting plus I’m broody for a pup lol
  2. I’m away down for one all going well next weekend
  3. If you want his number let me know
  4. Cheers for the link for my name down for one to pick up next weekend all going well been struggling to replace old cocker x patterdale and partners daughters got a thing for whippets as she’s got for cockers so it’s slid in easy I’ll post some pics all going well this time next week
  5. Tbh there probably the saving grace for Malinois types not becoming the next big thing that it looked like they were going to be be guardian livestock breeds next which are monstrously grotesque to have as a pet and not there fault but shit breeding for money popularity and shit owners will see this show played out again
  6. I don’t like them simple defo due to the owners of them that I see local and the folk I know breeding them that can’t police a ban on them they can’t actually police it as far as I’m concerned are they going to go through peoples doors taking them of them and boasting of putting them down on there local Facebook page can you imagine the out cry I can already imagine the little chav single mother across road from my brother getting house called first thing before kid goes to school and Facebook living the whole ordeal or her kids best friend being taken away …… they’ll
  7. I keep fingers crossed this isn’t the case for children with there mother (please take that tongue in cheek)
  8. First line bred I’ve had eye opener couldn’t catch a rabbit in phone box only caught one at 8 months old since then nothing although we’ve no rabbits apart from one field beside caravan park must be 500 in the field at night tried him on the lamp and was half hour before I got him back nose like a beagle looses sight he puts nose to ground hunts up and flushes again follow in to cover and push out strip woods or game crops those opinions based on one half season entering and not taking it seriously just letting him knock them up and run I’m truthful when it comes to dog’s negatives
  9. We’ll horrendous start …… 1 month of 2 years done great little bits last season showed difference between line bred coursing stuff and just saluki xs jogging out miles regularly building up out with kids on a Wednesday night 29th aug trying to get them to settle in van seen one sent him over fence ran well yet hit the same fence 1.5 min later that he cleared got of kept running lesson learnt don’t be to keen….. ground was still to hard choose better ground maybe …. vets robbing gits……. Vets also crucial to the fact that he’ll run fit again start November which suit him when grounds
  10. The whippets where my open into field sports and beating at local estate I can remember my first rabbit with my first dog Travis loved that dog
  11. We used to race up at Stirling track only on the straight (my dads choice he was ex greyhound man argued and wouldn’t run the whippets as he thought the bend was to tight used to run like and figure of 9 with another 50 yard straight after) coulpe bigger dogs one boy ran maybe 23/24 seemed massive thinking about it and our two were 21/5 and 22 Tiny little bitch 17/5 to shoulder she done everything on the straights can still remember her now and her height funny never remember weights tbh my brain doesn’t do weight for some reason terrific little bitch and they’re was plenty cr
  12. His wife or ex wife some where in Dumfries if I remember right
  13. Met his wife when went to pic up a German Shepard pup with friends dad 17 years ago total puppy farm poor women clearly couldn’t physically manage it was a sight I’ll never forget
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