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  1. Great autobiography Ian smith “more British than the British” we sold them down the river
  2. 123 chill if anyones struggling for a link few pop ups to get round at start
  3. Would that be due to a local regiment do you know?
  4. Tynemouth only place I’ve ever seen a memorial to the fallen of the boer war not that I’ve travelled many places but it intrigued me. always wear a poppy always attend the remberance service as a grateful man for what they sacrificed for us and my children will be brought up understanding and knowledgeable about what it means and the history behind it all and hopefully they’ll have a passion they can pass on or discuss with knowledge and belief another note I once tried to clean the local war memorials for free and on the low key what a nightmare I had of council
  5. Needless to say he was punted out the door and after asking a few chosen chosen customers that are friends he’d done the same to them anho ….. knew it already because there’s plenty better looking on the round if he had done it to her he’s done it to more lesson learnt thankfully at no cost to me or her for that matter other than uncomfortable feelings genuinely shows if you presume t has t something doesn’t have to be laid down or written down as a no go it certainly does!
  6. fair play to him I’m very conservative with the drone straight up straight down it sat in the box for 18 month after I bought it until the lad that works for me told me he’d be an expert as it’s same as Xbox controller but I tried it the other week to see how high it could go above the town I’m from and I swear I had a sweat on just looking at the screen it was a dot in the sky sit on any roof that’s three storeys clean any gutter at the max height of my ladder but any further than that Id keel over
  7. Birds eye view from last weeks job plus the neighbours we done last year should of had a cracking pic of cheviots from above berwick upon tweed looking down over then but was over cast and mist lying when had drone up in morning
  8. I’ve never looked in to it but I was told old story that the French prisoners of war built a lot of the dykes and estate walls down here in the borders never the less some graft it must of been just getting the stone up to some places unless there’s a grant in the future to restore them the lot will just have 6inch round post every 2 metres and double barb wired tight up against them
  9. We clean gutters regularly and if customer has them in we just take them out you want gutters to run freely and they just clog them up get wire mesh stick on down pipes to prevent any mass going down and get them cleaned every nov and March
  10. Any employers available for a pm with some advice general opinion I know my thoughts already employee takes a liking to a client we clean windows for her husband who is a good friends calls me round he’s been trying to add her on Facebook only way he could do that is by actually going to the work list for the day seeing her first initial of Christian name a her sir name and searching her down if it’s wasn’t a personal friend that he’s doesn’t know that fact I could be in deep water as far as I’m concerned never mind the actual fact that is a no no that I never t
  11. Any advice taken gratefully partner had our little one 6 months ago and since then her palms of her hands have flared up with excema it’s horrendous like and nothing we’ve tried has help cream moisturiser wise or cutting things out diet etc we just can’t find the trigger or a cure can be fine for a day or two just dry with small hacks then flare up out of nowhere to the point she’s rubbing them raw on the work top any advice or tips greatly appreciated
  12. Yeah same Scottish Borders but seen first mixi this evening by November they’ll be more hares to see than rabbits
  13. He got drinkers in the pens? worked on a commercial shoot and most pens we had drinkers in pens with ibc gravity feeding them actually got me thinking how easy it would be for someone probably an anti that cares about the welfare of animals that would class that as a goal scored If it was to be slug pellets and he feeds via hoppers you’d see them easy enough in the wheat or pellets or even if they where spread on a feed line best of luck to him and hope it’s not to sinister
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