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  1. Get to local gun room I got 700 of a year old hic still under warranty does me grand
  2. Very interesting mate …. Any chance you could give us some info on wild dogs that have went feral find it fascinating
  3. It’s bigger than the house I could live next door to that plonker never mind the snake
  4. Great cross Ive a little bitch here ten year old got of a lad on here from Barnsley total asset great little bitch I’ll struggle to replace her never went to ground not interested which grand for me will turn her hand to anything even at ten no signs of slowing up yet if I wasn’t about to move into new place I’d be all over these myself
  5. Aye he done everything asked farm work etc loved it was camping in the bush for weeks at a time spraying invasive plant species in the dried up river banks I’d of just stayed there lol never seen passed Sydney for a long time but loves it in Brisbane now he’s actually New South Wales all natural body building champ something he’s never of achieved back here at home
  6. Frustrating that mate my little brothers been out Sydney or Brisbane 7 years home twinge on various different visas has paid over £150,000 in tax to the government in that time and still can stay I know rules are rules and there due to change shortly but frustrating for him trying to build a life an a career not to have roots settled always in back of his head
  7. thanks chid for that mate very interesting
  8. Took a while to track it down seen it years ago catholic and Protestant man and wife in Holland I’m sures the is back story
  9. Aye and the best thing for all the wee clubs and towns getting a wedge while rangers worked there way back up the butchers in Berwick sold out 15 mins after the first train arrived great thing for the economy of these places Inknow someone that followed them home and away never missed a game all the way back up not my bag but that’s some support whether there your team or not surely you can respect that?
  10. My old bitch was only little she’d grab hock and pull anchors on then go for the throat hold and if the little cocker patterdale got there before you did the bitch would sit five foot away and at little one would be on the throat
  11. Know it’s not the right place to put but likely get seen better here…. couple ferrets wanted good working home daughters showing more of an interest getting out with dog so thought it’s about time she’s got her doves but there boring which I’ll admit is true and have now been pinched by her papa just to get her introduced to to field sports and something that she can learn to look after that relies upon her for the health and well being I will travel a good distance no problem and pay the asking price cheers Jamie
  12. Cracking thread!! Can I ask what camera you use Fuji?
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