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  1. Further you breed anything away from purpose rather than function the more problems you create Texel sheep up here 120,000 a ram farmers going three ways on it to get drained of sperm artificially inseminate all the females kept in a horse stable treated like 120,000 should be few generations downs how will his offspring know how to walk never mind chew the cud and they already have to get c sections due to lambs heads being so big because that’s what judges want great documentary on prime about showing chickens one in America and one in New Zealand shows how committed and fanatica
  2. I’m not a big social media fan but Instagram I find great the pages you follow if you click the search relevant posts come up judged on your previous likes and there’s a good few old pictures from back in the day that are extremely interesting the change in the Great Dane and Kerry blue terrier for me but seen a couple tonight of Great Dane on Instagram that looked a functional working dog lot of ebts down under as well
  3. Surely the wrong hands are people who don’t let them do what there bred to same as the dog world all over border collies and car tyres my pals got one can only play fetch so long before he’s “overstimulated” and has to stop in my mind he’s broke into his second wind and is ready for a 8 hour shift on the hills like the litter sibling spaniels spinning on fecking harnesses classed as over excited by 20 weeks old and never let of retractable lead labs are they not or were highest percentage of human aggression in this country police man on here I can mind said that it was labs
  4. Not hunting but greyhound race in London early 1920s I screenshotted on Instagram when it caught my interest
  5. how many mountain lion attacks are there on humans or encounters that lead to injury each year? and what would you presume the cause would be? I’d love to go hunting them with hounds not sure about the end of it was shot out of a tree certainly wouldn’t pay for that part I’ve listened to a lot of hunting’s hounds podcasts names probs my wrong and thing you posted it or someone in terrier section and it’s fascinating one man saying bobcat are his favourite due to the hunt the get the tricks they play your blessed across there truly are
  6. What do you do for work or skilled at? I’m not a shooting man but I was a fencer then done window cleaning gutters etc you offer something first then ask for something in return the younger you look the better “excuse me sir my name is …….. I can do blah blah blah for you I’m just looking for a little bit permission to practise with my “air rifle on those pigeons eating all your wheat…. I’m moving up to (somewhere fecking miles away) for university in next couple years and a family friend is on a small syndicate shoot that is out every second Saturday I’m welcome theyve said aslong
  7. No idea about that side of it mate like said no football fan here really except when the big team up here plays the slightly smaller one
  8. Anyone watched the wild bunch doc on Wimbledon back in the day couple years ago now and with no interest in football soon as it was finished I watched it from the start again
  9. Who’s are those pal pm if prefer im down in earlston if I do t know them I can probs help them out we were on a fox drive few years ago at etteick shield was my pal Danny Cassidy that organised it
  10. My pal had lad work for him head to toe englebert strauss and I mean everything he was a walking advert
  11. Gods country charts im just the other side of the “border” love that drive over the carter bar to ponteland I could retire around otterburn or yetholm which is other side from you if you know it a lot of great history have you ever read much on border revivers there’s a book the steel bonnets I know stiff has great book very interesting I loose myself on that drive over to you dreaming of the days of cattle rustling and horses lol
  12. Genuinely believe media and social media will whip the masses up into a panic im not bad no really overheads that I couldn’t cover in a job at Aldi’s and even if I got one roof clean a week that would do us and could have it done myself in two days worst comes to worse knock door to door for gutter cleaning will say this though when covid licked of proper and I had window round it was those that had the biggest houses on my round that cancelled and not one was over £25 and on a 8 week clean cycle 400,000 pound houses two if not three cars in drive poor fuckers birds coming home to roost
  13. Yeah I’m not great with it like just up take pic and down again it’s great for before and afters that different angle and the sun helps if you time it right make it look that bit better a year down the line once the treatments fully worked it will look outstanding
  14. Wouldn’t have liked the Rhodesian ridgebacks trying to get through at us had to screw tarpaulins over windows not to stress them out lovely gaff though and lovely couple as well lovely to deal with pay quick and overall grade A folks and when there like that when you meet them you put that extra mile in consciously or subconsciously few and far between always find someone who try’s to batter down price or hums and haws your hearts not fully in it folk that’s owned the above where pleasure to do a job for
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