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  1. I had an incident I had to deal with the other night where a member of publics cat was bowled over by a train and they wanted it confirmed, normal job I thought until I rocked up on site it was a Savannah Hybrid cat a male one I’ve never seen a cat so big, being allowed to roam the streets no wonder we get all these big cat sightings with these things about. This picture off of google gives you an idea of the size I was quite surprised to be honest I had to get a bigger bag.
  2. Good video Wolfie loved the way the round stopped it swinging almost dead.
  3. Kamado Joe BBQ very nice the rival to the Big Green Egg, Nice trout as well bet that came out nicely steamed.
  4. Really good write up Ian great description of its final moments.
  5. Sausagedog on the shooting section is a long term welder but I don’t think he strays into the general section so might be good idea to post in there
  6. Wait till your ears start growing I’ve got a big nose big ears but my willy well my wife calls me plug
  7. This birds got a flip top head I’ve followed her on the eating shows and she makes the big fellas who look like that could smash a pie or two look light weights.
  8. Absolute belters Sheepchaser credit to you and your Mrs, if you want to send that tan coloured one with the white patch on its chest east I’d be more than happy to oblige lol best of luck with them .
  9. Sorry for your loss Tony nothing worse. RIP
  10. Rose hips I made wine out of them once came out like a nice looking rose but apparently really good for arthritis was a really nice light wine.
  11. CZ452 I’ve had mine 12/13 years 16” Varmint barrel its still like new and accurate as the day I bought it 20 years doesn’t surprise me they are a good reliable tool.
  12. An exceptional British Gentleman RIP Sir Tom.
  13. Grant his name is Grant Immi Grant very well known bloke on here
  14. Looks like curiosity got the better of him Micky nice catch.
  15. This is starting to feel like the scabby peas scandal all over again
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