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    Must be something about bitches my next door neighbours have got a ridgeback bitch extremely well behaved when out walking but the end of the world when some one knocks on their door.

    Fantasy Football

    The Sun Dream Team has just opened £50000 budget 3 transfers a month we do a mini league in work does create a good bit of banter during the winter.


    I’m considering another dog they sound ideal the protective side I like the sound of and easily trainable, my last dog was a a Patt bitch who used to live inside great dog when she was working but totally unhinged the rest of the time. Good luck with her any particular reason you go for bitches.

    RIP very soon ......

    Dog the Bounty Hunter man with big hair.


    There was an incredible community spirit in the East End and I felt it especially on the Isle of Dogs it’s the Big U shaped Thames bit on Eastenders people new people who new people and that’s how you got to meet and know everyone, if you got out and about , for all I know I might know Gnash who knows as we all have usernames on here and the savvy amongst us don’t give too much away, being a Hunting site it’s only like minded people who agree with what we believe in. It is a small place I will never forget a situation in Cyprus years ago I was on a boat doing a little tour sitting opposite me was a neighbour who I grew up with who I hadn’t seen for years funny journey life.


    Absolutely the Geezer on the bike TOFFEE APPLE ridiculous noise and the other bloke Scissors Knives sharpened he used to shout it through his nose he had a grinding stone on the bike, I used to impersonate both of them to my kids growing up telling them what it was like in the East End lol. The Bridge house a schoolmates parents used to run it good laugh back in the day, I will definitely look out for that book my Grandad was a docker it will give me an insight into how we got all the nice bits and pieces when we was young lol, off on me hols soon be a good read around the pool. Sorry for hijacking your thread GL from Pie & Mash to a trip down memory lane

    Triple bbq wkd

    Looking good mate them Weber’s are good for smoking as well with the indirect heat method and a little pan of water inside, I must admit the last month I’ve done 90 hours overtime I’ve hardly been at home 12 hour shifts it’s been emotional lol. I am smoking some Beef ribs whilst writing this baby sitting my thermometer so it stays 225-250f gotta do it whilst the weathers good.


    I lived in several places on the Island when I moved out and made my own way I was 15th floor Midship point and then the good old council thought they were doing me a favour by moving me to the 4th floor at Topmast Point real tough back then there all done up and posh now lol I very rarely go back these days. Do you remember the Toffee apple man god he had some lungs on him .


    The Royal Oak that was it I new you would know big old fashioned East End Pub, Raffy market as you say holds a lot of memories for myself, me and my Grandparents it was a bus ride so it was like a day out I do remember the Parrot 100% me Grandad used to try and feed it and speak to it Ollies I can see it now we’re talking 45 plus years ago. I do remember the Sarsaparilla stall amongst a load of others it was a great place I remember when I was at Barking in the job I do now I used to drive by and shake my head as to how it’s changed so much. My brother used to catch Eels in the Thames over Mcdougal Park on the Isle of Dogs then my Nan would make them and put them in a washing up bowl and take them down the George on the island on a Saturday night. As for you Northern lads Gravy I don’t know we’re trying to bring you up to scratch with the finer cuisine that the East End has to offer .


    I always find after eating Pie & Mash you get an overwhelming feeling of wow I’ve had a good feed, every Saturday without fail my Nan & Grandad used to take me for pie and mash I’ve visited most that existed a real nice memory was the the one in Woolwich because as we were on the Isle of Dogs we used to get the Woolwich Ferry which is still in service today why on earth they are promoting the Mayor in the pic, who knows might be an older photo as the present Mayor is an embarrassment to people who new and loved the old London of the past.


    I used to eat at Kelly’s pie and Mash in the Roman Road and there was one in Bethnal Green end as well both top draw Chrisp Street market at Poplar had a reasonable one think it was called Patterson’s I broke my record in there five pies five mash in one sitting bird behind the ramp called me a greedy b*****d lol, and when I was living in the East End there was a lovely one at Rathbone market opposite the Pub where the boxing training was upstairs I think Frank Bruno trained there Cue Gnasher you will know it. Any of the East End lads remember the Saveloy Faggots and Pease pudding man, in the arcade in Chrisp Street market they used to serve it up in grease proof tracing paper it was unreal all gone now unfortunately. And the Green stuff for the uninitiated is the liquid off of stewed Eels with some magic thrown in unbeatable with Chilli vinegar and white pepper.

    What you listening to at the moment.

    I’ve been a big fan of Steve Hillage for about 40 years this should be played full blast when the sun is rising on the solstice this week.

    Father’s Day present

    Love the guilt token of Crudities to offset the balance of meat looks great.

    Father’s Day present

    I got a WhatsApp message from both sons gifts of food would be gone before they reached my front door.


    I’ve been watching quite a few videos and I see the state of his arm after the accident and his rehab it’s a real shame because it’s obviously a talent be it a mutation because of the radiation or just the way he’s been born but man what a forearm it makes his right arm look like a bit of string I really hope he recovers and competes again. Do these competitions ever take place in the UK atmosphere looks amazing.