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  1. Sorry to hear she’s gone mate it’s not easy losing such a capable loyal companion.
  2. Mora all day for me easy cheap good little knives but the one below is my orange peeling knife.
  3. I see him at Glastonbury in 1980 when it was a CND festival the blokes is excellent, also this track they used at the end of a Sopranos episode where Phil was reminiscing it fitted perfect with the scene.
  4. A bass that came out of the North Sea yesterday mouth watering
  5. Mate of mine who I haven’t seen for a while has just retired from the railway and bought into a boat, just knocked on my door and said you want one of these a beautiful Bass he’s like the Father Christmas of fish can’t wait to eat it…

    lion fish

    I think it was Mauritius or somewhere far flung I went and everyone kept warning about the Stone Fish nasty buggers every time I went in the sea I was like is that one is that one How deadly is a stone fish? The world's most venomous fish is a close relative to the scorpionfishes, known as the stonefish. Through its dorsal fin spines, the stonefish can inject a venom that is capab
  7. How often does that grass need cutting lovely tidy job mate
  8. Your right I’ve got my Po’s mixed up water margin the worst dubbing ever and rent a ghost what was not too like I loved it times have changed though the choice now is incredible
  9. That wise blokes name was Yang Shang Po it’s an age thing
  10. I hope you all get well soon Kev not good you’ve all been hit hard I don’t think any one knows what’s for the best any more.
  11. The reason their getting soft treatment is because the PM Carrie Johnson - ( Deliberate Mistake ) is a Greenie who loves this kinda of shit and we mustn’t not save the planet must we queues of drivers polluting like mad doesn’t make sense. How can you deliberately stop people putting food on the table miss hospital appointments miss funerals etc, pepper spray the b*****ds in the face…
  12. Tea is taken very seriously in places like Mauritius India and Sri Lanka I’ve been fortunate to visit all of those places and I’ve always done the tea tour at the end it’s like a ritual how it’s served etc it just makes you appreciate it more. Coffee I don’t really get involved with these days sends me a bit mad but I’ve tasted some good stuff in Costa Rica Cuba and the famous Blue Mountain Coffee of Jamaica I’m like the Alan Whicker of beverages lol look him up if your not sure who I am on about he was a 70s traveller of the globe very English in the way he presented and conducted himsel
  13. I’ve still got a lot of tea which I brought back from Sri Lanka ( Ceylon ), the tea plantation I visited was amazing they explained that T bags were the dregs/dust the last of the product which basically just gets bagged up. I went a bit overboard and more a less filled a suitcase up with all sorts Black tea aromatic green you name it. The tea I drink for convenience if I’m not getting the teapot out is this stuff it’s comes out the right colour….
  14. Your not alone mate i wouldn’t know where to start believe it or not I’ve never had a McDonald’s food of the fat people
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