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    Pet hates.

    People who go cold water swimming who wear those stupid long coats with a Costa coffee glued to their hands, look every body I’ve been in the cold water and it’s -5 f**k off….
  2. Down load this app from the App Store quite a few on here have got it I had about 12 different species at one time once it was in an RSPB site admittedly but still a good guide. Merlin Bird ID - Home MERLIN.ALLABOUTBIRDS.ORG Bird ID Wizard—Step-by-step Answer three simple questions about a bird you are trying to identify and Merlin will give you a list of possible matches. Merlin...
  3. Really sorry to hear this Ray, condolences to you and your family.
  4. One gig I wished I’d been at what an intro….
  5. The stuff I had looked like a pint of Ouzo tasted very fresh easy to drink I had a Bison burger in one hand and a pint of that in the other, worst I have made was tea & mint wine absolute shocker lol…
  6. Keep on living your lifestyle Greyman and regards to the nettles have you ever tried nettle Beer i had it at the western hunts gamefair down near Penzance good stuff when the nettles are fresh and new like in the pics.
  7. Quite a funny story at a very good friend of mines funeral we were all gathered around his grave very sombre and this bloke appeared with a what can only be described as a box, he put on his sad voice and goes ok everybody these birds of peace are going to be released and there going to fly around to celebrate my friends life and then return to the box, he released the birds gone never to be seen again and straight to the direction of the pub where we was having his wake my old mate would have loved that he loved things going tits up the dove man’s face was priceless funny old rituals we have
  8. I stumbled upon them whilst looking for an early carbie Monster he had one with 1800 mile on it, when I went to do the deal I remember seeing mint Bennelis an unbelievable 750 kettle that looked like it had just come out of the crate you could tell by the bolts that it had never seen any action also early RDs with the peanut shaped tank lots of them, it’s a real interesting place to spend a couple of hours you could easily walk out of there skint lol
  9. I bought a mint condition old 900 Monster off this shop I believe the owners names Frank if memory serves me right, I walked into the shop and my mind was blown all the old jap classics Italian classics you name it he had one in mint condition but obviously at a price, if I remember right the shops in Ruislip near the A40 have a look at his stock it’s real trip down memory lane. Motorcycles Unlimited Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Dealers WWW.MOTORCYCLESUNLIMITED.CO.UK The Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Dealers in West London | Japanese and British Classic
  10. If I remember rightly the 250T was around about the time of the Honda 250 G5 I had one and done 100mph through the Blackwall Tunnel in the 80s it felt like 200mph lol. I have probably owned well over 50 odd bikes over the years before I started on the railway I was a courier for 15 years the weather got to me in the end, there’s been a few bikes that stick in memory my Ducati Monsters and my lunatic Gpz 750 Turbo I still get goose bumps thinking of the acceleration of the thing
  11. How can you give this up I love my one
  12. I watched the whole 2 hours and the way it comes across it seems USA doesn’t want it to end, why would he lie about some of the things said, our shitty government and the American controlled media don’t come out looking good at all, and Putins historical knowledge is unreal Biden doesn’t even know his own name.
  13. I read a good comment earlier which said Tucker should now interview Biden and then we can see the difference between the two leaders, night and day springs to mind.
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