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    Yanny or Laurel?

    All day long Yanny my Mrs heard laurel and she’s now calling me a weirdo and saying I’m just saying yanny to wind her up, in a million years I can’t hear an L being pronounced.

    wonder lust..

    We did the Backwaters trip and it was incredible sea eagles and all sorts of wildlife very green part of India, I’ve also travelled to Goa bit touristy Anjuna market was an eye opener and a visit to a place call Varkala was interesting and the railways well that’s another story but Kerala definitely a much nicer place to visit.

    wonder lust..

    Go for it is what i say I went to Kerala in India and we had a trip to Tamil Nadu right on the southern tip next stop Sri Lanka ( Ceylon) two little islands one with a Hindu temple one with a massive statue rising out of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean loads of holy people go there as some of Ghandis ashes were spread there incredible memory.

    wonder lust..

    Me & Mrs Flattop love getting away at least three times a year my favourite place I’ve been to so far is Costa Rica what a place wildlife every where, we have pigeons dropping in front of you they have toucans and macaws, and the insects different ball game Sloths howler monkeys Humming Birds the lot I had Hummingbirds landing on my hands with a little nectar feeder, if you go organise your trips with the locals much better experience. We also crossed the border into Nicaragua lovely place visited Lake Nicaragua and an active volcano and also was involved in a street crime in Grenada long story lol. Mexico I’ve been both sides Caribbean and Pacific or if you want to be exact the Sea of Cortez Pacific side was my favourite. One life, experience as much as you can before you start pissing and shitting yourself .

    Battle in the country : the hunt saboteurs

    Years ago I used to follow a hunt in Essex regularly and assisted the terrierman occasionally with the digging and we were being targeted a lot by NELS North East London Sabs, I found the in the face confrontation a real pain in the arse and it got a bit out of hand sometimes, but more and more I realised that us on the ground seemed to be the security for those on horse back so i tipped it bollocks and do my own thing now I very rarely go out with others now. Sounds a bit Billy no mates but suits me perfectly. For Sabs in my opinion it’s a class thing about hunters on horse back.


    6 or 7 hours for me if I’m lucky I do 12 hour shifts nights and days, sleeping for 12 hours is a waste of life what lazy Fecker sleeps that long

    Ch5 Ben nevis

    I watched this it was excellent the whimpering from the woman when she realised she was well and truly out of her depth very real. And the bloke hanging by his feet you could tell it meant a lot to him I admire that kind of determined attitude. It’s another world up there compared to the south hats off to the volunteers they must have saved numerous lives over the years.

    If st george done bbq,s

    I agree with every word GL fantastic spread you got as per and I bet the dogs were smashing into those sausages Happy St George’s day to you Sir and all the Englishmen who frequent this fine forum.

    Action man

    Funny this thread should come up about two weeks ago I was going to start a thread on this, as a 70s kid is nothing sacred when I see this I exploded they have turned action man into a bender it’s got village people written all over it. My Mrs found my reaction over the top it’s an insult to what action man is all about.

    Working at height

    I’ve got a thing about driving in high places the Medway Bridge frightens the life out of me but the Dartford Bridge which is higher don’t bother me at all work that one out. When I unexpectedly find myself driving on mountain roads sweaty hands tingly legs and I find my hands slipping from the steering wheel my wife finds it hilarious it’s only started happening the last two years I think the Bridge thing is called Gepthyrophobia but walking at heights no problem at all, strange life isn’t it.

    Basil has been caught

    Gutted I felt myself welling up lol even considering all the dodgy shit they got up to series 4 I can’t wait.

    Basil has been caught

    I’ve just watched Gomorrah and it was awesome to say it’s brutal is an understatement sopranos without the humour. I was watching 4/5 episodes at a time it really got to me the sub titles I didn’t even notice once it got going, series 2 onwards was when it really got interesting. Hope we are on about the same thing Lurcherman Gonnarrah sounds like an STD lol.

    Bombing around town

    I have had Chicken foot soup and Cow head when eating out of the food shacks when in Jamaica, if you can erase what it is from your mind most things taste great.

    Shar Pei.

    You got Bone mouth and meat mouth or sometimes known as hippo mouth Shar-Pei, no bone head lol. Also horse coat or brush coat I believe Shar-Pei translates as sand coat in Chinese.

    Shar Pei.

    I was lucky I had an exceptional one but we are talking a long while ago my son had one and it had all of the above problems he couldn't insure it and he was just throwing money at the vets nightmare situation. Get her a terrier lol