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  1. Yeh I think I know some of his previous usernames, I’ve been on since 2008 I used to post mainly in terriers and running dog threads I also used to follow and help out quite a well known Essex Hunt but then left for a good few years but returned under my same account, I come on here mainly for a laugh and banter now, but put the occasional shooting pic up but that’s about it bloody hell 14 years where did that go.
  2. Where’s Ken’s Deputy when you need him eccentric yeh but my opinion that’s what this site is about individuals, his absence is a loss to the site.
  3. More of a Sousaphone man myself I remember as a kid my uncle who is a long career Jazz musician used to play one of these in the garden he’s still touring in Europe well into his eighties
  4. £4 I’d expect the whole cake for that
  5. Well that livened up my evening too many greats have left and are leaving us great choice after todays news
  6. He was a regular at this pub which is now closed walking distance from Southend Central station it used to host a lot of famous names past and present friend of mine was the resident in there Steve Hooker and his band. https://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/23144218.wilko-johnson-became-face-southend-railway-hotel/
  7. I know mate hence why I accuse them of hypocrisy, when you have people like Justin Welby running the show you know the jobs f****d.
  8. The bit that gets me is the hypocrisy of the Church Of England encouraging gay marriage ect where the Bible states that I shall not bum my brother well words close to that I was always surprised how our late Great Queen bless her soul never stepped in and opposed this being the defender of the faith and the leader of the Church of England.
  9. I thought I was seeing things was expecting a porn link
  10. I wish undescribable pain and suffering on the lot of them they just keep sticking the knife in don't they @socks can’t you just do a mass cull instead of a scythe hire a combine harvester for the day and do a job lot I’m sure we can all chip in
  11. I bet he had a big stick to catch that
  12. I’ve had a similar situation with a Black Cat trap where it was a 100% rat then the same 100% mouse then i had one which looked like a mix between the two I reckoned juvenile rat the thing is most of the time their biggish and easily identified and your right that tail looks very ratty and so do the feet.
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