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  1. I’ve just looked above it’s a thing of ergonomic beauty, my lad uses Milwaukee drills and swears by them treat yourself as you say it’s been thought about and isn’t going to topple over which as you say is a sickener right at the crucial moment of measuring.
  2. I’ve got loads big ones little ones some have even fallen out of fancy Christmas crackers but this is my go to tape Stanley a name you can trust.
  3. My lad joined the RAF at the age of sixteen with hindsight I wished he’d waited a a bit to experience civvy life a bit more before he joined up, he ended up doing 11 years.
  4. I love Hawkwind probably when it boils down to it my favourite album of all time Warrior on the edge of Time it’s epic 1975 and I constantly keep going back to it.
  5. Toyahs great and its just a bit of a laugh but Robert Fripp used to be one of the most serious men in rock, one of my favourites this one…
  6. I must admit Gav I have considered changing GPs but if all goes as planned there’s a high possibility I could be in a new firearms area and could find myself with a new GP as I plan to move about 6 months before my tickets expire to coincide with my retirement. Good to hear your lot are all over it we could do with a it more consistency nationwide.
  7. I think you can work 16 hours or less mate
  8. If you do a river cruise double it up with the cable car it’s pretty good it’s also close to the dome, also there used to be a decent Pie & Mash in Woolwich near the cable car and dome, also hopefully it’s still there Kelly’s Pie & Mash in Bethnal Green Road and one in Roman road which is the Far East end of Bethnal Green Road which isn’t too far from Kings Cross, take it from some one who lived in the East End the Bagel shop is a must visit. /static/1/images/TFL_Linkinage01.png Emirates Air Line - Transport for London TFL.GOV.UK Emirates Air
  9. Good shout that Tom I’ve got a couple of years left but a couple of months ago I received a letter from the doctors to say that they were no longer going to supply records for Shotgun & FAC applications, so it was an impending nuisance to deal with, this has been saved to my favourites
  10. Looks like a dead heat in a Zeppelin race
  11. I’ve got an AYA No4 in 12g it’s very light and swings well I should get it out of the cabinet more but I’m just not that good with a shotgun to be honest.
  12. Are you mocking my opinion, because in my lifetime all 57 years of it I’ve not witnessed a politician who speaks off the cuff some times under a lot of pressure like Nigel Farage, who do you rate then would be nice to hear to get an idea of your political leanings.
  13. I agree Wilf none of them but until the next election we don’t have a choice so it was a question of who would you like to steer the ship until then. It is the constant lies and deceit that rankle me I mean yesterday he had to face the music with an half hearted apology and what does he do today cry off with the COVID excuse I don’t buy it at all he’s keeping his nut down while it all blows over more deceit in my eyes.
  14. What a speaker that man is once in a lifetime some one like Nigel comes along and it doesn’t look like he will get his chance but we will see. When the incumbent Boris gets ousted as to which he will me an my wife have a running bet at the moment I say by March she says February who would you’s like to see replace him in the Tory party because it’s inevitable it’s going to be Sunak Truss going for the top job but myself I’d like to see David Frost throw his hat in the ring.
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