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  1. Love the dogs nose in the background thinking it’s got a chance looks a nice plate of grub
  2. Good to see you are feeding your kids on the right stuff mate, I never had nothing like that when I was a kid that’s why I eat like a king now making up on what I missed out on
  3. Every single bit of food on that plate I love just needs a bit of thick gravy good effort mate
  4. First Blood in my top five films of all time, There are no friendly citizens and the music class, my Mrs hates it I’ve watched it over 30 times anyway back to the knife sharpening
  5. My Mrs made this little lot today all fresh veg parsnips roast potatoes and proper home made from scratch Yorkshire pudding, but the star of the show was the Pork low slow cooked for 5 hours then turned right up for another hour and half in the oven coated overnight with black treacle cider vinegar smoked paprika cumin mustard powder chilli powder it was unbelievable and the crackling just melted in the mouth I’m a lucky man . Oh and no scabby peas
  6. Good old Frank Bough RIP, Cockney rhyming slang for I’m off, see yer later I’m Frank Bough.
  7. Well done Greyman it looks really comfortable I noticed it’s even got radiators good on you mate looks like your going to have a lot of good times ahead.
  8. Nice one Ted your persistence and patience paid off.
  9. Good luck mate I hope you get it.
  10. I’ve got a Land Cruiser I wouldn’t have anything else now ultra reliable and goes where I Point it I wish I’d bought one years ago I went through my Land Rover stage pile of cack.
  11. Congratulations mate he’s a belter bloody good size.
  12. Thanks a lot Arry I was erring on the Sulphur tuft I wasn’t aware of Brick Caps as they are not in that guide you put up a while ago they look very similar, but nice to see them pop up though we’ve never had them here before.
  13. Any one got an idea what these are they have just popped up in my front garden I’ve had a look at the mushroom guide and it’s glistening inkcap not poisonous or Sulphur tuft poisonous that look the closest they smell like an ordinary field mushroom and the gills are similar to a field mushroom.
  14. In a nutshell yep as above, look forward to a slow lingering painful death and if I’m lucky and I’m in a lot of pain they will replace the knee I’ve always said I wanted to slide into my box sideways or go out wearing a dynamite hat standing on top of Nelsons Column so it’s not the way I planned it lol...
  15. I’ve had a lump on my knee I’ve been ignoring my wife’s been pecking my head to get it looked at my experience with the NHS is this, I rang up Tuesday was told to ring a 7am Wednesday morning which I did the doctor then rang me at 08:20 he couldn’t deal with it over the phone I got an appointment at 09:50 cut a long story short I get an emergency scan at 09:15 at the hospital on Thursday, by 08:30 on the Friday I’ve been told I’ve got osteoarthritis in my knee and told what I’ve got do. Considering we are in a pandemic I thought that was pretty good going maybe it’s because I haven’t had my money’s worth and they felt sorry for me my medical record is as thin as a rizla I don’t do doctors or hospital normally.
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