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  1. Bradley’s are good they have a good reputation I believe there’s a cold smoking range as well for fish nice bit of kit.
  2. I bet that was lovely sprig of mint on the potatoes and a squeeze of Lemon on the fish washed down with a good white
  3. Beans topped and tailed small detail but a must in my opinion nice
  4. I’d give it a go it was probably quite tender, something I did eat in Spain which I’ve knocked up at home is the Ox cheeks absolutely soft as anything and a real nice rich sauce.
  5. This evenings offering Sausages and veg done on the smoker, paprika chips and a Duck egg.
  6. Spatchcock Chicken on the smoker washed down with a pint of home made Cider loving this weather.
  7. Nice to see your hound has a sneaky eye on proceedings looking good mate
  8. I’ve always been led to believe that Sheep have suicidal tendencies and are always looking for new ways to die. But Goats on the other hand just for the comedy value who wouldn’t want one .
  9. I was just about to edit and slip the monkey in
  10. Money explained in cockney £5 Jacks or a Lady ( Lady Godiva fiver ) £10 Cockle £15 Commodore 3x a lady see above lol £20 Score £25 Pony ( Tony the Pony ) £50 Bullseye or a nifty £100 Oner £1000 a long un or a bag (Bag of Sand Grand ) That will do for now how I got from Yorkshire to London slang I don’t know. I bet in different parts of the UK there are other names used.
  11. Only those that know Wilf all our northern brethren scratching their heads what’s this cockney / Sarf London patter
  12. Great day you had there mate I bet that fish tasted amazing.
  13. What a great retreat lovely place to relax and get back to basics like you say the simple things are all you need to make you happy, enjoy mate.
  14. A bloke I know asked me to be a ref I refused because I new he was not suitable he got a ref elsewhere got granted the shotgun ticket and to cut a long story short and not going into detail on a public forum it ended in tragedy, correct decision not to step up for him Ben.
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