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    norfolk cantley
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    Used to game shoot, dont anymore got made redundant 5 years ago....i pigeonshoot, make manual flappers, work my dogs, and help my mates on their farms,

    i run an old landrover, i rebuild engines, and old seagull outboards, im selling my game gun and going back to an old Beretta a303.......i dislike polititians
  1. ditchman

    What Is The Range Of A 12 Bore Shotgun?

    do you mean range insofar as the shot will carry or the effective killing range as per type of cartridge used ?
  2. ditchman

    Bouncer Pole

    if you contact your local steel stockist, you can buy steel rod (4mm thick) in 3m lengths in most thicknesses...then buy heavy duty electrical connectors, all you need is a hacksaw and a file, cut two short pieces ..bend them to spike the wings and connect them to the steel rod using the electrical connectors... jobs a gooden.....if you want to make it even better, cut a piece of steel tube....8 or so inches and put that in the ground first then put the bouncer/floater into the steel tube, ...if there is wind it will constantly turn into the wind , giving extra movement if you have a couple of shooting buddies...then share the cost and you will end up with stuff that is tailor made and cheap as chips... ditch
  3. ditchman

    uploading photos

    another way to resize is choose pic e-mail to youself..it should resize to under 150 save click on files on post find photo click open click attatch on post jobs a gooden
  4. ditchman

    Another New Member

    cheers my dear,,,,,ive posted den....and he has the instructions........i really need to get out to where the birds are at, am suffering from withdrawal symtoms ditch
  5. ditchman

    Another New Member

    Just to say hi....im a life long pigeonshooter, although i havnt pulled the trigger since august ....cause there aint nothing about, they are returning but very slowly, i have several dogs, and make my own decoying gear....at the moment im looking for a 200 seris scrap defender engine to rebuild to replace the old turbo desiel engine, that is gasping its last........so if any of you have a 200 def-eng...give us a shout ditchman