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  1. He’s probably never even had a community service , let alone done time . He’s got more front than Blackpool promenade … what are you in for mate ,,,, errr me dog caught a hare …. . He’d be hanging tough on the fourth threes …
  2. Arm that’s not your ass you idiot . You sit it splits …. Ffs
  3. The only one babbling shit is you other accounts , I know how it’s done … I was generalising . If you did it ten times it would take even longer … well wouldn’t you know . Stop being petty , you said it was because of the watery blood … now your try to tell me what I told you . I don’t give a toss if your dog is the best in the whole of the universe, I don’t run mine , it’s a pet …. But it doesn’t stop me from having an opinion on things I do know about …. And I know when someone is playing billy big spuds and blowing smoke from one’s own ass …. You are obviously into Danny dyer fil
  4. That’s what we all say until the next time
  5. Do you still get out for day release once in a while . ?
  6. Eventually yeah ….. Ohhhh we been watching gansta films . Grrrrrr . Because it’s hard to heal … you just errr confirmed what I said but contradicted yourself and then made a stupid statement .. of course it heals that’s why they do it two other three times … So is it like beetle juice .. it don’t work if you just do it the once ….. ? Where did you do bird to ? Alcatraz?
  7. Are you familiar with the layout of Rampton ?
  8. No just stripe them … which is what we were referring to and you said it leaves watery blood which looks worse than it is ,.. and I corrected you because the reason people get striped is because it doesn’t heal …. I’m not into eating as from a spoon … don’t know where you did pleasure for her maj …, but it wasn’t on the circuit
  9. It don’t just happen in house … it happens out and about …. Boot of a car with a loose tool box going through the lanes usually twists them up before the trial … there’s still kangaroo courts
  10. I may not know much about hunting with dogs , but I know when someone hasn’t got a clue what their talking about when it comes to trying to big it up
  11. This man knows the score …. It how you thin out the fakers … those that haven’t got a scooby doo
  12. If that’s your your thing I won’t judge …. Nonces , grasses , get pinned down debagged then slashed ,,,, you obviously never been to the big house ?
  13. In the arse cheeks you said why can’t you slash someone across the ass ??..? Your greener than me . It’s an old school telling off back in the day ,…. But then maybe you weren’t there
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