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  1. I’ll send you the postage , can’t have you spending out on your pension
  2. But then like most here you hide behind a screen .
  3. I’m not gay , my son is , can’t you read you dumb old piss of shit …. I’ll pm you my address and you can come say it to my face ….
  4. What …. No one got nothing to say ????? …
  5. That’s not harmless , it is homophobic and bang out of order ,
  6. Doesn’t matter we all know it insinuates and it’s bang out of order , there’s a black chap from the USA who posts regularly on here …. Any regards for his feelings … fecking shameful … you all want to grow up , like to see any of you call a gay a poof or a black a wog to their face …. You’d all end up the worst I think …. Respect the Older generation …. . Really
  7. my sons a poofter as you put it … problem with sexuality have we ? And how the feck do you know how anyones gonna vote , got a crystal pair between your legs have you …. Knob
  8. I’d take the offer up it had been given to me ,and I don’t do people , I seem like a knob on here but my Nan said I was a nice lad one of a kind ….. people are different face to face a keyboard paints a different picture of people and people write different to how they talk . and for what it’s worth I’m on the fence but leaning more to the I need so see or see something to believe , guess it’s how the brain works ….. if I thought there was a possibility of meeting a large cat at 4.30 am in the woods while out with the dogs …. Then tbh I wouldn’t be going tomorrow morning or any morning un
  9. He can’t help you …. No one can help you … tell me …….have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight ? I have
  10. Sorry ,don’t think I started it though…. I’ll get my coat 🥹
  11. What’s this got to do with pure breeds ? I’m a Mongrel
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