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  1. Tiz an Air brick my dear fellow ffs …
  2. Thanks for the input , haven’t found a bad review on it tbh ….. arriving Saturday.
  3. That’s a castlemaine xxxx
  4. What sort of terrier ?.. sounds mental .
  5. I will tell you now .. I have reported that post to the mods ..
  6. Can you not video it ? … I know you ain’t happy about it but that’s pretty good going … he’s got to be as heavy or heavier than my dog even as a youngster , mine can move ,but he’s never caught or got near a bird in the garden or field .. unless I’ve put a pellet in it …
  7. You can’t jack off a kiwi ….. they get all mardy and start doing the Haka
  8. Read somewhere that a Rabbits tail was best for pollination of tomatoes ? Is that another myth then ? Or I thought you would be using one arry? I just leave mine to it , tbh that’s probably where I’m going wrong lol …. My kiwi is self fertilising(apparently) but I will try in the morning if there’s any left
  9. Mine is outside but gets sun all day , dropped all the flowers last year and they are all dropping again this year …. I too am puzzled
  10. A great help thank you and makes sense , I’m definitely going to do that next year … thank you
  11. Stepping up from springers . and thinking . Gamo GX 40 Hugo 4x16x44 scope silencer bag,pellet and targets and mug !! and hand pump £605 any reason not to buy before I checkout this afternoon ?
  12. Honey berries and water cress , neither get eaten . Like the look of them though .
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