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  1. Thought testosterone levels dropped as you got older … feck me lads , I thought I liked a ruck, and was a handful in my youth …. You old boys must have been like honey badgers … if this was a mma forum there would be doors getting kicked in with Zimmer frames now up and down the country and drive bys in mobility scooters ….. it’s all fun at the end of the days ,we’ve all seen weird things and thought what the f£&* … usually in bed on a Sunday morning after a Saturday night out though … I don’t believe in a lot of things and will banter about it …. Ghosts …. My missus has been to Shepton
  2. It’s like having a dog put down …. It’s quiet … has he gone yet ? ….. fight it …. Come back to the light … this wayyyyy
  3. Never heard that … That’s when you throw up . Been a bathonion since birth(so not that long … in my prime still … you either have a baff or come from bath … we have the Roman BATHS . Posh lead lined heated bacteria pool , bit over rated and pumped for American /Chinese tourists unless you get to go underground
  4. Pressed send with some waffle added and it disappeared and you appeared … . . Sabotage .. but you are correct . Deffo blows up there , ain’t a nice place to be working outside in winter even down south , trust me
  5. You could be right mate ….I will ask my friend Google
  6. What a knob am I .. you’re talking dogs … I’m talking horses … poor coats getting dizzy … coat !!! Where are you ???
  7. Feck … gave away my location … I don’t suppose a mod could delete this ?
  8. Most exciting thing this post is , since the storm on emmerdale …. More viewing figures .
  9. Ain’t down south at the mo … I’m a blue eye .., but unowned
  10. Tbh neither do I . Gets the horses hearts pumping at altitude apparently
  11. Not many dogs getting a run Tonight
  12. Mines the only flat course 600ft above sea level
  13. Only thing worse than old bill ,is ex old bill …. CID without a badge ….
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