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    Went today with a mate and picked up the bitch pup from a mating to 1 of my old dogs, the mate even managed to get a cracking pup himself, cheers to the fella! Didn’t have to do it! Real genuine guy, very few about! We will be down this season and ur always welcome uo! Cheers mate! Meet Betty.......
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    remember heading out at 6 on a winters night in my mk2 escort,and lamping willy nilly anywhere i fancied ,no houses in lots of places and even if the farmer did come out ,you'd end up chatting for an hour or more loosing valuable hunting time ...i try to explaing the ways it used to be to my son ,but he just looks at me with disdain,lol..those days were some of the best ,most enjoyable times of my life i must say ,lots of rabbits and little barriers to stop you ..the thing i remeber most is the frosty nights ,and your breath like smoke bellowing from your mouth and the pitch blackness of it all,and you look up to the skies and see the stars in their millions ...and the quietness ,and the squeal of the rabbit a hundred yards away caught by your partner in sport....and the isolation,,,and not a fear or a care in the world ,but being lost in the events of the night and reality only hitting you when you reach the car with a heap of hot bunnies ,and then lying in bed unable to sleep from the excitement of the night .....f**k sake ...some one get me a beer fast lol
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    Anytime pal, here's frank
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    So wish that I could go back to those innocent, early days
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    Come on Mick you sound like a well read guy that keeps up with all the goings on,i like listening to your posts as you follow things i cant be arsed to follow.....but you cant give Fury another pass with this nonsense its an embarrassing match up that cannot be defended......its so laughable i dont know where to start,personally i think these kind of fights are a big risk to a mentally fragile fighter as you worry about the focus/motivation/desire.....its difficult to stay motivated for fights that you know are not going to be competitive,you lose your edge as a fighter....its just silly to talk about " warm up fights " ready for Wilder this isnt a warm up fight he will be sparring better fighters than this on a daily basis. I think Fury is quickly becoming the Conor Mcgregor of boxing,pure and simple entertainment who your average sports fan will tune in to watch....only Mcgregor from my understanding never fought anybody as far under his level as this.....Fury is a great talker but his only ever top 10 win was against a 40 year old Klitchko in his 70th odd bout....his resume really is a disgrace and these type of exhibition bouts simply should not be allowed by governing bodies as it mocks the sport. You keep asking " who should he fight "....come on mate thats just silly....this Swede has a Boxrec rating of 48......you have listed half a dozen fighters he cant fight.....well that still leaves 40 odd fighters ranked higher than the Swede that he could fight !!.........i,ll give you a name he could fight,and people will laugh their heads off.....David Price.....yes sounds ridiculous doesnt it .....yet Price has a Boxrec rating 30 places higher than Furys next opponent....kind of puts things in perspective doesnt it !.....the reason Fury wont fight a guy like Price though is .....tiny as the threat is,David Price can punch....and Fury simply will not take a risk,even a tiny one.
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    Nobody likes a show off
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    7 weeks 2 days...what do you guys reckon?I think we have a litter in there
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    Used to have a MKII Granada estate, twin webbers, old sweeny 70s classic, could hear the carbs sucking the fuel in, was a beast and did about 12 MPG, I'd happily have one again. Fond memories of taking it around round abouts sideways
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    Another old picture that I did and found in the shed today. I realise that this is not Tony Heart's show us your pictures, but I did share an actual photograph of this lurcher on the thread. One of the best threads on here but has been a little quiet of late. Summer, I know. Once again a friend's dog not mine but the terrier was. A very naïve attempt at art I fully realise but I'm bored and don't mind the critics, this is THL after all and not a Hare Krishna love in.
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    Lol I can’t draw the fukcing curtains let alone paint .......
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    Rain thunder and lightning stopped play or it would of been more . atvbjimmy
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    I know there's quite a few GOT fans on here, not sure if there's any guitar players as well but I enjoyed watching this.....guitar starts at 2 mins if you wanna skip the beginning
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    Those were the square black lamps if I remember correctly,I had one at one time
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    You offering the rabbit a cup of tea?
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    Steve Wheaton bull greyhound atb longers01
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    I enjoyed it all apart from that dog shite ending which completely ruined the show!!
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    Got to be leave in the 31st mate, if they don’t they will be wiped out as political parties.......so oddly enough, for many like me.....it’s win/win In Fact, for a bloke like me who wants to see European politics changed for ever them staying in after the 31st May be the best result.
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    Carney told us the sun was gonna fall out of the sky and we'd all be eating grass the day after a vote for brexit...full of shit globalist puppet
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    After finishing the stock for the hw97k and fitting the action back in... I went out this morning to check zero. After adjustments were made i went for a wonder getting abit late in the morning and getting warm, i decided to sit under an old oak tree for a little feet up time. I hadnt seen a rabbit, then one popped her head out from the fence line a quick side focus adjustment to 35 meters 1.50 mildots of hold over and a thud in the shoulder saw one into the bag. The rifles unadjustable cheek comb set perfectly for me has made a massive difference to the gun, now its a positive head position everytime. Roll on next week to get out again. FF
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    yip in pup 4 dogs 3 bitches
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    As soon any particular breed of a dog becomes a fashion accessory, breeders will be along to cash in an ultimately destroy the breed for generations to come. Easy money and they don't give a flying feck who they sell to or what happens to the pups, seen single mothers on the local estate round here, French bull dog in one arm and a kid in the other, the kids dressed like a feck urchin and dog looks well-fed, fecking things should be banned from having dogs
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    I've had nine dogs, no pedigrees and only three bought as pups,. My first cost five bob from the local farm when I was 7 years old and a couple of ISDS registered sheepdogs that made cracking gun dogs I bought about 30 years ago. All the rest including the current incumbent have been hand me downs from one source or another. I beat with and shot over the sheepdogs, herded cows with an unregistered GSD who also flushed and retrieved game birds, herded sheep with an unregistered springer spaniel who also worked a beating line and retrieved from a hide, hunted the ultimate quarry with two donated / no papers GSDs and have never had a bad dog. Even the little 3 year old Fox T X JRT we got from the dog pound last December has made a cracking pet. There is absolutely no need to buy a pedigree breed IMO and this craze for sticking two breeds together just to get catchy name is abhorrent! And the dozy tarts who buy them demand that they should be registered. It's crazy!
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    I had a .22 rimfire for ten years never cleaned the barrel, never had the need to it never faltered, my mate cleaned his regular but shot no better, each to their own I guess
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    You’re right there mate as long as he keeps me happy that’s the main
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    Dont like to show off myself bit of a humble brag but mrs has a dacia duster too.
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    Top condition well done bully
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    He does what i need him to do mate atb longers01
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    Girl I work with got hers fitted for free as they was doing some offer .you do get a lead what just uses a normal house socket. Could just use a free charging point if you was worried about having a lead at your house
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    I don't think he was quite so plain. But, it needs making clear to remove one of the main leverage points the EU have been applying. Then Ireland and the EU can sort out for themselves whether they want the Spanish and French lorries to sit on the docks with rotting cargoes of sea food awaiting customs clearance.
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    https://www.teamriskys.com I don't know anything about them but these look pretty decent.
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    Couple of Lass on her Sunday mooch atb longers01
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    i still have a coleman lamp....they were a decent bit of kit...used it up to a few years back,,,
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    Had she been drinking too much of your homebrew
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    Yep. If Boris doesn't deliver Farage will blow the two party system apart. It will be the end of the current political cycle. I'm just waiting for Boris to state the obvious; "We won't create a hard border. If Ireland or the EU want to make one, that is up to them. But we won't put one up."
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    have a look on there website they might be able to sort you out
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    She’s putting some to bed mate
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    ..it's an interesting article on what might happen with Brexit......and I would say no-one can predict what's going to happen on 31th Oct.... Not even Boris.....and I don't think there's anyone lecturing, Wilf......the debate , from what I see, seems to be.....EU and Ireland are trying to Torpedo Brexit...nowt about what happens after the 31st Oct...... Boris stated before the referendum " There is no plan for no deal because we are going to get a great deal"', I think it's either a general election for the U.K or leave on the 31st.....thoughts?
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    if its not pouring down like today ,i hope to find out tomorrow ,lol...im due a walk out ,was going today but the forecast was horrendous
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    Shes coming on mate....sprightly but steady thats the combination you want.
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    You getting yourself a new booster seat aswell mate
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    Got better then that hanging on fridge
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