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  1. That's the same as I was told just wondered if ther was much border blood in them in the begging
  2. Anyone still keep work old type border lakey S still . Any picks ?
  3. Honest question was the much border blood in the old ward bred lakie types and has anyone got any photos of the old ward stuff
  4. Nice job looks like he worked es quarry up and hard looks strong handy terrier that
  5. The border dog very hard dog the summer off wil do I'm him good. Took some stick the last couple of digs this year . Work style like es grand father wer e first meet and grab em that's wer he holds til you brake thru.
  6. The phone number for the pup is on dragondriving Wheaton bull grey bitch pup ring the number ?
  7. Bitch pup works out roughly 3/8 5/8 with bit of Wheaton in ther
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