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  1. Glen waters new book on fox snaring, available from Fourteen acres.
  2. Nice snaring pal some cracking runs there
  3. I think they was catching to sell to the restaurant trade.
  4. I wouldn’t use if the entrance is wider then 95cm, you could catch a otter then the sh1t would hit the fan, same as trapping without a license. Four guys got caught in Derbyshire trapping without license. Big fines and vehicles and equipment seized.
  5. That’s why the DEFRA brought the new rule in about killing them at the site of capture to stop people spreading them about. I think it’s a bit too late though, signals are in most bodies of water in the uk, reaching as far up as Scottish highlands.
  6. Go on to Amazon type in crayfish trap, look for the fish kit one
  7. I haven’t noticed any difference in taste from river or Stillwater. I give them a wash in cold water,I also don’t purge I just snap the middle tail fin and pull the intestine out.
  8. Planning a trip to Texas next year,is there any crayfish restaurants near there Wolfdog?
  9. It’s big business in the USA by the look of it. what part of Us do you live?
  10. You get a big pan and put potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage and crayfish, boil it till it’s cooked then put newspapers over a table and empty the pan contents on to table and dig in.
  11. They was brought to the uk in the 70’s for the food trade, a few escaped and went mad
  12. They get to about 11cm worth eating at any size if you do a crayfish boil
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