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  1. View Advert Books for sale Books for sale. All in good condition Post or colllection, in Nottinghamshire. Phil Lloyd books £15 each Stormy nights £10 Dig deep £50 Little dogs £50. Pm if interested. It will be on a first come first served basis. Advertiser MR TEA POT Date 17/08/20 Price Category Miscellaneous  
  2. He gave me some when me and woodga paid him a visit,amongst other things. Certainly is a knowledgeable chap. Have you got his mink snaring video/dvd?
  3. Some nice snaring there mate I see a bit of Glenn waters has crossed the channel
  4. There is not much about him on google, there is the odd thing about his pictures coming up for auction but that’s it. Not sure about the two bulls pulling a stag.
  5. I finally managed to get hold of a painting by William Hobson called Confrontation,I first brought it in the 90’s, I foolishly sold and have looking for it for years. Only 1000 was done.
  6. Yes mate,started last week had 7 out of garden just waiting for lockdown to be over so I can get on the farms
  7. Send me a pm with which snares and how many you want. ill ring colin tomorrow and let you know
  8. I’ve got one in Nottinghamshire, not sure how you could collect though due to lockdown it’s not essential travel in my opinion.
  9. Thanks pal I’ll have a look Buying two seems a good idea cheers
  10. I’m after a lamp to go on my scope for a .223,I go on my own and holding a lamp while trying to shoot isn’t really working. It to fit on a 30mm Leopold scope on a .223,needs to be clear and bright out to 200yds. Thanks in advance
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