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  1. Send me a pm with which snares and how many you want. ill ring colin tomorrow and let you know
  2. I’ve got one in Nottinghamshire, not sure how you could collect though due to lockdown it’s not essential travel in my opinion.
  3. Thanks pal I’ll have a look Buying two seems a good idea cheers
  4. I’m after a lamp to go on my scope for a .223,I go on my own and holding a lamp while trying to shoot isn’t really working. It to fit on a 30mm Leopold scope on a .223,needs to be clear and bright out to 200yds. Thanks in advance
  5. Oh sorry mate it was a head shot due to the fox being in a dip in the field it was about 90 yards away, one side of its head was a mess hence turning over for the picture......thanks
  6. Cheers pal still buzzing this morning
  7. I fired and hit the fox game over took pic of the best side.
  8. Yes, quite a bit of a mess on the other side not one for taking gore pictures can’t see the point
  9. Went out this evening on a farm I got at earlier in the year, been after a fox for a while, it just wasn’t happening,this evening every thing come together first kill for the .223
  10. Buy the snares direct from woodga, bit cheaper
  11. Probably a good idea under the circumstances lol
  12. The rabbit population in this area is really high including all the surrounding farms so you don’t really reduce them for long,other rabbits soon move in and the numbers are back up again.
  13. Nice going Eddie Congratulations to you and Lynne on getting married,all the best to you both
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