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  1. i was in a bad crash a few weeks ago wile out lamping bud so done nothing since then i had about 25 rabbits with her in the week before that and she had a few other things with the little dog on the night we crashed hopefully be back out in next few weeks and see how she goes
  2. 240 blitz and 22ah lithium hanging out the window of a subaru
  3. Cheers bud she's about 23 tts ish shows me little dogs size better here he's very small about 19 tts
  4. Needed another dog as mini is constantly laid up with one Injury or another iv tried to look after her feet this season but after a few nights there back to how they was last year also opened up big scar on her chest iv had this young Wheaton whippet X beddy grey bitch see how she gets on show her a few things with my little dog
  5. U don't know it's there bud I'm holding it for a fella till Friday see if he turns up
  6. I only just noticed that looks like something has had him
  7. No d she's friendly with people she's ok with other dogs but I wouldent trust to be left alone
  8. Jag terrier View Advert I brought this bitch from serbia at end of last season planning to do abit of terrier work this year but just been to busy with lamping ect she's just saT there doing nothing she's 2,5 year old I literally have don't nothing with the bitch except walk her a few times shes done abit of work over there and is missing a few nasheers any more questions pm me I'm asking 300 for her witch is nothing compared to what I paid she's a nice size little bitch and kennels realy well Have passport ect Advertiser LurcherLad94 Date 08/10/19 Price £300.00 Category Working Terriers  
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