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  1. dave88


    Watch it every Christmas
  2. dave88

    Valentines day

    Like that episode of Only fools and horses where Marlene gets a new pair lol
  3. dave88

    How much snow have you got ?

    Enough to close all the local schools
  4. dave88

    Best ufo footage ever?

    If i remember correctly, Francie doesn't think the world is older than 5000 years
  5. dave88

    The Punisher....

    ....season 2 is on Netflix for any fans on here
  6. dave88

    Balls of steel

  7. dave88

    Trump Under Fire

    So if the wig gets his way and they start on the wall, what's to stop the next president from just scrapping the whole thing?...some one earlier in the thread mentioned that it would probably take multiple presidencies to build and there's no guarantee that'll be trump....genuine question
  8. dave88

    Trump Under Fire

    I'm sure some of you would change your tune if it happened over here and was affecting you directly
  9. dave88

    Trump Under Fire

    What makes certain members on here so politically clued in that anyone that disagrees with them has to be 'deluded' or 'a leftie' or 'can't see the wood through the trees'?. All I see are 800,000 people not getting paid this month (some still having to work without pay apparently) because the wig is throwing a hissy fit
  10. dave88

    Trump Under Fire

    No point in hiding it if you're constantly getting away with it
  11. dave88

    The things you find .

    And 'fookers' a dozen times
  12. dave88

    Finley James

    I'm phoning the doctor first thing in morning...there's a real danger of the missus getting the garden shears out otherwise
  13. dave88

    Finley James

    I bloody wish mate haha, my 5th
  14. dave88

    Finley James

    Finley James, born at 4:54 this afternoon ....now to get my nuts chopped off cos like feck am I having anymore....missus threatened to castrate me in front of 2 midwives, a doctor and her mother
  15. dave88

    Earliest memories

    The brain is a funny old thing, a memory of from 29 odd years ago sticks out more in mind than things I did last week