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  1. dave88

    Blew me away

    I don't go for these shows usually but someone sent me the link, gotta say it hit me straight in the feels....absolutely amazing!
  2. dave88

    For our special boy our team

    A lot camper than I imagined
  3. dave88

    Funny Joke Thread

  4. dave88

    G.O.T finale only 3 sleeps to go

    Come on now Greyman, you chase British big cats, you must be partial to a bit of fantasy?
  5. dave88

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    Shame about Notre Dame, hate seeing buildings like that in that state....regardless of what country they're in
  6. dave88


    That seems to be the British consensus mate...ignore it and hope it goes away
  7. dave88

    delswal's op

    Good luck mate
  8. dave88

    Should I sign?

  9. dave88

    Should I sign?

  10. dave88

    Should I sign?

    Pretty cool for the boys that this is happening but attached to the back of that was this.......to be honest I'm not sure i wanna sign anything from the BBC....especially involving my kids But am also assuming if I dont then they cant take part and potentially be in a show they bloody love
  11. dave88

    Should I sign?

    So....opened up my 2 boys school bags to get them ready for the morning and found this....
  12. dave88

    More sh*te from Kwis Packbam

    I've never heard the word used in a positive way, as I'm sure no one else on here has. It's a horrible f***ing word and if someone called one of my boys it I'd twat the c**t....definition or not
  13. dave88

    More sh*te from Kwis Packbam

    Linking the word mong to autism makes you the biggest c**t of the day....congratulations!
  14. dave88

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    Only if you get me one too, gonna stick it through the in laws letter box
  15. dave88

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    The minute a sledgehammer can fire 600+ rounds a minute I'm all for banning them