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  1. dave88


    Officially been declared a pandemic by the WHO
  2. Bit of mob mentality, even one of the coppers throws a few in
  3. dave88


    Anyone who would walk away from someone they supposedly care about when they need them the most...purely because they dont know what to do is a c**t in my book
  4. dave88


    Thought that myself, he definitely looks the part for that wrestling bollocks
  5. dave88

    Food challenge

    Get green lurches on the case, just a wee snack for him
  6. dave88


    Congrats mate, what number is this one?
  7. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/ozone-hole-was-super-scary-what-happened-it-180957775/
  8. Exactly what I said when I found it, cheating fuckers
  9. Don't mind his 'banter' most of the time but far too many threads have gone to shit cos he doesn't know when to give it a rest
  10. How tall are you mate, just for those of us that have got a midget fetish
  11. Not showing any signs of popping his clogs yet but I've seen the bloke do 40 odd cans of beer in a weekend, he must smoke 30 odd roll ups a day...theres no way it isn't gonna kill him eventually
  12. f**k me, he looks like one of the Simpsons. My old mans a heavy drinker and smoker and it's definitely gonna be what kills him
  13. Gone right off of tv, not a day goes by when I dont have my music on though
  14. Dunno what you're missing mate
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