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  1. dave88

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    Absolute c**t
  2. dave88

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Look at the state of that ffs!
  3. dave88

    BAD LUCK..

    Men aren't allowed to suffer from depression, it's seen as a sign of weakness to many...especially the older generation. My wife suffered from depression and it's no laughing matter, she just didn't wanna do anything and wasn't the bubbly, happy go lucky woman I married. Luckily she managed to 'get rid' of it but it took nearly a year of medication, talking, doctors appointments etc. It's a serious issue that gets ignored far too often
  4. dave88

    BAD LUCK..

  5. dave88

    Indonesia's Dog And Cat Meat Trade

    If i went down to the local market, set up a stall and started blowtorching live cats and dogs, I'd be considered a wrong'un and rightfully so. Yet over there it's f***ing normal...anyone that could do that to an animal when there's other ways to get the job done is a sick f****r IMO
  6. dave88

    Indonesia's Dog And Cat Meat Trade

    Not really against the idea of anyone eating cats and dogs but the way they do it's is a bit too barbaric for me
  7. dave88

    Raptor experts

    Pretty sure It was a velociraptor
  8. dave88

    Martians and Ufo's

    Not once he shows them that pad video they won't
  9. dave88

    RIP Dolores O Riordan

    Didn't kill herself like they first thought https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/sep/06/dolores-oriordan-died-by-drowning-due-to-alcohol-intoxication-inquest-finds
  10. dave88

    Hamster Gassed And Robbed At French Villa

    They're lucky that all they did was rob them
  11. dave88

    Forum lifespan

    We need a dogfox screening process, should start like this If you agree to an offliner at a race course, do you.... a) agree to meet and not show b) show up and do the biz c) take grainy pictures of a sign and pretend you were there anyway
  12. dave88

    Forum lifespan

    Feeling a bit left out now, the c**ts never messaged me
  13. dave88

    Forum lifespan

    f***ing hell Pete, did he really tell you to smother your boy? What a scummy c**t