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  1. dave88

    Nuisance flies

    I hope you meant swatters, can't use homeless people to kill flies
  2. dave88

    England could be back in the world cup.

    I was told it's a disability...
  3. dave88

    Funny Joke Thread

    I don't have a problem with black people..... .....I think everybody should own one
  4. dave88

    Weed ;)

    That's $40 ounces which at the moment is just shy of £30, can't even get an eighth round my way for that
  5. dave88

    A happy ending

    Not gonna end well imo, don't see how they're gonna get all 13 out without incident, plus all the divers that are helping etc...something is bound to go wrong
  6. dave88

    Our American cousins

    You not a fan of our redneck brethren then Scot?
  7. dave88

    Our American cousins

    That's the one where that alien ship blew up the white house ain't it? Funny thing to celebrate
  8. dave88

    A happy ending

    Went cave exploring with their football coach after footy practice, went in and rising water due to the rain stopped them from getting back out
  9. We finally know what happened to AXUM
  10. dave88

    Bullet cam

    Jizz cam
  11. dave88

    Happy birthday stan

  12. dave88

    Good morning from our mountain camp

    You recorded the poor f****r drowning?
  13. dave88


  14. dave88


    RIP tiercel
  15. dave88


    But you're the great dogfox, no one can beat you