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  1. dave88

    Weed ;)

    Those of you that give yourself a tolerance break, how long do you normally give it?
  2. dave88

    Bank account fraud

    Just had a call off of the bank, someone in Warrington tried to spend £202.50 at a place called American Golf...I don't even play bloody golf. Had to cancel the card and have got to wait 5 days for a new one...proper ball ache. At least the bank questioned it so the thieving c**ts got nothing. I'm always cautious and suspicious when using my card so f**k knows how they did it. Anyone else on here been done by these thieving tossers?
  3. dave88

    Ugly Fecking thing !

    Just looked it up, it's an actual breed not just a one off deformity
  4. dave88

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    Dogfox did say he'd be back with his new IP address...reading back through it does have a dogfox feel about it
  5. dave88

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    f***ing hell kev use your eyes mate lol...kerny asked a genuine question but its Friday and the jokers are out in force. As Stan said I don't see anything funny in what kerny wrote ffs
  6. dave88

    Embarrassing moments

  7. dave88

    Yanny or Laurel?

    Laurel for me, the missus and daughter
  8. dave88

    Rotting meat !!!

    Class B*
  9. dave88

    Whats in your garden

    I just bought a super soaker water pistol to scare the cats out of my garden, not the most effective and prob won't work but it's f***ing hilarious to watch
  10. dave88

    Another Paris attack

    That's all that's left to do, the countrie's bent over, lubed up and letting the whole world f**k it over. Sad to say but it is what it is
  11. dave88

    Weed ;)

    Been using the davinci iq vaporizer a lot lately, anyone know of any tobacco alternatives that are any good for putting in a joint?
  12. dave88

    Weed ;)

    What do you do for a living mate if you don't mind me asking?
  13. dave88

    NHS Co-Pays

    Isn't gonna be any uprising and anyone who thinks there will be has watched Braveheart one too many times, the British public ain't got it in them...well and truly whipped.
  14. dave88

    Lion attack

    Watched the full video to this not long back, he lived. She bit his arm and he took a claw to the abdomen
  15. dave88

    4" Roller. Decorators/Anyone help please?

    Mohair dogs dick?