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  1. just jack

    , Chaps

    not a lot changed really plenty of banter still kicking about
  2. just jack

    Idris Elba ... Fighter

    only seen it advertised, catch up it is as i forgot
  3. just jack

    Best Boots To Wear Shooting??

    something comfy, trial and error i reckon everyone's feet are different
  4. just jack

    Wet Day

    nice one mick, glad all is going good buddy
  5. just jack

    Wet Day

    not bad buddy, hows you
  6. just jack

    Wet Day

    ended up with 9, but what a wet day no guns allowed as it was common ground with permission
  7. just jack

    What you listening to at the moment.

    clever but good, Anorak
  8. just jack

    What you listening to at the moment.

  9. just jack

    Tea Bags

    like most stuff, you get what you pay for
  10. just jack

    Parson Russell Pics Get Them Up

    legs and like don says paper
  11. just jack

    Does Your Mrs Work?

    nice one mary doll, how you keeping? hope all is well
  12. just jack

    Does Your Mrs Work?

    the worst are kids pushing kids in prams, career girls,