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  1. Which the dog or the hare .? only joking it's a fine strong pup.
  2. jiggy

    Best part of uk to live

    Anywhere in the countryside is good ,where you don't have to look at fat lazy birds picking up their kids after school while still wearing their pyjamas .
  3. jiggy

    Bbc4 eagle huntress

    Tough kid. Even though it was most likely edited to suit her. It was still a great watch.
  4. jiggy

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    You jumped ship from your country when it didn't agree with you so why worry now in backward Ireland . We have words that explains you . Coward is the first I can think of. England is a good place if I was born there then I would support them .
  5. jiggy

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    So why not go back where you came from. We don't need you or your family . Go protect London or are you a coward. They need you now .
  6. jiggy

    Moving abroad

    I have relations in Spain. I'm just about to call them and tell them not to Tarmac their driveway this summer.
  7. jiggy

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    The full fight must of been sh1te because I just watched the highlights on utube and even though it's edited it was still desperate. He's a big awkward fighter though and he will cause any top fighter problems.
  8. jiggy

    First cross

    Ye should all get a wheaten cross. It looks like a deerhound but can do everything that a bull cross can. No need to argue then
  9. jiggy

    Premier league winter break approved

    It might help England in the world cup years if they are not going in suffering from fatigue. I don't think it will matter to the Irish as much as they won't have a strong enough squad to win anyway. Plenty of heart but not enough talent. England had enough talent the last few decades to win more than 1 World Cup in 52 years.
  10. jiggy

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    Sad to hear of any hunting person dying. Unfortunately they aren't been replaced by up and coming youngsters. Another generation and we will be close to been extinct apart from a few.
  11. jiggy

    the famous toby dog

    Can't believe nobody mentioned White Fang. But then again he was part wolf so it doesn't count.
  12. jiggy

    Running dog next to bike

    seen this on utube
  13. jiggy

    Old Photo's

    A picture of my great,great, great grand uncle during the famine 1845
  14. jiggy

    Dogs not tieing

    It's typical when you have a suitable pairing. If you didn't want a litter the next door neighbours mangy mongrel dog would tip her through the kennel gate in 5 seconds and they would have 10 pups