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  1. jiggy

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    I wouldn't doubt it because I was 15 at the time and 9 stone weight so looking at them now and I weigh 15 and half stone and 22 years blocklaying later they don't look as heavy but if your all day dragging them into shops then you don't need a gym. After 20 years and working 70 hour weeks lifting in 9 foot window cills then you build upper body strength but you still have chicken legs because you tend to miss out on leg day at the gym because you don't have enough energy left. That's why brickys tend to have a beer belly and wouldn't do well in competition . The beer belly is actually an advantage to prop up that cill when the skinny labourer is strangled lifting in with you when your swamped with scaffolding in the way.
  2. jiggy

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Thread should be called very little Tommy Robinson news because I look on all social media and there isn't a mention of him , only on THL. All he seems to be winning over is football fans.He isn't showing enough to win over the average guy that doesn't like mass immigration but still likes a kebab from Amir on the way home. Internationally he comes across as a thug. He should take a leaf out of Gerry Adams book and learn how to carry yourself. Gerry spent 40 years in a suit balls deep with IRA, Irish and British government and came out smelling of roses. Very intelligent man and the only difference between him and hitler is Gerry was craftier and lived to tell the tail. He should have 10 life sentences but Tommy Robinson wouldn't even increase the sweat on the bottom of his ball bag.
  3. jiggy

    Ferret disorientated ?

    I think too many buy ferrets for a tenner so 30 quid in the vets is out of the question. They are treated as the most disposable animal out there , coming second after goldfish. If you have a good ferret then look after it. If you only caught 3 live rabbits then it's paid for. There is plenty of knob heads out there giving ferrets to young working terriers thinking it will make them a better digging dog. Them scumbags shouldn't keep any animal, including goldfish. If you think throwing in a ferret will make your dog a better dog digging, finding and working foxes then you deserve a broken eye socket.
  4. jiggy

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    When I was a nipper (15) I worked in a local supermarket that had a busy butchers. Every week the delivery guys dropped in sides of beef and hind quarters and carried them 50 yards to cooler each time.They were beasts of men and built like Maori rugby players. There is big weight in dead meat on the bone so I don't doubt a fat ginger would be carrying power if If he was hanging out of that all day.
  5. jiggy

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Was that with the left or the right arm. I'm ambidextrous so either side doesn't matter. I write and use trowel or butcher knife with my right hand but when lifting heavy objects I use my left arm or left shoulder. I can carry way more weight on left shoulder.
  6. jiggy

    care home this sums it up ..

    I've relations working in the local HSE ( Health service executive) home. It's one of the best in the country. It's only available to medical cardholders for a portion of their old age pension. Some stroke victims have went there after been dumped in general hospital for a year with little or no after care or physio and the staff just weren't bothered and they couldn't walk, talk ,dress or wash themselves. Within weeks the staff had them functioning after putting physio in. They were then able to wash, dress, shave , use the bathroom alone and even walk to the shop for the paper. A private home runs more like a farm with cost cutting on everything and they just want you alive with little fuss to collect 1500 a week. The wealthiest end up with the poorest most expensive care.
  7. jiggy

    Upgraded the kids goldfish pond

    I'm more fascinated with the concrete. Is that a dye in normal concrete? It looks well. Fish tank looks the job too.
  8. I think most do carry on but don't post on open forums. A lot of people would be upset if you were evil enough to slap 300 magpie heads off the side of the trap.
  9. jiggy


    Don't be silly you don't have a hangover on st Paddy's day. It's the next day. I got an 8 foot dig on paddys morning 2 years ago and dug it on my own. I then went to the establishment and was very sick the next day. 18th march.
  10. jiggy


    The paddys ( the decent ones) always finish up on st Patrick's day. After that your only digging cubs.
  11. jiggy

    Silver king dies in the ring

    Wrestlers have safe words and certain hand signals to show the opponent and ref they are ok after a manoeuvre. Refs also have certain signals to show medical staff that the fighter does or doesn't need attention without the crowd knowing. This was obviously not done. Even on low budget shows surely there could of been a doctor there and an ambulance on standby. An amateur martial art or boxing tournament would manage that much.
  12. Seen one take an adult sparrow in its beak when both were in mid flight once. Didn't think they were agile enough until I saw it with my own eyes.If there's chicks left then it will be back for them. I used to catch 100 per season in my garden in a single Larsen trap before nearby dump closed and cut the food supply. Imagine the harm that many could do. I have to say I never felt one ounce of guilt dispatching every one of them.
  13. jiggy

    A worthy hunt

    Tasty! So what time did you say dinner is at.
  14. jiggy

    A worthy hunt

    Slow growing with not much meat return on a kid goat I suppose so there wouldn't be much profit in farm rearing them. Agreed it's wonderful tasting meat though. Probably nicest of all grazing animals. I reared a couple in the garden before but a lot of work goes in for less meat than a turkey.
  15. jiggy

    Muslim problem.

    I can see the need for all that in your lunch box. Use the knife to slice the apple in half, the flash light to check it for worms and then the gun to dispatch any live worms