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  1. jiggy

    C'mon, own up

    Some good staff out there too. I was at a funeral of a person whose family said that they couldn't communicate so the person spent their whole life in care. There was a lot of people scowling at the parents at the funeral when 2 or 3 nurses spoke at the alter about how friendly the person was, what type of music the person listened too and what hobbies the person had. It seemed more like their lives were too busy at the time to take on the burden.
  2. jiggy

    Clamour for the sun

    When I'm looking for the dragon I ask the kids and they usually say she's in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher
  3. jiggy

    C'mon, own up

    I know of a male mental nurse who also owns a well respected butcher shop in a neighbouring town who was caught climbing off a bed and closing the button on his pants of a serious mentaly Ill male patient Nothing could be proven but it's surprising how top brass in some of those homes don't want to deal with the fallout if something happens and risking their own jobs for incompetence so it's buried in the sand and the culprit is asked to leave on good terms. A baby is a hard one to cover up! My ex boss done a job in a home for Down syndrome people and he said it's unreal how much interaction is going on with male and female patients. Mutual consent maybe but can two Down syndrome patients make suitable parents is another question. I suppose forcing them to take contraceptive pills is invading human rights. Some of them are getting more action than able minded people . No inhibitions I suppose so anything goes.
  4. jiggy

    C'mon, own up

    Should have tested the females too. The way genders are nowadays you wouldn't know what their packing under their skirts.
  5. jiggy

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    This one caused a bit of controversy but as bad as he was when he got turned over it got worse.
  6. jiggy

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    I could understand somebody not wearing a poppy because they are from a different persuasion or had seperate wars so they didn't agree with them and that's fine but still it's bad form disrespecting any memorial of whatever nation.
  7. jiggy

    Blood moon tomorrow morning

    Heard a howling noise at 5.15am and I peeked out through curtains and there was a dire wolf sitting in my driveway staring up at it. It grumbled something that sounded like ( fcuking clouds again ) and then it pissed off back up the road disappointed.
  8. jiggy

    Mechanical help

  9. jiggy

    I thought this 5hit had stopped

    Most of these groups now don't have any beliefs and just create a stir every now and again to let people know they are still relevant. They use whatever organisation they are part of as a cover for making money from other criminal activities. Extortion, protection money, armed robbery, dirty diesel and drugs. If their organisation was ended they'd have no excuse for making dirty money.
  10. jiggy

    Pins and needles

    I don't think you are using the right cuts of meat or tenderising it enough if you need a scissors in the cutlery. I'd imagine the rice is hard eat with fork and scissors.
  11. jiggy


    Yes but the point been he was a drill sergeant so nailed the part perfectly. He was only asked for technical advice on that particular role but was then given the part. He didn't apply or audition for it.
  12. jiggy

    Pins and needles

    Stop rooting at your self with your thumb up your ass .When you fall asleep doing it then you roll over onto your arm unknown to yourself during the night then you are restricting blood flow. The cure is simple it's called a girlfriend.
  13. jiggy

    Bloody anoying adverts

    Funny that only the white guy gets a mention . No doubt he is a hero but dozens of local forces done the same without their name been mentioned. Bit like climbing Everest. The white guy done the last 100 yards for a photo but the Sherpa carried him and his gear the rest of the way.
  14. jiggy


    The drill sergeant in full metal jacket was a real drill sergeant. He was brought in for technical advice and research but he was exactly what they wanted so stanley Kubrick gave him the part.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._Lee_Ermey He died last year.
  15. jiggy

    Bloody anoying adverts

    Bingo is not the same unless done in drag which telly bingo was genuinely done here for years by Shirley temple bar.