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  1. jiggy

    Utah, May 19

    Just aswell your not a wedding photographer. You would capture just the grooms shoes and none of the bride.
  2. jiggy

    is this accurate?

    Your his step uncle in law.
  3. jiggy

    Too hot to sleep

    It must be tight for space on exam week with 10 or 12 students sitting in there studying.
  4. jiggy


    I wormed my chickens recently so I couldn't use their eggs for 4 weeks. I threw 2 dozen eggs over the fence one evening and the next morning there was the local pair of mags and a pair of greycrows eating them. They came back every morning for a week first thing. I didn't shoot them because they cleared out the swarm of starlings shitting all over the tools in my shed.
  5. jiggy


    Smash a few chicken few eggs in a spot suitable to get a shot then leave down a few whole eggs every morning for a week. You will find they will soon land every day at daybreak.
  6. jiggy

    Pups stolen

    Make sure the 10 year old lass gets the large reward. She will be off to Disney land for 2 weeks.
  7. jiggy

    Stock breaking patterdales

    Most but not all and it depends a lot on the breeding. I had some very easy kennel and stockbreak black dogs and then i had one that was a lot harder to train. It got more exercise and attention than any of my other dogs but still was very noisy, wrecked her kennel, ate metal bowls and pretty much anything she could get at. I ended up using a half beer barrel full of water to stop her flipping it and used a cow mat to lie on and she even chewed that up. I eventually got her stockbroke but you wouldn't go off to town and leave her in the chicken pen. Funny enough she wasn't aggressive with other dogs. It was all just a bit of fun for her.
  8. jiggy

    Stock breaking patterdales

    Too be fair some of those brain dead headbangers of patterdales can be stock broke, but takes a bit more time and care than a soppy Labrador where a simple no does the trick. All the necessary items are at your local B+Q store. Chainsaw, face gaurd , sledge hammer, bill hook etc, sliplead and a packet of chocolate treats.
  9. jiggy

    The lunatics are over the asylum

    Somebody that's legally seen as underage and too immature to properly understand or have sexual intercourse should not be aloud to take measures to change their sex at that age. Why can't they make a 14 year old wait the extra few years until 18 or even 17 and then if they want to sew on a dick or chop one off then best of luck to them. At least they are more mature enough to decide. The next thing will be threaded dicks like sound moderators for a rifle. You can be recognised as a boy on weekdays and at the weekend you can be a girl after a couple of turns anti-clockwise.
  10. jiggy


    I think the coral reefs aren't one single organism. Googlizer says it's a mushroom (fungus)https://owlcation.com/stem/largest-living-thing-on-earth
  11. jiggy


    Sunderland fc.
  12. https://www.woodies.ie/santrax-brick-tile-concrete-cleaner-5l-508949?utm_source=google_shoppinggclid=CjwKCAjw0ZfoBRB4EiwASUMdYdJXVLDZkHcoFkBDRa88DNaV7CV5NP6MaVHdwT7cFhc3QRYUBEGpVRoCY7gQAvD_BwE Sometimes it takes 3 treatments over time before efflorescence finally disappears.
  13. jiggy

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    It's more the lack of competetion that made it boring after Lewis left the picture
  14. jiggy

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Even if they are poorer than previous generations at least there's 3 or 4 at the top all roughly around the same ability but with different styles which makes it more interesting to watch. It's far better than watching the klitschos era when they went a decade without a challenge and were boring to watch. The only exciting fight that could of been made in that era was if they fought each other and that didn't even happen.
  15. jiggy


    Since the beginning of time countries and tribes culled each other with ,spears,swords, and guns but the land was still useable for the victor. Nowadays superpowers have weapons that can cause total world destruction and make the planet unusable. It only takes one lunatic leader to push the button if he feels his backs against the wall. If US keeps sticking its nose in everyone else's affairs while it does as it pleases then one of those lunatics will push the button and it will be a case of who plays for which team then.