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  1. 15 weeks old now the little shits couldn’t be happier with the stamp there taking kept whole litter of 5
  2. Little Tasmanian Devils now 7 weeks old
  3. Thanks mate, I’ve a few who would like some but I’ve not promised anyone as I might end up keeping them all. Wasn’t going to but after losing the bitch few weeks ago I don’t want to be in situation next season where I’ve nothing to dig . thanks
  4. thanks mate Yeah little lass is only 16 months and she’s dog mad haha
  5. Yeah it wounded me losing bitch mate as I’d only ever bred her once and got 1 pup is is bitch on the pups. Was going to line her this year coming but that’s dogs for ya And thanks I’m over moon with pups just gone 4 weeks old Atb
  6. Gave him back to the breeder mate nothing wrong with him just too many youngsters on yard
  7. Lost my best bitch a few weeks ago which is grand mother to these pups. Completely ruined my season as I only had the 2 bitches and all I have left is the daughter of the bitch which is on the pups. That’s dogs for you and wrong time of season to be looking for a worker but luckily have 5 pups all down from said bitch Atb
  8. Out of my old first x bitch to a reece bred dog so pretty much all half xs mate
  9. Black dog is doing everything I want and more so far ,more than I was expecting from him, he’s impressing me everytime out
  10. Caught everything put infront of them so far mate
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