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  1. She’s pretty much generation half bred but was smallest in litter being only 23” but she will be an asset I’m sure
  2. I’m very fortunate to be able to travel all over with lads and 6000 acres plus local to me to play on
  3. Nala now around 10 months old stands 23”
  4. No favourites but black dog is turning out to be everything I bred for and more time will tell but it’s early days , theres no rush there 14 1/2 months atb
  5. Very soon no rush with these the rest are the litter have started and all are doing well for the age but I like to start mine a little later should be going by October all being well
  6. Black dog and brindle is litter sister
  7. Thanks he’s a grand pup east to have around I bred them and kept two biggest both made 27” plus but are heavy dog is around 80lb bitch around 90lb
  8. No mate no alaunt in the breeding just a bull x mother was a first x I bred 11 years ago who passed a few months ago and father a generation half x
  9. Big Troy just turned 13 months
  10. She’s isn’t that big lol pic makes her look bigger she’s about 23” and 25kg and 8 months old
  11. Strong powerful dogs mate hopefully do what you ask
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