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  1. Feet and brilliant mate nice and tight
  2. The dog pup just shy of 11 months old now.
  3. Mines only 11 months mid June so still has to fill out I reckon he’ll be close to 100lb when done but he’s getting on for 28” so I think done height wise now
  4. No he’s on he’s own the vizsla bitch is also separate . But best of buddies
  5. Yeah hopefully they will be mate, the bitch is rapid and turns excellent the dog is getting there aswell but hoping doesn’t get too heavy he was over 80lb 6 weeks ago but time will tell. Back end of next season should see what they are making no rush with them
  6. The bitch has gears and Can run the dog is starting to shape up now and is quicker than I thought he would be but the mother was a first x and she took all quarry for 8 seasons single and big number on lamp and father gen half x and he was no slouch either taking all quarry regularly so fingers crossed they won’t be one trick ponies mate.
  7. Pups just gone 10 1/2 months old , bitch is around 24” ish and dog just about 28”
  8. These won’t see much till September they will be 14 months then. Then just steady away dog is still growing he’s around 27” and just over 80lb now bitch around 24”ish but I think she has slowed down a little in growing but is faster and more switched on of the two. Atb
  9. Thanks mate received and much appreciated Regards Keith
  10. Last trip up hills before I’m away for a month in Africa there coming on now . 9 1/2 months old this weekend
  11. I’m looking for joe finnan book no moon tonight . I’ll have a look thanks
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