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  1. Cheers mate yeah I'd say around 25/26" mark there 14 weeks old now around 17 in mark they will make what they make I'm not too fussed on size as long as they do the job.
  2. My 3 keepers from old girls last litter. Kept 2 dogs and a bitch. 11 weeks old tomorrow.
  3. There carrying a bit of summer weight I don't really start till October.
  4. Early start for girls before it gets too hot for them
  5. Mother is racy for a first X and could run and catch all quarry but hoping for strong well put together animals that can run a bit. Cheers
  6. Bred my old bitch this year just whelped 10 pups she will be 9yr old tomorrow And normally wouldn't breed a bitch of this age but she's been a world beater to me. She's a genuine first X bred by myself out of Ried bred bull to daughter of Westmeath Hawk to a big unit of bull x bred down from Monty and Sally on father's side. All pups spoken for before birth. Atb
  7. No mate not that I know off not for at least 8/9 generations. All go back to brain's early stuff. Through Cloots/Schwab's/Jones/booth blood
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