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  1. Dc there my youngsters from my own stuff just over 11 months old smaller one is the dog pup
  2. I still have my own stuff pal got these from a good mate and yeah different blood they have only just turned 8 months old first 2 pics dog pup last 2 bitch pup from same litter
  3. I had the Reggie dog which was Don x polly he was a good lamp dog took good numbers with him and lined Reggie back to a daughter of Chester which produced the Howler dog I had and he was by far best dog I’ve ever had to date unfortunately killed in action but had lined him to my old first x bull greyhound of which I still have a bitch with that blood but she’s around 7 now and it was a good old litter.
  4. Thanks mate I’m over the moon with them nice and strong but not too big just going 9 months old
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