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    Twat, free to good working homes it’s the only way.
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    These are some pups I’ve bred, wrong time of year ideally but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to breed from my bitch.
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    Alright folks, used to frequent this forum more often than walshie did the men’s toilets, family life and work meant I couldn’t get on as much, bairns are now a wee bit older so easier to palm off to play in their room, dugs are old, don’t do nearly as much as I’d like to and I’m Aulder and not so wise still. Glad to see some of the old faces still around, still trying to work oot who’s away though... some recent pictures
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    Dunno about medical help. Maybe a crash course on photography might help though lol
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    Artic I bet you do a better selection box than Cadbury's at Christmas
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    I'm in my twenty first year as a primary school teacher. Each year gets harder as the expectations are constantly changed and the work load becomes increasingly ridiculous. It's only down to the support of other staff, positive kids and the amazing feedback I get from some of my parents that I put up with it. I could tell you that we don't actually get all that holiday to lay on a beach and that we don't actually only work from 9 until 3:30...but I'm afraid some people are beyond recognizing the benefits of a great education and can only complain and blame everything on everybody else. As for them "only being a class of eight year olds" I've known four year olds to hit pregnant staff in the stomach thanks to well meaning parents telling them that they don't have to pay attention to us and can do what they like. I'll keep doing it...for the kids and parents who appreciate me and what I do.
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    Here is my pup I bred he's coming along nicely very clever dog and has very high prey drive .
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    Took the GSP and camera, (no rifle ) out today and took a few photos to show part of one of my permissions and what`s going on with the wild life. Rabbits are in here ! More in here ! Basically Kaiser was marking all the warrens for me and telling me where to ambush them. Here`s the Grey`s says Kaiser. So a good ambush point for the greys. A hide against that verge would give great cover. Ducks and snipe lifted here at one of the many flight ponds. Here`s a well used fox run he`s marked for the snare. Here`s a large buzzard we disturbed, it`s wingspan was easily my arms outstretched, it was a big fella. Anyways lads, just to show how I watch what is going on. atb Mark.
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    Just been testing it again as i moved the scope back and had a look through it in day light ,,i could use it no bother in day light Phil each target has 9 shots in it and the best thing is i did not have to zero it again first pics are one shot in each target . and still no shims atvbjimmy
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    There is far too much blaming teachers & the education system & not enough personal responsibility admitted by parents & lazy twats like myself. I've had this argument a lot over the years, often with people I went to school with that thought out school was poor. Our school was the only secondary school in town, so we had pupils from all backgrounds from lower working class impoverished families to middle class kids that didn't get sent out of town by their parents. Most like myself were ordinary working class kids from decent enough backgrounds. The kids that invariably done well right through school wanted to or came from the middle class families & those kids that had fcukwit parents acted like fcukwits & done fcuk all or like myself, had the ability but were too bone idle to use it. Obviously there were exceptions, but the pattern was obvious. We all had the same opportunities & I have to say, I thought most were good teachers. All the people I know that went on to university or have become successful professionals all have one thing in common, they got their heads down at school & done the fcuking work. No one held a gun to their heads!
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    Nothing worse than a runner in cover and watching the quary bolt and make it's escape right accros the middle of the field
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    There's something about twisting up a fatty and kicking back.... More social imo than listening to some prick coughing and spluttering all over you atb dc
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    Some original draws by Hélène Preveraud
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    The way it should be
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    true, i know it hard viewing watching kids starve to death etc what ever the colour , but we got enough probs in our own county to sort out 1st , start here 1st, help the fckin poor, the homeless , people on low incomes , that take few years to sort out 1st, never mind people/ kids in other countries
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    How does your shoot feel about baiting and snaring him ? - "Bring him to you" Half rotten rabbit livers and a few snares usually catch. Good luck BC Had a tenant of 6 years pass away and left one of the flats needing a full refurbishment Rez, plus the phone is none stop for roofing jobs. I`m not complaining but there`s more to life than constantly working.
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    At least we as hunters see what is going on in the countryside, while the rest are watching the idiot box Nice Mark
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    Got to say. This one got loose. They set a camera up and you got a crystal clear picture evem at night all within a few days.. All others who have set up cameras where there is reported activity for years get half blurred unrecognizable pictures. Doesn't add up. Not bashing as is like them to be out there but the evidence of this a real cat on the loose in a few days compared to the years of no evidence over reported sightings don't look good
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    Some pic of one of the oldest badger's hunting team, founded in 1934.
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    i did do one got 50 copies made an sold 3 then lads came at me saying am only after the money so id rather just injoy the lamping an hunting an not worry about people taking s##t about myself. i use my phone am sure i could get a camera an record better clips but then you go down the road costing money for cameras an all am intrested in is hunting an recording these on my phone to look back on over the years i have all the recording from start to finish for my self an share on youtube just to share and it cost nothing for other folks to watch it . i set for hours watching youtube an i think mine are just as good quility if not better from the phone . i just clip the phone in record from i call then when its dead them edited it to be seen online. i could make alot of money doing it but am just a fella that likes my hunting an no intrest in gaining from what i injoy doing . i am on facebook but i no most people on hear arnt but am private on it an i show abit more on it than youtube . thats were i stand on it lads cheers tho