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  1. Think yourself lucky Jigsaw: mine's over eighteen months old now and still rips up every piece of bedding we give the little b*gg*r! We even bought a supposedly bullet proof one but he managed to get the zip off, pulled out the lining and reduced it to confetti.
  2. Couldn't have picked better!
  3. Got back from walking Ned around the local wood to find my lovely wife has ordered me a copy via Santa.
  4. I'd agree with Jigsaw. I've heard of a few shifty ones but mainly crosses. One of mine didn't trust strangers at all but most of mine would happily walk off with anybody if they carried a crook and smelled of sheep dung! My current youngest is a complete tart.
  5. Neal


    Good point. I've often thought it odd that the majority of heeler or kelpie cross lurchers I've seen have been tawny/stereotypical dingo coloured...although dingoes come in a much wider variety of colours.
  6. I'd love a copy please Phil. I don't use PayPal (too much in the Dark Ages) but I think my better half does so I'll ask her to get me it for Christmas!
  7. Neal


    I work as a teacher in a Foundation class (four to five year olds) the majority are just being introduced to using mark making as a form of communication...and I give up half way through Bill's posts...sorry Bill, I'm sure your talents lie elsewhere.
  8. Neal


    Genetic research a few years ago on Australia's top kelpie studs discovered that the average kelpie has c. 4% dingo in it's background. I've heard of one "pet" dingo kept in the U.K. (which I believe was bought from a zoo) which was used as a ferreting dog...but it had a mild penchant for sheep!
  9. Maybe 7/8 kelpie 1/8 greyhound...I don't want to risk too much sighthound...on second thoughts, maybe 3/4 kelpie 1/4 huntaway then I'll get the longer legs!
  10. I'm really interested in seeing how they all turn out. I've been perfectly happy with my five pure-breds for the last nineteen years but I've been working them in the small fields and dense, bramble strewn woodlands of south 'am'shire where rabbits rarely run more than a few yards. However, we're hoping to move to Devon within the next few years so maybe I'll need something with longer legs. Not sure I can get on with that sneaky lurcher temperament though!
  11. As others have said Jigsaw, everyone who's got one likes them and that's part way to a successful future. I personally didn't pick mine because they could "slay" fifty but for two main reasons: a) they can keep going all day while looking for just one and b) I can not only put up with them all day but actively enjoy their company. Also, as you've previously stated, having a dog which can go all day doesn't necessarily mean they don't let up 24/7. The best kelpies I've met sound just like the sire you used in that they give their all when they need to but are perfectly happy to sleep all day if given half a chance! Old Rusty spent most of his spare time either curled up in a ball like an arctic fox or spread eagle roasting his nuts in the summer sun. Lazy sod! God I miss that dog.
  12. I started a similar topic earlier this year as my kelpie has a retained testicle. Despite the advice that it's hereditary I couldn't find anything online that stated this as a 100% fact other than hearsay. I'm fine with having one removed due to the cancer risk but couldn't find anything to say unequivocally that it's definitely going to be passed on. The breeder (and my vet) have advised waiting until he's at least two years old as some drop later. Hope this helps.
  13. Congratulations Jigsaw! They look great. If it's any consolation my "pup" is still a fecking nutter at seventeen months! Based on my previous four kelpies I've still got a couple of years until he calms down. They go from Bjork to Bob Marley overnight sometime between three and four years old.
  14. Congratulations CollieJohn! Glad to see the pups all turned out well and are enjoying life.
  15. Congratulations Jigsaw and congratulations on already having homes lined up for them. Sorry for sending these good wishes so late but I've just got back from a week in lovely Aberdyfi in a cabin with no TV or internet!
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