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  1. Agree there! I've found that with most of mine. A lot of people who've only met kelpies from certain lines think they're all go and no off button but mine have largely been a bit on the Bob Marley side. When I moved into the house I'm currently in, I moved in with my first two kelpies (fourteen years ago). I was teaching full time at the time so all my dog walking was either five in the morning or late in the evening. When it got to the Easter fortnight and I took them out in the day one of my neighbours was shocked to see I had any dogs as she'd not heard a peep out of them. Similarly with the kelpie/collie lurcher, I was bed bound for a week or so once with pleurisy (sp) and he just got a short walk courtesy of my late mum every day (c quarter of an hour) and spent the rest of the day asleep at the bottom of the sofa-bed (I didn't have the energy to crawl upstairs!).
  2. When I bought my first kelpie cross back in (I think) '97 (!/4 kelpie 1/4 collie 1/2 greyhound) another guy (called Phil I think and from North Wales) was picking one up too and he described a pure kelpie as "Too much of a real dog for most people." Eighteen months later I bought a pure one as I loved the differences I noticed in the lurcher compared to previous collie cross lurchers I'd either owned or met and while I can see what he meant I think it's more a case of accepting a dog who wants to do it his way (and is usually right) whereas the British mentality tends to prefer a biddable dog which does as it's told. Just my opinion.
  3. Thanks, that makes more sense now re me thinking it was 21st.
  4. I was brought up to believe that the Winter Solstice was 21st December and the summer solstice was 21st June but I've noticed, for the last few years, that my calendars always record it as the 22nd so I'm a tad confused by this too. Is it because it's the longest night rather than the shortest day maybe and therefore falls between the two...but that would therefore mean the opposite for the summer one. I remember being taught at school that the winter solstice was previously on the 25th (before they added the extra days re Gregorian calendar and all that jazz) and that's how Christianity was encouraged among us pagans.
  5. Don't start Phil: they induce dopamine so now I'm always thinking 'just one more.'
  6. No, sorry for the mix up. Although most kelpie studs have typically Australian sounding names (Karrawarra, Boanong, Karana etc) same are named after places where their ancestors came from hence Abernant. Having said that, I've often thought the Welsh Sheepdog character is more akin to a kelpie than a Border Collie...but then again you could say the same about a curly coated retriever and I'd be very surprised if they were related!
  7. It's definitely arrived because Ella ( my lovely wife) just showed me the back cover before wrapping it as she thought you'd borrowed one of my two for the photo! Is it Taz? Then again she still can't tell Noggin and Ned apart even though Nog's now getting on for six and Ned's been with me for a year and a half. I've tried to explain the main difference: Noggin keeps himself to himself and curls up in a ball on the dog sofa whereas Ned is the one who's so in your face that I'd swear she and the kids have rechristened him with a Welsh name: Gowaway!
  8. Great video Socks and a very good point well made. Although there is a show breed called the Australian Kelpie it's a completely different animal to the Working Kelpie and, as such (apart from those aspects which help it perform its job in a variety of situations and climates) they're pretty varied in appearance. My first looked like a cross between a collie/husky and whippet but not an even spread: the front half was the collie/husky and the back end was a whippet. My second looked like litter wastage from a collie/greyhound x collie/greyhound mating and I was often asked by lurcher owners, "What was the greyhound crossed with?" My third looked like a Manchester Terrier and occasionally went to ground. The ones on this video and the sire to Jigsaw's pups look much more like the late great Abernant Jim who looked remarkably pregnant for a male but was a great dog on cattle and he features multiple times in the breeding of my current two...which could account for their chunkier build. The other thing to note in this video is the distance off the cattle. So may people rave about working sheep and cattle dogs which plough in and take hold whereas this is often a sign of weakness and a good kelpie will usually just say, "I'm over here but I'll give you some time and space to make your own mind up but I'd suggest you go over there."
  9. I believe it's an abbreviation of Tasmanian Pye which was an almost legendary brindled herding dog from Tasmania which was a cross between the native Thylacine and a Shetland Sheepdog. Honest!
  10. I think mine arrived a couple of days back but it's been put away until Christmas. Thanks Phil.
  11. Think yourself lucky Jigsaw: mine's over eighteen months old now and still rips up every piece of bedding we give the little b*gg*r! We even bought a supposedly bullet proof one but he managed to get the zip off, pulled out the lining and reduced it to confetti.
  12. Couldn't have picked better!
  13. Got back from walking Ned around the local wood to find my lovely wife has ordered me a copy via Santa.
  14. I'd agree with Jigsaw. I've heard of a few shifty ones but mainly crosses. One of mine didn't trust strangers at all but most of mine would happily walk off with anybody if they carried a crook and smelled of sheep dung! My current youngest is a complete tart.
  15. Neal


    Good point. I've often thought it odd that the majority of heeler or kelpie cross lurchers I've seen have been tawny/stereotypical dingo coloured...although dingoes come in a much wider variety of colours.
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