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  1. Neal

    Bare feet

    I was watching an old episode of QI on Dave yesterday and they were saying that urinating on a jelly fish sting doesn't work. Apparently, the best thing for it is sea water!
  2. Neal

    Copper braclet.

    I started a similar thread a few weeks back about the bio-flow, but in my case it was the collar for my kelpie with arthritis. Re the placebo effect and things not being proven; I'm sure somebody told me many years ago that it's scientifically impossible for a bee to fly. That could've been an urban myth though.
  3. The woman I bought one of my lots of bantams from used a landing net to catch them.
  4. I've got a better one than that: my tutor's, tutor's, tutor's, tutor's, tutor at Art College in Falmouth was one of the suspects for Jack the Ripper. Now, back to pike
  5. There's a book called The Pike written by Cliff Twemlow. It's based in Windermere with a six foot pike. They did start making a film of it but I don't think it was ever finished. My (extremely tenuous) claim to fame was that my ex-girlfriend's, ex-boyfriend's best mate (I did say it was tenuous) made the motorised model they were going to use for the film.
  6. Neal

    40 sheep killed

    I've only ever eaten goat once but it was absolutely delicious! It was last year in a Caribbean restaurant in Exeter. My favourite meat had previously been wild boar but that curry was enough to make me change my mind. As others have said, no idea why it's not sold more readily in supermarkets. I'm sure I read somewhere that it's the most popular meat worldwide.
  7. Neal

    No Celts....

    My big toe is Egyption, my second toe is Greek, my third...
  8. And if all else fails (in terms of selling pups) mate it to something with a merle gene and claim that there have always been merles in the breed but they're just not recognised by the kennel club. I've seen so many merles in the last few years. Bulldog? Deerhound? I've nothing against merles but, every time I see one, I always think why did you pick that particular pup? Was it REALLY your favourite in the litter? Was it's temperament better than the others...or was it just the prettiest?
  9. Did any of Jigsaw's kelpie x greyhounds end up in the south east?
  10. Neal


    Not just here then. We've got the swords of daffodils in the front garden but they're right by the front door and it's almost north facing so it always takes them longer than usual. I'll check out some other gardens. We nearly had a squirrel today. They marked one in a solitary tree. I couldn't see it but accepted their mark. I've sometimes found that, if I pretend to climb the tree, it'll panic them into jumping, but I couldn't get that close because of a ring of brambles around the base. I found a big stick and hit the trunk a few times instead (sorry tree). Next thing I know, a f
  11. Neal


    I'm sure that a year or so ago, somebody suggested a thread where we could note down when we'd seen first sightings of particular things like frogspawn, swallows, cuckoos, snowdrops etc but I couldn't remember if it had materialized or not. Anyway, I saw my first load of frogspawn today. Not certain, but I think this might be the earliest I've seen it. It always used to appear in my local wood on or near St Valentine's Day but I've not seen any in the wood (apart from the main pond) for several years. This year's lot was over on the farms and a heron was standing on the same corner. Do th
  12. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to sit on the fence for a tad longer. As I suspected, the nature of his injuries from the RTA were such that he'll always have a bit of a limp (which has understandably worsened with age). However, What I was hoping for, and what seems to have happened, is that it's lessened how uncomfortable he feels. Before, he'd have his walk and then say, 'thanks for that, I'm knackered now so I'm sleeping until you take me out again this evening.' He does seem to have a bit more energy and to have regained some of his youth; in a similar way to the German Shepherd bit
  13. Or you could go the other way and mate it to a pure pastoral breed. Just saying.
  14. I usually say, "don't mention it," or something similar.
  15. From my personal experience...I'm from the saaf east originally but lived in Cornwall for a while and Cumbria. I'd say that it's the further west and north you go, the friendlier people are. I remember going into a second-hand bookshop in Kendal and chatting to the shopkeeper for almost an hour...and I didn't even buy anything! Whenever I go back to the West Country I find the vast majority of people friendly and welcoming. The only exception to that I can think of was a woman in Abbey National (as it was then) in Falmouth (I studied Fine Art there in the early 90s). I managed to ma
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