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  1. Neal

    Freezing game

    I've always frozen any rabbit or squirrel which has subsequently been fed to the dogs. I've usually done this for about three or four weeks as I've been told that this will kill off any worms etc. However, while walking back from a hospital appointment early this morning, I found a roadkill woodcock. I brought it home, cut off the head for the pup's breakfast, cut off the wings for future chews and cut the rest in half. I then bagged it up and put it in the freezer. My questions are a) is this necessary with woodcock and b) how long before I can defrost it for the dogs?
  2. Thanks Skycat, great advice. I must admit, I did consider your very first point as a possiblity as she was originally the smallest in the litter but, thanks to also being the feistiest in the litter, she'd pretty much caught up with the others when I picked her up at eight weeks. With regards to the psychological aspect, I also feed her beef trachea and chicken wings (the latter take her about five minutes to eat but the former keep her occupied for nearly two hours!) and this morning I've bought a bag of tripe chunks which will hopefully be better for her in that respect than the blocks
  3. I'm wondering if anybody has some advice or tips. My 21 week old kelpie bitch was a consistent poo eater when I first picked her up at eight weeks. She'd literally do a poo, turn straight around and snaffle it down as quickly as possible. Thanks to watching her like a hawk and immediately picking any up as soon as she'd crapped she'd stopped this habit within a week or so. However, now that she's out and about and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the local wood, I've noticed that she'll still occasionally do it...but never her own. It's not every poo by any means and I've sometim
  4. I'm glad I didn't put a then and now photo up as I have a photo from around the time of my my first lurcher, which was just after I left art college and a friend once said, while looking at the photo, "You look like a homeless girl."
  5. I agree! Not quite the same area, but I lived in Coniston for about eighteen months (running an art gallery in the village with an ex-girlfriend after leaving Falmouth School of Art). After walking around Coniston Moor, Wetherlam, the Copper Mines and Hawkshead every day during those months when I returned 'dan saaf' I could walk all day long without feeling even slightly tired. It really improves your stamina.
  6. I'm older than my teeth but younger than my eyes. Or to sum up, I'm 52. I seriously have a t-shirt (David Sylvian Red Guitar) which is older than some people on here. I think it's 38.
  7. My brother currently has one whippet but had three at the same time. They were all from different lines: the first was from show lines, the second from "working" whippet lines and the third from racing lines...all were pure. He's told me several times that, although they've all had their different strengths and weaknesses, when it came to catching things in general, he'd say they're all of a similar standard with not much to pick between the three.
  8. I think some of you are missing the point. I don't watch it because it's a comedy and I don't watch it because it's a fishing programme. I watch it because it's half an hour of two genuine blokes who are genuine mates simply enjoying themselves while "messing about on the river." While we're on the subject...I can recommend Bob's autobiography "And Away..." My lovely wife bought it for me for Christmas. Unfortunately I was banned from reading it in bed as I was laughing too much and nobody in the house could get to sleep. It'll make you cry a few times too. With the exception of Stephen
  9. I met her when she was guest DJ at the "alternative" night at the Portsmouth Poly Disco. Sad news.
  10. I very very rarely see any near me. My kelpies have switched over completely to being squirrel dogs and none of my current stock have even caught a rabbit. When my last two ferrets died about eight years ago I didn't even bother to replace them.
  11. One word of advice. If you do use an alleyway or gunnel make sure your particularly bouncy ball doesn't boing under somebody's back gate. I speak from experience.
  12. I've never needed to try it (touch wood) but I've heard that camrosa ointment is a miracle cure for stuff like that.
  13. Re obedience and recall...I'd say that the most obedient lurcher I ever had was a collie x whippet. She always did exactly as she was asked but, unfortunately, at a detriment to her initiative when it came to working. Oddly, the hardest thing for me when it came to training her was recall. The reason being that she honestly never left my side more than a few metres as a pup. I had to actually get somebody else to lead her away, unclip the lead and then call her back as I didn't want to assume she'd recall in an emergency.
  14. A couple who live near my daughter's school have two of the smaller terrier sized podengos (is it podengos or podengoes?). They told me I'm the first person who ever knew what they were...I don't think they're workers though.
  15. I've often heard of Vizslas described as velcro dogs as they don't like to be parted from their owners. One of my neighbours has two wire haired bitches. They have plenty of stamina, as someone above said, and he takes them out running with him, but whenever he leaves them at home they yodel continually.
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