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  1. Neal

    Ferreting Dog

    As Bobtheferret said, they simply know better than us so, as a result, I wouldn't want to go ferreting without a dog. I no longer have any ferrets, as the farms I worked on have gradually been covered in concrete, but when I did I caught a lot more with my prick-eared sheepdogs. If it was a choice between dog or nets I'd choose dog every time: you may not catch quite as many but it's a lot more fun. To be completely honest, the only reason I had ferrets was to give the dogs a more definite "job" whereas now they're "just" ( for want of a better word ) bushing and mooching dogs.
  2. Neal

    pup not taking to diet

    Thanks Sid and Will. Very interesting, especially about the human consumption chicken. The irony is that the human quality chicken is roughly half the price of the "frozen chicken wings" intended for dogs from across the road in the pet shop...ridiculous. Anyway, an update: since my last post he's had no more chicken in any way, shape or form and his crate has remained vomit and diarrhoea free! I've fed him on various combinations of minced beef and/or tripe with or without the Taste of the Wild. I've also tried minced venison and some lamb bones which I found in Morrisons. Next step will be to try some rabbit and then maybe see what he's like on other poultry by trying turkey and duck. Many thanks again for all the advice and helping to put my mind at rest. Very much appreciated.
  3. Neal

    Huawei phones

    I never use the internet on my Huawei. I use if for phone calls, texts and photos. If I want to check something on the internet I just write it down on the phone's notebook and look it up when I get home. I wouldn't know what an app was if you hit me over the head with one.
  4. Neal

    Huawei phones

    I've got an older one (over two years old now) and the camera's amazing. Battery still usually lasts two days and as for the screen breaking, I wouldn't know as mine's in a Love Mei case. Everybody takes the micky as it makes it look huge and cumbersome but I could drop it on concrete with no effect! (Touch wood)
  5. Neal

    Phil loyd

    Completely agree on both counts. I've only met Phil a handful of times but if you take the time to listen to him for a few hours you'll get more genuine advice than from reading a whole pile of certain books. As for the forum, I only usually come on about once a month now and I don't seem to find as many threads that I want to read.
  6. Neal

    pup not taking to diet

    Thanks for the advice. An update: he was fine for a couple of days but yesterday I tried him on minced lamb and chicken mixed with the dry and I had another explosion. I think it was from both ends this time but it's hard to tell as I've known him to produce vomit which looks (and smells) like poo! I'm therefore thinking it's either chicken that's causing it or possibly combining the dry and mince. I'll try mince only for a few days and post again later next week. Thanks again for all the advice.
  7. Neal

    pup not taking to diet

    To be honest, I'm still not certain. I'm in the process this week of trying him on some minced chicken without the whole bones to see if that makes a difference...with a full bottle of stain and odour remover and plenty of kitchen towels at the ready!
  8. Neal

    Spaying lurcher bitches

    I had my current kelpie bitch spayed at around eighteen months (so around ten years ago). Ironically, on the morning that I took her in there was thread on here about spaying and Skycat's negative comments about spaying (re changes in temperament) almost made me change my mind at the last moment. I've found the main benefit is that I never have to worry about her being in season (obviously). I've found no weight gain problems but her coat has deteriorated and her character changed. She had been very outgoing, friendly and bomb-proof but gradually became easily slighted and "a grumpy cow" with other dogs. It may just be that she was always going to end up like that though.
  9. Neal

    pup not taking to diet

    Thanks Socks; I'd not considered that. MJenks: as it's a BARF diet surely it should be prunes...then he can shoot the neighbours' cat when he pumps out the stones!
  10. Neal

    pup not taking to diet

    I'm hoping somebody can help me with some advice. I've been feeding my dogs on a BARF diet for over twenty years (that makes me sound like Keith Fit on Gigglebiz!) without any problems. However, my latest pup (currently eight months old) is having one major problem with it. He house-trained really quickly but I still found that he had occasional accidents in his crate overnight. To cut an extremely long story short...after numerous trial runs on different amounts of different ingredients it always came down to the same thing...chicken bones within chicken portions e.g. wings, thighs, drumsticks etc. At one point, because nothing seemed to be working I even did something I've not done for years and tried him on some dried food...and it worked fine! It's called Taste of the Wild and, although the poos are bigger, they're a pretty good consistency i.e. not the wet, stodgy things I used to have to try to pick up before I went BARF in the 90s. Basically, I've been repeating the same thing several times over the last few months...dry food works fine so I try him on BARF again and within a week he's crapped in his crate causing the usual problems that go with it i.e. major clean-up operation! However, as I said above, I think I've focused it down to the chicken bones as causing the problem. Although the poos are very runny (the accident ones) and I initially presumed something was causing diarrhoea I'm now fairly sure it's the opposite in that he seems to be producing the runny stuff in a vain attempt to clear out the hard stuff. I'm basing this on occasional hard lumps in the poo and even occasional spots of blood. I'll also sometimes find whole pieces of bone within the poo (like a huge owl pellet). The best way to describe it as though his stomach juices are not doing their usual job of breaking down the bone (as they've done fine with every other dog I've fed on exactly the same diet) so he has to try harder to force it out resulting in an explosion...apologies if you're eating while reading this. So, do I continue with the Taste of the Wild (which is a good quality dry food and he seems to do fine on it) or try something else and, if so, then what...maybe stop the chicken portions and stick with pre-prepared minced rabbit, lamb etc which I can get at my local pet shop but is more than twice the price of the dry? The latter also wouldn't solve the problem of something for his teeth to work on. One thing to add: I've no "local butchers" close by which is why all my BARF feeding is now done via the pet shop (NaturesMenu) or Sainsbury's (frozen chicken which is ironically a fraction of the price of "dog quality" frozen chicken wings from the pet shop). Thanks in advance!
  11. Neal

    Weirdy Beairdy?

    I've had three dogs with varying amounts of bearded collie in them during the 90s. All had their idiosyncrasies but no more or less than other dogs I've owned. The first was a first cross beardie x greyhound (so half beardie) she was very 'enthusiastic' and very intelligent. The second was 3/8 beardie 3/8 border and 1/4 greyhound and, like Shortstraw's, would go through gorse, brambles and barbed wire with no ill effect whatsoever. He was soft and soppy but very loyal. The last was 3/8 border 1/8 beardie 3/8 whippet 1/8 greyhound so the amount of beardie was negligible compared to the previous two. She was very easy to train but completely lacking in initiative. The only one of the three I'd have again would be the middle one but that could simply be because a) he had more base blood or b) he was male and I get on better with dogs than bitches.
  12. Neal

    A dash of dingo....

    I think I got it a year or so before the book and it's basically an abridged version of the book (or rather the book's an extended version of the DVD). Although there's a little bit about kelpies in general it's more a history book in that it looks at a number of the theories about how the kelpie came about and, with a hell of a lot of research, comes to some conclusions. I think I read in there that one of the Scots who supplied some of the early dogs to Australia was she same gentleman who gave Queen Victoria her favourite collie and that either his or someone else's collies contributed to the Gordon Setter gene pool which could explain the black and tan colouring predominating in kelpies because of some of the crosses being used too. Ah yeah, of course he was: I've just remembered that you got her from Mike. Both Noggin and Ned have some Karana blood in them too but there's is via Karana Lucy who's Noggin's grand-dam and Ned's grand-dam and great great grand-dam.
  13. Neal

    Border collie for dogging in ?

    Great article. One of my favourite ever articles from either the Countryman's Weekly or (as I think it was then) the Shooting News was an article in the 80s or 90s by someone called S Merrell about using pure collies and collie crosses for various fieldsports. It was that article that gave me the wish to one day move from collie etc crosses to pure breds for working. I think there was a collie x Bedlington in the article called Sally.
  14. Neal

    A dash of dingo....

    Hi Jigsaw. He was called Karana Krypto and he's the grandfather of my bitch and the sire of Dave Cs kelpie (I think). I got my book and DVD (and a training DVD too) from a site called kelpiehistory. Hope that helps.
  15. Similar to Forest of Dean Redneck: I occasionally get annoyed that there are no rabbits near me for my dogs but, as the only reason I hunt is to give the dogs a job rather than because I have to reduce a particular population, I've just tried to accept the switch to squirrels, rats and wood pigeons and the occasional rabbit (usually on Dartmoor holidays) is a bonus. They seem to enjoy the mammoth hikes looking for stuff as much as actually catching it.