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  1. My vet said pretty much the same i.e. inoculations studies have moved on and he now recommends lepto jab annually and the others every four or five years.
  2. My wife and I have talked about this a lot recently. I'm thinking of getting my next pup within the next year or so but, because of prices being so high, she suggested I buy a bitch next so I can breed my own in the future. By this I mean that I'll not need to pay the higher prices in future if I'm breeding my own. I've never bred a litter before as I feel that there are plenty of the right type of dog for me out there already without me adding more but...not if prices are circa three times what they were before. Though I'm not so sure about my wife's incentives.
  3. It's just so embarrassing. I've turned into one of those dog owners I've always sneered at, thinking 'why can't they control their dog, how hard can it be?'
  4. As an ex teacher I firmly believe that every day is a school day or, to put it another way, every mistake is a learning opportunity. It's proving to be a good job that I've got this attitude as I'm certainly needing it with Ned! I've had working dogs for about thirty years now but this kelpie (my fifth) is really proving that not all dogs are the same. Everything that's previously worked with the other four kelpies (as well as previous lurchers) just doesn't seem to work with him. There are a number of things he does which make me pull my hair out but the one which has brought me to write
  5. To be honest, I'm still kind of searching. I've got my lundhags which are great for winter wear but I prefer something lighter for most of the year. I wear lightweight trail running shoes by altra for about six months of the year as these are designed with a foot box which is actually the same size as a normal foot whereas most shoes companies seem to insist on us cramming our feet into their footwear and ignoring our little toes. Not perfect for those of you who dig a lot though.
  6. I used to wear them all the time. But then they moved their manufacturing over to China and they no longer fit me. I've even tried a pair on in a decent outdoors walking boot shop where they measure your feet properly and the bloke said my feet were too wide. I tried the next size up but then they're too long. Ho hum.
  7. The best feet I had on a lurcher was probably a 3/4 beardie/border 1/4 greyhound...so hardly surprising really. Four of my pure kelpies have had great feet but one had poor feet and, ironically considering the comments above, hers were the most hare like as opposed to round and tight like the others.
  8. Neal

    Any ideas?

    I'd agree with the two comments above re allergic reaction to something like a wasp sting. My last kelpie bitch had it twice and, on one occasion she looked like a Staffy as her head swelled up so much.
  9. Is that where the ones on the other thread are from, or it that just a coincidence?
  10. This is what I find so confusing about whippet lurchers. Just when I read an opinion I think makes perfect sense, somebody says something different which makes perfect sense too. Maybe it's simply that whippet lurchers can be amazing but some aren't and it just depends on which ones you meet. My brain aches trying to formulate my own opinion on this conundrum. I'd normally now sign off by saying that I don't need to worry about it because I've got my kelpies...but one of them is Ned...and my brain aches just as much thinking what the hell to do with him...but that's a whole other can of wor
  11. I'd always previously been of the opinion that a whippet lurcher MUST be better than a pure whippet because of what you're adding to it. However, for the last dozen or so years my brother has had three whippets and they've certainly opened my eyes to what they're capable of. I don't think I could ever have one though...my neighbour complains enough about how skinny my kelpies are...God only knows what she'd make of a whippet!
  12. I completely agree with this sentiment on many levels. The number of times on here (and before the internet when reading Countryman's Weekly and Shooting News letters pages) when similar questions came up. Somebody has a dog of a type not like the "normal" lurcher e.g. very small whirrier type or heavily base blood orientated and everybody says, "mate it to a pure greyhound (or a 28" 1/4 bull 3/4 greyhoundx saluki)." Then lo and behold the owners says that the next generation is faster but, "there's a certain something missing." I'm not saying it doesn't give you what you want in 99% of cases
  13. Those are the two that I've got too. Were any more published?
  14. Yeah, I think I've heard it called that before.
  15. I completely agree. I did an A level in geography and, although I learnt a lot about glaciation, erosion, weather etc that I still remember, I learnt far more about the geography of the British Isles when I went to Art College in Falmouth. I was with people from all over the country and learnt where they all lived and coupled with this I was reading every field sports book I could find and finding out about where all the lurcher and terrier breeders lived. Every day's a school day. Quite right. Whenever I had parents of the kids I was teaching thanking me for how well their kids
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