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  1. One of the actors who played a pirate in the early days of "talkies" was from Cornwall and so, to this day, people often put on a Cornish accent whenever they impersonate a pirate. Agree with the previous posts. I lived in Cornwall for three years in my early twenties while I studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art. I absolutely loved living there and have been trying (for the intervening thirty years) to get back to live in the West Country. Personally, I prefer Dartmoor, but there's definitely a certain something about living in Cornwall. I felt as though I was completely disconnecte
  2. I saw my first ever redstart this year. A pair of them were nesting in the barn next to the cottage we were staying in on Dartmoor last week.
  3. I'm by no means an expert on ferreting, as I only owned ferrets for about fourteen years, but I'd definitely agree with lifelong cumbrian. Following advice from Old Phil off here, I introduced my late kelpie bitch to the joys of ferreting as soon as she was old enough to go out (probably around three months old). I simply took her out and let her join in, get in the way and eventually help out more and more as her confidence and knowledge grew. That's the one thing I miss about not having ferrets anymore, is the adding of another string to your dog's bow. My first lot of ferrets and my l
  4. My pick would be the red one. Seems very business like yet responsive.
  5. Mine take the occasional wood pigeon but for some reason they always seem to point and flush pheasant instead of trying to make contact. I could understand when Rusty was like that as he was startled by a pheasant erupting right in front of him when he was a pup but the others do it too. Odd.
  6. A bit of advice please from a moderator: re my earlier post about articles in the Shooting News from the early 90s, I've found the articles I was looking for and there were actually more than I thought. I've actually got nine articles and letters from Carl Williams and replies from Dave Sleight, The Warrener, Stag Carter etc. However, my question is, am I allowed to photograph them and add them to this thread or is that not permitted re copyright etc?
  7. Couldn't agree more. That old nature/nurture debate again. I remember reading an article about Scottish shepherd/sheepdog trainer John Holmes in which the author put forward their opinion that what made him such a good dog trainer was not so much the tractability of his collies, but rather the fact that he could get such good results with a wide variety of breeds. Actually, I've just remembered, I think that article may have been written by Old Phil (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong Phil). With my first three kelpies, I was complimented once by a kelpie breeder when I pointed out
  8. Neal


    Here's what I never used to understand when I was younger: if hearing a cuckoo is the first sign of spring, and seeing a swallow is the first sign of summer...why did I invariably see swallows before I heard cuckoos? And, with regards to the nest photos...I've been keeping an eye on several nests that I've discovered in my local wood and here's what's happened to them: wren x 3 = destroyed (presumably by squirrel, magpie or jay) blackbird (I was actually watching this one daily as the number of eggs crept up roughly one per day until there were four) = destroyed (as above)
  9. My Dad had one of his first cross whippet x greyhounds. I'm sure the sire was a whippet called Bow so I always presumed they were 'new' at the time...but that was at the same time as I bought my first lurcher so would have been c. 91-2. I may even have a photo of it somewhere. If I find it I'll put it up. Won't be great quality though as it'll be a photo of a photo.
  10. I've still got a one pound note which I found in the pocket of a pair of jeans I bought from a charity shop in 1989.
  11. As you've both pointed out a) things are stacked against us as the vast majority of the British population think along those lines and b) being polite and showing how consistently well behaved your dog is is always the best policy.
  12. That's a stunning animal! I know exactly what you mean. I regularly see adverts for kelpie which are being sold because they have no interest in sheep when all they need is a bit more time. The dog all mine are line bred to, Abernant Jim, was a very late starter but went on to be an amazing working dog. I think people just expect immediate results in this day and age of emails as opposed to letters and the internal combustion engine as opposed to shanks's pony. Edited to add: I've been trying to work out what that photo reminds me of and I've just realised...it's the werewolf Profess
  13. I'd recommend Hawke. I bought some after reading a review in which someone said that they're not as good as Swarovski, but the difference in quality is minimal compared to the price. I then tried them out in The London Camera Exchange and the image quality is brilliant. I have the 10 x 43 endurance ed binoculars and the 8 x 42 endurance ed monocular. I think the monocular is about £70 and the binoculars are £210.
  14. I always say to my son that the reason we like our own company is because we come from a long line of lighthouse keepers.
  15. It'd probably be easier for you to use the search engine on here to be honest...otherwise I'll never stop waffling.
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