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  1. Forgot to add in my earlier post that I've noticed prices are starting to come down again...that's only with regards to kelpies though. No idea if that's reflected in other breeds.
  2. After reading all the positive comments on here (as well as many others online) I decided to try a pair of Altbergs. On holiday in Devon in May I tried on several models but none of them felt right unfortunately. I gather they make make them to order which would improve the fit but I'm still happy to stick with my Lundhags. On my second pair now after my first pair lasted about seven or eight years. I hasten to add that's the sole not the top of the boot which is still as comfy as ever. Unfortunately, the price of sending them to Sweden to be resoled properly was too restrictive so I decided t
  3. Did anybody see Countryfile last night? They mentioned a dog on there which had just broken the record for price at auction. I think it was £23K (or possibly 28?). I liked the one owned by the girl from Scotland: he wasn't backing down! Sheepchaser, am I right in thinking that Welsh sheepdogs are more upright in their working style and more vocal than borders?
  4. The litter sister of the dam of my new pup sold for $25,000, which works out at over £13,000! Needless to say, I'm not paying that much.
  5. Thanks Shaaark. I think you're right. I'll have to organize a couple of trips into Pompey and Chichester.
  6. I started researching for my next kelpie pup over a year ago and started panicking when I saw that the average was £1,200 and some were £2,500! Fortunately I went back to the same farmer who bred my current eldest and will be picking up my pup in three weeks at only a couple of hundred more than I paid for him more than seven years ago.
  7. I have one that I see occasionally in my garden. I know it's always the same one as it has a white patch on it where, at some point in the past, it must have leaned against a freshly painted fence or something.
  8. Thanks again for all the advice. I've done a bit of research and sort of found myself coming full circle. From memory of a good review I'd once read in the past (on the lines of "it's a good little knock about air rifle which does what you want of it but without the bells and whistles") I was initially leaning towards a BSA..."something" sport or lightning? However, the drawback of research is that you always find reviews which says something along the lines of, "If you like that then you'll love this..." which lead me towards Air Arms (pro sport or TX200?) or Weihrauch (possibly the 77?)
  9. I "rescued" one a couple of years ago which I found on my way back from the morning dog walk. I carried it back in my hat as that was all I had to carry it in. I'd noticed some blood on the side of its head and assumed it had been clipped by a car and so took it to a hedgehog rescue place on Hayling Island. The woman phoned me later to give me an update and told me it was extremely dehydrated and that she was fairly sure the injury was consistent with being kicked! Fortunately, despite its initial state and despite her not holding out much hope for it, it survived and was rereleased. Happy end
  10. I've never been to Australia but I get the impression that "us poms" have no idea how harsh it is out there for working dogs. We sneak about in the early or late part of the day in the height of summer whereas if your dogs couldn't accept those temperatures (and then some) they simply wouldn't be bred from. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few people in the U.K. who feel that the majority of the credit for the Australian herding breeds should go to the individuals who bred their Scottish/Northern English ancestors with little recourse to what was done after they left here.
  11. I must admit, I was a little surprized at how friendly mine were/are as I'd assumed (with the little knowledge I had of kelpies over twenty years ago) that they'd be more similar in temperament to cattle dogs. I've only had one which actively avoided people and the others have ranged from initially wary to "Hello Mr Burglar! Come in!"
  12. Thanks Phil. Good advice. I'll do a bit more research and then add my thoughts to this post. My initial thoughts (off the top of my head, before doing any research) is that I know I'd prefer a springer and I'd always assumed I'd prefer an Air Arms but so many people are in favour of that German company that I can never remember how to spell (or pronounce)...(Weirhauch?) that I'd probably consider them too. My main concerns are a) reliability and b) nothing too big as I'm hobbit sized at barely 5' 6".
  13. As Phil says in a later post, ACDs have a bit of a reputation for being "a bit funny" with strangers. I've had several occasions when people will give my pure kelpies a wide berth as they've assumed that they were "like those Australian cattle dogs" and were therefore not 100% trustworthy. I met one chap, many years ago, who'd nearly come a cropper while camping in Australia and taking a shortcut across a field with a heeler in it...he just about made it to the fence with his trousers intact. Also as Phil says (he knows his stuff) temperaments vary a lot even within 'friendly' or '
  14. That reminds me of a true story I heard once. A woman phoned a computer helpline from her mobile as her work computer wasn't working. She was the only person left in the building. After loads of advice and questions they'd still got nowhere so he asked her to look something up in the user manual. When she said she couldn't do that as she couldn't read the manual he asked, "Why not?" She replied, "Because the lights are off: there's a power cut!"
  15. Similar here. I think I've only ever fished about twice in my whole life (about forty years ago in my teens) but I'm so tempted to take it up as they make it look so much fun. Then again, I think those two could make cleaning toilets look like a good laugh. They're brilliant. Also, although I'm a solitary type I think fishing would need to be more of a social event for me to enjoy it. My brother does a lot of fishing and he said I'd probably need to take up fly-fishing as I'm not particularly good and sitting down and waiting.
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