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  1. I think I've probably got a few photos of Skye up a tree somewhere. I'll see if I can find them. I don't think she ever got as far up as yours or the bitch in the advert though. Has yours got some grey fox blood in it?
  2. There's a litter of 3/4 collie 1/4 whippets on Pets4Homes at the moment. They're based in Neath...don't know if the breeder is on here or not. I know you can't believe everything you read on the internet, but it seems as though both parents are good workers. Also, they're not merles...nothing against merles per se but I can't help noticing how many people advertise lurchers as merles when there's virtually no collie in them which would lead me to believe they've been bred for colour as opposed to temperament, working ability etc. Just saying. The blurb with the litter says the dam c
  3. I can't believe I wrote ant instead of mole.
  4. That's dreadful! That reminds me of stories my dad told me about someone he went out with in the 80s who'd pile their rabbits around an ant hill to make it look like there were more of them before taking photos.
  5. My brother has had three whippets, one from show stock, one from 'working' stock and one from racing and he's said that, although different in their own ways, he'd find it hard to pick any individual as his best at catching in general. ...but she was REALLY pretty.
  6. I completely agree. Unfortunately, although most of the litter were, as I say, fairly "average" in temperament, my bitch (Skye) and one of the males definitely took after "the complete opposite." When I bought her the breeder had already named her Sky but I added an 'e'...not that she could read...although she was undoubtedly the most biddable dog I've ever owned. I later discovered that Sky was actually short for her original name...Shy Sky! That should've been a warning. Oddly enough OldPhil, I once took her to a whippet racing meeting in the New Forest (not to run, just to watch
  7. That'll be those squinty blue eyes. She definitely wasn't bully in character.
  8. These are three from the litter. The first was my bitch, the second was the chunkier male and the black and white bitch was the only non-merle in the litter. Hopefully this gives you some kind of idea of variety, but don't forget that all collies are different and so all their offspring won't necessarily be the same.
  9. I once had a collie x whippet, but it was many years ago now. Mine was very sensitive but, in her defence, she was only my second pup and I made the grave mistake of picking the wrong pup in the litter. She was already very nervous even as a pup. From what I can remember from speaking to the breeder after, there were six pups (half male half female) and all but one were merles. One of the males was a tad sensitive (like my bitch) the other two bitches and one of the males were average build and temperament. The final male was more solidly built and more "solid" in character. He seemed to
  10. Ironic isn't it, all the people who regularly moan about the price of Hancock's lurchers...he currently has a litter for £650...somewhat cheaper than a lot of "working dogs."
  11. I know pretty much how you feel. I've not had ferrets now for about nine or ten years and it's been seventeen years since I had a lurcher...but life without a dog...that would be sad. Hopefully you'll find the right type in the future.
  12. Thanks. I must admit, after my recent kelpie/beardy thread, I found another old notebook from when I had Jem (the 3/4 collie) and my current line of thinking would be to get another 3/4 collie when my eldest kelpie dies. My reasoning is that I've had kelpies for over twenty years and know them really well but I don't want to reach a stage where I look back and regret not trying another hairy beast. Then I'd have one of each and can judge better what to use after that...as my retirement dogs.
  13. Neal

    Albino roe

    Yeah, I've seen them in the New Forest before. Also seen several albino squirrels near me in the last few years but, as someone said, they never last long. I've found that a few white feathers on crows and blackbirds is quite common. There's a crow I see with fairly white wings when I walk my daughter to school and earlier this year I saw a blackbird with a white patch on the neck (like a ring ouzel but lop-sided). It also had a small patch above its right eye so that it looked as though it was raining an eyebrow like Jack Nicholson.
  14. It's the same here too and the only time I get to see any rabbits is when I go to Dartmoor. I see maybe a handful close to me and always hope it's the start of a comeback but it never is.
  15. I can't remember who wrote that song, "if you can't be with the one you love then love the one you're with," but I think it's like that sometimes with dogs. I've had a few which I thought were plug ugly but, because I liked their character, I ended up thinking they looked great. Whenever I imagine Jem I always think of him as looking better than he was. Every time I find that photo album I think 'Jeez he's uglier than I remember.'
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