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  1. I remember, many years ago, when I lived in Cumbria and was walking from Coniston to Torver to do some sketching. I had all my art materials in an old gas mask bag and my 3/4 collie 1/4 greyhound on the lead. I walked past a bloke pulled up in a car talking to a couple of primary school aged girls and noticed a police car going up and down the road a couple of times and assumed they'd clocked the bloke too. Lo and behold they were going up and down because of me having a lurcher...not the weird bloke chatting up school girls. When they pulled me over and asked what I had in my bag (no doubt expecting me to admit to carrying a ferret and some purse nets) I happily said, "a sketch box and a tin of oil pastels." In hindsight I've always wished I'd refused to tell them just to see the embarrassment on their faces when they'd seen what was in there back at Hawkshead police station.
  2. Neal

    22 yr old.

    Completely agree. I have a degree in Fine Art from Falmouth Art College (way back in the late 80s early 90s) so I'm fully in favour of a bit of art in everyone's lives...but...no matter how good a painting is it can't bring out the range of emotions music can. There are so many songs that remind me of my wonderful mum that just thinking of the opening bars of "Wind Beneath My Wings" or "Run" by Snow Patrol and I'm blubbing. I doubt if a portrait by Auerbach, Giacometti, Modigliani or Soutine could do that. One of my favourite art-isn't-all-that quotes was from Alberto Giacometti: "If a house was burning I'd leave the Rembrandt and save the cat."
  3. Neal

    22 yr old.

    I thought she was younger than that. There was a bbc4 programme about her a few years back and it said how she was introduced to Dave Gilmour by her brother (or someone else) as she was writing stuff while she was still at school. Could be wrong...I often tend to stick two facts together and come up with one instead.
  4. I remember one called padsanol...for toughening up feet...is that the one you mean?
  5. But the benefit of the fabric is that it doesn't keep you waterproof in the traditional way i.e. by having a waterproof lining, so even if it does get damaged it still works, whereas other garments would then let water through the same hole. Having said that, you do need to wash them regularly and the washing stuff's not exactly cheap. I've got one called a Glamaig which is made by a company on Skye called Cioch using the same material but theres can be either off the peg or made to measure. It's great for when it's tipping down but, when you're a little hairy hobbit like me, it's warm in everything other than winter. Edited to add: don't know what the prices are like now but, when I bought mine c. 8 years ago, it was cheaper made to measure than the similar model by Paramo.
  6. I've seen the same with litters of lots of working dogs. Also heard something on radio or tv earlier in the week about how animal shelters are already getting full of Covid saplings. I think the report was saying about how people who "rescue" dogs from abroad don't realise that they're perpetuating an industry by doing so. I've lost count of the number of people living near me who've bought dogs from Romania, Greece etc.
  7. Phew! That's a much more positive outlook than my doom and gloom. Thanks Sid!
  8. If it's the breathe then could be kidney failure. Sorry if that sounds like a doom and gloom answer. To be honest, thinking back to when my bitch died last summer, although her breathe stank I don't think it was an onion smell.
  9. Yeah, you're a bit to the north of where Ned was born: Trefaldwyn (Montgomery). We went to Aberdyfi last summer and saw a few but not huge numbers.
  10. I rarely see a rabbit near me now; it's only my holidays to Dartmoor that give the dogs a chance to remember the scent of rabbit. Even there, as you say, it's rarely more than a five or ten yard dash. I get a lot more fun out of watching mine stalking a rabbit or squirrel than a protracted course. Ned nearly caught his first pigeon in the garden last week when it took off under the kids trampoline. It hit the base several times before it had the sense to fly out instead of up. The only reason he didn't get there in time was because I'd told him to lay down by the back door as I was walking towards it with the catapult but it kept walking behind various pieces of garden furniture. That's the difference between them and my previous collie crosses: they were biddable enough to "stay down" when told to, whereas the kelpies are sensible enough to ignore the command when they think it's right to do so.
  11. You've hit the nail on the head! I've always wondered why it is that I prefer whippet crosses to greyhound crosses but could never quite put in into words. I even wondered if it's simply because I tend to believe that "the best things come in small packages," e.g. I prefer sparrowhawks to goshawks, jackdaws are my favourite crows etc but what you've said makes so much sense...I don't think of whippet crosses as small lurchers but as vermin dogs in the same way as mongrelly terriers and dogs with "a bit of collie and some spaniel back on the dam's side."
  12. I agree, but in regards to whippet crosses in general. What gets me is that the people who like whippet crosses like the elements you've outlined above but then threads like this always end up with additional comments of, "Yeah, you're right...but they'd be better with some greyhound blood too." I got my collie x whippet umpteen years ago after hearing someone raving about a bloke near me who had a collie x whippet which had the attitude you're referring. By the time I met the guy his lurcher was no more and he was now into big deerhoundy types. I met him while he was out with two friends of mine who also had big deerhoundy and greyhoundy types. They were all laughing at my tiny bitch for showing so much attention to a patch of tussocky grass about twenty feet by ten while theirs were all bushing in a patch of gorse alongside it. Lo and behold she put up a rabbit from the middle of the rough grass and there was nothing in the gorse. Boy did I feel proud
  13. I've looked on Google and could only find people saying that Daffy Duck is a black duck but I'm sure I read somewhere (when I saw the Carolina wood duck) that he was based on one of them. Oh well.
  14. That reminds me of when I lived in Coniston. I did most of my walking in High Guards Wood, Grizedale, Coniston Moor and near Wetherlam. Everybody told me how great the view from The Old Man was but the flocks of tourists put me off. When I eventually went up I could only see about thirty feet.
  15. Postie, do you know how the 3/4 kelpies turned out e.g. how did D.C. rate them compared to Taz and Gem? I know there were a few negative comments about his plan in EDRD but I think that was aimed more at the father x daughter mating element than the cross per se. I've always wanted to ask him how they all got on but I've not seen him on here for years. Thanks in advance.
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