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  1. hjckcff

    Non working dogs

    some folk age themselves to quick . there are men working 10-12 hour shifts in construction 6 days a week. in there 60s and 70s ffs. get out and do sum shit. your a long time dead. a pair of old farts doing a farmer a service
  2. hjckcff


    brilliant shots. the first one is stunning
  3. hjckcff

    RIP Tilly

    bad enough losing one. feel for you .
  4. hjckcff

    The Red Fox.

    cant resist sharing this one sorry deffo the last one. unless i can get images of cubs.
  5. hjckcff

    Fell terrier cross

    i still recon that this cross straight back to a greyhound would produce some handy dogs. but have to say i had a whippet/beddy first cross . he was hard as nails and would work below like a terrier if needed. he would have been the dog to put over the bitch. and i have to say you will get better results using working bred wheaten or beddy if you can find the right stuff. jmo
  6. hjckcff

    Fell terrier cross

    no . not that i know of anyway. most where to heavy. one was brought back at twelve months . wasnt even leash trained. and lethal with anything that moved. including all stock. he wasnt passed on again. as the saying goes some fell on stoney ground.. he was the best made of them all.
  7. hjckcff

    Fell terrier cross

    my bad
  8. hjckcff

    Fell terrier cross

    only one lurcher in this pic. the sandy dog on the right. ...
  9. hjckcff

    Fell terrier cross

    she went to wales. i was told she was keen and started well. but was killed on the road around a year old so we will never know for sure
  10. hjckcff

    Fell terrier cross

    cant believe i found this. not the best image but the little bitch is the first cross fellterrier.x. greyhound. the black n tan was 15 tts and he was the sire. the two pot lickers in the centre where mine lol.
  11. hjckcff

    Anyone know this dog.

    good on you. hope you get the dog sorted. wish i could get chips gravy and mince. your feckin spoiled matey
  12. hjckcff

    The Red Fox.

    last one for a while. off in search of roe deer for a wee change.
  13. hjckcff

    The Red Fox.

    its natures way. it culls the weak and only the very best survive to breed. we only imitate
  14. hjckcff

    The Red Fox.

    this old dog rules the roost at an industrial estate near me. i do admire he fox. but understand they can be a real problem . hence the need for control. love em or hate em they are real survivors