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  1. cheers havnt been in here for a while lost both my bitches now Amber the litter sister to Ace has also gone to ground.
  2. i recently lost my last full bred plummer. she lived till a good age and done everything i asked of her. fairly decent bitch above and worked below but was restricted by her size. she was a clever dog to work and easy dog to keep. have put many images of her up over the years . cost me buttons and was delivered half way. saxon gypsy. or sassy . a pleasure to own and work. old oc. lines
  3. ooft. i dont come on here that often now but this has made it well worth the visit. well done all the hard work and patience has paid off
  4. just as a matter of interest why are most of these first crosses so fecking light boned. and why is every dog with a dash of wheaten in it (alegedly) get called a wheaten cross. long gone but genuine first cross
  5. the wife wants a whippet. i'm fighting her off bravely. silly woman i'm in scotland ffs
  6. some folk age themselves to quick . there are men working 10-12 hour shifts in construction 6 days a week. in there 60s and 70s ffs. get out and do sum shit. your a long time dead. a pair of old farts doing a farmer a service
  7. brilliant shots. the first one is stunning
  8. bad enough losing one. feel for you .
  9. cant resist sharing this one sorry deffo the last one. unless i can get images of cubs.
  10. i still recon that this cross straight back to a greyhound would produce some handy dogs. but have to say i had a whippet/beddy first cross . he was hard as nails and would work below like a terrier if needed. he would have been the dog to put over the bitch. and i have to say you will get better results using working bred wheaten or beddy if you can find the right stuff. jmo
  11. no . not that i know of anyway. most where to heavy. one was brought back at twelve months . wasnt even leash trained. and lethal with anything that moved. including all stock. he wasnt passed on again. as the saying goes some fell on stoney ground.. he was the best made of them all.
  12. only one lurcher in this pic. the sandy dog on the right. ...
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