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    Kept greyhounds and lurchers since i was a kid. No longer race the greys, but still have a lurcher. Also kept polecats.

    Still run the dog on the odd occasion, but just for fun more into fishing these days.

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  1. It didn't say if the other two gave Thier wages away. Shane gave the young laddie his share .
  2. Hate them and the Highlands are bad for them. Guess it's all the f***ing deer up here.
  3. Don't have a fanny and neither did all the rest who voted it through.but tbh I don't actually care what they do over in crazy land. They are mostly religious fanatics pretty much just like the Muslim extremists dictating there belief's on others.
  4. Exactly mate. I see them and think "get the lot f***ing pulled out and get false teeth"! Anything be better than some of the states they appear on TV with. I hated the show and equally hate Kyle. Glad it's gone
  5. Use it as an excuse to go round and see his old Provo comrades
  6. Insignificant cowardly taigs who can't stand the thought of peace. If there trouble these mutants feel they are something special without the violence they are nothing but small insignificant weirdos
  7. Get loads of them in red dead redemption lol
  8. A baby was killed in the borders by a dog. Not sure the breed of the dog involved
  9. No they were exactly as you described mate. Not denying the camp was a miserable hell hole I just deny the figures and means in which they were proposed to be killed. It was picked to feed the largest fabrication company in Europe workers. Yea the ones that couldnt were done away with.
  10. Gas chamber ?you mean the one that was built by the poles many years after the war, f**k sake the chimney isn't even connected to anything. It's a f***ing money making tourist attraction. That and a political football funded by the Jewish lobby
  11. This is to amusing Chris as you said they believe wholeheartedly with the decision for trump but won't for the other side conducted by same law enforcement. This is the state of politics and the public today what a lot of shite it has become.
  12. The story came out years ago mate. His excuse he needed a break away from all the "poison from the media" and used expenses from the fund.
  13. I do think they had a hand in her demise. But even if im wrong on that. The fact is this. If she has been abducted and murdered imo they are ultimately to blame in Thier kids death or abduction. And I have never heard them admit to Thier guilt on that key point. They have blamed every c**t except themselves. Put pressure on the government to throw money at Thier crowd funding while using it to go to Florida and take family to stay in a 5* hotel. Last I heard Portugal wasn't anywhere near Florida! They are a horrible people and devoid of compassion and guilt. Pair of sociopaths hope they die a horrible death
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