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    Kept greyhounds and lurchers since i was a kid. No longer race the greys, but still have a lurcher. Also kept polecats.

    Still run the dog on the odd occasion, but just for fun more into fishing these days.

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  1. scothunter

    Too much fighting at the race course

    Some folk just don't like that rule 4 lol
  2. scothunter

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Never bought one and never will. They only get away with it cz the government back the extortion with the promise of a seat on the BBC board after their political career. Few hours a month and a huge backhander. The BBC have been living off this lie of being the best impartial channel with a worldwide fan base. Not any more. Also yanks can watch BBC without paying for it while we get fleeced. I Very rarely watch television these days. I pay for nowtv and Netflix. Which technically I need a license to do so. Trying to cover all angles. Well they will never get a penny from me.
  3. scothunter

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Whatever panders to his support. Like a lot of political people and "presidents" they don't give a f**k and most don't even agree with what they say. As long as it gets them elected or secures Thier job they will shout it out. In tommys case he craves likes subscriber's and in almost pretty sure he will have merchandise to punt to his followers. Never really liked the guy myself and very rarely commented on his threads as I know a lot on here do and hey as is you're right . He's more an English thing anyway. Unless ofc he can get more media attention then he will be up here. Btw "big Tommy". He looks f***ing tiny lol
  4. scothunter


    Best Scrooge of them all. Rip
  5. scothunter

    Liam Neeson

    Pierce Morgan taking the moral stand and sucks up to trump with the shit he says. I didnt think it was possible to hate that c**t Morgan more.
  6. scothunter

    Baroness Lawrence

    Ah f**k her and her fake title
  7. scothunter

    Liam Neeson

    That all. f**k sake I feel like that often and don't know any c**t who's been raped by the c**ts lol
  8. scothunter

    Show us yer boots

    I don't even know what that is.
  9. scothunter

    Show us yer boots

    Purveyor of exotic herbs and fine powders haha
  10. scothunter

    Show us yer boots

    I wear trainers to my work lol
  11. scothunter


    Prep f**k all. Goes tits up just take everything off the tribes. Be open season on them c**ts
  12. scothunter

    London baby abandoned in that weather

    She's a c**t. Should take her up the top of the Ben and drop her off!
  13. scothunter


    Yea I know packham is a c**t but I still enjoy the programme. Well I did. They have new presenter's and seriously they are f***ing dumb.
  14. scothunter

    How much snow have you got ?

    Snowing here dog loves the snow. Just passed 3 folk heading up the Ben. I'll expect the helicopter keeping me up all f***ing night looking for the daft c**ts!
  15. scothunter

    Trump Under Fire

    Flump is now blowing that "I'd be a great military general" lol This from the Viet Nam draft Dodger. This buffoon has absolutely no limit to the bragging he does. You don't need anyone to take the piss out of him he manages that all by himself.