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    Kept greyhounds and lurchers since i was a kid. No longer race the greys, but still have a lurcher. Also kept polecats.

    Still run the dog on the odd occasion, but just for fun more into fishing these days.

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  1. scothunter

    How long without food

    Had knee op was put under and lost my appetite for a week.
  2. scothunter

    How long without food

  3. scothunter

    Should the heads of the BBC roll ?

    Joe public is going to pay for any settlement anyway. Will just take it out the billions in revenue they extort
  4. scothunter

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Think someone else used that but that's the type in looking for cheers
  5. scothunter

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Ok the main brand is called "punk" Other named juice in that punk range are called Rotten Anarchy Visious Clash Hooligan Riot Lawless See where this theme is going
  6. scothunter

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Not tried it it's yet to be launched. Cool is a menthal .
  7. scothunter

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Ok there a competition where I can win free ejuice and some cash. It's to think of a name for this new flavour of ejuice. Cooling apple and blackcurrant soda is the ingredients. I will expect the usual THL response but there a few sharp minds in here aswell. Cheers guys
  8. scothunter

    Putting Muslims in their place.

    Preaching to the choir mush mate. I'd heave the lot of them into large industrial gas fed ovens lol
  9. scothunter

    Putting Muslims in their place.

    Jews Muslim who gives a f**k both of them are a scourge
  10. scothunter

    Should the heads of the BBC roll ?

    True story Worked with a guy his teenage son met some girl from Edinburgh on either Facebook or some other of these sites. Anyway they exchanged numbers and for few months messaged each other and sent pics talked sex etc . Then she decided she was coming to meet him his parents were on holiday. Prior to meet she had sent text saying she wanted raped tied up kinkier the better. He picked her up off train went back to his. She spent the night he took her back to station next day. He tried texting her see that she got home ok.no answer so he just thought it was a one night stand. 3months passed then out of the blue the cops appeared at my workmate door. You're son has been accused of an assault (sexual) rape to be specific. No warrant nothing took the lad to station asked him to tell her s side. Then asked my workmate if he would give permission to check his son's room. Foolishly he allowed it. Had him in the station for a good few hours then released him. Said "you probably won't hear anymore but once forensic has checked her clothes if anything comes up be back to speak to you. Swear this kid lost weight wouldn't eat his mum and dad took turns staying in to watch him as he kept saying he wanted to kill himself. The cops had a record of the text she sent him they had Also spoken to all his neighbours. They never ever got back in touch with this kid to set his mind at rest. Fortunately he better now but his dad says he's a changed kid and terrified that any of his mates find out . Now that can't be right.
  11. scothunter

    Should the heads of the BBC roll ?

    The BBC's extortion racket can't survive much longer in this current climate. It is a shocking rip off and in place to fleece the general public. Also illegal in the sense that public servants is police and courts are used to enforce a private business. Politicians backing it on the promise when they retire from politics they get a job on the BBC board 2days a week for a huge salary. They even legislated you need a licence if you owned a smartphone. f**k them and f**k those leeches they send out to harrass folk.
  12. scothunter

    New Manchester united kit

    I just think you need to chill out mate lol Football creates Division. Mostly it's friendly banter and not really meant to offend. Obv there are exceptions especially up here, but tbh That division runs deeper than football. You should think yourself lucky in England that religion doesn't come into it haha
  13. scothunter

    Should the heads of the BBC roll ?

    Spot on far to many these days just throw out accusations that can literally destroy life's knowing they have the sympathy from the law even though nothing has been proven. Then walk away Scot free while leaving the other parties life in tatters. Then continue the slander online. They should be given heavy sentences for false witness.
  14. scothunter

    New Manchester united kit

    What's with the issue what team you support? What does it matter to you Stewie if they support a team in another country. I wore an England top in the past liked the shirt also wanted to see them do well. Imo this country and its failings in some respects have themselves to blame. Bang on about losing identity tradition etc and there c**ts in England.scotland Wales who can't even get on with each other. Personally I think you are still bitter about England going out hence why you are dragging this up.get over it they were beaten by the better team. I'd never wear or buy that man u strip 2 reasons 1 I think it's a rip off and 2 man u are the Celtics English team lol
  15. scothunter

    The Caravan Man

    Sometimes I think YouTube should never have been invented