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  1. Wadders12

    greyhound whippet

    I have one with collie in it she retired now never let me down on the lamp or day when she got her prey under control it was hard for the rabbits or long ears to shake her off
  2. Wadders12

    Old dogs past or retired

    Old girl retired now ! I’ve got a pup of her if he does aswell as she has il be happy
  3. Wadders12

    Stock breaking a lurcher pup

    I took mine every other day when it was a pup showing the stock to him he’s 100% with all stock now
  4. Wadders12

    show me your collie whippet

    Collie whippet greyhound
  5. Wadders12

    Oswald the Lurcher

    Great read every credit to you
  6. Wadders12

    Next seasons runners

    Slowly introduced him this season .next season he should do well he’s 18 months
  7. Wadders12

    whippet greyhound x collie

    I have this cross
  8. Wadders12

    Can my lurcher run again ??

    A friend of mine had his lurcher break it’s front leg when it was 10 months old it got run over . It made a good worker just limped a little it sometimes
  9. Wadders12

    Old lass still going strong

    Yes his sister is blue rough haired she’s up Scotland hjckcff on here owns her
  10. Wadders12

    Old lass still going strong

    He’s a big lump him think he took to his dad with his build a guy on here has his sister
  11. Wadders12

    Old lass still going strong

    She is 8 shaaark she doesn’t look it at. All does she
  12. Wadders12

    Old lass still going strong

    Yes 3 quarter grey quarter colle to whippet bitch I was told when I got her at 8 months old pal
  13. Wadders12

    Old lass still going strong

    Yes whippet collie greyhound she’s a brilliant bitch shame they get old
  14. 8 year old bitch still doing well . This dog has done me very proud over the years it shows if you put a lot of time in you get your rewards
  15. That’s my plan longers01 cheers