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  1. Just an observation the young lads talking to a girl his sister by sounds of it, as they both call the man dad, once the rabbits caught the sister starts acting like a dramatic snowflake.... for one I'd flip if my daughter put that on YouTube second she'd not be coming again 3rd I'd disown the winey little c**t
  2. Funny as fuk silly c**t nearly throwing up
  3. FKOF

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Proper blood
  4. FKOF


    Always the same this place never changes
  5. FKOF

    What type are these?

    Hes banging on there's a massive waiting list on Facebook so why's he advertising trying yo drum up customers
  6. FKOF

    What type are these?

    Fuk me just been on fb reading some of jeff Burrell comments on his dogs. Lost for words guys very delusional
  7. FKOF

    What type are these?

    Nut job him seen him on fb claims there the best working dogs in the hole country nothing they carnt do...nutter
  8. FKOF

    If you could only have one busher

    Don't take him on pal loves the attention
  9. FKOF


    Thanks for your words of wisdom Morton
  10. FKOF

    If you could only have one busher

    For the less experienced moochers stay away from to much beagle blood will put you of for life if you get it wrong lol, I'd go for the Springer x terriers good hard working honest x that don't fuk of miles away from you.
  11. FKOF


    Went to a fellas few years back of this site he had a young bitch, nice and strong not to big like some you see looked more than capable! Anyone know who breeds these type he did mention the person but I forgot.
  12. FKOF

    Heres another one by eck

    Can see the deerhound in them
  13. Nice little pups alb with them
  14. FKOF

    Bushing in the lakes. Good or bad.

    Is that the one you where telling me about last season mud? You'll have to sort it out mate this little packs taking shape now
  15. FKOF

    Bushing in the lakes. Good or bad.

    Suprising what you can find with a good bushing team on land that looks derertless