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  1. FKOF

    Pup I kept back

    Cheers pal be adding another 2 bushing pups to the pack soon. All our others are getting on now so nice to have some fresh blood again
  2. You'd think that sy was the uk
  3. FKOF

    Next gen

    Cheers pal there 1/2 beagle 1/4 terrier 1/4 spaniel
  4. FKOF

    Next gen

    Next generation of pups bred from my old dog to my beagle spaniel. If there anything like there old man ill have some handy muts about. Not going to blow his trumpet but the dogs done ten hard seasons and seen a lot of work. Never let me down. Even at ten he's still at it.
  5. No there instant they don't take anytime to refresh really.
  6. I use tek 2, had them few years now. Had a few problems but the costomer service is second to non 3 years warranty. Always gets sorted out!
  7. I'd say more chance of getting a harder dog, mix of spaniel terrier and beagle is hard to beat imo
  8. What you knitting? quality slippers them fairplay?
  9. Long as they graft pal, thanks
  10. My other 8 month old Russel bitch doing well. Been working cover from about 5 month old. Self taught.
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