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  1. FKOF

    Springer x Stafford

  2. FKOF

    Springer x Stafford

  3. FKOF

    Springer x Stafford

    True mate I had a dog related to someone's dog on here that didn't make the grade I wont say who tho. They claim there the best dog in the country non stop bragging about it but it's sibling was one of the worst dogs ive seen.
  4. FKOF

    Springer x Stafford

    You never said you where a expert true but your trying to sound like one
  5. FKOF

    Springer x Stafford

    Your the expert so why ask why
  6. FKOF

    Springer x Stafford

    There's no taking away from them two bitches they where handy, wish I'd of taken one when I had the chance. Better than most the shit out there
  7. FKOF

    Springer x Stafford

    Why add beagle? Better nose! Follow a line better! And the obvious one voice !
  8. FKOF

    Springer x Stafford

    Good hard terrier in the mix you won't go wrong imo
  9. FKOF

    Is Lamping Unsporting?

    Going hunting for nocturnal animals in the dark very unsporting lol
  10. FKOF

    What's the best tracker?

    I find if you have a walkie talkie around your neck it mocks them out a simple recalibiration seems to sort that out
  11. FKOF

    What's the best tracker?

    Take it you've not used a tek2
  12. FKOF

    What's the best tracker?

    Sportdog tek2 you won't beat it in my eyes. There only in ireland aswell 3 years warranty. Good after sales care if anything goes wrong you don't have to send it other side of the world. No import tax to pay like the Garmin
  13. FKOF

    F2 Beagle x Spaniel crosses

    Yes me, nine month old half x to half x flying on the red fellas now. Looking forward to seeing them with abother season under there belt
  14. Seen them kick off with each not a nice sight, had a terrier pulled out my arms twice while walking passed them. They can be a little unpradictable to say the least.