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  1. True mate, if you look at the 1st fightAj vRuiz, Aj wasn't knocked out etc, he just didn't take Ruiz serious enough, and paid the price deff. But people forget Aj punching power, I personally think it did him good to loose, he deff boxed alot better since that lose. Regards fury one fight Aj will deff win if they ever get it on. Wilder only got his punch OK flatten most heavy weights he the only real threat to Aj.
  2. Haha he was in love with little bitch, make some great mid size lurcher them
  3. I can only go on my 1x gsdx grey, great in the lamp picks rabbits not ad at all for a big dog, pre ban would do deer and fox no prob. They have good feet/coat, good stamina and fare pace, with my dog he got long stride so covers ground quite quick, strong jaw, all in all very good lamping dog that's what I had him for. I've said loads of times on here there loads of other lurcher xs out there better. To me there are a step up from a collie grey, now I know this my self as having got had 3 colliesx, and Buck my 1x gsd grey is deff the better type x. One thing like about my dog is he great in woods etc, he smash through cover after his quarry had some great sport with him there loyal dogs, if been on good long run in the lamp, he always get back to me as been said the 1/4 gsd 3/4 Grey prob suite people on that bit more, but there not lot in it really, the 1x will tougher physically and deff better wind. I reckon gsd x whippet x grey make good x as well if you want smaller type lurcher
  4. If they ever get it on, Aj will ko fury 100%,it OK the crap you keep giving on Fury, but the bottom line is he lacks proper power for a heavyweight, you fookin no that and anybody with a boxing brain knows that. Go on any boxers last fight, and Aj would deff finish fury mid round. Let's see what happens Feb 22nd with wilder vfury my money on wilder ko as said fury won't get up this time. Talk a bout Aj after after that.!
  5. wilder will ko fury early round 6 -7 in the rematch, fury wont get up this time, regards Aj v wilder , i think he might do better than people think, dont forget Aj pack big punch like wilder and Aj deff better boxer from his last fight, better defense now, one good punch from 16 st man, any bloke will go down fact, Aj next year after he beaten Usyk , maybe next dec 2020 wilder
  6. Just reading mick, that Aj got to fight Usyk as his next fight, he got 160 days to get the deal done, or they strip him of one of his 4 belts , is this right mick ? if so wonder if Aj will fight, if so i believe Aj will KO Usyk , even though he be smaller than Aj, i dont think he pose a threat like Ruiz did being the smaller man, Ruiz was 19st when beat up Aj , Usyk be lucky to come in at a natural weight 15 st , Aj should be to strong/ fast for him. but as we know anyting can happen when 2 15st + blokes hit each other, who do you think would win with these 2 .!
  7. liked big frank, nice lad , same as Aj , most of the public took to both fighters, think Aj the better fighter of the two , and better punch on him than big frank .
  8. jack was very good dog , fox, deer, no prob. a couple of my mates, went out with joe lamping and seen jack run that night , from what they said plenty of pace, good stamina, good strike, very impressed with jack. joe always preferred the 1/4 bull x 3/4 greys , liked dogs quick but enough guts in them when needed . there were some good bullxs bred round Brum, and the black country in the 80-90s , not sure if the still good following of that type dogs around them places today .?
  9. might be wrong, but think Arthur had some of joe smith of Brum, stuff in his breeding , my 1/4 bull 3/4 grey i had in the 80s came out of joe's 1x bull x grey nugget , and that was cracking bitch, tackle anything she was put on .
  10. Spot on mick, a Aj done the right thing all night as he said the art of boxing is hit with out being hit your self, that's what Ali tried to do most of is career. Being lighter deff helped him with stamina and timing, he still has enough power with his new weight to stop most fighters. Ruiz will like Aj did, have to change things if wants to fight Aj or any other fighter really, drop 1 1/2st =21 pound and he be threat again to Aj or who ever. Hope he fights the winner of Wilder vFury, either one will prob stop Aj. Prob more like Wilder with a KO, great times for heavyweights right now
  11. fair point joe, with tall dogs , i know this sounds daft even though Buck 28in 90 lb , even if over runs stuff, he get back on track quick , he like bryn like that both have good pace/agilty , as said collies and gsd are both like that . he picks rabbits up easy, his best bag 38 in the lamp, your right alsatians are naturally fast dogs, so stick running dog in the mix, there that more quicker. with my big dog he covers the ground quick, with his long stride, he on his quarry quite quick . in my mind there like big collie x greys , and colliexs are fast and agile lurchers. what i love about my big dog , is the way smashes through cover after quarry, it great to see for such big dog, had cracking walk in the woods early on , both him and old bryn , little woody lol full 1hour .15 mins on the go , both panting heavy when back to motor great walk
  12. Just spilled me coffie haha, love thl,
  13. they had the weigh in yet ? what time they in the ring tomorrow ? come on Aj , think Ruiz to win again , but you never know, Aj might catch with some big shots , think either way it wont go past 9 rounds, what do you reckon Gnash ?
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