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  1. bird

    Guard dogs

    thought i put a pic on before, i have look in my album later , my comp down at moment using my wife LT , last time i seen the boerbol bitch was dec,she 24in 160lb like feckin tank, and having black muzzle looks bloody frighting , there top class guards, but a ban type x breed dog be more healthy , she already had probs with her knees, i think there to heavy, and getting prob inter bred to much. she cost £1700 quid, her op on her knee cost £1000 , better of with bandog or as ive said before working bred gsd from E/E lines there healthy good hips etc and bold temps, and lot cheaperto buy than some of the big heavy type guards.
  2. bird

    Guard dogs

    ido like bandogs and the bulltype guards having had bullmastiffs in the 80s, but what ive found on average like most of these types there are a quite dogs dont bark alot, dont get me wrong carnt stand yapping dogs, my 2 dogs (lurchers) never bark even tough there herding type xs. but i remember talking to a dog trainer who used train RAF dogs and help train police dogs, he told me you deff need a vocal guard, because in this day age where burglars they either poison a dog or shoot it ,this serious theives not pill heads etc.so dog like well bred gsd or like been sad on here acd dogs that bark and bite, you need to warned a good 100yds that somebody about,so your ready to deal with it before they gt there,and i think he right what he said deff. my mates boebol bitch stop most blokes but she fairly vocal so good alround guard dog ,dont know if all the breed are the same if so , they betype of guard dog to keep.
  3. bird

    Guard dogs

    just because it a guard breed ,dont mean it will be a brave tough guard dog. they have to be p p trained , and not all make the grade,same as police dogs not all gsd or what ever breed they use. but when proper trained, a 80lb gsd would have stopped that bloke deff ive spoke before about gsdx on a farm i used go to , it big black thing think it had lab in it, this dog would deff bite you ,it was on a chain in the day but loose at night you have to shoot it to get past it . another breed that brave guard dog are boebol , my mate got a bitch,and it great guard , i wouldnt like to test it, 12 st dog running at you lol but think a good gsd when bred right be sharper type guard of the 2 greeds , i go for 1st choise the boebol 2nd .
  4. bird

    isis bint

    yep deff, they should put bullet in her head, be one less then coming back to this country.
  5. bird

    Fury v wilder

    lol,yeh he deff got to step up his game now , he got to get a fight with wilder by xmas ,ok if having bums like miller etc, or who ever he wants the other belt,and wilder got to want to feel the same,if this fight dont happen, the heavyweight,is a mockery of the sport, and it loose loads of fighting fans fact.
  6. bird

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    he in to hunting ken? his he big lad like them 2 brothers
  7. bird

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    another way to look at it, them imports as you call them, rather go to a team where the country can win something , they knew going wales or Scotland as was waste of time lol
  8. bird


    good goalie , and came over a nice bloke , didnt he have car crash and cut his face bad ?
  9. bird

    The importance of a mentor

    100% with stock, the pup will learn of the older dog, that them woolly things are nothing to bother with, as he just follow him or her by example , and with the same lamping and field craft at night , they still be keen, but not mad where they could hurt there selves. i had Buck out from 10 weeks old day/night , thats seeing sheep, ditches, water, b/wire fences, etc that they encounter , he knew how to deal with them, where ive seen over the years young dog 6-12 months running round like head less chickens getting hurt , get them out once they had there jabs .deff
  10. bird

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    it go the same way, England will beat them the same way as the French ( easy) , come on ENGLAND .
  11. bird

    advice needed

    yep, deff 1x beddy x grey , should be nice temp, not as yappy as some beddyx whippets can be, the grey will calm that down a bit, nice size as well 22- 24in 50 odd lb nice size that, should good coat as well .
  12. bird

    First cross bull whippets

    yeh even though from a 1x bred dog which is 4/8s x 4/8s of 2 breeds, my self like the bass blood the dam, and running dog the sire. my 2 1xs Bryn collie sire , dam greyhound , he looks more like lurcher than Buck who 1x gsd x grey, dam the gsd , sire razzmtazz the greyhound, Buck got better stamina, and fast as Bryn after couple yards, Buck top end just as fast as what Bryn was in his day. i think in some ways people use the running dog as the dam, because the look of the animal, and greyhounds etc are easy to obtain .!
  13. bird

    Average speed check....

    dont know about speeding, but some cu*t nearly killed me to night, he over took the bus , with me coming down the road, he was right in front of me, at to swerve up to the edge to miss him, he must have seen my lights coming down towards him or her. it shook me up, i wish the twat had run into tree or wall and died, it be one less dangerous scum on the road, he took a risk going at speed and only just made it, if i had frozen in my car , he have killed me deff .
  14. bird


    yep great film ( never let the b*****ds grind you down) and liked him in skyfall great actor
  15. +2 hate him, and people think he funny, what did he do, did he give her grief as well ? the wanker.