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  1. No he won't, what will happen is they both sussed each other out, Fury knows he can hurt uysk deff so fury prob come in heavier, to lean on and f drain yusk, and ko true he could. But uysk knows that fury go it that way. So he be on him faster and go early ko as well, it be fireworks for good 5 rounds, but I think this time he knock fury out cold, I could be wrong, but don't think I will, it won't go 12 rounds no way.
  2. Spot on trig, I think in the rematch, both will go for a early ko , now they fought each other. But I still think uysk will this time knock fury out cold, and giving near 3st difference, it just goes to show how powerful uysk really is deff.
  3. I've got one for you as love the gypo clan fury scum. Now we talk just pure boxing here, if you read my above thread you see I've give it fury by ko round 10, think yusk is just to small. Now if yusk was 6ft 6in 17st, that still 3in taller and 1st heavier than he is, I know he would 100% beat fury and easy ko him. Fury only going to win this fight by his natural size, and not on ability. And everybody in the UK knows this. And that the fookin truth mate, and you know that if you got 1/2 boxing brain.
  4. Haha steady lol, let's hope Bellew, gets in the ring and knocks jf face inside out, all done for charity cancer boxing match. Regards the fight I think fury be to big for Uysk, Fury deff trained for this fight, he be quicker, prob more stamina, not big puncher, but with 6in reach, poss 2-3st heavier, I just think to much for yusk to win. I think fury be all over uysk most of the fight, he keep on the end of long reach, then counter him, and try ko uysk. Uysk as got to come in close body shot, to drop fury head down to ko him. Can he do that not so sure, my heart say uysk, but me head fury po
  5. well if the fight still happens Saturday lol , i would think good 75 % joe public like to see fury loose , and possibly more with his big mouth fat father acting up. i really hope Uysk lifts the 4 belts , and stops fury end of the fight round 12, thats from me heart , but me boxing head said fury will win, not sure if ko , maybe points , but he win i reckon , just to tall = reach, and heavy for uysk, not small 6ft 3in 15 st 10lb , but fury just to big i think . i never liked gypo's , and this fookin circus fury clan, make me dislike them even more.
  6. Go on then Gnash, who lifting the 4 belts next Saturday, I think fury will win, I think the extra height/reach, weight be to much for Uysk. But I've been reading that uysk camp he been training with blokes alot bigger than him, and 6ft 3 in 15st 10lb been giving them few probs. I hope uysk can win, not because I don't like the big fat gypo. It because I never thought he was good heavyweight boxer, and lacks real power for such big man. Where as uysk can deff ouch is natural weight 15st-16st, and great athlete as well. But both of them, prob only got maybe 4-5years left, so be nice to get goo
  7. where do the fight fury v usyk ? norm ive bought fights sky box office , of my telly , i think it said something TNT sports , think that on my sky channel as well, but not seen nothing about fury v usyk , think is it next sat ?
  8. haha stan , i am deff in the wars right now , took Buck out last night 20 mins in field to have a shit , then norm back home to feed him then lck up in his kennel . came out field found a gap i can sneak in, always a poacher lol , anyway walking down the road back to my place, when Buck yanked sharp to my right, must have something the side of edge , i went fast to right, he moved infront i tripped over on the road , and hit my knackered right knee on the floor. me knee swollen right up , had ice n it and rub i believe jell on to my painful knee i hoping it not got anymore long
  9. Fooks sake don't talk about ingrowing toenail, got twat here painful most times
  10. yeh, they really must be, because those shepherds in turkey , would deff not tolerate a sheep killer no way . my mate gorse over there few times his wife from turkey. he told me that the dogs be 100% with stock or it dead right away , god knows how they get them like that with them. i think he said they take the pups out very young but, keep tabs on them all the while keep the mature dogs with them all the while . and kangals live life really like wild dog , a part from Shepard feed them every day , but they wont tolerate anybody else out there , you wouldn't mess with them , very fit h
  11. now i hope this aint true , but read that Fury only training (85% ) for this fight because of that supposedly cut he got back then ??? . well i got this gut feeling this fight might not happen. if it dont it proves that he scared of Uysk . if this dont happen this year , Fury should be stripped of that belt , and give it next in line to fight Uysk , and then uysk can fight for them 4 belts wich he always wanted to do since beat Aj. let Fury retire and live in a caravan with his old man , on his old mans site.
  12. the sooner the better , we need not just right wing people , but most people across the board . where as the police cant control all the attacks , the army brought in etc. the once government relishes , the country had enough , and dont want the political correct bullshit , we might with ton of luck see some big changes in this UK.
  13. over the 35 years ive had lurchers , ive been out with few lads , who said there dogs ok with sheep, they aint been , had to keep the there twats on a lead. i only ever had one prob with Buck and them woolly feckers, it was was when just started getting few deer, this is the big prob for most people , it the switch from rabbits hares, then to run total different quarry , with foxes no prob, i think he thought they just the same like with feral cats he killed few them . Know was out and after big stuff, had couple runs they got away, coming was sheep by hedge that i didnt see, well he
  14. That's 24, not feckin 34.bloody big fingers lol
  15. I know when we talked years ago, that you always perferd, the 1x gsd x grey, to the 1/4 gsd x 3/4 grey. As the 1x alot tougher. Takes the bang/bumps far better, and as you said the 1x not that much slower. My self now a old man 71. 72 in August, my lamping days are gone but still take old Buck my 1 x gsd xgrey out for 1-2 hours mooching every day. He be my last working lurcher. I was thinking that I wrap up when he gone say poss 18 months time if I am lucky, that I not get another dog. Well I suppose I be lost with out one around me had them 35 years now, and more so since my wife died in Feb
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