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  1. dont know about killer wales , but sharks the big 3 =, great white, tiger, bull shark, deff know we humans, because i was reading that, in lot of shark attack on man, they will bump into you, to see if you a danger to them, and there body scenes pick up we not a fish, ok we make lot splashing about that bring in any shark, but enough of there even blue sharks will kill you and eat you. think the orcas just want there basic diet = fish, seal, and few other wales that a pod of orcas will attack / kill .
  2. nice dog that , i like that type x me self , like you say the pit come though quite strong in the genes, but you never really know when you got more than 2 breeds in , what will come out 1st ,it may look bully , but have the saluki or the grey temp , but i like the x, as alrounder type lurcher .
  3. bird

    snooker ?

    anybody watching it, i want Selby to win, but alot can happen in the next 4 frames , murphy will see to that .??
  4. bloody shame that, always loved your posts with her, i know how good bulldogs = pits are when you get a good'un , i still got lot of memory's of my pit bitch i had, good dogs in the right hands .
  5. Just out of intreast, carry any parasites etc in there poo, that affects farm animals. I know it bad for humans /children, but not sure to cattle /sheep. My dogs are wormed 2-3 times a year, that Dontral+, that kills all kinds of worms a dog will in counter. If my dogs shit when out, I flick it in the headgerow, with all the other badger, fox, rat shit. I never leave it in a open field. So only asking about the above title to post, I was reading about this on Facebook. Few people arguing about this, just wonder who right??
  6. Cracker, and we'll bred if you want big lurcher
  7. bird


    I bet you look right sight, a 20st buruiser rambling along, with one of them sticking out your mouth haha, mind you I might as well come from feckin Mars, as know fecker can understand my w-ton lingo., don't think 1/2 these feckers here ever gone past Hereford, got no time for'um the more I stay here 8 years this Oct.
  8. the wheaten dont look to strong in the fawn bitch, nice pup that i like dogs with confident temps, you got something to work with then, a pup with fawning/ sensitive temp hard work same as a adult dog. i like pit x greys , but drop deerhound/ wheaten give better coat and wind , keep us updated how the pup comes on what is it male .?
  9. Dont feckin start me, fook s/l day, be proud to be English
  10. nice pics gnash, nice looking lads, your right mate regards the old type barbers , not very nice experience for a 2 year old boy back then , i was born 1952 so i know what you mean mate, same as bloody dentist was nightmare when young child, not like to day, yeh at barbers the were very patient with kids, they got loads of toys to play with, take there mind of whats going on .
  11. trigger , said the same as well tomo
  12. bloody hell tomo, dont wish that on him lol
  13. thanks lads, nope his dad my lad got strong back on him, he trains and keeps fit , plays football every week if not working and he wolves fan like me lol and little Hunter with bit of luck when he older lol
  14. My 2 year old grandson Hunter, had his 1st hair cut today, he bloody handful lol
  15. thanks mate, never heard that before, ive heard few people say keeping few ducks in your garden , they keep down slugs , wonder if chickens eat slugs as well , i know lad keeps 1/2 dozen fowl i ask him next time i see him!
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