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  1. 100 % mate, your right a proper full on apbt, takes some feckin stopping , ive said on here before we kept fit line of staffs in the 60s, more like apbts of today ours were 16 - 19in 40- 55 lb very strong dogs, so well bred pit be in a different league , be more a full on dog, i had bitch 20in 60lb good temp , but all our bull terriers were kept outside in kennel/ runs , there not house pets, there performance animals , like all working dogs.
  2. thats fair point mate.
  3. bird


    well, ive had me booster/ flu jab , i am ok no prob. i was 70 in august , ok got things wrong with me, bad back, gut probs Ibad gut cramps, but my overall health , i still strong/fit. now last year i had real bad chest, was out of breath etc, said to my wife i must have covid, had 3 tests all clear, went to doctor he said i had winter virus, it took me near 3 months to feel right, i fit now, but i know a bloke 10 year younger than me, he had similar took him full 3 months to get right, now this aint covid , but i reckon it been feckin worse if it had been covid .
  4. spot on , mate, its a hard life for a working lurcher, sometimes a short one , if there a full on type lurcher . sorry about your pup .
  5. dont know regards as a lurcher x, but my brother had 2 males ebt at different times, and both were thick, compered to a staff, or apbt, most pitx greys, or lurchers with pit in them, ive found easier to train, my old 1/4 pit 3/4 grey would bring back rabbits etc, but full on for other stuff, i like drop of pit in a lurcher, but Buck 1x gsd x grey tops the lot, when it comes to brain/ power .
  6. bird

    Peter Kay

    ive read that as well regards Lee Mack does good show.
  7. sound good x that x , should be good for the teeth job like you say, still knock 25 in though, the beddy drop the weight a bit, but with deerhound in there and your bitch , still go 25 easy. i always liked collie x grey x beddy x grey , that throw good rabbit dog and maybe teeth job , but that bit of wheaten or pit , be the better x , wonder what a collie x grey x wheaten x grey be like, dont see them bred much that way .?
  8. was out getting some milk and bread at Co op by me, when a bloke with big male akita , on other side of the road, when a bloke with a collie type my side was walking past. the akita nearly dragged the bloke across the road to get to the other dog, it had harness on it, he couldnt control it . i said to the bloke with akita , you want to get bloody collar on it, and strangle the bugger, he might think twice about it. only breed i know you want stop pulling on a lead to get at another dog, are apbt and few staffs, ours would pull on lead never stopped our staffs and pit from pulling on a le
  9. thanks mate, i deff miss the big old bugger when he gone . what you said before when he gone, something bit of lab in maybe, deff be somthing with good coat and brain . went out last night but no wind, moon up nothing about, it norm like that , but that bit of wind the other night , had them out a bit. you been up to much ?
  10. I always like a walk on a full moon with a lurcher, done it now for 35 years, and still like it. Went out last night 10 pm with Buck , i take me small lamp just in case lol, .Buck was out in front, i go on these few fields by me, i find a hole in hedge and pop in lol, never much on here the odd rabbit, or munjack or fox, but norm dont see alot when out, but thats ok it just nice 50 min walk for Buck before i feed him , and shut him up in his kennel for the night. Buck gets his head down, i knew something been there , the way he was moving, i was watching him along the side of the hedge , wh
  11. bird


    Lol, good lad lol
  12. would a beddy x grey , have better coat , and more robust frame , to handle thick cover etc, and handle anything it might bump into.? i always fancied a 1x beddy x grey , think they are about 23in 50lb from what i read about them, make norm even litter , downside i found was getting one, not many about, norm its like the post on here, they norn beddy x whippets not beddy x greys .?
  13. Nice pup that like drop of bull in a lurcher, do you think the pit dropping the size down a bit.? My 3 I had all made 26 in, t hat a 1/4pit 3/4 Grey, and the other 2 were 3/8 pit. 5/8 grey, all 3 came out of Joe smlth stuff from Brum.
  14. On the money Keith, getting out any type dog what ever the breed at a young age 9-10 weeks old is the crack. They got to be oblivious to sheep, they got look at them as boring white things. Regards prey drive in a bullx thing, I've had 3 of them before, there not think dogs, you can train just as easy as any other lurcher. My 1x gsd xgrey big old Buck, big saft thing with. People and dogs, but put his hunting head on, fook me was different animal, once that lamp was on. And regards 6 mile walk OK if your just feckin about in feilds or around woods, Buck was out with Bryn lamping 10 week
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