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  1. bird

    Check Up

    Your prob worrying her with all your hunting and dogs more so you bulldogs you had/kept .lol my wife dont give a fook about me when i am out with dogs , when hurt me shoulder i had to drive 70 mile with near enough one hand, the pain was real bad,i been out lamping tha night, she was with her mates in my house next day, told her what i done, she said well drive back best as you can, the only time she worry's if i bring the cops back with me.! no she dont get stressed by me . regards these stomach probs on this post, ive had the lot camera down throat/ arse , ive got that type hiatal hernia/ ulcer , i am on one a day Esomeprazole rest of my life, what they think ive got is IBS , thats your either constipated / loose, always farting/ belching , and have to be careful what i eat, drink- booze , it dont kill you but fook me, it does get you down feeling like this 24/7 . regards people weights, take no notice , because its your bone structure that counts, not what you weight . like me i am 5 ft 11.1/2 in weight just under 13st = 12st 12lb , but you get another bloke say 5ft 7in my weight , he not over weight he prob bigger boned than me. just like 2 boxers at 15 st 7lb , one 6ft 3in the other 6ft , both fit strong men, but different bone structure , that the only real difference . eat plenty of fruit / veg, and drink lot of water every day, i have 2pints a day . you be fit/strong. and shag all day long lol
  2. i was told the best is paracetamol by my vet , keep away from ibuprofen, there bad for dogs, and metcam only use for short time, as there give bad guts for dogs. my old dog bryn who 12 now, got arthritis in his front wrist, he on 1paracetamol every day , dont get rid of it but helps with pain. if i was you i get the dog up to vet, just to check him out from proper examination .!!
  3. sounds great, them stags that hunt yotes in states are great dogs, i used like Dan Edwards posts on here with posts and pics . his line of stags go back over 100 years, mainly deerhoundx greys with drop of bulldog= apbt in the the genes , nothing like our deehoundxs over here. hope you do it mate, and if you ever got one of his line of dogs , he trained his pups on foxes lol be great love to see one in the flesh+ work, some males hit 100lb run all day and still kill 35 lb yote.
  4. bird

    Storm Ciara

    you ever regret moving to paddy land wilf ? is it your mrs Irish or have i got it wrong lol
  5. bird

    fury wilder 2 ...

    how that then, pm if you want .?
  6. you are right regards retrieving , some running dogs never will bring back it quarry. most of my colliexs were not bad retrievers , bryn brought back from 80-100yds or more , but as he got older it dropped few yards, my best retriever ever got to be Buck , he never really had much training i think it was natural in him. i had lurcherx lurcher bitch 90% greyhound drop of whippet/ collie she bring back but put rabbit down 5 yrds short, i do think me self with pure sight hounds , it dont come natural to them, some do but lots dont. most it just catch/kill .
  7. bird

    fury wilder 2 ...

    hope Fury gets the win, if he does it be on points, but i reckon this fight Wilder will ko fury, and he wont get up this time. was reading there both coming in heaver than the 1st fight , fury 19st , wilder about 15st 12 lb 223lb he said , he was to light last fight 15st 3lb , as i said on the other fury post, there be a 3 rd rematch fight again maybe xmas time, and winner fights Aj, and with lot of luck Aj can win then old the 4 belts .!
  8. ive recorded it, will have look friday , is old man was on the telly, talking about the program , is son, and the fight . i dont like the bloke or his son , but he came over not to bad, he on the show with him, so it might be ok for bit of easy viewing . i still think wilder will win this fight with ko, and fury wont get up this time, hope i am wrong, but i dont think i am. makes no real difference , as there contracted to have a 3rd fight anyway, this is just a pure money thing .because even when wilder wins , Aj wont fight him, for at least 2022 , the sooner we get some real heavyweights , that want to fight each other, the better, get these 3 tossers out the game and there promotes the better .
  9. when i had my none ped whippet bitch, there were few males down the track 22 -23in 34 lb that kill foxes and had few roe, they strong tough little dogs, i like the none ped whippet great little dogs. but for deer you need a bigger type dog, that can deal with big and small deer , somthing about 25-26in 60-70lb , and one with bit of grit in it , for this type quarry ,
  10. true mate, you get some big old Tom's , that fight even big dogfox , i think most foxes prob leave them alone, save getting hurt to much . good vid though , that fox didnt kill it quick though did it .?
  11. bird

    Phillip schofield

    haha love it lol
  12. spot on mate above,, i had little bitch none ped 20in 20lb , true words they give there all deff , i hate reading these type posts, me old heart all ways sinks . But one thing if nothing else ive learnt from bloody running dogs, is get them out as little pups just after there jabs, so they can learn about all stuff they could bump into. Had Buck out from 9 weeks old, day/night he used watch old bryn in the lamp, he knew about woods, etc the lot. i know some types are always full do or die like whippets and few pitxs , but at least if they out young , it might help them once there slipped on there quarry. hope the lad get over her and gets another runner .
  13. why not go down the route 2- 3rd gen 1x , seen some good racy 1xs over the years , still fast enough to catch stuff no prob. must be some lads with nice 1x dog , thats not over big ,? its funny really regards size of dogs my bullxs were 70- 77 lb 26in quite fast, but my 1x gsd x grey Buck 28 in 90 lb faster top end, and deff more agile than what the bullxs were, but in saying that a lad had 2nd gen 1x pit x grey, that was only 25in about 65 lb , and caught load of stuff, so they few out there, sombody could help you out .
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