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  1. Yep was bad day 1st August, I was born. Been very long long journey I can tell you lol
  2. Adam Peaty top class athlete , and the other lads in the swimming
  3. nice pics them, dogs look great, what height did the collie x make Davie ?
  4. bird


    cracker him, whats his height 16-17in ? our Staffs we had back in the 60s were bit similar type , but suppose ours looked more like apbts of today, than the show type staffs, our were from 15 in - 19in 35-55 lb . the strains by w-ton and walsall were more taller and bit heavier than other strains of staffs.!
  5. the opening scenes from( clock work orange) 1st in the milk'o bar , then in the subway meeting the old drunk plenty of ultra violence my brothers haha
  6. oh , and you done the right thing meeting out from each others property , and when you feed them make sure thet got enough space from each other, once they settled down abit , it will be bit more easy.
  7. well, as it dog and bitch intro , your bitch will be the boss, and put him in his place, unless he nasty temp dog , you wont hve a prob, and if he nasty temp animal, i deff think twice about having anyway. with lurchers in general they norm sort there selves out. you find in racing kennels , its dog / bitch kenneled together , never to male greyhounds , you get few bitches together , but as greyhounds can be killers once they fight , it 95% dog/ bitch.
  8. nice pup that trunk , whats her 1/2 brother like on the fox job,? is he as good as your black/ white dog you got .!
  9. It's wrong, the woman knows that it not giving the baby a healthy start to life, she should pack it up for 9 months, get the baby born then smoke after, my mom did this with every baby she had, (5) of us. I am ex smoker stopped 30 years ago, and best thing I ever did it filthy habit, I could never go with a woman that smokes. It be like kissing a astray.
  10. Great Post that, sorry about your bad health. We talked before when we kept bullmastffs, and still very positive bloke. When left the bull mastiffs, and other bull breeds, and went into lurchers, pet /worker, I've never looked back, my dogs all filled me freezer, and like you once you had these type dogs, they getyou out and about, walking great way of keeping fit, and running from farmers /keepers lol, I to old now, but will always have lurcher type knocking about me, as they say you only pace this way one, kepp posting mate. Ray
  11. lol, ive got a black one, with filters cost think £ 10 quid, funny thing though since ive been wearing my mask, ive stopped talking to people, i know we can still speak, but not seeing the face,i dont bother, and i feel ok with it, unless she young fit woman,
  12. its the best thing to happen to society , for a long long time, forget the virus for sec, you get the fookin flu, sommer colds, kids getting all things from other kids at school , them mom and dad get it, loose time of from work etc. i ware my mask deff , for years to come , if i am still alive. the sooner people realize that we going to live in different world now the better
  13. you see mate, as long as man walks on this little old earth , we as people will never get on , if your black, brown, yellow, red, and halfcast , will never get on with white people, the sooner people accept this the better,( multiculturalism dont work )
  14. true Ken, it really does help getting them out when very young, i had my big dog out at 9 weeks old, thats in the day and night, they just go along at there own pace, and watch the older dogs, old bryn taught Buck loads of things with ditches etc, even jumping, bryn jump over , and keep coming back for Buck get over, bryn done this lot of times. Bryn was more steady as pup, Buck was more full on, if i hadn't done all this with Buck as pup, i think he could have got hurt real bad when young, it deff helped him deal with every thing out there, but old machinery in hedgerows that coverd up wi
  15. Lol, true my sister in law just bought one, from handicapped horse rider who won few gold medals, this waste of dog cost £2 grand per pup, what waste of money, she could have had nice whippet grey pup, or a beddyx whippet for lot less, and be more healthy,
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