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  1. nice little dog that ken, i think they make great little knock about type lurcher. i did see a great vid , of this x pat x whippet, the main vid is killing rats , but the blokes on the vid, say they very good rabbit dogs , plenty of pace for rabbits, and deff pile in to any fox that that they might bump into . suppose you could get a pup this x , if you got the dam = whippet, or whippet x grey dam, now that be worth a go if you was more of a lamping bloke than just rats and rabbits . but like say if you not got a whippet or whippet x grey bitch, you struggle getting a pup. i did say few y
  2. true, and they prob have few bust toes as well , how hard the ground been of late. all you can do with your lurcher, is hope there bit of stuff to run about by dec, when its cold windy weather, but by then most rabbits and foxes are lamp shy by then , with them daft idle fookers shooting, and running dogs in june to sep, i am glad iam out of it now, done my little 35 years at lurchers, i keep them now as pet/ mate to get me out of my bungalow foe fresh air/ exercise ."
  3. thats spot on that, bring them up with sheep when a pup, ive always done the same with all my lurchers that ive had, where i lived before, they 120 acres , i know that nothing to what you lads have got over there lol, but they had 250 sheep on it, and few cattle, it was just small farm, but i had all the rabbit permission on it back then. So i take my pups out every day from 9 weeks old , in with the sheep, and having a old dog showing my pup, it made the job very easy with my pup. But he only ever had one blip, and that was when he pulled few munjack over few times , he was ok , came down
  4. it fooked up Ian Dury who was with block heads . a terrible thing to get , send it back to Africa etc where it came from in the 1st place.
  5. nice dog that , plenty of grit in with bull, and the other 2 terriers , what it height 25 in ? what it like with sheep , as there be loads over in your country .
  6. Yeh how old is it, just out of intreast, my next dog will prob be mature dog, once Buck gone.
  7. Just read that, sounds a real good litter, be good for most stuff, and not bad size, the whippet will drop the size Down, if it bit of beddy, or wheaten in them, it be the type I look at. And sensible price.
  8. Deff put the pitx greys on there toes lol. It never happen, because the cats, would go for easy prey ( sheep) not a bloody deer, once they killed few sheep farmers would soon be out shooting them, they prob have no time to breed, same if wolves, it never happen, why farmers produce live stock. Fact.
  9. bird


    Do they still use Birch in the Isle of man, think they name for it as well.?
  10. He to old now mate, he 10 in august, if they had few bitches before you can still breed from them true. But if they not bred before, they sperm get weaker, and very difficult to produce. I do know one thing though, I know I find it hard to get a temp as his as good with. People/kids and dogs. I said to my wife that when Buck gone couple years time maybe. I get me a mature dog, just as a pet , unless I drop lucky I think find it hard, he been good in the field and at home
  11. That's very true, plenty good brave terriers 5-6kg kill foxes under ground, I've always admire a good terrier, we got little jack with chihuahua in him little woody, only 5kg 11lb, he the boss at home deff in garden. And as said before on Buck fookin scared of him, yet he switch it on, and wreak a fox or bloody cat if bumped into one when out.?
  12. Now it funny you say that regards some hounds hold off a fox, unless they got few mates with them. I was quite surprised really, as some foxhounds are massive, I thought Buck was big, but some of them males hit 30 in 110lb, big thick bone on them. Dogs are strange creatures really, Buck certs passive with people /kids dogs, and yet wreak a fox, carry back proud as punch to me lol
  13. Yup haha, well got the grey beard, but baldwith it, didn't think vikings were bald, well Kirk Douglas wasn't haha.
  14. Good point charts, I know bloke who married his 2nd cousin, she nice looking etc, and seems normal enough, if a person can be lol. But it does make you think about people in general, as I've known loads of people, who go with out with any one unless there fairly local to where they live and born. And what I found over the years working lurchers, nearly all farmers never marry anybody unless local not saying there inbreds lol. But feck me, when I was after a woman, I go easy 100 mile for night out, a good distance for a shag, lol. Know it was nice to go another town etc.
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