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  1. bird

    Kelpies as a stud,

    well as they say, you (only) can go on the dogs you had etc, ive said before about a kelpie x collie x grey bitch i had, can honestly say, she was the most vicious dangerous dog ive ever had, and ive been round few breeds in my 66 years . she was fawn color , 23 in 50 odd lb , good coat/feet, great nose a real good mooching type dog. she was ok with me, and nobody else , no good with other dogs. now iam not say it was kelpie, it may have been the collie in her, but from experience with collie xs , they can be bit sharp with dogs or people , but nothing like this bitch was had to be muzzled when out , to dangerous with other dogs, the last nail in the coffin for her , was she went for my son , she had growl earlier at my wife , i put her down same day, bty i tried everything with her , igive her good feckin wallop when she played up, she lay down by me not move, but as said she was fine with me bring rabbits pile into a fox , a tough very strong animal . i like herding type xs , but think from my experience , you dont need lot in a lurcher 1/4 plenty of any herding blood , great looking kelpie hope it works out mate
  2. bird

    Bloody horses

    mine dogs , well my 2 lurchers , will deff make sure they not close to horses or cattle , they scared of them, which is great , but this little jack x woody i got a fookin pain in the arse , you have to put him on the lead pick the prat up , he only 10 1/2 lb lol, but he run at them . few days back some women came on my dog walk on horses, young girl was on a pony , there were 2 horses and her at the back, good job i seen them coming in the distance , as woody was loose. he would have flew up there at them, got to watch out for them with this fecker .
  3. bird

    Collie greyhound

    thats true mate, £ 150 enough for a lurcher , and regards collie i wouldn't have more than a 1/4 in the mix , drop of collie or beddy , whippet, back to greyhound , what i get anyway. you wont beat lurcher x lurcher as a all rounder for most quarry .
  4. bird

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    bloody hell mate, that old bitch was just like a bitch i had in looks and prob working ability like your bitch . she was 25in in 55 lb same color and coat. she catch few daytime hares, rabbits day/night , and kill few foxes , had the odd munjack , never done any bigger deer , but i reckon she would match Buck my 1x gsd x grey on quarry , if i had done them with her , this was in the 80s . she was manly greyhound with drop of whippet and collie , not sure if there was any pit in her, but full on bitch , maybe it was just the greyhound as they tackle most things that run from them,
  5. bird

    Lurchers dog or bitches

    Think must be doberman in bryn,lol Yeh,as Blacky said Bryn a twat for it. I was at weston park again about few back when I didnt have Buck. Was looking at few coats in the stalls Wasnt really watching him ,when he cocked his leg up on leather jacket on one of the racks. The bloke seen him a big fat packi he went fookin nuts lol. Wanted £100 quid to have it cleaned,told him to feck off ,its game fair and dogs walk about there. We nearly came to blows ,his mate and bloke watching it kick off separate us lol,yep bloody old Bryn will get in trouble. Buck no to bad like that ,Yeh males can be a pain at times more so at game fair lol
  6. bird

    Fell terrier cross

    true that, i seen a real nice parson terrier the other day, leggy and well put together dog, not sure how fast they are , but for mooching and bushing i reckon they be good dogs. ok not lamping dogs but around holes with ferrets etc, they soon be on a rabbit quick. the only thing put me off them was the price fookin £700 quid , mind you norm type jacks are fetching £250 quid. but suppose there all jumping on this breeding pup wagon , these daft designer type dogs cockerpoos etc fect £1grand name of the game today
  7. crackers them , good breeding as well, lurcher x lurcher , spot on for most stuff.
  8. bird

    Mooching lurcher

    for mooching , any herding type lurcher, collie ,kelpie , gsd , these type breeds , ave great nose for finding quarry , rabbits, birds ,all my dogs are brill in the day, and good lamping dogs . like been said most lurchers will use there nose to find game, but some xs like above are that bit more keener i think ., and that from messing about with different type lurchers in 30 odd years .
  9. bird

    Lurchers dog or bitches

    males, you can work them all year, haven't got have hassle when they come in to season (heat) , and in general males can have harder temp than bitches , not all ive got 2 males here with sensitive temps, and i had a bitch was as hard as nails . but as said on average a good male dog are the better working dog i think .
  10. bird


    lol , both looking old and frail now, wonder when Liz will kick the bucket ? carnt see them going another 10 years .!!
  11. i am the same , ive had both , and found dogs suit me better, i find most bitches are more sensitive than males , but in saying that these 2 males ive got now are very sensitive easy to up set. but as said can work them all year, no seasons to worry about nice pup , hope it works out.
  12. bird

    My Lad Jim

    nice x that , you have some fun with her this season , that breeding, and her size , she be spot on for most things she bumps into .
  13. bird

    My Lad Jim

    yeh shame not to let have crack at few rabbits, just to see him stretch his legs. they run 100% different live quarry deff, ive had play chasing each other, and after ball etc . the one day was walking on my norm walk , about 11 am met couple dog walkers i know , all dogs were fine , was lab, cocker, and dob x , got my 2 lurchers and the jack x , my big dog Buck was walking like he was half dead lol . a fox about 90 yds away, came out of the wood seen us and went back to wood. well Buck went like fookin rocket to the wood, these 3 people were gob smacked with how he got down there so fast lol, fox got away , but how lurchers come to life when they see another wild animal , it shocked them being honest. told them there tons of lurcher more faster than my dog , all lurchers big/small need i think the odd run at a rabbit, they come alive deff.
  14. bird

    My Lad Jim

    nice big dog that mate, how it bred.?
  15. bird

    Collie x

    lol , i had none ped whippet bitch , little 20lb 20in thing, fast at racing and good on rabbits day/night, had couple hares with her in the day, they bloody drag her lol, had to get to her quick, she was very soft mouth. now down the track, there males 23in 34 lb strong little dogs, and pile in to cats/ foxes no prob, you had to watch them all the while, a lad had 2 brothers and one day a cat was standing on top of his pigeon loft , the one brother ran up the loft which was 7 1/2 ft high apex , pulled the cat down one dead cat, these whippets had drop staff in them gens back, you could see it more in the males than the bitches , if was having whippet , it deff be a none ped racing male great little dogs , alot were kept outside had heat lamps and blankets , when hunting they didnt feel the cold to bad, but got to be honest, when you had like my 1xs both got great coats, i can see why people would choose a lurcher over whippet, if like Aussie whip yeh warm climate great whippet all the way if hunting rabbits, but over here with weather when its cold and pissing down , lurcher for me .