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  1. nice pup , ive always liked whippets, more so none peds. if i was you mate i get different collar , get proper whippet collar , as the collar that it got on to ig and could catch on branches etc, once it finds it feet, better safer than sorry with them little runners .
  2. he about 11 we think not quite sure, he was rescue , he dont look much deferent now
  3. nice heads on them DC , jacks are full of character aint they lol , we got little woody here, he jack x Chihuahua , he good ratter when he not snoozing in the garden lol, mind you he good life in him for old dog lol, them pics 6 years ago with my lad
  4. sorry DC for your loss, they deff get under our skin, and thats nice place to put her to rest.Back to the post , suppose its how you define word lurcher ? now over my 30dd years messing around lurchers, ive had big'uns and small ones, rough/ smooth, dogs and bitches .Not going to say one was better than another, all caught rabbits, the odd deer, and foxes and few hares. i did have a good bitch smooth brindle 24 in 50lb , had few hares in the day, good in the lamp took what ever you slipped her on, but got crippled at 4 year old with knee injury, i kept her 14 years till she died. had bull
  5. bird


    I really hope you get it, like you say you on training for good 12 months or so, you never know if interviewed well, you good get it. I went for a job years back, as gas board engineer, like your job it was training on the job, this was in the 80s. I selled me self well, showed massive intreast, and had the crack with them, prob that tipped the scales for me. Was good job, but load digging trenches, had dig from the main pipe in the road, to the houses. Them days no little minny diggers, it was all pick/shovel, done it for 18 months, then my back went had 2 slipped discs, but idid get bette
  6. bird


    Anybody know what killed him,?
  7. Just out of intreast mate, where are big numbers of rabbits in Oz? I thought I watched a vid in Oz, not so long back, where they totally over run with run the feckers the ground just moved with rabbits, not sure if it was new south Wales, might be wrong. If lived in Oz, and had could get to place like that, I spend 3-days there, plenty of dog food, and work for ferrets, and deff lamping for the lurchers
  8. spot on, my last 2 dogs, both were catching rabbits easy in the lamp at 6 month old , bryn lived till he was 14 yar old, and catching rabbits 10 years old,Buck the same and being honest even though he was big heavy dog, he pick rabbits up easy. Both made it look easy, trigger on here would tell you same as me as seen both dogs work, Buck lost bit of pace now, but i knew he would as big dogs slow down and age quicker than smaller dogs he 10 year old this august. i think it comes down to how you enter them, when young, No silly long slips, walk up to the rabbits at 1st , let them catch few, ge
  9. yeh , that deff helps with couple small meals a day, and let them have plenty of time to digest each meal. when i worked at the racing kennels, we all ways kept a eye on the amount the greyhounds were eating, we had 50 dogs to look after , never heard of greyhounds getting it, but suppose most dogs with a tuck up stomach , might be mote prone to get it. ive never had it with any lurchers ive had ,Buck wolf his grub down quite quick, but slowed up since old bryn been dead. R I P Freddie .
  10. was they drug related keith ? i know that some people use hard drugs , to cope with there lives, the only prob is that drugs make there probs thousands time worse , had mate who life got out of control , he hung him self in the end, real shame when life gets to much. i was in very dark place for 2 months with bad sciatica , got up in morning in bad pain , went to bed in pain , no feckin escape from it, for 8 weeks, i really felt like toping my self , i thought at least i get rest from this fookin thing, but i fought it, and didnt give in to it. i still get bad days but what ever
  11. dont know about knighted , the the twat needs poisoning like they did to the Russians'
  12. i thought BARF was raw meat anyway ? i get my raw mince chicken in 1lb bags from T .I .P .S they deliver to my door, but got to be o £ 50 quid meat, or they wont come, i have 100 bags , and some times big raw beef bones as well 20 were10 quid, but carnt get any since this feckin virus thing, i am by Hereford . but as said Buck on 1 lb raw chicken plus cup full dry meal 22 % protein , so he doing ok i think .
  13. just reading about this make off food, it more or less what you sprinkle on top of your dinner, it supposed to have nutrients in it , that other foods lack. my self i feed 1lb raw mince chicken , oil fish, rabbit when i get any, and 1 1/2 cup dry meal a day, so only small amount of biscuit . iive fed this for years , old bryn made 14 , and worked up to 11, Buck 9 now , ageing now, but ok for big dog. i just wondered if these type food brands are s good as what they say, it was a vet by the way in the vid, who said how good this stuff was, maybe he getting back hander from it all l
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