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  1. , yeh he not over big 15st , compared to most heavyweights to day, i know people are saying he beat Aj , but fit 16 st 7lb Aj would be bit to much for him i reckon , but you never know in boxing , one good'un on the chin its over at most weights ,wouldn't mind give it a look, wonder what its on, i think Uysk in Hearn stable's , so he bound to put a show on of some sort .?
  2. brill, who you going for ? i might go Uysk , mid rounds
  3. well maybe so mate, but them black/whites deff need controlling mate , just like foxes have to be . if they were like a rat in appearance , instead of the cuddly look like them and foxes hold , no fecker would be bothered .!
  4. bird

    RIP my best mate.

    sad to read Ken, such young bloke as well, and family man.Its posts like these that bring it home to you, how life can be so cruel to you , feel sorry for his wife and kids, i have moan about things that get me down, with my aliments , but fook me rather have them than what that poor bloke went through.
  5. well Stan, they were on about brining few fans back in to the grounds October , and i was thinking of going down the Wolves with my brother or my son this season to see few games, and look at our new signing's .But seeing them on the box, like i do most times his ok, but i know few season ticket holders , they prob pissed off , and wolves fans are terrible for moaning , if what they do on fookin Facebook all the time
  6. 100% sid, years ago in the 70s working in wolves , in a factory . my job taking moving the stuff, the welders had done to next department , the one day one of the blokes got a (flash) in eye , bloody painful it was for him , think he took his mask off just for few secs , then it got him, so deff use a mask .
  7. great pics , much about , see anything bigger than a rabbit ?
  8. looks a good fox that, how the dog bred, how much colie % to pitx grey ?
  9. True charts, I tell what mate, this virus and every think with it lock down etc, it's showing people in there true colours =dog eat dog situation, fook knows what people were like in the last 2 ww's, because people of today, are a different species deff.
  10. true, when i done couple seasons beating at Weston park , there was one bloke who had collie x grey , that was very good at beating, it looked more like pure collie really, the lad said it had greyhound in it , but nothing like old bryn as in him he 1x, so it be easy dog to train for beating i reckon. both my dogs are biddable , but there no way in hell could i call Buck off , if a deer or fox if the got up, he wouldnt stop it till he killed it , or it got away . that lad dog think was just ferrting type dog. And being honest when i was beating , nothing come close to a good trained cocker or springer
  11. No way Max, Lewis would deck him mid rounds,
  12. ok, Mick c , And Gnasher or any other boxing buffs , what you lot think ? Dont get me wrong i think Ali was the best Heavyweight to get ever in a ring, and i still think the same .But was reading about Lewis lastnight, and what it said , was that he had everything needed to be great champion,= height 6ft 5in, 250lb , power, great left jab, one of longest reach , 5 in more than Ali , both good stopping hands, very agile, and good brain, could change tactics in a fight when he had to, good wind for 12 rounds, not bad jaw , ok he got ko twice, but he beat them 2nd time round, Ali prob got the better jaw , but dont think he had Lewis overall power . So i think , it be close maybe Ali late stoppage , but regards the crop we got to day= Fury, Aj, Wilder, Lewis, would deff beat them easy, well thats wha i think .!
  13. great start Wolves , nice 3 points thank you lol , few new faces , and got that young lad to have crack yet COME ON WOLVES.
  14. haha on the money stan lol, but being honest old chap, ive give up with these feckers by me , they just dont want to know , ok i know ive got big dog, but so what even if i keep the daft prat on the lead , they still dont want to talk, and the women are worse, either they scared of me and the dog , or there stuck up prats. well know i dont talk to nobody unless they speak 1st , fook'um
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