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  1. would you say, there more hyper than a collie, or jack Russel , as both these breeds , never really switch off . , once they had there kip say 6-7 hours sleep , there up for anything rest of the day .!
  2. very very true mate, i tell you what ok there are few decent people about, not panic buying , and helping the old and sick , the NHS are doing wonderful job. but fook me there some selfish pigs out there , and slowly but surely it putting me off people in general , you better off with a dog for honesty / loyalty , never thought i say that in my 67 years regards other human beings , but this virus that we got now, made me see people for what they really are CU#TS deff .
  3. well i do know a bit about them, as i worked at racing kennels for nearly 6 months . i used help feed them, clean there kennels , and walk them, the bloke had at one time 52 greyhounds . like been said on here, if from a 9 week old pup - 12 months old , you can steady them down a bit true. but they deff got a switch in there head , and it will go off , once there in full flight running quarry down. they wont hold back when behind live game , ok if you took them coursing on hares regular, they could learn maybe hold back a bit, but in my mind if lamping they could get killed easy , hitting feckin b/ fences, gates, etc . people think there only built for speed, but alot greyhounds are full on type dogs when there roused , they can be twats for fighting as well . when 1st started at the kennels , the owner said to me , even though all these dogs/ bitches know each other , as they can see and smell each other in the kennels , alot of them would kill each other , if they were not kept apart , they only had 2 dogs to a kennel (dog/ bitch ). we used to walk 4 dogs at one time , i not small , and iam quite fit/strong , well we never got to close to the person walking there 4 dogs , well one day a woman was walking her 4, when fecking tree rat ran across the field . Christ all hell broke loose , they dragged the woman 20 yds across field , she did really well still holding them, then they started to scrap each other, mine stated to get wound up, i give a wack with the leads to calm them dowm , it took good 10 mins till they calmed , blood made things lol. i like greyhounds think they make good pets, but never never understated a greyhound you can see why the pit x grey popular as both breeds are full on type dogs, if that what youa fter , you can try to work them if from a pup, but remember what you got on the lead . deff
  4. bird

    Keepers Cheshire

    haha brill , let me know when we going, i let you go 1st, i am gentleman
  5. haha told you loved brown dog ,feck me it was getting very close, he nearly pulled me over, when he 1st seen it
  6. haha thats nout regards being puppyish , i got 7 year old dog here still like to play with other dogs , prob is you got 90 lb dog flicking them over when he plays, he likes to drop his neck over them lol
  7. on the money paul, with above , there were some real good apbts and proper working staff lines, around the black country in the late 70-80s real good bulldogs bred back then, it was seeing a 1 x staff x grey tug, it was watching him work back then, made me like bullx lurchers , tug was hell of a dog around a hole , or lamping foxes , they were some good proven dogs back then .But i remember back then, couple lads who knew the dog game inside/out , said when ever you breed a bulldog to a none bulldog , your loosing stamina, guts, so these lads putting to sighthound, always gamble , to what the pups going pick from from sighthound or bulldog, when it works like it did with tug , well great, but plenty dont he told me , and even in bulldog to bulldog it dont feckin work haha he told me, well he was right i reckon . l ike paul said there still good bulldogs out there if you knew where to find them, but not all want to out x to a poxy sight hound lol , if they do well you dropped on a good'un
  8. i tell you what Davie , they make cracking pups , if i wanted a good working beddy type like these be, i be up your place like shot deff mate . and as they say, you never know what around the corner ? with dogs
  9. the key word i picked out (6 months old ) ,your at the trying it on stage ,. you said you had them at 912 months old, there still trying it on , but not as puppyish as 6 month old pup. you missed the most important stage, from 9 weeks - 6 month old, when there very young, you can imprint your mind on them , the older each dat they get , it get that bit harder . if it was my pup, i keep it on the lead when other people or dogs are about , just walk up to them steady on the lead, and do that . regards recall forget it when it got it mind on other things fact, i never call my pups back if the y see people or other dogs, i just ask the person or got he dog to just hold him for me till go down for him. no point calling , all you doing his teaching him( not) to come back . far better to bond/ play with him 1st, train him latter, plus most training classes dont have dogs till there about 8 months old, and thats just pure basics .!!
  10. feck me gnash , nearly spilled me coffee haha , chin up ken
  11. he deff liked your dogs lol , and me nice stamp of dog, i like drop of bull in a lurcher , Buck over nice coursing type with drop of bull in it , anything not over big , as your getting plenty of size from Buck.
  12. thanks mate, we not really sure of woody age , as he was rescue dog , think he about 10 , but he run about with the big dogs on the walk , it funny some times when he walks under Buck legs little/large lol
  13. Thanks Keith, hope your well/fit. Looked after your self mate, and bit of luck say 3 months time, and this virus is better under control, maybe get your self nice little lurcher, or nice jack to mooch about with
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