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  1. never gets easy, when that sad day comes. at least you got few other runners to take it place .
  2. more than likely he will mate, but we can live in hope and as they say it what happens on the night in boxing . ?
  3. why doesnt Fury just fook off and retire , he got his millions in the bank , let his belt go, and who next in line let him fight Usyk for the belts.But i hope them 2 fight, and he beats Fury, it would knock that family on it arse, you get his old man gobbling off , saying good his son is , well if a normal size heavy weight can beat him like Usyk , it soon shut his big mouth as well fact .
  4. fair point Stiff, one thing i will say though , it comes down to your genes? . now my family my side are naturally slim people , mom old mom was 5ft 5in and 9st all her 77 years, my old man was 5ft 9in and 11 1/2 st all his 85 years , me 5 ft 11 1/2 in 12 st 10lb all me 70 years, now me and my mom and dad , can and could eat anything and dont put weight on. my wife and her family carry lot more weight, and even though me and my wife can eat the same food on our plates, she put weight on and i dont, suppose it the old saying = you pick your friends , you Dont pick your family, and never tr
  5. nice old pic that, if my old big dog , if seen a cat on that nice relaxed morning , he had cart pulled apart, smashed chasing the feckin cat haha
  6. What I found, if like me my dogs have been lamping dogs, a d have plenty of rabbits and few hares. I don't mean just of the seat either, my big gsdx grey Buck, when caught couple rabbit hare got up 35 yds away, this fookin hare took him feilds away, got away and happy it did. Now what found in the day hares, my type dogs try to put a strike in quick, and in doing so will burn out, after couple mins, where a good hare dog, will hold back and strike when it's just right. To me dog with drop coursing blood in it will catch deff in day, and get good bag in night, and x that did see work was s
  7. Top grub that, look after them well, and look after you work day/night for you no prob.
  8. Let's hope the really take place, 2nd if fury beaten by a man 6in smaller, 3 stone lighter, like I've always said fury finished, he got no where to go. Usyk if he beaten, he can always go back at cruiser, be world champion, let's hope happens
  9. yep , great 3 points for us wolves fans , massive game next sunday with Newcastle away , going to very hard game for us, maybe lucky to get a draw, 3 points be better, but dont think so, we go 12 games left a lot to play for everybody , tough league , the premier league , come on the wolves
  10. blood great , my big dog would have loved that living there when he was younger, shame they have to get old.!
  11. ok yes politicians , but if we honest most joe public not bothered about hunting, you always had that stigma , hunting was the toffs= upper class , and bit later middle class , thats shooting, fox hunting horse back, bit of terrier work, for digging foxes out for the Hunt etc, and hare coursing legal like the Waterloo cup etc .Now going back when i was kid born in 1952 , you see few gypos with lurchers hunting rabbits, or the odd few hares, infact i was about 10 year old , when out with one of our staffs, nice fawn 18in strong bitch, was over by some counsel tip, you get few rabbits, fo
  12. He doing well, and in the lamp, from what you said, not bad pace as well, regards bringing back, at least he comes to you with it, he could be one of these feckers kills and leave it. He stag x whippet x grey, think that right?
  13. I was born on a counsel estate 70 years ago, now most of the people had fook all, just roof over our heads, and just about food for a belly. Now most of the men worked some OK so crap jobs, but all payed taxes etc, my old man done 2 jobs a day to put food and clothes on our back, there was 5 kids. I not bothered were people live, as long as pay there taxes, fook me I am 70, and I still paying taxes etc. If we all adopted the attuide that most hypos have got, don't want contribute to society, we all go down the pan very quick. It be great move about and move when the mood takes us, leave al
  14. True, they don't pay council tax, national insurance, they don't contribute to society, the only one as is Tyson fury, and his old man got his own site, think that what I've read. And the millionare who owns the site by me by Hereford. Carnt think any others contribute to to society
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