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  1. i had bitch, who only came in heat once a year, she prob was down, with general fitness for about a month after, so didnt run her, and prob took another 2 weekd on top 6 weeks all in all before she was back to her best. she was prob my best alrounder type lurcher, she do hsres in the day, and rabbits foxes in the lamp, she was very greyhound in appearance , prob 3/4 grey drop of whippet, and drop collie, but say 90% greyhound .but my male lurcher Buck,near as good as her , when he was younger and fit, so all in all, a male better to have, and work all year round, always stick with males now
  2. done it, got to all stick together , we dont want them to end up like us with this fookin hunting ban , we might have to pop over there to work our dogs one day.
  3. bird


    its what been said ( over active imagination ) . look its as simple as this , once it gets into your brain ( fear ) its very hard to shift, so sombody says this place might be haunted etc, thats it its gone in all 3 heads there , next thing the mind will play tricks then and bingo its won, even if you none believer like your self, it to late , because it gone in your brain now, so if you stayed there one night , you deff see or feel something there, the damage is already done. you only have to say to sombody of here , stay the night there on there own and they be the same now, maybe the o
  4. nice pup, and sounds nice x, hold have enough pace, and deff stamina , lets us know how she turns out , pm if you want
  5. yep been cold over most UK last week, getting bit warmer mid next week, you ever get any probc charts, with foxes or cats after your birds.? my brother used to keep chickens, ducks, and couple turkeys , the foxes took few chickens, so asked me to go over days with my gun and catch them , went for a week all different times , but never seen a fox, but did catch big feral tom cat who was after fowl the one day, my 1/4 pit 3/4 grey got him, was big smelly thing lol
  6. He ticked all the boxes for me, so carnt complane, he 8 year old now, had some great nights lamping with him in them 8 years. If I ever get another lurcher and it was like him I be happy bloke.
  7. yeh they will hit 26-28in , but my 1x gsd x grey 28in , and he picks rabbits up easy when he was younger and fit, big dog will just drop his neck down and strike, without loosing to much a pace, well my big dog did, he pick them up with one swoop easy, but as said a gsd are naturally agile dogs anyway.
  8. good price terry, and to see both parents , i knew bloke who had that x , a real good alrounder took all game big/small
  9. they are clever dogs, i found them easy to train, that 1/4 bred no prob , brought back rabbits as well, i like the x , but my gsd x grey prob that bit better with better coat/feet, and more agile if i am honest .
  10. mate i hsd 1/4 pit 3 /4 grey , 26in 70 odd lb , well fast for rabbits, and took foxes with him as well, ive had 3/8 pits 5/8 greys as well , all good dogs , but i think the 1/4 pit , was poss the best rabbit dog. But you can get 2nd gem bred 1xs as well , nice racey bitch say 24in 65lb , they not all big heavy types , but as said 1/4 pit enough for any lurcher to catch rabbits. my dog from the 80s
  11. deff, 1/4 of good bulldog , to 3/4 grey or 3/4 lurcher , you get very good working dog.
  12. bird

    Bad backs

    Well, one thing I've done this. Last 6 years, is lots of ( hamstrings) stretching and deff helps your lower back. I've been doing them for my worn cartlige in my right knee, and they helped as well, I do 1/2 every day, I take 2 tramerdol as well a day, they help as well. But those who know me, know that my back prob never stopped me working a dog day/night, I could put a good night in 2-3 hours walking. But what as stopped me now, is my right knee, cartlige doesn't repair it self once is fooked that's it, only thing is to have Op on it, but that's the last thing I want at my time in life
  13. good point that, does the lad kennel his spaniels ? , if so put the lurcher out there in a kennel/ run . do all rescue centers think that all dogs have to live inside ? if so why , a dog is a animal not a human, and so should be treated as such .! people in houses dogs in kennels.
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