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  1. bird

    alsatian x greyhound

    to get one today mate, you really got to do your homework to get a healthy good pup, from proper working lines, in fact if i really wanted good healthy pup, i might even import one if i couldn't get a good one from here . The Czech republic breed good healthy gsd but there bred for work type dogs, thats what you got to aim for if you want proper healthy Alsatian , you pay for it but worth it long term .
  2. bird

    alsatian x greyhound

    and are they bel mals, or dutch sheps nice dogs either way. i like the dutch Shepherd in pure form, but x back to gsd make great dog for pp work and guard dogs . A copper who came to my house last week to check me out regards my 12g / cabinet , just for my re new every 5 years. we spoke about gsds etc, and i said they because of the HD in the breed, they thinking or did use dutch sheps . he said they using now good working gsds with good hip scores and good temps , and want to keep the size/ power of the breed, this what he told me the want as police dogs today .
  3. , how you doing Dave, hope the family ok and dogs , fit/ healthy and had you had good season with them .
  4. true Terry, his temp spot on , and he knows how to use his size , and he got very strong jaw on him, he wreak most dogs if he attacked them, like he can do in he field hunting quarry . my wife as always said to me, thank your lucky stars he got brill temp, or he be nightmare to take out and she right . i went to differnt place today , not many idiots use it , few stock by it my 2 lurchers are sound with sheep etc, keep woody on the lead , dont think he seem many stock where my son lives, play it safe with him .
  5. bird


    thanks, he be about 8 or 9 year old then i think .
  6. regards bank holidays and warm weather park time dog walkers. ive got my sons little jack woody staying with me for a while, he ok typical jack temp, but not bad little dog. was walking him with my 2 lurchers today , a woman with 2 young girls 8 or 10 years old , and got 2 boxer dogs, brindle bitch normal size and one bout 8 months old. walked past , i said nice day thats about it no more , both her dogs ran towards my dogs, all dogs loose , they stopped didnt bother with Buck or Bryn , but went to little woody, the older one jumped on him then the other went at him, i booted the one off, and the owner got the older one off, said she never done that before . i said there bloody cowards there shit scared of my big dogs so picked on the little dog. Woody ok , no marks as i was in to the dogs quick, i think the owner got the other dog quick as she knew i would kick that twat as well . it gets my back up as my dogs are people and dog friendly , and woody ok as well, he was quite to night , he about 8 year old so he dont need it he only 10 lb , i pick him up next time , save him getting knocked about . Quote Edit
  7. bird


    it be full Op for the tail cut off, same as dew claws took off when mature , you struggle to get it took off , by most vets. only breed legal to have tail docked are working spaniels , vets will do these deff . just out of interest ive got a little jack terrier woody. it my sons dog think the dog about 8 year old, not sure as he was a rescue dog , my son had him just as pet , had him 4 years , he fiery little bugger good watch dog ad make great ratter deff, just wondering when he was docked , and when the law came in , maybe find his age then he 10 lb weight prob 10- 11 height, he might have bit of chihuahua in him lol .
  8. to hard to handle , suppose like any working dog, but as been said a 40-50lb bulldog would be a nightmare to handle , if they want to have a pop at you . i seen a Bel mal that would have a go at you, and this was from a bloke who trained RAF dogs and helped with police dogs , the dog was 65lb , breed like these should never be in houses as pets with joe public , and like aid before dogs should be outside in kennels/runs. when we kept bull breeds, our were outside, and never had any probs .
  9. bird

    alsatian x greyhound

    yeh to a nice 24 in grew bitch , you get some crackers , his size/power , and his good coat/feet and stamina , make real good lurchers for mooching in the day and good lamp dogs . you missed a chance of a good dog Bill , he put some size back in to Jaz pups deff .!!
  10. bird

    Boy mauled to death by dog.

    true Tomo , even though ive got my son dog here with me now, a little jack woody, there just me and my wife, so no kids etc, so it ok even though i wouldn't norm keep dogs in house. all my lurchers have great temps with people,kids both are great with them, but being honest i never trust any dog 100% with kids. was talking to bloke to day learning his 5 year old lad to ride a bike, i walked round the corner and he was there , with t he boy and had small spaniel looked like cocker x . my 2 were loose as soon as i see kid i put Buck on the lead , he wont do nothing he very friendly , but he big dog so scares few people, old bryn just mooches along and no prob, but the bloke i could see was bit wary of Buck. he was ok once told him how daft he was lol, we got talking about the that poor little lad who got killed by that dog, i said people will never learn. regards dogs, i said you got more chance of any type of dog attacking a kid or person , than my 2 dogs more so Buck, but i never leave him with any kid or person no way, he outside with old Bryn , an best place for powerful dog , no risks that how it should be i reckon .
  11. bird

    Kennel is it sufficient

    not to bad, would your wife not take them out for a 1 hour a day , there not big dogs as you say, i see lots of dog walkers by me with spaniels , and labs there are alot of times with women owners and somtimes kids with them , be similar size to your dogs in height . i am out couple hours every day , but i am retired now so got the time do do it , got me sons little jack woody at moment , this little fooker got more energy than my 2 lurchers lol , dog deff need stimulating = exercise or they go nuts. that kennel you got , my big dog would chew that up, he prat for biting wood, think he got 1/4 beaver in him lol
  12. be nice way of life on the boat penny, you finished with lurchers now, as you bee living on a boat, see quite few people on boats with the odd dog, but thats it one or 2 dogs no more , prob not much room, when i used to walk along the canals by south staffs.
  13. bird


    True just out to put big hole in your pocket,most dogs brought in should really put down there plenty of fit healthy dogs in the pound that need a chance of life,and they won't cost £8 grand like it cost them daft buggerso spending there money hevery charge them that's not shown on camera .
  14. bird

    Not so good.

    well when you looked at the game, most time they dropped 9 players in the box, so England (would) find it hard trying to go forward . they only started to press forward a bit once they got the goal against England . it was hard game and hard place to play at, but England stuck at it , and wore them down and got the goals. they wont win the tournament , but it deff step right direction , we got some good players here and we can only improve. regards the black players , i dont know why they dont just show the racists the ball in the back of there net, or make goals to win the games, nothing hurts more than people laughing at them, when in there loosing side lol, keep banging the ball in the net lads , we got a young 1/2 cast lad from my team wolves morgan gibbs white a great young talent .
  15. bird

    Guard dogs

    look real man stoppers them bandogs , and healthy with it. i reckon bullmasstiff x pit would be good dog, it deff iron out few health probs in the bullmastiff, make it more agile and healthy type dog , and you get decent guard dog from the x , what do you think of this x , did they ever use them in the bandog, or just use neo all the while , i did send a pm just before i put me bullmastiff pics up , me comp played up a bit lol.