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  1. bird

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    he on to night BBC1 10. 35 pm , his tears and attitude wont sway nobody i reckon, he knew the risks , but carried on with this lifestyle he wanted , i watch it but wont change my opinion on queers , got 2 women (lesbos) live next door to me . good neighbors both go to work, come home look after the stock sheep, alpacas , horses, and dogs, they got 13 acres. both bit butch short hair etc , everybody chooses what way they go in life , and in his case he pay with his life for it in the end and other people will who been with him .!!
  2. bird

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    haha come on max, even his old man said he was shit the other night, and could be finished . the fight most fans to see i reckon wilder v ruiz or v Aj v wilder deff
  3. bird

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    lets see what next year brings , fury will deff have to win most rounds to get the win this time, wilder will make sure in the next fight fury dont get up , he going to come in heavier and be stronger. i hope fury can pull it off this time and win, but got me doubts, and hope fury not left with weak skin from that 40 stitch cut he picked now. because if opens up again wilder , will destroy him 100%. just out of interest for the boxing lads who know the game inside/out , do cuts like he got heal proper , or are they always vulnerable to open up from being hit , more so with wilder power ??
  4. bird

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    think you might be right mate, i should think it like the same in most city's , wasnt always wolves though , went to few other city's as well. there are and were loads of people just like me, out for good time drink and shag, when you got no ties why not, as sais once i got married i calmed down, and being honest i think it was good thing, because it better to do it when single, than married ,and mess up your kids and a good wife. and i know plenty of people who do the latter and regretted it mate .
  5. yeh mush, not dogs to mess with, i read on the web, that man aggression , part of the dogs temp, and they breed for it . that thing i saw looked dangerous, was bad enough me having colliexkelpie x grey bitch , she ws only 50lb 23 in, bloody strong as well, but would bite a ny fecker if they came to close to me , i was on edge all the while deff no good mate , somthing big as them a fila be nightmare , prob why they banned over here, having soft dogs like ive got make you release how lucky i am more so big dog like Buck is glad he wimp lol
  6. ye i was thinking the same , as soon as the dog or dogs are close by, he just swing round with the gun they drop the rhino with i might be wrong here but the only hound breed that are naturally man aggressive are the (Fila ) there banned over here in the UK. There big powerful dogs , bloodhound x mastiff of very old lines , ok like any dog they soon get shot as we said, but i reckon they deff go in quick on any man , say 5-6 dogs 27 in 110lb hitting you quick , you be in big trouble. i did think i saw one about 9 year ago, by where i used to live. it was fawn colour , just like big blood hound , the bloke had it on long lead, never came to close to me with bryn, he said it was mastiff x lab, bloody nasty thing it was. it had longer ears than any lab or mastiff i ever seen, said he got it from London , it looked like a Fila to me any way , wouldn't want it chasing me anyway . lol
  7. bird

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    yeh the wheaten seems the way to go , and prob got more chance of a pup, than trying to get a good beddy these days, but same again its getting a good wheaten may be the prob, they out there its finding the lads who got them, they keep them under the radar from most people . ive always thought a 1/4 wheaten x 3/4 grey make good alrounder lurcher for most quarry deff
  8. bird

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    what real shame Dc horrible story ,loads died from bad blood in the 80s-90s , brought on by dirty freaks shagging each other . porn got lot answer for , dont get wrong we looked at it over the years , and actors going bare back take that massive risk men and women, as it get more money for them doing it in front of camera. you see alot so called single women that look real fit at 20- 50 year old,thought me self bloody hell how come they aint got a bloke etc lol, but there all doing it for money there pros, what ever way you want to word it . i knew a cop in vice squad years back it was the same then as now, but lot more perverted creeps pedos etc . dint know all about this rugby macho shit that goes on with them banter or not , it bordering on homosexual wrap it up how you want , why big 6ft 4in lumps of blokes who very fit now act like been said on here god knows why . regards Gareth Thomas , nothing proud about him either coming out or with HIV , if acted like normal man in the 1st place he wouldnt have what he got now . i was very shag mad as younger bloke , i put around alot , shagged ugly women, pretty women , and average type women , didnt get married till i was 30, i had good 15 years at it lol , always went out with few quid , nice clothes , and few french letters, othere wise , i prob had me prick in sling haha glad i calmed down when i did, lot gonorrhea , HIV to day men and women , risky time today, better keeping it your trousers if your single person today i reckon deff .
  9. bird

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    deff mick , the big 3 will want to have fury as there next fight , he got to get new team round him, get Roach with him like in the 1st wilder fight . but i really think if they do meat up again maybe next year June onward , wilder will finish off fury proper. and i think Aj v Ruiz if Aj could use his long jab and boxes better dont rush in , he might win, but if gets tagged Ruiz winner. how do think Ruiz v wilder might go, Ruiz is fast hands and not bad power , but wilder far more dangerous fighter , really hope they can get it on next year if Ruiz wins Aj in dec .
  10. bird

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    i said before wilder , as said fury wont get up this time if there ever fight again, and watching that fight last night, if that had been in wilder the ring with last him last night , he been in more serious trouble than just a cut eye deff.
  11. bird

    Midland game fair

    great to see you and your mates again , i tried to catch you with one, but you was very quick off the mark , you one mate didn't think i could move like that for a old fart lol , no great to see you again , you and you mate keep some sound dogs proven workers . we deff have mooch this year with the dogs , keep in touch . Ray
  12. bird

    Midland game fair

    yep, had great day, met some sound lads there, weather was spot on for it. Always great to meet up with Tomo we always have good chin wag , he sound fella, and a thumps up Tomo for looking after Buck for me, while i had look in the stalls . them red back boots are brill them , they got great write up on line about them, and i am glad i dint buy the other ones we looked at before , most dealer type boot comes up bit big on me, but thick type sock fixs that no prob . i got be honest though Tomo , when you was out size the stalls holding big Buck, fook me you got some serious looks from people walking past, your looked like you was doing your door work , with that big lump next to you , no wonder the vendors look pissed off you scared the customers off Ha Ha , no mate you were sound thanks Ray
  13. bird

    Interesting article re dew claws.

    true , bryn had few probs with his, ripped them, ended up having to let them heal, tried taping them to protect them , when i had Buck i made sure that the breeder took them off as small pup, best way i think, he full on when after any thing, in any ground, or cover , never any probs with him in 7 years .!
  14. bird

    Not a good start

    bloody hell , old up might just be something it ate , put on a drip with antibody good chance it will pick up, dont forget alot vets think with there wallet 1st, animal 2nd .!
  15. carnt get on the site, tried last night as well,?