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  1. think he got the 8 million in his back pocket as well, he only 60 never have to work ever again, i bet few blokes in there 60s wish they could do the same today.!!
  2. mine the same, in fact Buck my big 1x gsd x grey lurcher only ever shits in the compound = run if he got the bad gut, he dont even piss in the run, he waits till i take him out for a walk, and got to be off the lead as well, ive walked the fecker 1/2 hour on the lead , and wont do nothing, slip his lead, and go right away, i not complaining really, as i never have clean the run , old bryn started to get bit dirty this last 5 months , he dont hold him self so much now , mind he is 14 now, so get them out earlier . over the years , it caused few rows , gone out for the day , and want to g
  3. love walking on a full moon , more so jan onwards , ok you not goi1ng to get much stuff, as they see you coming, but had couple good runs as well, just nice to give the dog bit of exercise .
  4. Well done charts, good to get the pups out and seeing other dogs work, and good of Davie giving you the invite
  5. Do you think Usyk would beat Fury, I know Fury would give him 6in in height, and near 4 stone weight. But Usyk can deff box, great agility, and at 6 ft 3in and 16 St, he deff big enough to Ko fury. I think Fury could win, but it be Fury hardest fight to date. I think Aj will loose in the rematch, Fury will beat White, and then it Usyk v Fury for the 4 belts what do the think Gnash Usyk v fury?
  6. Cracking pups them, won't beat lurcher x lurcher, and drop of pit in it with the beddy, you have plenty of guts in it, for any quarry
  7. Not weighed him for few years, when he lamping regular, was about 88lb, but even at that and his height 28in he still picked rabbits easy, best bag was 38 one night, that good going for big lump like him, he was bred for bigger things, which his size came in very handy. Pity they get old, but had some good nights with him deff
  8. Fury, think he knock out wilder round 7, have they had they weigh in yet? How heavy fury going in at, and as wilder gone in heavier, he said he was to light in there last fight?
  9. Not to sure, maybe bullx whippet x grey type, he give better coat, good feet, and stamina, like always said you carnt beat lurcherx lurcher type,
  10. yes regards the gsds they have lot of health probs true , and its only common sense to use any dog to create a lurcher thats healthy to start with. Most on here know ive got 1x gsd x grey Buck , he 9 now , he done what i wanted , good mooching dog, great lamping dog , when he was younger run all night long no prob, so good stamina, agile for big dog, pick rabbits up easy great feet/coat and not bad pace, he take what ever you slip him on, all in all a good dog. Regards HD and elbow probs that in gsds , i asked 2 vets about the above if he the same probs, both said if did get HD and e
  11. deff mate, well bred pit x grey x coursing type lurcher , will catch you most stuff you run, deff in the lamp, if just after few rabbits, few birds day/night a well bred collie x grey or collie x lurcher are spot on more so as well with ferreting job. i ve had both xs , so i know what they can do, but a well bred lurcher x lurcher type from proven parents that do al quarry is where to get your pup .
  12. what about the gwp , there different mind set than the smooth , from what few people say, tougher type dog , and make good watch dog as well .
  13. well done Dave , pup did well.
  14. 100% mate , i thought if didn't start throwing big right hands , and use his extra height/ weight he be in trouble as the fight went on, i told my wife he lost this to night , and i was right . if there rematch he got to go out and try to knock Usyk out with in 3 rounds. But again it shows Aj not got good chin , ok he didnt go down , but he was in trouble from them left hand jabs, Usyk wasn't tested last night from proper powerful heavyweight , we dont know how good his chin from heavy bombs .? I still think Fury will be the world champion with the 4 belts ok he got to get past wild
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