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  1. sounds good that, bound to be few on here who like bit of that on sat or sunday morning .
  2. thats what i wrote Gnash ( bond) you spot on mate, 15 month old it going into teen thing . electric collars can be good if used sensible , i used do lot of beating as younger bloke, and ive seen them missed used on gundogs , and i seen big lab just fook off from the shoot, the bloke was twat how he used it, i nearly kicked knackers through his head for him, he told me keep it shut, i said you want to hope the A/E not shut , because thats where you be going next . the keeper moved me away from him, because he was paid gun , and keeper didnt want to upset people who pay his wages , ok but
  3. right, 2 things to look at here = age, breeding . 1st the age, it best to get any dog from 9 weeks old , build up the bond , and put few little rules in , ok all pups will try it on, but it will mold around in 6 . 10 weeks with repetitive training , but nice and easy with it . 2nd breeding , beddy xs , now i know lots of people on here get on with this type x, ok no pob with that but for me . i had one years ago , it was beddy x whippet x grey gen bred. it was the worst lurcher i ever had, no re call , very hard mouth on anything , i had it 2 years pts in the end, it had ( hard pad
  4. bird

    Where's Moll ?

    you are right deff, Buck as young dog was a fooker when young , go in cover after foxes , get sent of fallow he be gone trigger tell you same was gone 1 hour seen 1/2 dozen was gone , come back in right mess lol , other times killed feral cats come back with them, like he did with his foxes, great nights lamping with him , you deff feel a boring walk with out that fooker haha . i know what what you mean D.C with catty etc wouldnt get a spaniel , if got another it be herding type x lurcher , male good coat , bit of brain etc as it live outside in kennel . few things in me head if ge
  5. bird

    Where's Moll ?

    lol , them days are gone now lads , trigger tell you that as well , he 11 year old dog , not the same dog no more, but we both old now, so there you go . ( keepdiggin) not sure what do when he gone , i did think prob at my age 71 to wrap it up . But being around lurchers 37 years day/night , prob find the walks bit boring with out one, but no rush old Buck could plod on another 2 years yet, i leave the door open as they , if i stay as fit and strong as i am now .
  6. true , nice line bred bullx grey x collie x grey , that catch rabbits , and anything that jumps up in front of it, it was a type x i wanted 16 years ago , but back then , but not many bred that way back then, but you see lot more about today .
  7. bird

    Where's Moll ?

    haha to true lol , ive hit 71 now, earing fooked only got 41% , and i am falling apart , i need 686 back of me head . Glad your ok Moll , you still keep dogs lurchers / terriers , i on me last one now he 11 year old , he like me old burned out lol.
  8. yes, but if it was 100% just about fishing , lot of people would turn off deff, im not fisherman , my late father in law was, and the wife brother in law, top class fisher man, won loads of competitions , price money = rods etc , ive had look with her late dad, but not for me, l like being on the move , thats prob why stuck at lamping for 37 years , catching stuff, and being fookin chased few times lol. But i do like the program , there both good, ive watched all the programs and enjoyed them, take it for what it is ,( light easy entertainment )
  9. bird

    mob phone?

    having prob , seeing any pms, and just like now carnt answer a post with my mob phone ? i answer a lads post using my computer seems looks like the only way i can do it moment , can one of the mods have check for me, see what changed , to what it was before , as mob easy and quick to use . thanks Ray
  10. yep, i did mine , and got a few, in the day ,so night vision deff be lot better . dont know what his set up is , but if in shed or raised floor, you could put the poison under the shed of under the floor say 5 ft away no dog get to that, the rats just die in there. but if not got these set up like i have, well shoot them at night .
  11. how would that work then ? just curious how it be done. never had any dog like that, the only breeds i know that eat for England are fooken Labs, there greedy animals . how much you feeding the dog, maybe it not getting enough , so wolfs it down just thought. plus acd dogs in pure form are small stocky dogs anyway , even if sighthound ion the acd prob strong gene , all my lurchers eat fairly quick when younger, but slowed up as they got older .!
  12. looks nice keen, clever them acd dogs and tough with it , spot on for mooching in the day etc .
  13. yep, he must thought he done well that night, lamp and a coat, the fecker haha
  14. is that the name of the ped headgerunner whippets ? i might be wrong here , but going back when i had my none ped racing bitch , she was 20 in 20 lb , fast, good on rabbits , some of the males hit 23 in 34 lb , tough little dogs pile into foxes no prob if you let the buggers lol. they had in three genes staff bull, greyhound , that give them that toughness . agilty, pace, and not bsad stamina for sprinters . i did see few ped working whippets back then in the 80s , being honest i felt the none ped offered that bit more , away from the track, ok all whippets feel the cold, and get knock
  15. just watched the face off with fury v usyk , fookin fury pushing his nut right into usyk, making near loose his balance etc. ok fury got that extra weight and height, but fook me need that in the ring, i thought usyk was going pull one back and crack him, fury giving all the big bollocks that he knock him out dead quick , and said he usyk was scared of him maybe, maybe not, but i know one thing ( if) they ever do get in the ring together , fury will have to stop usyk early in the fight, if not he stop fury , he proved that twice when he as to, he can come on very strong the end o
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