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  1. Cheers lads Definitely good cross I wouldn't go any other way personally . Fawn dog he's near 5 , black and white one with him is a bitch 11 months and the other 2 are brothers All from my old dog flick that's him in the bottom 2 pic .
  2. Sorry to hear that bird , I can remember you posting most of them pictures at the time R.I.P Bryn
  3. Il not get another like him I know that much but it will be fun trying to , av a bitch from him has the look down hopefully the heart , along wait to fund out
  4. cheers everybody appreciate the messages Yes forest av 2 from him in my yard kong 4 year old and flicka 5 months old bitch and few mates have stuff from him I gave them to I think all in av 6 different dogs close to me from him . Il keep his line all going well for few years I hope
  5. Well what can I say after 12/13 years I had to put my wee mate down heart broken is an understatement . Old age just caught up to him as it does with them all. He was a one in a life time dog and I know il never get another like him an compare every dog il ever own to him . My son started hunting with him , killed his first fox with him , started hunting with him round cover He was a wee nipper when we got him . He set and watched every YouTube video of him last night in pieces . Memories we both have will last a life time thank you Flick rest easy wee son you did me proud ❤
  6. Cheers Jude , once the season up and going il get new stuff up
  7. Cheers bird , he's good lifting dog quicker than this sire was but he's not his sire don't think il have another like him but he's definitely worth feeding mate
  8. Collie bull Grey bitch pup 4 months and her half brother Collie bull Grey 4 year old
  9. Start of September up until last week all them vids
  10. Havent posted in a while a few vids from this season Dogs in the vids Flick (b&w ) Kong (fawn )Queen (fawn) full brother &sister . brock (black in the ditch ) sky (more white than black ) all bred from flick Dixie (black) Bracken (brindle)
  11. I'd say its him you have seen lad lamping video of him , am up north sionnach. Cheers hes handy dog to work an own
  12. Cheers bird Av 3 collie bull greys definitely do all you ask from them if you get the right one Left is kong (son) 1 sessons under him Flick middle ( sire ) 8 seasons under him Right sky (daughter ) only had a couple of rabbits Different dams
  13. Looking forward to running dog on the left (kong ) and the bitch on the right (sky ) the old lad in the middle is more aless retired il use him for cover . Both from him son and daughter different dam.
  14. Thanks lads , am still on here just dont post much on it now . Kong hes called the fawn dog I kept back from my old dog . Season past was his first proper season think I killed about 50 with him , he wouldn't be as smart and as hard as his sire but doing the job for me . The dam sadly passed away few months back in a mates yard . There was 3 in the litter the black one didnt make the grade apparently but heard rumours someone else had her as she was ment to come back to me and the other fawn bitch is doing well a good friend I gave her to . Il post a few pic of them below .
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