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    I've bored the fcuk out of my mrs with this subject, so now it's your turn.... How hard is it to buy quality these days? Unless you spend an arm & a leg.......& then it's not guaranteed. It has to be about outsourcing & greedy manufacturers, but fcuk me a pair of levis used to last several years, now I'm lucky if I get a year of regular use out of a pair of levis, while price goes up. I've tried other supposedly quality brands & the same. Fcuk knows how many pairs I've gone through in the last 5 years?? I've always tried to spend decent money on cloths & in the past it has to paid off, buts it's getting harder by the year. In recent years I've spent good money on what I thought was quality, jackets, jeans & shoes only for them to fail in no time. A €350 jacket. Popper button fell off day one. Jeans lasting less than a year. Boots fcuked in 18 months. Buttons coming off all sorts etc etc & this is just normal use, not out in the field! I got all excited about a swedish outdoor brand here. Bought a fleece type jacket that was a really good dry day jacket. Using it for digging & walking the dog etc & zipper fcuked in months, I've got coats I've had nearly twenty years & the zippers are still working! I looked into it & fcuk all is made in Sweden anymore, all outsourced, price has gone up & quality gone down. People buying 800 quid jackets & buttons are falling off as you get them out of the bag! The best things I've bought in the last year or so have been expensive, but I know they are not outsourced, just top quality gear that will last years. It's a fcuking minefield buying cloths now. Anyone else finding that?
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    Brexit Thread Redux

    It's still great out here. Lots of work, lots of promotions & lots of pay rises .......somebody really needs to give the EU the nod on how bad it is.........they obviously just don't get it???
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    Ready to roll

    I have to say that looks stunning green lurchers. I don't know if I want to fcuk it or eat it????
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    I'm not Him?
  5. Accip74


    For the few fans on here.....
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    Christmas dinner/lunch

    I'm with green lurchers & bgb on this. The star of the show was Boxing Day dinner. Let's be honest here, who the fcuk has roast turkey any other time of the year? That should tell you something, right? It's fcuking shit! Yeah I know some weirdos like it, but they are a minority group, so lack any credibility what so ever........ For me it won't be the star of the show because I'll be doing something decent like Venison fillet on Christmas Day..........but Boxing Day dinner will still shine!........................................how wank does that sound???
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    It ain't mine mate I was tempted in my younger days. I've looked at loads, my mates got loads.........but I know you can get the same quality for a lot less than half the price.....
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    It's amazing how this little label can add a few hundred quid to the price of jacket. What do they make it from?
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    Game Breakfast

    Partridge this morning.......
  10. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    That's the one mate......
  11. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    Quality over quantity mate............I've still got my 32" waist at 43
  12. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    I'm surprised he hasn't done BBQ breakfast yet?
  13. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    That's not toasted mate. My only rules for breakfast are eggs & mushrooms, anything else go's...... Ive actually had moorhen brests before with a cooked breakfast, I'd bet you'd love that.......
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    I have a russian sister in law & she used to go ice fishing with her dad. He was still doing it in his 70s with his mates, but poor bugger passed away this year. Lovely bloke as well.....
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    You can't beat a good Parka in winter.......
  16. Accip74

    Yanks And Their Guns

    I'm glad you took that well.....
  17. Accip74

    Yanks And Their Guns

    You're red dot material even without the gun mate!
  18. Accip74

    Best bacon brand

    A little tip for anyone interested (though probably not ), try your fried egg & bacon sandwich with crispy pancetta instead. Lovely flavour........
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    Big Cat Spotters etc .

    ......not to mention the odd Tasmanian devil!
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    He's determined to stay cool isn't he?
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    "A smorgasbord of cnutery"
  22. Accip74

    Not My Classic

    Had a bout of insomnia last night & ended up watching Big Sur, a film about Jack Kerouac, until 4 this morning. Not a particularly great film, but it did remind me how disappointed I was when I read On The Road. A 'must' read. When I was a young bloke I was eating up any modern literature, film or books that were regarded as classic's or 'must' read/see/hear. On The Road by Jack Kerouac was one such 'classic', only I didn't really like it or think it was that great, but I thought I should? So what are the supposed 'classics'? be it book, film or record that everybody tells you should like, but you think are rubbish! This threads probably gonna kill me, because I used to be one of the worlds worse for telling folk what they should be liking......
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    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Obviously depending on the context determines your reaction. Now in my town it would be ludicrous, but if I thought anytime soon an enemy would be marching in & destroy my family it would either be fight or flight? Honestly, if I thought I could get my family out of harms way I 100% would, even if it meant leaving my country, the safety of my family would come way before any national pride & I don't mind admitting that. If I had to stay & fight, then rape & torture just wouldn't be on my agenda, killing yes, but not needless animal behaviour.
  24. Accip74

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    True, but how often has that happened or will happen for the same reasons? Not disputing the mans motives, but people murder other people everyday for all kids of reasons that they feel are justified. Do we need to start looking hard at women, because after all, boyfriends & husbands tend to murder them more? Maybe women are the problem? I completely understand what you are saying, but there is no where near a pattern yet, but maybe we will see one soon?
  25. Accip74

    Pork talk

    Well done mate.........just polished off a cracking roast here, but you've got yours still to come