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  1. As Charts has already explained It’s only a bit of banter most definitely not anybody trying to be a “name in the game”
  2. Had a few hours out this morning, in amongst the brambles and it was proper wet too. Only managed to catch a couple but they were well earned for sure
  3. Saw this buck squinting just after the rut nothing unusual in that it's bound to happen when you're battling with other horny critters over females. He disappeared for a few weeks today he turned up and I decided he was a good animal for the table, interesting to see his eye had completely gone and other than that injury he appeared to be in good health. I shot him with the 22-250 at about eighty yards he walked about five yards and dropped so I didn't need the dog but I always like having her there just incase.
  4. I can, I was just gonna do a post on a couple I made
  5. Hunted all over the U.K. with packs and never once have I worried about the people I want to see the hounds work that’s all that matters.
  6. I had this one back in the olden days, she would do everything that I put in front of her. It wasn’t until her fourth season working that she connected with a roe but once she did I have never seen another dog take them like her. Times are different now and as a rabbit hunter this dog would bring me nothing but trouble as but it’s great to see the fine specimens on this thread.
  7. I had Brucellosis many moons ago, my balls are fine
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