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  1. Good walk today pup skips over the rocks …. She’s too young yet but I’m pleased with how she hunts the rocks. she’s run empty drains after another has been through. hopefully be a decent fox bitch
  2. Presume they’ve ruled out epilepsy ? I had a black dog years ago suddenly developed it. it’s not nice to see the fits ATB Tony
  3. Double of my mates dog that. his is a bitch …. Very honest , she’s made a decent terrier. ATB with him … TonyT
  4. you couldn’t miss a walk if you wanted to at our house … dog sits on step waiting
  5. I was on about Deerhound x im sure both perform in the right hands ATB… T
  6. Ive a good mate swears they’re gutless no good for regular work….. then I’ve a mate down country that swears by them . both men are Middle Aged lurcher men and know the job dogs are all opinion ATB .. T
  7. That’s what we like Tank my type of terrier ATB … T
  8. Fair play to the lad for investing some time into the club. why are meetings a secret…. ? get the club advertised and arses on seats IMO. felll and moorland is for the lads …. and it’s struggling. there’s nowt new in the working dog game. hope the lad makes a go of it YIS T
  9. Reight do that Pud ATB … Tony
  10. Nice terrier that … handy
  11. I’ve learnt something there ATB … T
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