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  1. I had a day out with you a few year back... with C And D. yis Tony
  2. That’s a nice thing Steve did you have a bitch called Raz , and a strong bitch called Petal ?
  3. That’ll do then mate. only one criticism...,I’ll think you’ll find Yorkshire is gods country well done to the little bitch
  4. The Black n tan bitch I’ve got on has turned out just a little fox dog. I was disappointed to be honest but I’m getting a bit of sport with her mainly out of the rocks at the minute. Won’t stay in owt else but Charlie.
  5. Cracking bitch in any company. had the pleasure a few times digging to a quality all round working terrier .... fantastic bitch
  6. No offence intended. different times , different snap. the muscle in the dogs loins show the fitness , without a doubt. still underweight in my opinion T
  7. Blimey .... like a fit dog but give it something ..... there’s fit and there’s thin ...
  8. Nice boxes .... can’t see the dogs
  9. Different Tess mate.... Ziggy knows who I mean ... ‘ the silent assassin ‘
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