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  1. God rest that man. very sorry mate….. ATB … Tony
  2. I know all I need to know now mate T
  3. I don’t care who you are Or what ANTI hunting badge you’ve got on. Spouting isn’t my game ... T
  4. Little boys playing big boys games. if you know me .... you already know it’s time to shut the f**k up . ATB .... T
  5. Do you know a fella called ........ ? he was very keen with the PM.s or is it really you ? TonyT
  6. I had a terrier like that. she was no good for out of season pest control. I had her treated for lung worm but I think it’s just how she was. ATB Tony
  7. Only joking matey ..... can’t see mine Bart specs
  8. Just about English that mate
  9. Do they work below SC ? nice little dogs them .... handy size ATB ... TonyT
  10. let’s hope not. ive mates with hunt terriers 11... maybe 12 inches ive also mates working there dogs just as much all year and they are 15 maybe 16 inches . so what would the standard be . I know of people with kc borders that work and kc parsons that work ... so does it matter ? a line bred terrier has a pedigree ... you just don’t buy it from kennel club . Ill stick to my mongrels
  11. Grand dog that .... ATB with the re homing
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