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  1. Very nice my kind of stamp her mate ATB Tony
  2. About done now but been a decent month or three for the young bitch keepers got us some more to go at on strength of this year so happy days
  3. New addition pup I bred two years ago sad change in circumstances so she’s back
  4. First season and made steady progress to be fair to her. ATB Tony
  5. Nice that , bit of leg all the best PP T
  6. no idea to be honest good land by you T
  7. Different type of dog work but if you want foxes …. In the North anyway , that’s where they are. I’ve heard even them over in Lancashire get the odd one ATB T
  8. Always Thought you were in Wales mate
  9. We’ve heard it all before , seen it all before what folk will remember is the hunting attire not good for anyone it made Yorkshire news so must be a slow news day ATB TonyT
  10. Splinters …. Yorkshire but he delivers
  11. that was the point I was trying to make with the post. ATB T .
  12. Young birch not seen a lot but done ok just 2 yr so too young last season so despite her age still a pup from a work point of view her mother was a good bitch so ATB Tony
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