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  1. Just fox dogs…. Do me cheers T
  2. Early season fox shes tried this year to be fair to her. 3 years old mind and not done enough but thats life. STB … T
  3. Ive a Bedlington ( digging) sire over a bullxwhippet. fantastic bitch. Hunts cover as good as my cocker and marks true. you wouldnt get much in a big open field i admit but in any cover shes a chance. doesnt fight , ignores stock , shes a pleasure to have round ya
  4. Her sister did well this morning. only a yapper and not good for much else but you can tip her in anywhere. half hour and shes normally out.
  5. We all like a certain type, with a common goal in mind. in my view she is a very good bitch. Atb T
  6. Was talking to KS other night said you were happy with em snd keeping line going. ATB with em mate , they look the business Tony
  7. Hope alls well mate
  8. Blimey presumed you were older mate good effort
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