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  1. Mine is the same just shy of 13yr old red meat…. Beef and heart with bones. that’s what mine gets …. Still shakes when stood still after a mile or three but she’s happy
  2. Just a walk with the family and dogs
  3. Spaniels try to flush terriers try to catch and kill ATB Tony
  4. Either will do. round here the hard part is finding a vet that is willing to dock pups. Strange world we live in these days atb … T
  5. This is true about the docking certificate. I had my spaniels done with letter from keeper saying I beat /pick up on his shoot …. Which I do. ATB …. T
  6. Looks grand to me not too short coupled as some of the show white lakey type are ….. I agree nice Russell
  7. I grew up in Monk Bretton ATB T
  8. They look well mate you keep your runners and terriers in good order atb … T
  9. Thread started saying it’s time to put shovel away for the summer . we’ve done lamping , power walking and a wellie review since you can tell it’s summer
  10. A few easy wins at 17 month in April , he was too young last season , youd think he’s only had one winter. the dog isn’t much more than a pup in my eyes but perhaps my standards are lower than some ATB with the dog mate
  11. If I lamped at 4mph I’d spend most of the night on my arse
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