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  1. TonyT


    Lined now mate so fingers crossed
  2. TonyT

    Pelenna Valley Show 2019

    See you there mate
  3. TonyT


  4. TonyT


    This may well be a stupid question. im hoping to line my bitch shortly. ive only ever had a couple of litters of terriers..... given to mates to work. do you have to have your bitch hip scored etc? shes reasonably well bred as is the dog I’m hoping to use. Both dogs were checked as pups. my bitch is 6 years old... good little dog on shoot days... only beating. is that too old for a cocker to be mated? Honest questions cheers .... T
  5. we drove down to Leister on Sunday. it was probably the best show I’ve seen for a long while. impossible task for the judge who did a fair Job. But to honest in some of the classes they all would win on another day. the White dogs are thriving mid country well Done Mick and his crew YIS .... T
  6. TonyT


    My old bitch..... looking tired these days but handy fox only bitch in her day
  7. TonyT

    Young bitch

    Ha ... last one made her bay .... did well mate
  8. TonyT

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    Daughter doing a bit of beating
  9. TonyT

    Young bitch

    Thanks EC shes ideal for me ... small and narrow, and thinks she’s massive. bred well albeit not line bred but still out of decent dogs ... typical hunt type YIS ...... T
  10. TonyT


    Ha ... aye you’re right there mate
  11. Just a pic of the young bitch not seen much .... last do I was very happy with roll on September YIS ... T
  12. TonyT


    Let’s hope the rifle boys give us a break this year lifting with Charlie locally .... roll on September YIS ...T