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  1. I hear the word ‘bait ‘ used alot when what they actually mean is ‘bay’ two completely different meanings ATB Tony
  2. I’d put a locator on and let him go he’s not going to run miles away understand the frustration though good luck …T
  3. For what breed of dog mate ? presume not a terrier ATB …. Tony
  4. Had bitch since Wednesday lovely animal. hunts like fook and not aggressive at all. down side ….. ignorant b*****d doesn’t even acknowledge you are calling her name. does come back when it suits her . even my two terriers have better recall she’s small at shy of 20 inch looks bigger in photos what is she then ?….. who knows ATB ……. Tony
  5. Just arrived and it was a bit manic ill put a better one up when she’s settled dam is bull whippet 100% sire bedlington , big strong thing he is. DNA tested so take lad on his word either way not bothered she ticks my boxes ATB Tony
  6. Bedlington whippet however he does keep lemon and white hounds either way she’s grand for me ATB T
  7. Born Monk Bretton mate short drive away now ATB … T
  8. My two x breds are the same silent till they hear my old pickup nice in a way but neighbours aren’t fond ATB T
  9. It’s not the end of the world. no phones …. No pics… no FB. farmers and keepers have a job to do and it’s been the same situation for many a year. I’ve said it before and been laughed at but an open forum is just that. ATVB YIS …..T
  10. JP still gets out more than most albeit on a Quad. doesn’t sell dogs either to best of my knowledge. SF’s books are hard to read as he cant write…,it’s all one long sentence. he’s made a pretty penny out of his books though. hunts a pack of beagles now so I’m told
  11. Can’t do it mate cant turn em round
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