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  1. See classifieds if interested i seem to have done the advert wrong as there is no photo
  2. Cocker bitch pup View Advert Cocker bitch pup... 6 weeks old £650 ...... ready to go 21st September Advertiser TonyT Date 16/09/19 Price £650.00 Category Gundogs
  3. TonyT

    Cocker bitch pup


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    Cocker bitch pup... 6 weeks old £650 ...... ready to go 21st September


    - GB

  4. Splinters....not bad boxes and cheap enough
  5. I like the ones M made Adam im still using mine and it’s not moved at all in the coupling. raight piece of kit.... don’t make me dig any better though T
  6. Lined now mate so fingers crossed
  7. This may well be a stupid question. im hoping to line my bitch shortly. ive only ever had a couple of litters of terriers..... given to mates to work. do you have to have your bitch hip scored etc? shes reasonably well bred as is the dog I’m hoping to use. Both dogs were checked as pups. my bitch is 6 years old... good little dog on shoot days... only beating. is that too old for a cocker to be mated? Honest questions cheers .... T
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