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    You bred your bitch to a black dog because your access to a TOP CLASS WHITE STUD DOG was denied because your a cock
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    I don't go for these shows usually but someone sent me the link, gotta say it hit me straight in the feels....absolutely amazing!
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    Dogs before I take them river .far to hot even at teatime
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    They're all at it.Sitting up on their pedestals being all moralistic but none of them practice what the preach.
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    Going to look at one some time today at bagnel and kerkwood in newcastle iv been taken aback since Si brown had his at how accurate they are and in the laminate stock how good they look now hears the question 177 or 22 iv been a 22 man since i was a kid but iv been a 177 man these last few years and if i do go for my fac i can up the rifle power and add it to my ticket so iv got a hankering for 22 again lol also got a vanguard porter aim coming today and a new 55" smart tv and im picking up a 5 ,,,6 rifle cabinet when i go down to Scarborough this week end booked into a posh hotel for the week end for me and the wife plenty of sun sea and O and the rest if i dont get to drunk xmas come early for me atvbjimmy
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    As nobody has answered thought I would. Used to have about 500 pots on the Dart in Devon but have given them up now for a few reasons. Do you have muddy rivers or a estuary near you. Because collecting peeler crab is not that hard really, bit back breaking. All the pots are is bit of guttering or ridge tiles pushed into the mud about 45 Degrees open end back to the shore as far out near the channel as you can get. Even old car tyres that you might see on the river bank will hold them, or under the weed on the fore shore. Best way to test if its a peeler is hold the crab and put the last section of one leg slowly off if its a peeler then the new soft leg is there. Any crabs carrying another crab(smaller one) the one underneath is a she crab and a peeler if they are the same way up, if belly to belly it will be a softy. Not in any way trying to tell you how to suck eggs, just trying to help. Cheers Arry
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    sound like max banging on about Sunderland fcFACT
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    Mrs has a bad back so been up all night. The jack daws around our house were aweful. It was like the Zulus at driftfield! They just kept on coming. The final straw came when one appeared with what looked like a day old pheasant chick in its beak, landed and from no where a magpie landed on the the Jackie's back and they had a good old scrap. Intensive Pro active observations from me eventually restored some peace. This involved me sticking my face out the window in a contorted fashion blowing raspberries at the scoundrels. I did consider mooning at them but got concerned parts of my anatomy may be mistaken for a day old chick.....not that it matters anymore, the little use it gets!
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    Fair play to him. Wasn't expecting that. That blonde judge could do with a shoulder to cry on too.
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    Never gonna happen......everyone’s too frightened of offending anyone......and I’m not just talking about MPs
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    I was out again last night and only saw one on the cut silage . It didn’t hang around, I spotted it’s head above the turned grass through my thermal , as it mooched about . I got the rifle into place and the second I put the IR on it made off for the hedge like a Jamaican sprinter. I followed it with my scope hoping that it would do the usual look back at the hedge , but not long enough to get a shot off . I did notice that it was bloody cold last night and very still and quiet. Having a night off tonight . Good to be out though isn’t it , better than watching the TV . I’d love to see those woodcock flighting . All the woodcock we get here is mostly migratory birds that drop in on the first November moons .
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    Im going to Tom iv had a hell of a bad time of late even more so these last few weeks and iv been humming and haring for ages about my fac what with my son and all the crap he put us through people saying you will not get your ticket because of him . only one way to find out and that is to put in for it yes or no is all they can say at the end of the day Tom and if they say no what have i lost ,,,time thats all and as for the holiday the wife will be walking like john wane but ill have a smile on my face atvbjimmy
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    Terry I don't mean any offense matey but All this shite you hear about bullxs take with a pinch of salt they are one of the most loyal eager to please and trainable xs you could meet all crosses will have there faults some more than others but normally the bull x loves to graft and please it's owner how you mould that what's counts
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    My pipe is finally being delivered tomorrow so depending on if I'm working weekend I might start making some progress with this plan!
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    Better off letting em set up, then go in team handed trash their tackle, sling em in the lake and tell em " you can have as many carp as you can catch with ya bare hands" .
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    Here goes, cos alot on here will disagree. But even in september, pup will still only be 12 months old? And that's still very young for any lurcher. Take your time S L O W L Y mate. Come the season, say september, just take him out when conditions are favorable, and just give him two or three runs a night. Build it up slowly and surely. Nice looking pup by the way
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    Anyone but that raghead ffs .
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    will not matter they all lie and none will deliver what we voted for
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    I might be wrong but I think everyone of the candidates at some stage voted for Theresa mays deal which shows they are spineless worms that will buckle under enough pressure. I would like to see Steve baker run as he held firm to his convictions and never voted on that pathetic deal ........
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    It’s been a great watch, and greater still is the fact that it debunks this myth that nuclear is “clean energy”.........once upon a lifetime ago I had a try at a proper job for a couple of years when I was a kid and worked with radiation. You obviously have to get taught all about it, the dangers, the effects, how it works etc etc........let me tell you, it’s terrible! Makes me laugh when you see all these eco warriors talking about “clean nuclear energy”.........it’s the most deadly thing on earth and it stays deadly for thousands and thousands of years.