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  1. Look well them penda haha
  2. Just talked to our kid bird he out with terrier at the minute but he paid 35 quid for them of line he going to have a look what site when he gets in so I’ll let you know mate atb longers01
  3. That’s our kid stood there mate will give him a bell and find out where he got them and price and let you no mate atb longers01
  4. Cheers mate atb longers01
  5. Looking well ginger beard atb longers01
  6. No bull in this lad but half Wheaton whippet owned as a pup my mate has had him for about 8 years now game powerful little dog atb longers01
  7. Nice couple of dogs u have there mate atb with them atb longers01
  8. The one I’ve got has only done just under 120 k and it’s 25 years old like atb longers01
  9. Mines a 2.8 and I’ve give it some right stick mate
  10. Lovely looking pair of dogs mate atb longers01
  11. Nice bus pal is it a 2.8 mate atb longers01
  12. Looks well mate what reg is that on pal atb longers01
  13. I’ve an old pajero L reg only done 110k bullet proof atb longers01
  14. Great vehicle what’s that green one a old f50 mate
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