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  1. Ye i recon it will mine getting a coat on her atb longers01
  2. Lovely looking pup that mate atb longers01
  3. Lovely looking pup atb with it mate atb longers01
  4. Took pup camping this weekend loved it atb longers01
  5. Nice mate good cross my mate got a Wheaton deerhound greyhound x a deerhound bull greyhound 9 months old making a nice bitch atb longers01
  6. Bench is pub size think she about 20tts atb longers01
  7. Chan saluki bull greyhound 16 weeks old atb longers01
  8. Ye mate 16 weeks old atb longers01
  9. Lovely looking pup truck wish you all the best for coming season pal atb longers01
  10. Look well them mate atb with them pal atb longers01
  11. 16 weeks old on Tuesday pleasure to own atb longers01
  12. Couple of pictures of the pup from tonight growing well like atb longers01
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