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  1. His mam was a 5/8th bull greyhound to a straight Wheaton and his dad was a first cross Wheaton greyhound atb longers01. Here’s a picture of them
  2. Couple of pictures of my runner from today’s walk atb longers01
  3. Lovely looking pup that mate hows it bred DC atb longers01
  4. What it says it’s full even when it’s flat
  5. Sorry for your loss mate xx
  6. Some nice perch in the river hull used to get some belters out of Holderness Drain but that was many moons ago atb longers01
  7. Lovely looking dog him mate bet uve had some fun with him pal atb longers01
  8. Looking well shovel hope you have a good season mate atb longers01
  9. Ok lads a pal of mine will be looking for a well bred saluki greyhound bitch pup in the near future i no it’s the wrong time of year with season just getting underway but if anyone knows of any well bred litters going to be bred in the near future give us a pm please atb longers01
  10. Turned out nice her DC hope you have a good season with her pal atb longers01
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