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  1. Ye great day out brother didn’t win out like hows you mate
  2. Any one going tomorrow going to give the young lurcher a scrub and see if we can win any rosettes atb longers01
  3. Lovely looking pup mate atb with him pal atb longers01
  4. Lovely animal mate atb longers01
  5. Cheers mate atb longers01
  6. Lovely pup mate atb with him pal atb longers01
  7. Cheers mate atb longers01
  8. Hopefully she does what i want of her. Mate
  9. Saluki bull greyhound mate
  10. Ye looking forward to it mate
  11. She saluki bull greyhound bird bred out of the wolf dog cross shadow wolf dog lucas x princess shadow hall cross bull greyhound mother to her reece bred she about 26/27
  12. Cheers black neck atb longers01
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