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  1. longers01


    Didn't realize it had been baned mate I've got a bottle somewhere but can i hell find it good gear mind
  2. longers01


    Anybody no where can get any
  3. Good age to start showing him some proper game now mate good luck with him in the future Pal atb longers01
  4. How old his he now mate hopefully he will do what he breed for this season Pal
  5. Yeah he keen he had his fair few like but he was really immature last year until back end of last season so hopefully he will be great this season good luck with your saluki bull greyhound this season Pal hope you have a injury free one atb longers01
  6. A Wheaton bull greyhound 3year old this year got high hopes for him haven't done as much as I wished with him though family shit but hopefully this will be his season and got a saluki bull greyhound only 10 month old at the minute mate
  7. Yeah I'm dying to get mine out for a few runs but the ground round here is like rock I'll let all the young Chavez's smash there dog's feet in then I'll be out when the rain comes haha
  8. Nice looking dog mate looks like he has done u proud hope you get a few more seasons out of him yet mate atb for the coming season with your dog's mate atb longers01
  9. longers01

    Out Today

    Cheers mate
  10. longers01

    Out Today

    Ok shovel shy they look well mate good luck for the future with them mate they will see plenty with you that's for sure atb with the coming season longers01
  11. longers01

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Cheers mate good luck with your dog's for the season ahead pal
  12. longers01

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Yeah hopefully she turns out to be a half decent animal only time will tell she can shift mind u but i won't rush her she won't see out major till next season i like to let them be a pup while they are still pup's atb longers01
  13. longers01

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    She is 3/8 bull 9/16 greyhound 1/6 saluki sister to wild Bill pup
  14. longers01

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Just over ten month old
  15. longers01

    Let’s see your Pups

    Looking well mate hope you have some fun in the future with them both kid atb longers01