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  1. longers01

    Can Anyone Help Me With %

    Looking well mate atb with him pal
  2. longers01

    Bull whippet grey

    They look well mate good luck in the future with them both pal atb longers01
  3. longers01

    What's everyone running this year

    Just took her for a quick run straight after work mate
  4. longers01

    What's everyone running this year

    Here's my 2 for the season
  5. longers01

    Small foxing lurchers

    Ye he is a tidy hound he 8 year old now my mate breed him Wheaton bitch to my other pals whippet dog i owned the dog from a pup but let my mate run it on through me having family trouble wish i never parted with it but that's life atb longers01
  6. longers01

    Small foxing lurchers

    My mate had a Wheaton whippet only 21 inch punched well above its weight
  7. longers01

    Massive Thanks

    Now then mate did you end up getting your runner back Pal
  8. longers01

    Out Today

    Always liked the look of him shovel breed for a job and does it well by the look of it atb longers01
  9. longers01

    Can Anyone Help Me With %

    Cheers mate hopefully she will turn out into a decent dog she keen as and has turned out a decent size mate racy but strong I'm well happy with her Pal will let u no how she gets on through the season atb longers01
  10. longers01

    Can Anyone Help Me With %

    Yeah I've a bitch out this litter not done to much with her yet just letting her be a pup for the time being here's lass be good to see some more out of this litter atb longers01
  11. longers01

    Out Today

    Nice one shovel shy bet the young uns was well happy mate
  12. longers01

    This year's runners

    A few recent photos of the young one I'll be running this season
  13. longers01

    Massive Thanks

    Glad to hear that you are getting your dog back mate atb longers01
  14. longers01

    Help needed

    No worries mate helps there if u need it Pal atb longers01