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  1. Nice to see your getting a few shovel good to see the young lads enjoying themselves all the best for the rest of the season mate atb longers01
  2. I’ve found this while i was cleaning my cupboards out today going to get some batteries tomorrow for it but isn’t no reason why it shouldn’t work how much they worth these days lads open to offers atb longers01
  3. Now then lads just wondering if anyone might be interested in this open to offers need something smaller just for spotting game on a night with the Lurcher atb longers01
  4. Now then lads was thinking of selling this nv scope how much is it worth to anyone was looking at getting something a bit smaller just for spotting game while out on a night with the Lurcher atb longers01
  5. Sorry to hear mate rip murph atb longers01
  6. Glad he doing well for you mate atb for next season
  7. Looking well sully atb longers01
  8. Lovely looking dog you have there mate good to see him doing what he bred for pal atb longers01
  9. Nice pair of dogs mate glad you had a bit of fun this morning that’s what it’s all about
  10. Nice mate all the best with him mate
  11. I didn’t end up going woke up at 4 with the worst headache ever my mate just messaged me had about 10 fish biggest 5 lb
  12. Will let him no and be intouch mate thanks alot pal atb longers01
  13. He after a springer i think mate but all dogs r fetching silly money these days it’s ridiculous atb longers01
  14. Ye it’s mad what they are charging at the minute mate atb longers01
  15. All the best with it mate looks well like atb longers01
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