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  1. Ye still got him mate he nearly 7 atb longers01
  2. Cheers mate ye she going to be a strong girl just turned 8 months old
  3. Haha only just noticed that mate lol
  4. Couple of chan after her walk tonight atb longers01
  5. Just wondering what stuffed badgers are fetching at the minute atb longers01
  6. I think for a all round lurcher a good coursing dog crossed with a good bull greyhound bred right you won’t go far wrong this young bitch pup I’m bringing on should hopefully make a decent all round animal atb longers01
  7. Looking well her mate atb longers01
  8. Nice looking dog mate atb with him pal atb longers01
  9. Well happy for you mate ye there is still some decent folk still about thank god atb longers01
  10. Hope you find them mate and if someone has picked them up hope they do the right thing and hand them in to local authorities atb longers01
  11. Good luck mate hope you get some action pal atb longers01
  12. Chan growing well she is atb longers01
  13. Beautiful looking pups mate atb with them pal atb longers01
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