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  1. Cheers mate ye soon be heading for her 10 hour round trip but well worth the travel like atb longers01
  2. Ye he can shift like mate
  3. Ye you’re right there mate atb longers01
  4. He Wheaton bull greyhound mate mam to him was 5/8ths bull greyhound to a Wheaton dog and his dad first x Wheaton greyhound atb longers01
  5. Will do mate no problem atb longers01
  6. Ye he is a fair lump mate this cross bred right don’t think you will go far wrong for an all round lurcher atb longers01
  7. Cheers mate bred right like so I’ve got high hopes for this bitch pup fingers crossed she turns out a good un atb longers01
  8. Well my pal got his boat sorted ready for this year just got a birth in Scarborough harbour towing it up next week so looking forward to having some good days wreaking and live baiting for the bass atb longers01
  9. Cheers mate there bred right like so hopefully I’ll have some fun with her in the future pal atb longers01
  10. Cheers mate atb with your pup mate good cross had one same way bred 20 years ago brilliant all round lurcher he was atb longers01
  11. She will be by the time there ready to leave mate lol
  12. To right mate my rough dog 6 in may so thought it’s about time i brought in a new member of the family lol atb longers01
  13. Saluki bull greyhound mate
  14. Carnt wait to pick my new pup up in 3 weeks time looking forward to running a new lurcher on black one mine atb longers01
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