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  1. Love these 2 Steve and chan atb Longers01
  2. Just gone 13 months mate atb Longers01
  3. Lucas grand shire to my pup heard he was some hare dog atb Longers01
  4. Steve Wheaton bull greyhound atb Longers01
  5. Thanks mate at least I’m on my feet lol
  6. Look well them mate hope you’re doing good pal atb Longers01
  7. f***ing hell mate hope bitch and pups that survived are well pal atb Longers01
  8. Spend more time on the floor then stood up pal lol atb Longers01
  9. lol ye i have mate you know me to well pal atb Longers01
  10. Roll on season atb Longers01
  11. Wasn’t there mate keep guessing lol atb Longers01
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