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  1. Sorry for your loss mate gutted for you atb longers01
  2. Nice looking bitch her mate good luck with her Pal atb longers01
  3. Did you get some of these king atb longers01
  4. Lovely looking pup that mate I’ve just got rid of a young dog because i didn’t have the work for her but if i was after a pup i would be on my way to Holyhead for the ferry heading to your spot pal hope he finds the home he deserves atb longers01
  5. Nice them mate brilliant job u have done there pal atb longers01
  6. Ok Megan welcome to the site hope you find someone to help you out atb longers01
  7. Hope she heals well mate for you mate and stays injury free for the rest of the season pal atb longers01
  8. For notes if there not up to much it isn't going to break the bank like atb longers01
  9. Entered right there isn't no reason why they shouldn't do what there bred for mate good luck with the pair of them shovel atb longers01
  10. They look well shovel hope they do u proud in the future pal atb with both of them mate atb longers01
  11. Got married a couple of weeks ago and one of the bridesmaids bought me this atb longers01
  12. Had a look at these on YouTube they didn’t look that bad for the price going to get some and if there crap I’ll give them to the kids to mess about with atb longers01
  13. I’ve had a look at these on YouTube and they don’t look bad for the money I’m going to get a pair see what they’re like if there no good I’ll give them to the kids to mess around with atb longers01
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