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  1. longers01

    2019 season

    Good going that mate bet the keepers was well happy dogs sound like they worked well pal atb longers01
  2. longers01


    I went and watched fleetwood mac at Wembley earlier this year they was good and watched UB40 at dalby forest a couple of years ago atb longers01
  3. longers01

    Nv binoculars

    Ok lads was thinking about getting some how much do they go for and which ones are worth spending your money on atb longers01
  4. longers01


    f**k all wrong with rem mate
  5. longers01


    Love stuff like rem the verve fleetwood mac bob Dylan u2 the eagles r class beautiful south atb longers01
  6. longers01

    First cross bull whippets

    Turning out into a nice little dog her mate hope she does what u want her to pal atb longers01
  7. longers01

    Big Cat Sighting

    A couple of my good pals swear they seen a big cat up back of skirlaugh about 15 years ago but i do a lot of lamping around that area and haven’t seen out
  8. longers01

    Big Cat Sighting

    In the Hull Daily Mail tonight big cat sighted East Yorkshire don’t no how true it is seen footage big black thing running across a field but carnt make out if it’s a cat atb longers01
  9. longers01

    Out Today

    Nice one shovel good start to the season hope you have many more mate atb longers01
  10. longers01

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Looking really well mate hope you have some fun with her this season mate atb longers01
  11. longers01

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Lovely looking litter mate hope you and who evers getting one all the best with them atb longers01
  12. longers01

    Hello all

    Welcome to the site hope you find a dog to tag along with you
  13. longers01

    Need a good working home

    Hopefully a mate of a mate of socks going to give her a good working home so well happy atb longers01
  14. longers01

    Need a good working home

    She about 23/24 mate
  15. longers01

    Need a good working home

    Never had pups mate she only 20 months old