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  1. we wouldnt get them numbers either the lads hunt with twice a month but great crack
  2. Different crew kd but good mates they come down a bit with us lads unreal on the lamp have some of his spaniel crosses
  3. Also did a few old overgrown green houses they hold plenty
  4. He cant wait to start general thats all he talks about wont be long now
  5. bigboots


    Nice pups ray hoe many u keeping
  6. neil do you know the five lamps I know where they are but I never hung around them, have you .
  7. I got a cockerxpatterdale thinking she might be a little bit bigger than a patterdale staying a bit small. Well she has grown alot bigger than I had hopedhows she going ray
  8. Great show today jiggy i talk to you tomoro and cover dogs you. Should have gone. To the show lol
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