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  1. So you have the option of voting Labour even though it's leader has sided with the devil . conservatives are useless liars so you are left with reform.so unless we all get off are arse and vote reform Labour will get in.this will not happen as most kids have no interest in politics and can not be bothered as it does not affect them .so because of certain minorities we need photographic id to vote now.this alone should tell the idiots in charge that they can not be trusted.or is that deliberate to get rid of the grey vote ?. either way none of the big two can be trusted to work for us the minio
  2. so how hot was it when this guy went for a walk ?.he did not seem like an idiot so why go for a walk in that heat ?.
  3. the fact that the country now stops working at 1pm on a friday.no banks no post office feck all open.great for lazy fecks that do no work but like the rest of us no bloody good ffs.have to take more time of to sort anything out these days.progress is fecking shite.
  4. has there ever been such a campain to discredit anybody in history ?.as much as you may dislike the bloke you have to ask why are the poeple who are in power trying so hard to get rid of him.
  5. really like the blacked up underlever but the silencer looks like it is on the piss big time.
  6. This is the best condition one I have ever found . absolutely amazing considering how old these teeth are
  7. https://ukfossils.co.uk/locations/ i think that is the link above.it says aust cliff is a good spot.
  8. That beach at Walton just has the right layers which hold the teeth.south coast can contain teeth but usually embedded in rock so tools are needed.can find teeth in Bristol under the bridge but that is dependent on rock falls.
  9. No diving involved just a case of walking about 10 miles up and down the beach from right up the top to the bottom.to find about 69 per day it takes about 7 to 8 hours.there are maybe 2 of the big ones found per week.they are in the shale amongst the rocks and just sitting on the sand.you do need good eyes though.some just sit and sift but I prefer to do the miles.
  10. Some say it was the great ancestor to the meg still in good condition for something that is about 66 million years old.
  11. I think the little black one is from a ray of some kind.
  12. Last picture shows the comparison between the largest sand shark tooth to the new monster.the sand shark was only 3.5 m long compared the the big boy that was 9 m long.
  13. So I have just got back from Walton on the Naze again.over the 4 days I found 274 more teeth.most ever for one trip.have now found 958 to date.this trip was a bit special as I have now found a mackerel shark tooth.very happy bunny to finally get one of these.
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