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  1. .357shooter

    the 3 peaks

    yep for sure it is harder on the joints on the way down.couple more pics.one of the lake at the base and one from the car park
  2. .357shooter

    Heavy magnum rifle!

    nice shooting thinking of getting the hex barrel henry to go with its bigger brother that i allready own
  3. .357shooter

    the 3 peaks

    waited at the top for half an hour for the cloud rain to clear but no joy.got cold and started back down and about a 1/4 of the way down it cleared up so i got some pictures
  4. .357shooter

    the 3 peaks

    well i should have said i went up ben nevis and snowdon in the 1980,s and have now done the 3 peaks by going up the highest in england yesterday.legs are really fecked today though
  5. .357shooter

    the 3 peaks

    well after 35 years i have finally done all 3.went up scafell pike this morning and went past everyone on the way up and had nobody go past my either.made my day and feck me i bumped into a young lady on the top who lives 3 miles from me.small world.took just under 2 hours to get to the top not to bad for a 48 year old.only downside is the 230 odd mile trip up there which takes 4 1/4 hours but if you want some spectacular scenery you would be hard pushed to beat it in this country
  6. .357shooter

    Anyone on here taken steroids?

    would not try them and people that do are thick as shit.i blame the likes of these crap reality shows showing these juiced up muppets and the snowflakes thinking it would be cool to look like them.same goes for body builders saying its down to diet and traing hard bollocks.i have trained for over 20 years and do not have 22" biceps or a 50" chest.actually 17" and 44" not bad for someone who is only 5ft 6 and 13.5 st but i do look at all of these kids down the gym and think what will they be like when they get to my age
  7. .357shooter


    as i said near the start of this thread that the deal is done allready and we are now being slowly screwed financially.part of the big plan to bring the normal working folk of the uk to their knees.when we can not afford to live the shite deal that was agreed all along will be rolled out and at that point we will take anything as the uk will be broke.just look at all the buisiness that has left allready,how many jobs lost and how many firms relocating.we are fecked but most do not know it yet.it is all part of the play being performed by our so called leaders to look like they are trying to do a good job for our country when we know they are lying and are only in politics to get power and money.only thing that can be done is to press the reset button and start again with people who will stick to their word and work for the benifit of this country and support indiginous inhabitants of this land first
  8. .357shooter

    The Gamefair

    well all i can say is i am glad i did not pay to get in
  9. .357shooter


    r.i.p roy batty
  10. .357shooter

    When animals get mad.

    dumb fecking braindead parents letting that family get that close.trust me when you see one face to face in a car you back up slowly
  11. .357shooter

    200m target

    cheers,i did have a go with the underlever at 200m and managed to hit the bullseye(7 shots) on the much larger shootnc plus i hit a coconut(two shots) and a clay(3 shots) also.the henry shoots really well and holdover was only 2- 2.5 milldots with factory ammo.did shoot a lot better than i was expecting for a pistol round
  12. .357shooter

    The Gamefair

    as it is free to get in i shall be going down on saturday
  13. .357shooter

    200m target

    following on from the 100m target had a go at 200m at severnside.great day apart from getting burned here are two that were shot with the same loads as last week
  14. .357shooter

    my little rem700

    cheers,will be going for 200m this weekend at severnside