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  1. .357shooter

    'vorsprung durch technik'

    could be a shapeshifter holding its disguise for too long
  2. .357shooter

    Spawn of Satan.....twice?

    nothing wrong with any semi auto .22lr.lots of fun putting those little bullets down range as fast as you can pull the trigger.have the tippman myself and you should have shot on the right hand side of the guy who does not like assult rifles
  3. .357shooter


    on tonight at 9 if nothing else that young lady in it is as fit as feck
  4. .357shooter

    Turkey eggs

    waitrose do them £2.99 for two
  5. .357shooter

    best group

    yes i have a vortex 1-8x24 strike eagle but when shooting standing with the u/lever too little mag is better than too much.the bull is 1" and the ten ring is 2" for reference
  6. .357shooter

    best group

    well after shooting like a muppet for a while my form is comming good again.pratice as they say is what pays off.shooting the .357 henry is more and more fun every outing and my confidence is growing.my average i gave for the comp not that long ago was 173 ex 200 now it is more like 180 ex 200.todays eforts resulting in two 181,s and a 185.very happy and not too bad shooting on 6x mag and the target at 50m looking about the size of a 1pence coin
  7. .357shooter

    nice slap

  8. .357shooter

    Turkey eggs

    cheers will have to make a little trip at the weekend
  9. .357shooter

    nice slap

    following on from another thread and watching a few clips on youtube i found this.wtf
  10. .357shooter


    a elephant can not jump
  11. .357shooter

    Turkey eggs

    everyone i have spoken to about this has never had them including me.want some now though,cheers
  12. .357shooter

    Ammo safe

    my little brattonsound ammo safe is15" high x 9.5"deep and 10.5" wide and that is only just big enough if i have my limit of ammo
  13. .357shooter

    shooting comps

    well you would have thought after shooting comps for over a decade i would have sorted out the jitters.my latest 50m u/lever comp starts at the end of the month and it had really messed with my head this time.practice before the comp had been going ok untill the ist round date started to get near.scores had dropped by a 3rd.never before have i suffered this bad from the little white sticker.so today i put the first card up and hit 169/200 so better than of late but not up to my average.the improvement gave me my confidence back so i put another card up and bam 95/100 never shot that before.funny old game this shooting but i suppose if it was too easy we would get bored and take up another hobby
  14. .357shooter

    the fight

    nice to see that the great aj has been knocked back down to earth.been compared to the greats as usual by the snowflakes who do not understand what a truly great fighter is.
  15. .357shooter

    Corn cob media

    i change it maybe once a year and i reload a lot(over4000.357alone).will take longer to clean when it gets older