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  1. cheers,you can not fault a airgun when you can just pick it up after months of not using it and know it will deliver.
  2. no problems with my hearing
  3. stupid fecking assholes.waste of air the lot of them.
  4. .357shooter


    now not being subscibed for that long i do not know how things are done.so i started to watch the 3rd series of startrek and it says you can watch them weekly.not being funny but i thought as i was paying i could watch as many as i want when i want ?.is this how things are done ?
  5. sky news bbc news should be shut down for not telling the truth.just shows how far things are fecked when they can lie about anything and get away with it.just think about the snowflake muppets who believe this shite as they have been brainwashed from birth.the future is indeed not good when these kids are running everything into the ground.blm,vegans,greens,trans rights it all needs to be shut the feck up.you have to ask these muppets how did the world manage before all of this shite and to look at how bad things are now because of it.
  6. hello and welcome to the site.not a bad site and not to many idiots better than some other sites that i have been banned from.
  7. no problems doing that but i can not hear people talking if there is any background noise.can not take a phone call in a pub for example.yet my hearing is bloody good.
  8. after getting my hw95 upgraded and only playing with that i just realised i had not shot the 100 for 3 months or so.so i had a go with the springer in the back garden and shot 35 pellets into the usual target at 15y.today i picked up the 100 and put 30 into the same type of target at 15y.had forgot what a machine this little airgun is.just picked it up and rattled of 2 mags and 2 extra and it just shoots so well and is so easy to shoot.as much as i love that 95 now the 100 is just so bloody easy.
  9. vinnie jones had only one good film and that is the classic that is snatch.allways worth a rewatch so many good lines.
  10. so the religion of peace strikes again in france.how can it be tolerated that a certain minority can intimidate/threaten/kill others when they do not agree with something yet have more rights than indiginous people.
  11. what a load of bollox.this sort of shit needs to stop.why can you not just see a picture of a happy white woman ffs.world is run by assholes intent on destroying it.
  12. and yet so many fecking complain about trump.he must be doing a lot of things right to upset the left wing nutters .
  13. would disagree with the statement about the uk making substandard products very strongly. as an engineer myself i can tell you the components i make are as good as any made elsewhere in the world.
  14. too much invasion of privacy.do not even have a smart phone as i will not have who knows who watching/listening.to easy for some fecking 12 year old hacker to empty your bank account.
  15. what a surprise gives a deadline then says ok lets have another extension.we voted out and as usual the idiots running the country backtrack yet again.what the feck do they do all day long other than get fed/drunk at our expense.
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