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  1. we do not need to be told that there is too much of anything.if i want to eat just fast food and energy drinks all day that is my choice.if people are to f***ing stupid to eat shit all day that is not my problem.soon if people like you get there way we will not be able to eat anything but vegan cardboard burgers,no thank you.
  2. cheers,i have tried everything and even the way you suggest but that is no good either.with my hw 95k today i managed some better groups with a gentle grip on the forend.my tx now though is starting to improve a lot now i have the big q tech i think silencer on it.just out of practice and i can now not shoot them for shit standing also.
  3. for me i think we should keep them but get rid of our current king.also we should not have to pay them a single penny for anything.the tax burden right now is just taking the piss.
  4. if the retard driving could not reverse the car then he/she/it should not have a license.
  5. looks like mine being done in 8 weeks is looking good now.still it did take another 4-5 weeks to post it.
  6. yet another piss take.me 51 years old full no claims no points and my s1 costs £480.quote jumped up from £350 to this figure in about 3 weeks so as usual i timed it just right.
  7. have you seen that if you do not comply it will be a 15k fine and 12 months in prison.must also have all energy effiecient appliances and a heat pump.if you have a gas boiler you will not be able to sell your house.smart meters will also have to be fitted.what does that little lot add up to for each and every property ?.
  8. depends on your opinion on an upgrade.for me it has made my hw100 allmost a bullpup.was not about noise but compactness that i was after.only shoot paper so no need to worry to much about the db,s.
  9. molly,s game.best thing i have watched in a while.made i nice break from cgi and everything blowing up every 5 sec.
  10. would have to agree my little .177 hw100ktl is a great bit of kit.only mods done are the lightweight cylinder and a very compact hugget silencer.did even answer a question on another forum as to what is an upgrade for the aas400,hw100 but got a lot of people saying no.
  11. and just to add i did see a woodcock last month.first and only in my life.how many of them are there in this country ?.
  12. funy thing is i could shoot my .223 at 100m without any problems.only seems to happen with my springers.could shoot of a rest maybe 12-15 years ago with springers but now know matter what i try i can not.cheers for the pointers but it just does not seem to work.even tried just letting the gun rest on the bag and shoot like the bench rest shooters with your thumb on top and just the trigger finger in contact with the gun but no joy.even tried a glove but noy joy either.will have to practice more and ask some of the best bench rest shooters in the country how to overcome this.
  13. last i head he was in i think somewhere near caldicot.
  14. as i stated on the other thread that was locked i have seen one and my mum has seen one.how they got here who knows maybe it is just a few that have escaped from private ownership.as for people who say there are none as they have never seen one ask yourself this how many live rats have tou seen ?.we all know how many rats are in this country but myself i have only seen maybe half a dozen in my 50 plus years.so imagine a top predator that does not want to be seen and can here smell you comming a mile off and that same animal has evolved to be near as damn it invisible untill it strikes,how like
  15. good groups,wish i could shoot of a rest.all i get is my scope jumps left to right with my heartbeat and there is nothing i can do to stop it.
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