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  1. would not even ever go to one of these coffee shops.feckin half caff,latte bollocks.whats wrong with a coffee with a bit of milk and 2 sugars at home.why feel the need to go out and want the attention of others whilst sitting in one of these places.you see these picture of these woke c**ts reading some shit with their feet up on the table with no socks on ffs.
  2. the way i see it if they want all homes to be insulated they should just step up and pay for it.no need to protest.just put the word out on social media that they will pay for anyone who can not afford it.wankers.
  3. did anyone on here buy one of his little cars ?
  4. not a film but a series called rake on netflix.must admit i looked at it many times but did not bother.one story is hugo weaving as a cannibal,another is sam neil doing a 3 some with the family dog.the main guy is a pisshead gambling lawer based in australia.worth a watch.
  5. stopped watching that news channel many years ago.in fact i watch 75% less television because of this racist shit.it is ok to have 4 black presenters but not 4 white presenters ffs.this country is starting to get like south fecking africa.will not say any more as that would be racist to state facts of what actually happened to white people at the hands of black people.country is not better of for all of this diversity bollocks.
  6. amazing is it not that you could find at least a hundred different women from all different countries in the fecking high street that are all better looking than her.
  7. feck me what the actual f**k is going on with these prices.so the carts i use have 18g of lead so that should offset the cost of making less of them.wankers are stopping us shooting by pricing us out of our sport ffs.this little gauge is not used much and that was before things went to shit.shot it today for the first time in about 9-12months as it was looking a little neglected sat in the cabinet.looks like i will use the rest of my existing carts up and then it is going.will be back to the 12 gauges then but the price of those means that it looks like ony a matter of time before that will be
  8. if you are doing bench rest then yes.if your are then you will also want to weigh them too.hours of fun finding out that most of your pellets do not come close to what it says on the tin.
  9. after finding out that you can actually find sharks teeth there i booked a hotel for 4 nights just down the road in holland on sea.only took about 15minutes to get to the naze and then had to pay £4 for parking.so as i read on the forums you should go left at the bottom of the steps to find the teeth.3 days later and after 9 hours i had got 5 in total.not so easy to find and you had to be bent over or on your hands and knees to find them.last day came and i went right just to have a look and found more than i did in 9 hours just looking at the edge of the sand.the teeth were just sitting there
  10. the country is full as it is.we do not need more people.more should be deported.no housing for them and who is going to pay ?.
  11. the guys mother and dad told the police to take his guns off him.the police f****d up.the laws regarding gun ownership are obviously good enough or more tragic accidents would have occured since the last mass shooting.
  12. would go for a nice 2nd hand air arms s400.same price as a top end springer but easy to shoot with no recoil.just pick it up and shoot well with no practice.
  13. well if that is the way the guy thinks all cars should be taken from everyone aswell.how many lives would that save each year ?.
  14. as allready said our gun laws are good enough.if some retard wants to kill he/she will usually grab a knife.the list of reasons to take your fac off you grows longer each year.so reasons for you not to shoot are being lookes at.leagal gun owners are not the ones shooting each other up in the hood.more should be done to take illeagal firearms of the streets.banning handguns has just proved it does not work and the ones commiting crimes with handguns would not use a registered firearm anyway.airguns as far as i am concerned are resticted enough.you have to give your details and they have to be l
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