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  1. not bad but i think kate in that skin tight outfit makes up for any flaws in the script.
  2. have you seen that film eat locals ?.british film with a few well known faces in it.
  3. way too young to be doing that.parents should be told that children should not be forced into doing this untill their bodies are well enough developed.bit like the poor little kids having their feet broken so that they do not grow too big ffs.
  4. you know if your opinion is not the same as certain people on here you are wrong but these same certain people are never wrong.i think there is a word for people like these.
  5. sack the lot of the lazy fecks.sat on their arse all day and getting well above what they should be payed allready.greed.
  6. last thing we need to worry about is ai when whe have these leaders of ours who will do everything they can to control us.we may aswell be living in the matrrix now ffs.
  7. would have to say out of all springers i have owned the prosport is the most accurate.
  8. that is not small enough.
  9. was looking up the stats on that new dino from that show.42ft long and 8 tones with 8" long teeth but apparently has a smaller brain than the t rex.
  10. did watch all of that but not really much above mediocre.
  11. started to watch the boys season 3 and it was entertaining.just dont sneeze.
  12. would only have a jab if the virus was actually worse than the flu and there was a greater than 1% chance of death.so in its current mutation it would be hell no.
  13. had a go at this maybe 4-5 years ago and it did not just feel like my kind of shooting.tried 3-4 times and only got 17/25 max.yet had a go on tuesday evening and really liked it a lot.how things change.first round was 20/25 and the second was 21/25.happy as a pig in shite and have no idea why i liked it so much so it looks like more dtl and less sporting for me in the future.
  14. cheers for that glad i did not waste 4hrs driving there and back.
  15. could not watch that asshole in anything now knowing about his thoughts on politics
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