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  1. the black rifle is only a .22semi auto,shotgun is 12g plus a 28g and the rem is a .223
  2. after doing most jobs that needed doing and reloading up to my limits i found the chess titans on my little laptop.not played since the early nineties maybe so i am very rusty.slowly getting back into it.had to put it on level one to stand any chance though.not happy with the game though as it blooody cheats.usually i have 6-7 pieces left and the computer has only the king and it keeps saying it is a draw statistically.so i have to keep undoing the last move and repalying untill i finally get checkmate.never going to be any good at it but it does waste some time and exercises the old grey matter
  3. well as the restrictions say no to most car travel and only bikes seem allowed out due to being able to exercise i got the old bike out of the garage.been a few years and the front trye was puntured and the back was fecked.had to fix punture on the front and the new kits to fix punctures have changed a lot.rear tyre was replaced but put back on the wrong way around doh but eventually all was sorted.out on the road it is a lot harder than on the bike in the gym fecking wind was in my face all the way to leckhampton hill.nearest challenge and to be fair it was hard work but as usual i got up in one go with no stops.not to bad for a first attempt at going up there in many years.had a bit off a play up there are some of the tracks and was very happy to still be able to manage all the steep parts on the way down.managed to get some real speed up on the road and some dope kept blocking me in a car and was just in the way.so nice to be able to cycle safely through town with little to no pedestrians in the way i made swift progress.was actually really enjoying being back out on the bike.got home in what felt like 8 mins.good news i still feel good today(no aches,pain) so i will be back out on the bike again this week
  4. well everything knows my car at my club as soon as i pull up all wildlife does a runner
  5. well i for one think these selfish unts should be on £94 a week sick pay like the rest of us.what do you think and do not give me that but they pay a lot of tax, cause the rest of us who actually pay our taxes are the ones who pay to keep the country going
  6. looks a lot like my little gun,have got the shotgun and rem700 too but no handgun
  7. started looking for a good little torche a few years back and decided on a p7.just what i was after bright small and well made that had an adjustable beam from spot to flood.feckers then brought out the p7 2 which is even brighter so i got one of those and gave the old one to my dad.the mark 2 was what i thought to be the best in that price range so i thought no need to buy another one ever.last time i went to the gun shop pre lockdown i noticed they had the new p7r that had twice the power and was rechargable.now this thing lights up like the sun and for a torche of this size to get this kind of performance you used to have one of those hand held two foot long ones.will have to say my quest for a good little torche is over .having spent nearly £200 so far i think i will keep this one and not look at any others
  8. telly is a waste of time for sure
  9. not a fecking rumour she is dead just 2 days after showing symptoms
  10. just found out a friend of my mums has died she ony had it for 2 days and was only 65.lived about 8 miles away from me too
  11. cnc engineer all big places shut down allready and we will soon as to no orders an no material to make components.hoping to get that up to £2500 a month
  12. so how is someone like myself going to get by with no money .can not get sick pay, can not claim dole as i have not been laid off.does anyone know?
  13. well up to 27 confirmed cases in gloucestershire now.was told on friday that 2 wards are full allready in cheltenham but do not know how many that is.shopping is a fecking joke as the idiots have bought up most food even though there are no actual shortages.my rifle club and shotgun club have shut so no hoby to take my mind off things.just got reloading to do now.work is looking a bit suspect as 4 are off from my section and we have no overtime,things are looking very bleak on the engineering,manufacturing side
  14. it is not loooking good at the moment.youngest to die was 7 years younger than me and i have a pre existing medical condidtion.also men seem to have it worse
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