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  1. venom part 2 as i was stuck for something to watch.not good which is a shame as i liked the character a lot.some of the lines venom comes up with are spot on.
  2. could not watch this film because of that twat.fecking muppet hugh grant is.
  3. it works a little like this their parents probably went to school with the judge end of story.
  4. thinking about it the sun was going down and the light was going fast.never noticed a change in the poi before.
  5. pro sport is as far as i am concerned the best springer out there.so good in fact i bought one and like the idiot i am i sold it.so bought another as they really are that good.best looking air rifle out there too.could hold its own against pcp,s at 50y rested.only downside is some people with fairy hands find the u/lever cocking arm a bit sharp and watch the pin that holds it in place does not pull out slightly as you will carve a slot in your stock if it does.
  6. not me 50+ now.living on borrowed time as we are not built to last past 40 .talking about early humans who would be taken out by something when they slowed down.
  7. caldicot i think still.if you see him just have a go with one of the tuned chinese break barrels he has done.i was impressed to say the least.
  8. cheers for the nice comments.not tried any powder other than bullseye and now n340.first shot was the low and left one so i adjusted the scope for the rest.the two others to the right were me getting a little anxious about fecking the card up.lots of pressure.do not like pressure.wierd thing was after that card the next was at the top of the black but still a good group.no idea how the point of aim changed by about 3" high.
  9. had another quick go on friday and shot a nice 186ex200 so not too bad .today went 178ex 200 for the first card so not so good.2nd card was average too then card 3 started first shot was low and left so i adjusted the scope a little and out of nowhere i shot a 96 maybe 97 out 100.best ever previous best was 95 out of 100 with the same gun but i am using a different powder(n340).so chuffed to feck and it made up for a average go on the clays this morning.
  10. should not get anything with the blood on his hands.piss take and an up yours to normal working folk.
  11. A.R.C tuning lyn lewington did a brilliant job on my .22 80 a few years ago.full v glide kit,sleeved also.made it a bit to good to be honest and it did not feel like a springer after that and i sold it on.just took away the feel of a springer and made it fell to much like a pcp to shoot.
  12. nice quality spring pistol takes a bit to get used to the jump but they can group really well with practice.more accurate on the lower output obviuosly.had the silver star this year which was better with target grips.sold now though as replaced with the easier to shoot hw75,now that is a tack driver and i regularly shoot that at 25y and get about 4" groups standing.
  13. true so how are things going to change when the best option is the same old bullshit
  14. did watch that nobody as was liked on this thread.if you like john wick and fils of that type you will like this a lot.only real part that i did not like was doc out of back to the future.
  15. so my question is why is who do i vote for to make the much needed changes to make a better england ?
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