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  1. was just a steep walk at the end of the day.have to be carefull going across the river though.luckily for me i have good balance but many had real problems.
  2. have you lot seen the anti,s are at it again.there is a petition going that has nearly 150k signatures so far to stop the nec show.fist i have heard of it was today.going on about blood lust and should not have a place in todays society,should not be encouraging children to be interested in shooting blah,blah.they have allready made the show pull the big game trophy type stands through intimidation and online petitions.wtf.should have put there is a petition to sign to counter them http://chng.it/MTcZY4MfyD
  3. response to the article is wtf.kids these days,no wonder the country is going down the shitter.did scafell pike about august last year and could not get any pictures at the top due to the clouds.put up a few pics on here.very nice place.now i have done all 3peaks the only one left is in ireland
  4. do not beleive those figures for .25 of a second.
  5. did you not know the country is 50% non white now.it is called proportional representation.not exaggerated at all.bit like radio 1 playing all that non white music all the time.we are all being programmed ahead of the inevatible outcome of mass immigration.
  6. bloody christmas food,just checked my weight at the gym this afternoon and it said 92.8kg,s and as i am only 5ft 6" that puts me a little bit over what i should be.keep telling myself that muscle is heavier than fat though.
  7. .357shooter

    Pool deaths

    it could have been the girl got stuck underwater somehow and you would not give up yourselves to save your own daughter and whilst not thinking straight(panicking)you also stayed under too long
  8. the thing that boils my piss about all of this is how much of our tax dollars that is wasted on these illegal immigrants.the tax burden as it stands is the highest it has been since the war.just look at how our elderly are treated,once you stop work it is feck off and pay more tax on your pension if you are lucky enough to have one then if you need to go into care they take your house off you to pay for it.many have to either heat their homes or eat.no benifits to help you out now you are not paying so much tax to pay for every other fecker who des not work.yet an illegal gets free food, clothing, phones, house benifits courtesy of the taxes our poor old working folk had paid all of their lives who are now not supported as there is no moeny wtf.makes you think why do we bother.it is about time our leaders change their priorities and look out for people from their own country first
  9. yep not a fan of rem ammo.have tried a few that we on offer and total shite.to be fair though eley club do have a few that are not subs per box.usually i shoot at short distance 25yards on paper and at some rate of fire so i now just use blaser in my tippman.
  10. looks like london is getting safer then with 150 murders this year so far.most for 11 years apparently.khan who has wasted 10million on pr this year said london is a safer place now.would be for him as he is never there.usually on some jolly every other weekend.
  11. .357shooter

    Pool deaths

    could be the son an dad could not swim very well,dived int the poll and got injured,maybe both had been drinking.lots of reason,s for what was a tragic accident
  12. talking of the shite that do not work and pay tax that do want they want and the law does not apply to them kind of vermin.or are just to lazy to park up where they should like most people.usually they are very well browned(fake tan) and are prone to shouting at each other from one side of the supermarket to the other
  13. should of added vermin who park in disabled bays
  14. parking in the supermarket carparks would be alright if people would just give a feck about others property.had one idiot woman just open her door into my car whilst i was sat in it wtf.wanted to say a lot of things but if i had started i would not stopped and that would mean no more shooting so i had to bite my lip and just glare at her.my mate,s new bmw had the front bumper fecked up last week and he is very carefull with his pride and joy,not a happy man.he wanted to see the cctv footage from the supermarket to identify the git but they would not help.another good one is the idiots driving the wrong way when there are great big fecking arrows showing which way to go in the carpark.speeding in a carpark is also a great idea with lots of people about.illegal immigrants trying to wash your car with dirty water and a rag that i would not wash my toilet with.
  15. watched the last season of lucifer and thought that had really turned to shite too.funny thing is i watched the trailer for a film on netflix last night and it looked good,started to watch it and the guy out of jackass was in it(oh crap i thought) but carried on untill the main bad guy turned up and it was that fat git out of little britain and it went straight off
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