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  1. .357shooter

    What would you do

    easy to answer i wolud be on the next plane to oz.for a hobby i would get a good metal detctor and feck off into the bush
  2. .357shooter

    Street Drag Racing

    many years back when i did rwyb there used to be a couple of the vipers tearing up the strip terminals were about 128 mph.but if your after the best noise on the planet you can not beat two top fuels
  3. .357shooter

    Street Drag Racing

    just got to love the sound of a v8 going down the strip.allways wanted one but will never be able to afford it.about 12 years ago i got my 2l n/a gte 16v down to 13.3@106mph which was good for an old astra
  4. .357shooter

    Big Cat Sighting

    that little gator is going to eat her for sure.would you let your daughter do that ?
  5. .357shooter

    Can’t put this down

    looks nice but is too expensive for me for what would just be a plinker.years back i had the brocock grand prix in .177 and that thing could outshoot many a rifle at 20y at my old airgun club.
  6. .357shooter

    How do they pass their test

    a bit like the useless unt that hit me head on on the wrong side of the road.tells his insurance it was my fault and it went 50/50 as i had no proof or witness.never mind the useless fecks that can not park,indicate keep on their side of the road when joining the main road.or the assholes that do 40 mph everywhere then get shitty when you overtake them in a 60 zone but are still doing 40.how about the muppets that can not use a roundabout even when the lanes are marked out for them to follow.best of the bunch though is the morons on motorways that dont look/indicate when they pull out to chage lanes.basically the standard of driving is so bad these days you need to be driving a tank
  7. .357shooter

    Back in the game - Springers

    i too can youch for the prosport i have had two and i never had or needed to get either of them tuned.only drawback is it is difficult to cock prone and the point of aim differs from prone to standing
  8. .357shooter


    they do not need to travel 40 light years as aliens are on the dark side of the moon
  9. .357shooter


    well .22 magnum is not allowed when you are in glos.it is not the same and you are not allowed to buy it even though a friend of mine went to 5 gun shops and they all said they would sell him one.the police just told the guy it is not the same even though he said as stated above it is a .22 just as .22lr.lots of heated phone calls/e mails and the police said he had to get a variation to buy a .22magnum on his licence that stated 22rf
  10. .357shooter

    National firearms licensing times

    10 weeks total to renew my licence in glos
  11. .357shooter

    National firearms licensing times

    well my licence runs out today.emailed them last week and was told my feo would contact me asap.nothing.so from tomorrow does it mean i can no longer use my guns and am i now holding my firearms illegally ?as i understand it i should be issued with a tempory licence is that correct ?
  12. .357shooter


    true it make sense that along with everything else these days.pellet tins are probably thinner than they used to be to save 1 pence on production costs
  13. .357shooter


    checked the old 100 today and the power is 11.15 ft/lbs nearly the same as the last time i checked it.strange that the pellet went though both sides when last time i tried this it did not make it
  14. .357shooter

    National firearms licensing times

    here in glos 8 weeks so far for my renewal.one more week and it runs out
  15. .357shooter

    Advice required about Shotguns

    you should learn to shoot cack handed and save yourself the time in the long run.my left eye is so dominant that i started shooting one eye shut for a whole year.gave up on that and then shot with both eyes .2 years later took lessons and was told to shoot left handed.would not do that so i have soldiered on.went to the basc stand at a game show and the instructor said how can you shoot anything with your left eye being so dominant,you should not be able too and you should learn to shoot from the left.anyway another 4 years down the line i can shoot at about the 90% hit rate now but i have to pre mount to get everything lined up first .i have learned to ignore what i see through my left eye but this is not what i would do if i was just starting out