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  1. .357shooter

    gallery rifle scope

    so it turns out i can not shoot without a scope so i had to go back to the shop to get a rail and new mounts to fit an old niko stirling platinum 1.5-6x36 "nightforce" i think scope.results were good for a new gun.shot a 97 ex 100 standing at 20y then moved out to 50y and shot a 10 shot group rested of a bench
  2. .357shooter

    gallery rifle scope

    thank you it is so smooth compared to my 2009 marlin and no more floppy trigger
  3. just picked up my new .357 henry and need suggestions for a nice little scope.my eyes are not up to the job and i am looking to spend up to £350 for something like a 2-7x36 ish compact scope that is not to too big looking for my little u/lever.
  4. .357shooter

    We're going to need a bigger gun ... !

    not come anywhere near to a rhino but did round a corner in a nature reserve in canada and have a little bison 20yards in front of me.now that was big enough and i did not also feel very safe inside the car
  5. .357shooter

    New clay Gun

    i like beretta so much i have two.silver pidgeon and a 400light semi with the kick off
  6. for me it is the pro sport it was as accurate as a pcp looked better than any other airgun.never had to tune one but my vglided hw80 came a very close 2nd
  7. .357shooter

    Vihtavuori N140 In A .223

    nice shooting above.my little rem 700 likes sierra 1410 52gr with 22.8gr of vhit 133.£75 for a tub is a good price though i pay more like £85.below typical groups at 100m
  8. .357shooter


    great choice of airgun i have the ktl with a bushnell 6500 2.5-16x42 elite on mine and with this combo i rarely miss.pellet wise mine loves the jsb 4.53 8.44gr
  9. as i was up the club today i thought i would start at 20y then move to 25y then have a go at 50y all standing unsupported.now i have not shot at a target at 50 y for a few years and it was a little windy which did put an end to my card but i did put 15 shots into that group with my little .22lr weatherby.not a bad group i think apart from that flyer
  10. .357shooter


    might be worth a look.can not get any info on the homepage as it will not load
  11. .357shooter

    September 11Th

    i did watch a bit more of it on the telly last night but turned it off when those poor desperate souls started to jump
  12. .357shooter

    Do apple spy on you

    no as i do not have smart phone
  13. .357shooter

    Japan Petitioning The IWC To Lift Whaling Ban

    not a good idea as the sharks were the top predators now you have the fecking evil humbolt squid taking over as top predator.
  14. .357shooter

    moto gp

    do you think that a certain ducati rider who is on pole is making a massive mistake going to honda next year or has he not been trying all year and is just now showing what he can really do when he tries and it does not matter what bike he is on ?