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  1. .357shooter

    Anyone going to the British shooting show ?

    i am going on friday too.as said early start so will miss the traffic when leaving hopefully.looking to get a .22 magnum henry at some point to go with my .357 magnum as i like it so much.with a bit of luck there will be one or two at the show so i can have a good look at one
  2. .357shooter

    Liam Neeson

    like morgan is a saint was he not the editor of a certain big newspaper that did all that illegal phone tapping.if he was not sucking up to blair he would/should of gone down for that
  3. .357shooter


    i see that you will not be able to get mars bars and kfc because of brexit ffs.project fear is going into overdrive
  4. well i am in my shorts and tshirt at work so it can not be that cold.will think about long pants if it goes below -15
  5. .357shooter

    How much snow have you got ?

    above photo is bang on ,panic buying has probably allready started.where i live we had about an inch and a half
  6. .357shooter


    will not watch anything with that muppet
  7. .357shooter

    gun fail

    you did not include the muppet with the .50 cal shooting in the quarry.bullet comes back and takes his hat off ffs.many people should not be allowed within 6 feet of any firearm and those who film inexperienced shooters should have their guns taken off them for allowing these people to injure themselves.for me i would not let anyone who has not shot anything that kicks near my rifles way too dangerous
  8. .357shooter

    rap videos

    would it not be a good idea to have youtube and the like to ban these clips.as they promote violence and there is also the degarding way women are allways shown in these clips.refered to as shortie,hoes,hunnies whatever they do not set a good example to the youth of today.never mind the lyrics about not having to shoot someone of bragging about my ak or 9mm.just a thought as certain sites have deleted a lot of reviews of firearms that do not promote shooting someone and are just informative
  9. .357shooter

    Council has nothing better to do...

    where you went wrong was you did not pay the council to do there job.somewhere there must be a piece of paper you needed to obtain which would have cost you thousands of pounds to aquire.then such armed you could do anything you wanted to do.it is funny that plenty of authorities want people to help out for nothing but when someone like yourself does their job for them you get treated like a criminal
  10. .357shooter

    Paris riots

    wow so you can not protest about the gov without permission from the gov to do so.if true things really have hit the fan
  11. .357shooter

    Trump Under Fire

    so if trump is sos bad what did obama do that was so good for the country.from the reports i have read he was more corrupt than trump.the usa needed somebody new to try and put an end to the established ass licking and if you are not from the right family who does the right hand shake you will not get anywhere.bit like jobs for the boys over here.the whole systems in place everywhere need change.
  12. .357shooter

    GRS stock on e bay

    i do not have large hands and this stock is very comfortable.does not need a dremmell either
  13. .357shooter

    GRS stock on e bay

    nice stock i have one on my rem700
  14. .357shooter

    14 Year old stabbed to death in London.

    where is all of this going to end up.something will have to be done about this or as stated by many why should we even care when it is only a cetain minority who are the cause of this problem.people of any colour who deal drugs should be dealt with as harshly as the law allows.be it the death penalty(should be the case) or a max prison on the antartic.society is broken very sad times for our once great country that is being dragged down to 3rd world standards.children of men springs to mind as thing are getting very close now
  15. .357shooter

    BSA .310 Cadet

    my friend shoots one of these at one of my clubs so next time i see him i will ask the question to what he shoots through his