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  1. cool,just bought a hw77 yesterday and the price was a little bit more than advertised.
  2. may aswell just let her in now and save a fortune in leagal bills ffs.
  3. have said it before and will say it again if voting made any difference we would not be allowed to do it.
  4. wtf have you seen that advert he has done.looks like that aussie criketer who married liz hurley.and as for his moves he can not.think he was trying to do a christopher walken when he did that music video back in the day.blokes face is looking like the woman form the 80/90,s that had way too much plastic surgery ffs.
  5. had an old 94 reg cavalier 1.7tdi that used to run 50/50 with cooking oil back in the day.was very strange the first time i poured anything other than diesel into the tank.ran that with no problems untill the price was put up above the cost at the pumps.
  6. nice,i do like shooting my henry in .357magnum.not allowed to shoot anything bigger than a fox with it over here though.would take much bigger game but not classed as powerfull enough to do the job.
  7. watched tusk last week as i had heard of it and never bothered.michael parks was the best thing in the film.up untill the spider bite scene the film was quite good but after that it did go down hill and the end should have been where captain jack pulls up the 12 gauge.
  8. these days would have to be every other driver on the road. seems to be no right of way anymore. driving on the right side of the road seems optional. red lights just mean carry on if you feel like not stopping. indicating is now a lost art. letting people out of junctions when you can not go anywhere. pulling up to the lines at junctions so the car behind can not pull out. looking when overtaking on any road but mostly on motoerways. parking right in front of you so you have to reverse to pull out. parking to close in supermarkets or any other car
  9. good guess 51.
  10. me and few others decided to take our side by sides out for a play today at our local clay ground.i was taking mine anyway after last week was the worst score ever i had so i put a extension on the stock to try out.after the 2nd stand i had beaten my score from last week allready so things have improved a lot.everyone this week were having a bad day.half of my sqaud were using o/u,s and can normally get about 80% but not this week.on the last stand i began taking the clays as they were set up to be taken with no joy so someone said take them the other way around and i came away with the high s
  11. try comparing her to lets say susanna hoffs now that is a very attractive woman.
  12. the elite that run our country have just proven yet again that to deal with this problem they will just throw/waste more of our taxes.this as far as they are concerned is the right thing to do.now just think about how useless you would have to be in your job to come up with a solution like this.now that there is no money left as they can not do their jobs tax will have to go up so that they can let even more come in.in what universe is this the right decision.
  13. have you seen that seatbelt that you can wear whilst walking.just the thing for your woke,protesting,entitled avererage idiot that seems to be the norm these days.nice piss take but as things are so backwards it might just catch on ffs.
  14. lets face it she was never much of a looker.
  15. so i have had a little go at trying to group this little airgun of a rest but have not had much success.groups are about 30mm with superdomes and jsb at 25m.i do have to point out i can not shoot of a rest to save my life.can hit bottle tops at 50m standing though.gun itself is still new but shoots well enough with little "recoil" the action itself on lock up is a bit basic and a little rough.not too smooth but is easy enough to cock without too much effort.not on par with a 95 lets say.so the trigger is a 2 stage unit but not that good could do with a little adjustment and again not a patch o
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