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  1. did have few when in canada,did not like looking for them though.putting your fingers in dirty water and getting snipped by the little gits was not my idea of fun.did taste really good though.
  2. so shotgun number 5 was bought yesterday.needed a wet weather gun so checked guntrader for something under £300 local.search turned up a fabarm for £245 which is a bargain as it was in very good condition and the bores look like new.took it out this morning and got 41ex50 and beat all of my mates .might be thinking about selling a couple now as i know this is a keeper.
  3. they are viable right now if you job gives you a free tesla and you get it charged at work for free and only do limited miles.
  4. been watching southland with him in it.
  5. how many horses were killed this year ?
  6. it is as simple as this poor peoples opinions do not matter.he is rich and knows better than all of us.rich is right and poor is wrong.it is only due to the fact that the really rich want our country destroyed and he is saying the right thing that he is getting away with murder.still should be sacked and all other presenters that agree with him should also be sacked.
  7. .357shooter


    same could be said for football supporters who say we and us when talking about their team.as if they now how a milionaire child who kicks a ball around for a living thinks.
  8. who knows what was actually in the cartridge.my mate had one that was a double load on sunday ffs.everybody asked if both had gone off but no it was just the one.hull comp 28g.
  9. did not see shit.as usual i bloody missed it.
  10. all this talk of metal detecting has made my mind up about buying a detector.looking at the garret ace 250/300 i think to start things off.will hopefuly get one by the end of the month.been thinking about doing this for years and that aussie gold hunters programme got me thinking about it again.
  11. a lot of the shots were fecking shite.should practice a lot more.
  12. with his problems with addiction it is a miracle he has lasted this long.for one of his films he did he had to be tested on a daily basis.
  13. with all the other devices they have that are doing the job allready i doubt they are too bothered.
  14. i think she has done a runner.
  15. has anyone used the likes of medicert and if so are they any good ?.
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