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  1. .357shooter

    Meteor shower

    i did have a look out at 11ish and spotted a good un but for 10 mins after that they were all dim and shite
  2. .357shooter

    E cigs

    not a smoker never have been but is it legal to smoke these things indoors ?.only asking as a bloke in my factory is sucking on his all day long and i want to know if he should be doing it or not
  3. .357shooter


    well my little .177 ktl does 6 mags then needs a fill.much better performance than my s400 that did more like 60 shots.very good for a carbine
  4. .357shooter

    Migrants crossing the channel

    soon things will be much worse when labour gets in after may blames everyone else for not taking her wonderfull deal and her party just says feck it and let someone else have a go
  5. .357shooter

    What you listening to at the moment.

  6. .357shooter

    Fury v wilder

    lets hope the knock out will happen in the first round as i cant see the fight to be worth watching for any ammount of time after that
  7. .357shooter

    War Veteran Dies

    wtf things just seem to get better everyday.very sad times when hard big men beat an old man to death
  8. .357shooter


    not knocking it as i had a daystate in .20 but if you really want that sort of trajectory by a .177 and put heavy pellets in it.easier caliber to pick up and pass on than the limited .20 that is only wanted by a few in comparison
  9. .357shooter

    the thing

    funny little film that scared the shit out of me the thirst time i watched it when it came out.tonight on horror a 9pm
  10. .357shooter

    tc,s instead of rnfp,s

    cheers, only got 1.5 tins left so they will not last very long at the rate i shoot
  11. .357shooter

    Sinead O'Connor..........

    sorry but she should not be given any air time.let her just fade away and just take no notice of her.as said above those comments are racist.also i thought comments like that are a hate crime
  12. .357shooter

    tc,s instead of rnfp,s

    only found out about bullseye being to fast last year after i had bought 6tubs.will change to vhit when it eventually runs out.as for loading i am very methodical being an engineer,everything is done to a certain stage and not out of sequence.50 at a time and as for double loads this will never happen as i check all levels are the same in each case with a torch,cheers
  13. .357shooter

    tc,s instead of rnfp,s

    well the target started with the furthest out top right then improved,i adjusted and put the low one just below the bull.next five went into the bull after i held onto the gun a little tighter.best group i have ever shot with a u/lever
  14. .357shooter

    tc,s instead of rnfp,s

    well just for future reference 158gr t,cs shoot very well with the 1.57" o/all length and 4.75gr of bullseye in a henry.after getting the first five shoots out of the way as my hold was too soft i put 5 rounds through the bull of my target at 50y just rested on my hand onto the shooting rest aka as you shoot a springer.will put photo up tomorrow as i have left it at work
  15. .357shooter

    Another shooting in America

    do not know what i typed was wrong and have no warning points.confused.did not intend to offend anyone .sorry for any wrong doing on my part