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  1. .357shooter

    What you listening to at the moment.

    a nice little band called slipnot
  2. .357shooter


    well if you did not allready know this should tell you that these useless assholes are not doing their jobs.it is us against them.we vote out and they are not doing what they are paid to do.really the lot of them should be sacked.all the politicians of this country in the last 60 years have proved is all they can do is f**k everything up.sick off it now and this new deal is just the same crap may wanted paying the eu 39billion that boris said he would not do.not one politician can tell the truth
  3. .357shooter


    so what do we get out of this new great deal.so far as i can see we are getting the same crap may thought up.eu gets its billions and we get no rights in return.no wonder they are all for it
  4. .357shooter

    A new old bit of shooting

    a friend of a friend took out the rh wing mirror on his prius not thinking about the barrel being lower than the scope.
  5. .357shooter

    She’s got birds now - the UK Carrier Strike Group

    was talking to a guy at work about the new f35 and he said there was 3 different types.had no idea.vulcan though had to be the best followed by the sr71
  6. .357shooter

    Alternative to v-max?

    have you tried a-max have heard they work well too
  7. .357shooter


    did you see the national debt is nearly at 90% gdp and going up at £5000 odd pounds a second
  8. .357shooter

    Re-loading 28g cartridges

    if you can get your lead from a range and make your own shot it is way cheaper
  9. .357shooter

    no 93 does it again

    not saying i am a fan but feck me has this bloke broke some records in his moto gp career.just got to watch that new yamaha rider though
  10. .357shooter

    athletics coverage

    actually got better yesterday,a lot less interference from the "hosts" of the show.just wish the commentators would not build up every gb athlete when they cleary will not win.the thing that did bug me though was that non white 400m mixed relay runner of ours who kept bloody spitting everytime he was on camera
  11. .357shooter


    please tell me this is fake news as i can not believe this to be true
  12. .357shooter

    athletics coverage

    why oh why do the bbc muppets insist on have a dozen commentators when 2-3 is enough then make us watch them talk shite when there is a lot of action being missed on the track/field.does my bloody head in.then doing specials on the english athletes/getting to know them,i do not give a feck what they like for their tea.so many things wrong with the coverage just want to watch the action and listen to the commentators.funny thing though as was pointed out that the winning times are a lot slower,nothing to do with a lot of athletes being banned and many of the others being more carefull with their own usage.for example the 100m mens final a certain runner has been banned 3 times yet even he did not win.his winning times when he was banned were in fact slower than the guy who beat him yesterday
  13. .357shooter

    britains next big air disaster

    did any of you watch this.basically it was showing what damage a drone could do to an airplane.drones are not allowed to fly near airports but you can buy a little device to disable the software that stops these little buggers doing so.it is availble on the net apparently (sic).anyway the host who was an ex sniper who said that he would use a .308 rifle to take the drones out and that this round can travel 10 miles wtf.now my weapon of choice would be a fac shotgun loaded with 00 buck on the back of an atv.my choice of weapon would not kill someone 10 miles away and would have a much better chance of hitting its target with 9 .38cal projectiles in each round.it sounded to me that the bloke did not know what he was talking about or he was reading a script written by some muppet who knows nothing about shotguns,firearms.just my opinion of course but what would you take to do the job ?
  14. well i bought one at the pellpax stand at the midland show on sunday and the damn thing does not work.i have emailed them today and i am waiting for a reply but does anyone know a little about these co2 pistols.i have followed the instructions and the co2 bulb is inserted and pierced,the safety has been turned off and the bugger will not fire.this is not my first co2 pistol i have had about a dozen and never had to do anything more than above to make them work.is there anything obvious that i need to do to make it fire ?
  15. .357shooter

    magnum force

    jive ass mother f***er.no idea what it means but was a line by the above character