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  1. .357shooter

    BSA .310 Cadet

    sorry for late reply but my contact has been of his feet for weeks with a bad back.load data he has given me as follows bullet is his own hardcast 125.6g got the die made in america powder is imr 4227 9.0 grns used no crimp case length 1.02 head dia .353 rim dia .405 neck dia .32 loaded length 1.59 muzzle velocity 1151 fps average muzzle energy 370 ft/lbs he did say to not have any issues to re size again after all other operations to help with any indifferences with the bullet fit. also the gun went out to victoria before he owned it.hope this is of some use to you
  2. .357shooter

    British politics

    sure i read somewhere that in london alone their are thousands of coppers who only deal with hate crimes
  3. .357shooter

    New cars to have speed limiters and black boxes by law

    looks like a r32
  4. .357shooter

    British politics

    would love to write a nice reply but as things of this nature are watched,monitored and i want to keep my fac/sgc i can not put anything on these subjects
  5. .357shooter

    Target shooting today.

    bloody good shooting,would be lucky to see the target without a scope myself
  6. .357shooter

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    if someone wants to own a semi auto rifle why should he or she not own one.who are any of you to say i do not like them so no one else should have them.my opinion is the same for 4x4 vehicles that are never driven off road,the pollution the cause each year kills more people in the country than all the shootings we have ever had in just one year but i do not say why do you want to own one that is your choice.any banning of any guns is just the start of a slippery slope that ends with us not being able enjoy our chosen sport.i only shoot paper targets but just because i do not shoot fluffy or flappy does not mean others should be stopped doing so.we still have a choice to shoot what we want untill people start saying i do not like or should they have one of those.my hobby does no harm to any one if i shoot a semi or a bolt action.all shooters should stick together and not start picking on certain types of shooting that they dislike ffs
  7. .357shooter


    lets face it were all fecked .nothing we can do about it and moaning on this site will not change the outcome which has allready been planned.just proves we made the wrong choice and are too stupid to trust with such an important decision
  8. .357shooter


    the term the goat is bollocks when was the last time flopsy won a race
  9. .357shooter


    sorry not read the other 84 pages but i think this is all planned.the talks with the eu at the start went we will do this little dance with you getting nothing from us but you will give us everything.after 2 years you will not have done a deal as we discused allready as there is no deal.you will then do feck all and ruin your own country and we the eu you will do all the back room deals to cripple your only manufacturing.britain will fecking sink then everyone will eventually go for mays "great deal" as the common man will be bankrupt and have no option
  10. .357shooter

    Your favourite film as kid

    star wars a new hope ,bollocks title.indiana jones the first one,original superman
  11. .357shooter

    isis bint

    it is not rightwing thinking at this point it is self preservation.just imagine if you plucked some cockney from the 30,s and showed him what has happened to his city/country
  12. .357shooter

    I've just started watching Peaky Blinders 👍

    must be a good series as they have an u/lever in it similar to mine
  13. .357shooter

    Anyone going to the British shooting show ?

    i am going on friday too.as said early start so will miss the traffic when leaving hopefully.looking to get a .22 magnum henry at some point to go with my .357 magnum as i like it so much.with a bit of luck there will be one or two at the show so i can have a good look at one
  14. .357shooter

    Liam Neeson

    like morgan is a saint was he not the editor of a certain big newspaper that did all that illegal phone tapping.if he was not sucking up to blair he would/should of gone down for that
  15. .357shooter


    i see that you will not be able to get mars bars and kfc because of brexit ffs.project fear is going into overdrive