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  1. SamR

    show us your hunting knives and multitools

    On the left is a boker magnum. Been using stanley blades for the bunnies for ages but decided to use it eventually. On the right is for big game
  2. SamR

    That time a year again

    living the dream mate
  3. SamR

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Lovely looking dogs those Sid
  4. SamR

    Starting up again

    Good craic seeing people helping others gents
  5. SamR

    North East

    Do you mean Blanchland drifter? Cant find any results for blanchard
  6. SamR

    North East

    Cheers gents, I didn't know about blanchard. From what I can gather from google theres a one in Slaley in August aswell. I'll be going to Glendale this year myself, I'm feeling flush to spend 12 slots haha
  7. SamR

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    google 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer. It seems painfully obvious to me that they are hiding something
  8. SamR

    Sticky ferret

  9. SamR

    Sticky ferret

    if you have already caught a rabbit when the ferret has gone missing, wriggling it round the hole tends to do the trick for me (oo er missus). When you feed them at home make daft kissing noises so they associate it with you. Other than that, just like the other lads say spending the summer handling it and getting a few pipes to run around makes a world of difference. Then to just completely contradict what I've just said, one of my hobs is perfect while hes working but is an absolute arsehole at home and just savages my hand. You will learn the character of each ferret and find the best way
  10. SamR

    isis bint

    Told you all didnt I?
  11. keep an eye out on gumtree and all the selling sites and share it all over facebook. Someone will either brag about their new dog or will be selling a puppy. Best of luck getting him back mate. Absolute fcking horror shows kicking about these days
  12. SamR

    isis bint

    her lawyer made a point of saying that the baby was a british citizen. Brace yourselves for the left saying the government are baby killers and that the decision to revoke her citizenship was racist and she will be allowed back in. Jeremy Corbyn will probably adopt her and give her a house
  13. SamR


    If yas are after a body like mine then white pudding is the way to go. eggs, sausages, bacon and toast with an inch of lurpak on. Lurcherlad will be trying to peddle me shortly am that lean
  14. SamR

    isis bint

    Absolutely abysmal craic now like
  15. SamR

    a bit of brown nosing

    a man after me own heart. and stomach.