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  1. The dog looking like shes done some time and got shredded.
  2. Is that tit OT still floating around on here spouting his permashite? Haven't been on the site for a good few weeks now because of him and I miss the craic
  3. bollocks, didn't read the comments. Beaten to it
  4. is she not a greyhound ferret?
  5. Clearly none of you know what yas are talking about. Heres a pic of my greyhound ferret. Hes in the 20:30 at Pelaw track tomorrow
  6. About the same size as mine mate. Does the job though
  7. where abouts in blanchland is it mate? google telling me nothing
  8. Last year i bred a litter from my hob, and kept 4 of the kits. They have been worked since early doors and handled every day. The ones i kept were the less bitey ones as kits since i didnt want an accident with the kids. Up until a few weeks ago they were like dogs, i could play with them and rub their bellies and let them crawl all over. Now 3 of them have completely changed. You literally cant get near them without them going for you and ive even been bitten in the leg. Nothing has changed with their diet, they go in their run every day. Only thing different is Ive stopped working them since
  9. On the left is a boker magnum. Been using stanley blades for the bunnies for ages but decided to use it eventually. On the right is for big game
  10. Good craic seeing people helping others gents
  11. Do you mean Blanchland drifter? Cant find any results for blanchard
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