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  1. SamR

    Bairns first time

    Cheers Arry, she's coming on leaps and bounds lately
  2. SamR

    Bairns first time

    Got the biggun for a week as shes back from London for the holidays. Woke her up at half 5 this morning for a look out ferreting. Shes always asked to come but her mother kicks up a stink but i thought fack it, youre coming. Just the 2, but she enjoyed herself. Full english breakfast and thats us sorted for the day
  3. SamR

    isis bint

    As long as you aren't a straight white male who isn't british, you can do what you want, say what you want and get away with it. Heaven forbid you fly a St. George cross on his day though
  4. SamR

    isis bint

    Except join Isis
  5. SamR

    isis bint

    At 15 I got a lass pregnant. Finished school and went straight on the sites to work. Anything and everything i could do to make money
  6. SamR

    isis bint

    Anybody watching bbc question time? She is a victim and we need human sympathy for what she has been through because she was only 15 when she left. Has this country lost the f***ing plot? Leave her where she is to rot. If she comes back she will probably get a house for free and a lucrative deal to make a documentary on her
  7. SamR

    advice needed

    cheers for the advice lads, a really clear consensus hahaha anyone know of any litters of beddy whippets? That sounds like half the battle trying to find a litter that hasnt been bashed out from a pet for a quick couple of quid
  8. SamR

    advice needed

    cheers everyone, I'm not going to rush into it. Just got permission from the boss to get another dog last night (under the deal that there will be no more kids!) so I thought I'd start a bit research
  9. SamR

    Permission problems

    I asked the same question myself mate. Best get to knocking on doors. Worst that will happen is you get told no. A lot of lads will be apprehensive to give up their contacts or permission purely because it can take a long time to build up trust with the landowner. best of luck
  10. SamR

    advice needed

    patience of a saint me haha I've always had dogs, never worked any until 2 year ago and never had a lurcher or any sighthound/runner
  11. SamR

    advice needed

    Gents, I've wandered in here from the ferreting section and need some help. I'm looking to get a runner to go with my jack russell for when I'm out. I've never had a lurcher before (although i worked with my friends for a few years). What do you reckon is the best cross in your opinion? It would only be used for ferreting. I've got 3 kids, but by all accounts they seem to be spot on family dogs. Cheers, Sam
  12. SamR

    A wee night out

    great to see this like Katchum. My 3 will be going as soon as they are old enough. Teaches discipline and to not sit on their arse and get fat like me haha
  13. SamR

    Selection from my hide

    brilliant pics these. Always nice to see a red. Haven't seen one with my own eyes since i was a kid!