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    Bryn, few years ago, he knocked few over in his 11 years ,
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    A glorious day to give the pups a run.
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    I recently purchased a HW 35 from flynndog to refurb. I wasn't going to start straight away but I had a bit of spare time so the trigger has been rebuilt and is nice and smooth. The stock was stripped and has had it's first stain and the action is ready for bluing.
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    Never had any problem with aco drains smelling if washed down properly once a day.A lot of the time mine would only get their water buckets tipped out daily and a proper blitz on the weekend.I think a lot of it depends on how well your floors and drains are laid so theyre working properly and not soaking up the piss.
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    Well had to put ma last old lurcher bertie to sleep today neary 15 years old after over 40 odd years of running dogs thats the last one passed so thats the end had a load of memories over the years but thats it ended so all the best to the lurcher lads al still stick ma nose in now and then but al stick to the ratting with the russels and the airgun so all the best boys
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    Or maybe he wanted some coin to join the Ashford dance club ,where l,ve heard mackem can be seen jitterbugging every Tue,s n Thursday night
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    Taken today, Bennachie Aberdeenshire.
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    All this talke of home made shooters reminds me of a time I made a bow and arrow , I made the bow from ash and the arrow was a piece of dowel my dad had for making pigeon fronts I glued some feathers on it and sharpened it with a pencil sharpener I stuck a picture on the old small black bin lip and stood it next to my gate ,tried shoot it and missed arrow whent down my yard cross the road and stuck in the leg of the old fella who lived over the road , funny now but feck me it hurt when my mum gave me a whooping ,, snapped my bow as well
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    The thing is that down in the Midlands and many other places people who shoot bolted Rabbits are few and far between and when Rabbits bolt the often take life long Ferreters by surprise even on a rough shoot I have seen many people take shots when the Bird is to close or in line with another gun , shooting Rabbits is usually Snap shooting that is where the Gun will raise the barrels and fire instantly and just assume that it is a safe shot and very often it is not . The record bag for shootig Rabbits was at Bradgate park in Leicestershire it was around 6000 rabbits in a day this was beaten at Blenheim Palace with about 7000 but Bradgate held the record because the used a standard number of Guns . The record for long Netting Rabbits was set at Harlaxton on the Leic, Lincs ,border where nealy 1600 Rabbits were caught in a single night the man who wrote the article said that there was over a Mile of net down and his arms were nearly dropping off from killing them . That would have been a village effort which was common in the day .
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    Set up a new hide and station on some land with permission and support from the farming couple after all the carry on with the council and my old hide/set up... Today was the 1st time I’ve managed to spend a couple hours there with camera and I wasn’t disappointed, new girl in town visiting multiple times every day, she’s been triggering the trail cam for the past week so thought I’d try and grab a few frames with the DSLR
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    She's been suspended from the Labour party, but she can't be sacked as an MP, unless 10% of her constituents petition for a by-election - she omly won her seat by 600-odd votes ! If the sentence had been 12 months or more, she would have automatically lost her seat. The fact that she refuses to step down shows that she hasn't the slightest scrap of honour or decency about her ! (Her brother got 12 months for his part, but I would have banged him up just for being called Festus !)
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    Its how you cook them,rub them with spices,and place a large pebble inside the bird,slow roast for an hour at 175 degrees.remove from oven,rest for ten mins,chuck bird in the bin and eat the pebble.