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    Oh we get it pretty bad here, most of the country grinds to a halt.....towns and cities littered with abandoned vehicles, all the schools close and get pretty close to a national emergancy situation!! Sometimes we get a whole inch of the stuff
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    I was about 14 and used to make a few quid in the summer from salmon,there was an advert in Guns and Ammo magazine showing a guy with a blow-gun holding up a coyote,i had also read Dan mannix book a sporting chance where he hunted with a blowpipe,i had to have one I sent off the cash and waited,and waited,came in from school one day and there was a long package waiting for me,holy shit,first weekend I put a dart into the neighbours cat,never seen a moggie get off a fence as quick,my mum ended up bending the tube round me after I stuck a dart in my sisters foot from the top of the stairs while she stood at the bottom.
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    Not a great day for numbers but we had fun anyway.
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    While winter carping one night 4 of us having a social and mate said got to have a dump so he shuffled off in this really noisy thermal suit into the rhodes came back after 5 mins saying what a pipe he had laid doing up his suit flicked his hood up and this turd bounced off his shoulder and fell in the middle of my swim.
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    i found a nice piece of antler while out ferretting yesterday.....some one bought me a knife making kit,well over 10 yrs agoso thought I'd give it a go.only had a hacksaw,rasp and cordless drill......took me just over an hr.....i will put a good edge on the blade over the weekend and put it to workthanks for looking.
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    Oh you got to feel sorry for the c**ts. There wee break has been cancelled. Few complaining about "what about there kids"? "The government needs to make provisions for them" They don't give a flying f**k about ordinary folks kids. Here's an idea use some of there 77k salary to get a childminder. But I suspect they won't and it will be added to there expenses and we will pay for it.
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    It’s the homeless I feel sorry for in this weather
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    when I was an apprentice I shot a labourer in the eye with a bit of snow blown through a copper tube, he went fkin mad i thought I was dead he had a right shiner next day, an older lad from our village tried to splash me by shooting his air gun in a puddle, the pellet bounced off and hit me he was shit scared I would tell my old man, and used to let me borrow it all the time till I got one of my own.
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    the best shitting story from the village.2 lads were down the railway bridge its about 70ft high neither of them are right lol.the vicar walks under the bridge every day on his little nature walk.the fastest walker alive he would be speed walking.1 of the lads mark.has his arse through the hand rail and shit.it landed smack on the vicars shoulder lol.what a fecking shot.
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    Cheers mackem was about to call them shitebags but fair enough. In terms of shitting we were in our small local nightclub. My mate comes up the stairs from the bogs/ entrance area laughing like f**k but wont say what hes done. When we went to investigate half way down the stairs all you could smell was shite. Got down into the bogs and folk were pointing into a cubicle some laughing some heaving. He had stood on the pan amd done the biggest shite ive ever seen on the cistern. My mate got put out later for smashing glasses on tje damcefloor and the bouncer says i know it was you. My mate replys i never shat on the cistern. "I never mentioned shitting on the cistern your barred for life"
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    went to glastonbury once with a few lads from the village.1st night they wanted to go back to the van to sleep fecking light weight's. i slept in some mad tent full of feck knows who.next morning wondering around a girl give me a lump of paste whizz the size of a piece of sweetcorn.feck me i spent the day marching around gurning like feck and sweating not even 2ft of slurry would stop me lol.
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    At the end of April or just after I’m going to be looking for a new pup(dog) to join my other runner. This is my other dogs 3rd season and due to nocks and other things there has been times I’ve been left with no dog to run for a few days or the odd week. I’ll be looking for something that has the potential to become an all rounder with an ideal height of 25 plus 26-27 been pretty bang on. Parents would have to have been grafting a few seasons and seen a bit. My dog I have here is saluki bull grey and very happy with him so would be interested in something similar. I’m not able to take a pup on until around end of April as I’m away for a few weeks from the start. So if anyone has anything around then or not long after could you pm with some details. Thanks Igz
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    ready to be shown the wayI'd not put a dog in the ring.....so long as i had a hole in my arse....leave that for JP and his goons in matching ridgeline smocks
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    This was this morning but being a french car, electrics probably lieing
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    Cracking day here. But f**k being up there lol
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    LOL me patterdale doesnt last 5mins outside,she goes all frozen spazzy legged the deer/wolf hound lies outside for damn ages,even last night at -40 odd with wind chill. i opened the works compound gate tuesday morning without gloves,burnt me finger tips. this aint as bad as last year bet you havent got any milk or bread in the shops !!! mass panicccccccccc
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    i'll bring few pairs of gloves, head guards and some Epsom salt to bring you round needle dick
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    that micky got a head like a disapointed horse
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    Don't worry Mr powers give it a month and stick your sfs back up
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    thank f**k!! old Mr power's and that f***ing stutter been doing my nutt in
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    Cheers bud. Most I would ever have is 2 lurchers and 2 bushers. That’s the plan anyway. Don’t think I would ever breed. Trying to find decent homes is a drama. Would rather take my chance and buy one in.
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    Looks like a pit bull , large , red nose , pit bull ears ,?
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    Hold your tongue DC...I quite like them Ridgeline Smocks
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    He’s the same, only ever had one bad knock and that was chasing a rabbit through a kids play ground when my wife had them out for a leisurely stroll
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    im sure i read somwhere that the french havent got a bigne drink culture they reckon its because the kids have a glass of wine with there meals from a young age.im not sure if its true or not.i havent looked into it.
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    yawn lol bit of defroster on the wings tips mate good to go
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    Nice type him mate. Usually pretty slow starters ain't they so I think you've been lucky. Atb Adam
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    I had 1 donkeys years ago was a decent busher not the best but you had no fear of it dropping to ground more chance on it flying to the moon and back lol
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    Ooh, you're going to hell for that one
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    No but doubled my chances,invested in another coursing bred greyhound bitch last werk...just wait in hope
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    Have you not got a tank ? There's 140 sheets worth of fuel going begging
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    Cheers mate, he’s getting on for 9yo now so just comes on the ferreting trips now. He’s from doxhope dam and a Hancock sire.
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    my oldest lad is 17 now he has been given a few tinnies since he was 14 in the house by me and the wife.and not once has he felt the need to go out and get paraletic on the streets.if he asks for a few cans he has them in the house.it's mad i was working in a butlins holiday camp type place at 16 glass collecting.wild place especially when we went back home to pick some magic's and took them back in the holiday camp.what a wild trip that was lol
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    Seen two go. All I can say about them really is there pritty slow as bushers not my thing maybe others have different experiences
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    Always the way katchum
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    Good man I going for another chinks anyways so will be too bloated to be slapped tonight sorry
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    Did you source a new barrel for it, as I remember Flynn saving it was u/s bent
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