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  1. Great offer for blackie would help him out well done ray
  2. No where to.put your wullie now bummer joking aside its no a nice sight
  3. Your invite dropped for the tea party now
  4. Lol would head straight to you with the shite you blabber
  5. Definitely couldnt be doing with dogs disappearing for any length of time on a scent nothing but trouble
  6. You on fb they will be a couple litter next year a couple lads from durham good dogs as well but dont come on here
  7. No be many breeding start of the season you would a better chance in the spring
  8. Bit of a drive but worth when you get there place is stunning had the pup with me getting her use to it
  9. Guys just had a litter of whippets local to.me all away soon as they were born £600 still to dear nut compared to the prices just now suppose its no to bad
  10. Get yourself outside spraying render easy money skimming a thing of the past
  11. Dont kid yourself make that on sites if you want graft
  12. If that's to me Danny just felt like a change plus the acd in it gives them that we bit more guts they run very simaler to the beddy nice to have a we change rather than sticking to the one type
  13. never had to was my choice would never have a straight collie cross thats to much like torture
  14. Aye but some say thete to clever for some
  15. Nice when it comes together good luck for the season
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