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  1. mud


    What’s work and what’s tax
  2. mud

    Bitch is ready to pop

    Any other pics of the bitch shh
  3. mud

    Cod liver oil

    I’d never run a dog on an empty stomach I always feed quite early in the morn if am off out lamping
  4. mud

    Cod liver oil

    Lectade+ after a hards nights running
  5. mud

    Cod liver oil

    I give iron,calcium,vitamins,cod oil aswell as raw meat/bones fish biscuits threw out the season aswell as couple other little things
  6. mud

    Cod liver oil

    Ye,I always give them the capsules oil
  7. mud

    Fathers day

    Had to be camo
  8. mud

    Fathers day

    Same here got jumped all over by two at half 7
  9. mud

    Best part of uk to live

    HUYTON most peaceful place to visit
  10. mud

    Fathers day

  11. mud

    Fathers day

    Pair of these for me aftershave an a cup
  12. Money can’t buy happiness busher
  13. I’ll leave it busher
  14. Anyone know this coming Saturdays lotto numbers let me know so I can put them on atb mud
  15. mud

    About time

    Father deer-bull-grey mother saluki-bull-grey