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  1. mud

    Rettendon range rover murders

    If your trying to be a bully going around bullying people left right an centre then somebody is going to keep there mouth shut and put a stop to it,it’s still happening today,simple don’t be a bully,no one likes a bully
  2. mud

    New catty

    Think I’m gona settle for a wasp catty
  3. mud

    New catty

    Sent u a pm mate
  4. mud

    New catty

    I’ll pm u my number and see if u can watsapp me a few pics plz mate,my last 1 I had was the pocket poacher witch was a good little catty
  5. mud

    New catty

    Can u send us a few pics of what u got flynndog and prices plz mate
  6. mud

    New catty

    The fell I got mine of was you can’t hide bang,anyone know if he still making/selling them
  7. mud

    New catty

    Yes I’ve heard mate,I won’t be ordering one of him
  8. I’ll be looking for a new catty soon to knock few squirrels out trees on my local walks,I bought one a while back now of here,I forget the fellas name but I think it was the pocket poachers catty double banded a little real tree one,so if anybody knows the fella who makes an sells them can they let me know atb mud
  9. mud

    Unusual Bushing Dog

    Cracking little dog,we were out round Evesham one year,a fox was put out of a small wood too far for a slip,I watched it run down a cover/edge and then lost sight of it,so I knew it stayed in a small cover,I seen every other dog that was there that day follow the line of the fox an lose it beagles beagle xs spaniel xs terriers all lost it and moved on,it was the pat/lab that stayed in the cover an when we walked over he was marking a little rabbit warren,afew lads wanted to move on but I said this was the last place I seen the fox go,so terrier was dropped and a nice vixen was dug and released,that pat/lab stood out from the rest of the bushers by far
  10. mud

    Coursing Bred

    Wouldn’t mind a young coursing dog,as I’ve got let my young choc bitch go as she not getting along with her sister but she is spot on with all other dogs,strange but I guess that’s dogs for u
  11. mud

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    And my up an coming little bunny dog
  12. mud

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Smart DC,heres her sister complete utter psychopath
  13. Cheers mate,she’s wheaten bull grey/bull grey she’s 6 month old now
  14. mud

    MINSHAW .....

    Bump bump
  15. mud

    Guard dogs

    That’s it the mallys in the wrong hands can be absolutely crackers but the right amount of exercise every day can sort that out,unlike some who just get them and chuck them in the yard to be live wires