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  1. mud

    strange sightings when out and about

    Found a big large woman on her back once in the middle of know where with a small dwarf guy hanging out her crack balls deep,now that was a strange site
  2. mud

    The Last Waterloo Cup

    Can always remember the Waterloo cup like it was yesterday some good days an memory’s
  3. mud

    Whippet x greyhound

    This young bitch is mostly greyhound with a drop of deer/bull in her backgroun be coming 6 month old end of month,
  4. mud

    Cannabis oil

    How do u rate them mackem,a good friend using it now and he seams to like it a lot
  5. mud

    Cannabis oil

  6. mud

    best pic for charity

    If tedd’s watching it his mates have to aswell
  7. mud

    They don’t half change

    Smart looking pair shh
  8. mud


    Who’s been banned mr p
  9. mud

    My pup 1st lamped rabbit 6 & 3/4 months old

    Father looks a handy animal
  10. mud

    ginger rabbit

    Same here mate I’ll be back out Friday and am hoping for Saturday night too
  11. mud

    ginger rabbit

    I have been called Dracula before as am a pain in the neck sometimes
  12. mud

    ginger rabbit

    It would Look nicer on the living room wall
  13. mud

    Pre ban fox and hare killer

    True jackknife,was far from a hare dog but what a bitch she was on other game
  14. mud

    ginger rabbit

    I’ve had a couple of black rabbits but never seen a ginger one,seen plenty ginger fox an am hoping to see plenty more tonight...
  15. mud

    Pre ban fox and hare killer

    3/4 grey 1/4 bull this bitch had her fair share in foxing,brilliant at tracking deer to