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  1. the cobra

    Up for stud

    Right lads this mite be a young lad with not much experience in the dog game yet why no give him a wee bit advice keep yer photos down and give yer dog a few more season's to see how it go's it can be a hard game this young lad mite turn out to be a plonker but then agian a wee bit of advice he mite turn into a genuine dog man only time will tell but jumping down the young lads neck will no do any good everybody has to start somewhere and no a dont no him just looking what some of the guys are saying
  2. the cobra

    Hunting the mice

    Its just luck mate when yer takeing photos whith yer phone 9 times out of 10 u miss or the dog moves it is quite good though cheers
  3. the cobra

    Hunting the mice

    Wee pup is loving it jacknife nice looking pup
  4. the cobra

    HW 97K .177 cal, long range squirrels.

    Cracking shooting mark well done
  5. the cobra

    Hunting the mice

    All good fun lads gets the pups interested
  6. the cobra

    Hunting the mice

    Good point eastcoast mite have been a wee rat just looked like a mouse lol
  7. the cobra

    Out trying the 177

    Mattwhite tryed a few pellets including bisley magnums but ended up jsb exact diabolo 4.52 seemed to group better at a distance mate
  8. the cobra

    Out trying the 177

    The scope is hawke endurance 30 sf 4 16 50 mate
  9. the cobra

    Out trying the 177

    Bought this hw 100 of an old pal never really been a 177 shooter always 22 tryed it a few years back but couldnt really get to grips with it so heres the second go to be honest a dont think a fair go last time but had this gun a few weeks now and am doing far better than a did last time for some reason so al keep at it see how its go's
  10. the cobra

    Hunting the mice

    Over the banking hunting mice never caught any but they tryed
  11. the cobra

    Reached for the Pro Sport .177 tonight.

    Nice shooting mark dont see many jays about here there like hens teeth about my area
  12. the cobra

    pup i kept back

    Really nice shape to that pup mate
  13. the cobra

    Cat amongst the pigeons !

    Nice shooting mate got the wildcat myself only been out a couple o times with it so cany really say to much about it yet mines is the 22 what is urs ?