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  1. the cobra

    New gun

    Nice mate never shot one but looks the business
  2. the cobra

    New nv set up

    Thats it there mate
  3. the cobra

    New nv set up

  4. the cobra

    New nv set up

    Cheers mate looking foward to getting out with it
  5. the cobra

    Bird feed raiders

    There are not a lot of magpies about here and the ones that are here think they have a sixth sence cany get within a mile of them
  6. the cobra

    Bird feed raiders

    They seem to target the suite fat balls u put out for the wee birds every morning when a fill up the feeders before work there like clock work u could shoot them every morning
  7. the cobra

    Bird feed raiders

    Plenty of them about here mate as well as jackdaws av seen anything from a couple to a dozen at one time out the back it runs up a disused railline
  8. the cobra

    Last light

    Well done mate nice fat rabbits yer freezer will be filling up
  9. the cobra

    New nv set up

    Well finely setteled on the new yukon photon rt 6 x 50 and traded in the wild cat and got a new hw 100 177 and mounted on that gun same as the hw 100 a use for day time just need a calm day to zero it no then get it into the rats and see how we get on
  10. the cobra

    100 today

    Well done mate should be plenty of wee birds about this years
  11. the cobra

    Atn x sight 4k pro

    Cheers guys going into the gun shop tomorrow to look at the new yukon photon
  12. the cobra

    Bird feed raiders

    Home fae work filled the bird feeders up 10 mins later one o these buggers appeared got it with the wildcat half n hour later his mate appeared so the hw 100 took care of him the wee birds have no chance wi these pair
  13. the cobra

    Atn x sight 4k pro

    Will do mate just been looking at the yuton photon which looks good
  14. the cobra

    Atn x sight 4k pro

    Think the new x site 4k pro has an 18 hour battery life a think it was the older one that was battery hungry bud just what av been seeing on utube phil cheers
  15. the cobra

    Atn x sight 4k pro

    Thanks phil just looking at the moment was also looking at the nightsite range just liked the idea of it being a scope rather than a screen just being useing the lamp for night time