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    Deer for sale

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    Old bottles etc

    Jammy get
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    The Places Ye Get To See

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    The Places Ye Get To See

  5. The website doesn’t work anymore so looks like it does off.
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    Hedgerows and statics

    Yeah there spun polly.
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    Hedgerows and statics

    Spent the day evicting some bunny’s from there hedgerow lairs. It was the sort of day that would normally be in favour for them to bolt weather wise, yet it was not meant to be. We had our armoury of purse nets, a couple hounds and I got a chance to run the longnet out for a change. Dogs were marking well, and it was great to see my pals beddy whip has come on leaps and bounds since are last outing. We only managed to get a couple bolts into the nets and one into the open field were patch picked it up quickly, the spade accounting for the rest. As is his usual style, paddy the ferret was bottling them up in stop ends and refusing to let them budge. It not always ideal but he does his job. Thanks for looking
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    A merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone
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    Dog bus setups

    Ah right, cheers.