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  1. Blackdog92

    The Places Ye Get To See

    The dogs can take us to some amazing places, that’s for sure
  2. Blackdog92

    show us your whippets

    What’s a hardblood?
  3. Blackdog92

    show us your whippets

  4. Blackdog92

    Couple hours last night

    That’s what I was going for, there’s only so many ways to picture game so thought I would try something different.
  5. Blackdog92

    Couple hours last night

    It sure was
  6. With living in the sticks my house takes a bit of abuse from the weather, so it doesn’t take much for it to knock of the tv, WiFi, and occasionally like last night the electricity. With that it generally means it’s a good time to get out with the dog. Fired up the generator to keep the freezers going and off out. There wasn’t a great deal about on the spot but we managed a few runs and he didn’t miss many so pleased with his effort, it’s great to watch the little whippet twisting and turning like a contortionist, even more so when I’m used to watching the big dog, who to be honest turns like a bus. Onwards and upwards, thanks for looking
  7. Blackdog92

    Weed ;)

    I don’t know what’s more worrying, the soap bar or the amount of paper you use in a joint lol
  8. Blackdog92

    acd x greyhoud

    I’ve never seen a acd but I have kelpies and from what I’ve read on here they seem very similar to the kelpies in the sense they need to be doing something constantly, and are very busy dogs. Im not 100% keen on the kelpies but you’ve got to give it to them, they are relentless workers. I couldn’t think of a worse dog to keep in the house, if mine aren’t doing something for 5 minutes they will find something to do, wrong or right.
  9. Blackdog92

    Raw meat suppliers, cumbria

    It was just to tide me over for a few days while I’m a bit short. I’m sorted now
  10. Anyone know of a decent raw meat supplier in Cumbria?
  11. Blackdog92

    Natural Instinct

    I wish I could, my missus works in a butchers and I still can’t get any scraps, her boss’s lad goes with it all for his dogs
  12. Blackdog92

    When will.it happen here

    One of them once had a panic attack when I got on the bus with my dog as a boy, the bus driver told them to settle down or get off the bus
  13. Blackdog92

    First run out

    Haha teds wise enough to let the youth do the donkey work for him same as his owner...