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  1. Blackdog92

    Bushing in the lakes. Good or bad.

    Does this fellow have a red vehicle?
  2. Blackdog92

    Hound Pack Pictures

    It’s one of many in the collection from the old boy.
  3. Blackdog92

    Hound Pack Pictures

  4. Blackdog92

    Quad/atv accidents...

    I was sent on a atv coarse so I could drive them on sites. It was a good bit of education but if I went by the rules of what we were taught I wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere on my farm. I don’t know what firm you work for but the coarse I went on was at a dealership and to be honest, the whole day was basically a sales pitch to try and sell me a crappy Can Am quad. Good to to see your using decent quads for your lessons.
  5. Blackdog92

    Quad/atv accidents...

    My pal had made the fatal mistake of forgetting his quad was in 2 wheel drive coming down a steep bank and touched the brakes. His wheels locked up, bike started sliding so he jumped off and it proceeded to fly down the bank and into a gill writing it off. Luckily the only thing damaged and bruised is his ego so he will be getting a bit of stick about it over the next few weeks. Heres the outcome of said accident has anybody else had any accidents on there quads, preferably funny story’s rather than tragic?
  6. Blackdog92

    Bushing in the lakes. Good or bad.

    There’s nothing in the lakes, don’t waste your time...
  7. Blackdog92

    Best part of uk to live

    There’s worse places...
  8. Blackdog92

    Night under the stars...

    Well, I’ve got a load of grass cut to get baled into some nice June hay in a few days so in the meantime me, my pal and his lad ventured out on the quad for a night under the stars. It was a real good night for it so I didn’t even bring my tent I just slept on the mat in my sleeping bag, my pal was in his tent and we converted the quad trailer in to a caravan for his lad to sleep in. Feel free to add your camping trips thanks for looking.
  9. Blackdog92


  10. Blackdog92

    Best part of uk to live

    Worst thing about Carlisle is the locals
  11. Blackdog92

    What you listening to at the moment.