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  1. Blackdog92

    Dog bus setups

    Ah right, cheers.
  2. Blackdog92

    Dog bus setups

    I’m sorry pal, but i don’t catch you there?
  3. Blackdog92

    Dog bus setups

    Looking to kit the back of the truck out with storage and somewhere to put the dogs, I have a rough idea in my head but if any off you lot could put some pics up of your setups for inspiration that would be a great help.
  4. Blackdog92


    Your right I shouldn’t have used such a sweeping statement, I was just generalising. Tbh, the whippets had far less injuries than the lurcher.
  5. Blackdog92


    He’s not kc I believe his lines are mike brown and nimrodel and he’s 22tts. Obviously there not not going to be as resilient to the harsh weather like beddy or collie x type. As long as he’s doing something the weather doesn’t bother him but they do get a bit fed up if your stood about in it a while, he’s put some cold days in on the fell with me while I’ve been working though. If by kennel you mean on the arm chair by the fire then he copes with that fine, I got him for the missus so she could have a pet that I can still work. I don’t think I would keep one for my sole running dog for various reasons but I am definitely a convert to the whippets, as long as her indoors likes em we will probably always have one knocking about.
  6. Blackdog92


    I always thought whippets were just rabbiting dogs. Until we got this fella, they can really surprise you and not just once in a blue moon but consistently surprise you!
  7. There’s nothing better for on the fells but there not a workman’s coat.
  8. Blackdog92

    A walk along the tracks

  9. Spent the day with my pal bolting bunnys and hunting up rushes with the dogs, as always great crack watching the dogs do there thing. Both dogs worked well and came home injury free. My pal even accounted for 2 himself single handed, literally.
  10. Blackdog92

    The Places Ye Get To See

    The dogs can take us to some amazing places, that’s for sure
  11. Blackdog92

    show us your whippets

    What’s a hardblood?
  12. Blackdog92

    show us your whippets

  13. Blackdog92

    Couple hours last night

    That’s what I was going for, there’s only so many ways to picture game so thought I would try something different.
  14. Blackdog92

    Couple hours last night

    It sure was