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  1. Very nice dog mate looks a fast type what sort of height is she ?
  2. Nothing gonna happen to you mate they just f***ing with you , that will get thrown out and your dog back , the courts mite try to drag it out though , yes they can get into your phone with out your password but I dont think they will it cost them to do so , theres been murder cases and no phone evidences at court lol if your saying what's happened was the truth they have no case against you unless you have some previous convictions even then I wouldn't worry. Mite get a slap on wrist for the blade and Marks on your dog just from cover never will be able to prove nothing from that too, mate rspca got no money never mind paying a vet or investigater for a little case like this .Never wear camouflage gear lads are going out in high vis vests these days lol
  3. If hes not doing it and hes 10 years mate hes not gonna do it now imo , my saluki lurchers are decent guard dogs always barking abit to much at time I have been out at nights to shut them up lol
  4. Cheers mate got high hope for these next season
  5. My pups out of my pure to a coursing dog , got speed stamina and good in cover
  6. That's my bitch out of Nero , not a slow bitch but not a aggressive runner bigger the land better for her , I bred her to rich Rocco and I have 12 months pups running big rabbits in Febuary , plenty of saluki in England mate there was a time some lads didn't see the point in owning or breeding back to a saluki but alot of lads are doing it now breeding back to a saluki to coursing dogs and the results are good . I am over the moon with my pups they will be able to run filed or fen no probs. Sometimes out crossing works
  7. They looking well mate I havnt done much with them iv been holding them back they have only just gone 12 months old now will try them back end of the season, been getting good feed back from rest of the lads who have pups of my litter. I like the look of that iron lady
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