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  1. Very nice mate what sort of height u think he's gonna make
  2. Beautiful pup mate best of luck with him
  3. Very nice pup mate farther to your pup belongs to a good friend of mine hes a very good dog
  4. Very nice dog mate , can't go wrong with that nipper stuff he defo threw ur tough hard dogs great stamina durability strength, I just lined my bitch with last of this breeding hope she takes
  5. He owned them bull x they was ment to be some serious animals he owned the bitch tess in the pedigree , 2 keys , Bob, mother farther to pups he still has very knowledgeable man
  6. Helping a friend out who has some pups for sale hes old school doesn't have Internet or a smart phone these where bred by himself and owns mother farther, out of a litter of 5 males hes keeping 2 males back so there 3 males available they white with red patches 9 weeks old, mother is 26inchs and fathers is 27 inches reasonable priced based in Liverpool. Thanks
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