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  1. I like that type of set up hope fully will make something like that in future myself separate area for storage of food etc I would put some kitchen units in maybe a couch and tele get away from the mrs lol
  2. Lifting with rabbits around me they even sat on roundabouts giving directions to folk
  3. Sounds like you tret it like a baby a child and not a dog from day one think the dog needs some tuff love I would kennel it outside during days and work hours maybe with a older champion dog.
  4. The mad thing is people pay get caught up in the hype of bumped up dogs
  5. If it the same man asked me £600 £500 for stud £100 for charity
  6. If your wanting to add more space speed and stamina gears your gonna have to out cross it with a dog with no bull in in my opinion, yes you will loose some bull ness , I have seen some bull cross to coursing types and they make brilliant all rounders. Plenty of good coursing stud dogs out there unfortunately they not cheap to line .
  7. They coursing bred pups mate grew very fast up until 6 to 7 months at that point I was thinking they gonna be big dogs then just seem to stop still got some knuckle left, I would be happy with another inch
  8. My pups are around 10 half months old now and around 23 inches , I feel like they havnt grown much for a while now think they will get any bigger then 23 inches? Mother was around 25 and farther 26 27 inches at. Cheers
  9. They both litter sisters mate I bred the litter my self pure saluki bitch out of nero to a coursing bred dog out of buddy . They both very different in structure and temperament, the white cream pup is heavier set and loves me to bits doesn't leave my side where as the red pup is a b*****d runs off cant get her back on lead some times but has had a pray drive since she was 7 months. Using a Collar on her seems to be working
  10. My coursing bred pups around 23 to 24tt 10 months old now hoping they make around 25tt?
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