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  1. Westyorkshire_lad

    Stick Hutchinson

  2. Most of the coursing bred dogs the linage goes back to your home bred stuff saluki whippet grey , beddy grey to Salukis eg , but then line breeding started , there’s plenty of dogs out there even today that are home bred no fancy names that will kill hare as good as any , I have seen some good whippet greys x Salukis do the job , I know a lad who lined his old lurcher bitch Weaton grey x to a coursing dog and produced some decent hare killers dogs that could do 2 or 3 regular . IMO it’s all boils down to luck you can breed of lampers and produce top hare killers.
  3. Westyorkshire_lad


    Has she produced any decent dogs out of them litters mate ?
  4. Westyorkshire_lad

    Another foreigner over here😱

    Sandy have you ever ran your dogs over there? Any invites
  5. Westyorkshire_lad

    Stud dog

    Cheers pal
  6. Westyorkshire_lad

    Stud dog

    Coursing bred out of Romeo x Pearl (buddy x roxy ) 23 to 24 tt
  7. Westyorkshire_lad

    Stud dog

  8. Westyorkshire_lad

    best pic for charity

    Yes mate he’s still here will be 3 in April
  9. Westyorkshire_lad

    best pic for charity

    Should be me my pictures got most likes hope your doing well mate
  10. Westyorkshire_lad

    best pic for charity

    Cheers lads, he’s out of Romeo x Pearl ( buddy x roxy )
  11. Westyorkshire_lad

    best pic for charity

  12. Westyorkshire_lad

    dan x peggy

    Put some pics up mate
  13. Westyorkshire_lad

    Hare numbers are back

    Send me some spots lads times are hard round my way
  14. Westyorkshire_lad

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Looks like good bit of land there pal much on it
  15. Westyorkshire_lad

    next years crop

    Hope he does well for you