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  1. A lads used him over his romeo x pearl bitch pearl is a litter sister to rocco should be some decent pups she's similar bred to your bitch mate
  2. I have two off rocco i used him over my pure saluki bitch pups turned out class
  3. 24 inch strong first cross whippet grey ?
  4. No mate thats milo out of romeo x belle
  5. iv been just looking at some today for my self think its the way forward alot of lads using them saves alot of time walking on land and getting more runs using one . A mate of mine got one this season Iv tried it one day takes abit getting used too but we could find runs where you would have missed walking. I was speaking to a lad today about the pulsar range hes tried the xm30 xm30s and xq38 and said the xm30 would be good enough and affordable for or job .
  6. I'm from near leeds my self buddy iv asked for years never had much luck when you mention dogs they don't want to know but there's plenty of spots around there if you went alone you wouldn't get no bother
  7. Big mush? Hes lined few bitches hows the dogs out of him turned out?
  8. To many lying b*****ds bump they dogs up just because of how they bred never seen a hard winter dogs retired at 2 years old and offered for stud goes to a decent bitch produces something decent and everyone on band wagon (bitch never gets credit) easy for young men or men who don't know much about the game to get dragged in the hype iv been there my self . Finding a honest man and dog like hens teeth
  9. lad from Midlands own it dont want to mention no names cannot of been that good if got sold for 500 I saw a pic of it on chalky on boys facebook lads was saying how good and consistent aggressive killer it was
  10. I saw that too thought it was strange maybe a fake add?
  11. Best of luck with pup mate we had a conversation about 2 years ago about using razor over a pure hope it makes a good un for you
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