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  1. Westyorkshire_lad

    best pic for charity

    Cheers lads, he’s out of Romeo x Pearl ( buddy x roxy )
  2. Westyorkshire_lad

    best pic for charity

  3. Westyorkshire_lad

    dan x peggy

    Put some pics up mate
  4. Westyorkshire_lad

    Hare numbers are back

    Send me some spots lads times are hard round my way
  5. Westyorkshire_lad

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Looks like good bit of land there pal much on it
  6. Westyorkshire_lad

    next years crop

    Hope he does well for you
  7. Westyorkshire_lad

    next years crop

    Nice dog that pal just looks like it’s farther how’s mother bred and how’s the dog running for you
  8. Westyorkshire_lad

    next years crop

    Her mother was a first cross saluki grey bitch
  9. Westyorkshire_lad

    next years crop

    She looked worse when she was wet lol
  10. Westyorkshire_lad

    next years crop

    Good dog scouser thrown some class dogs I had a bitch out of him could run them but was very ignorant atb mate
  11. Westyorkshire_lad

    Pure saluki x whippet

    Lovley dog mate I have something sorted if it falls through il be in touch iv sent you a pm thank you mate atb
  12. Westyorkshire_lad

    Pure saluki x whippet

    Put some picks up mate cheers
  13. Westyorkshire_lad

    Pure saluki x whippet

    just give me your dog mate be easier for both of us lol I won’t have to breed her and ul be saluki free
  14. Westyorkshire_lad

    Pure saluki x whippet

    My bitch is good enuff for me that’s what all that matters im gonna breed for my self I’m not breeding her to cash in or impress anyone this will be my first ever litter in my life and I’m already stressing about the hassle of rearing pups if it does happen . Iv spent fortunes on buying in pups and getting drawn into to the hype. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by good dog men as of recent who have ran some good dogs and all have somewhat suggested a whippet type dog , I have spoken to someone and hope fully will be going to a working whippet grey when she breaks and after these pups il be done with working dogs
  15. Westyorkshire_lad

    Pure saluki x whippet

    Beautiful dog mate what height is he ? any info on parents mate ? And what he like on small and big land