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    my lurchers terriers n ferrets air guns catapults trapping n mouchin o and women

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  1. wildman

    50 pence in the back of the telly

    My favorite were grizzly Adams, Robinson crusoe and brendon chase
  2. How can he be corgi registered the prick don't like shit terriers
  3. wildman

    Red Signal Crayfish

    Had hundreds all on cooked chicken carcass n homemade traps
  4. wildman

    grand national

    It was not the Arabs that took shergar
  5. wildman


    Answers ya question, don't it say what ya after n ya might get an reply
  6. wildman

    Best Boxing Bouts

    Can't believe it took 4 pages before someone mentioned calzaghe n if greyman thinks wilder v fury to be best bout then he must have only have seen that one fight
  7. wildman


    Ya hundreds
  8. wildman

    DIY Poly tunnel

    Have one myself ry lot better for keeping pests of crops n ya can grow more unusual things
  9. wildman

    Speed cameras

    Best device for not getting caught speeding is ya brake pedel
  10. wildman

    Bets on who dies next

    Did,not no she was Jewish............. Now I fcuking hate her
  11. wildman

    Bets on who dies next

    Miriam margolyes fat scruffy old dyke
  12. wildman

    Buying a Dog/Pup

    Tend to breed from my own stock .that way ya have a very good idea of how the pups will turn out .am no expert but seem,s to work for me
  13. That gedgey,s quiet since he started slagging people off

  14. wildman


    Which is currently having about 8 million spent on ressteration work
  15. Real decisive ,you why not buy a pup ,put a good 12 month+ into it then you,ll have what ya want . like most good Dogmen do