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  1. Length of string with a knot every foot ,that takes me back to when we were kids
  2. Hi lads got a BSA r10 and it,s leaking from the fill valve . is it a job for the gun shop or can it be done at home .am assuming its just a new seal but I,m no expert, I no some of you lads are ,any advice appreciated thanks
  3. Is there something wrong with you or what, this may be the general talk section ,but f**k me you come out wi some shit
  4. wildman

    22 yr old.

    It was moes who parted the sea , he was also the first to ride a motorcycle cause it says in the bible ,And low the roar of Moes triumph could be heard throughout Israel
  5. What a great idea ,does comisson mean , to add a little extra ?
  6. Mate of mine works at a bearing factory, gets me as many as I want for nowt ! Lucky b*****d.
  7. Balsa wood ,Francie pal that's the way to go nice n light good look
  8. f***ing brilliant gonna with that tonight na. Nice one DC
  9. Looking at ya profile.pic ,your simon whitehead,s twin brother
  10. Been watching Ali on y tube last few days , against guys like forman,Norton,Louis and Ron Lyle . what a group of power house,s all with harts like lions fantastic fights don't think any of the modern day fighters or lewis could have lived wi em . just my veiw
  11. Ya pal as said you work the bird ,let someone else handle ferrets,at least till both you and bird are confident . good luck
  12. Ya used em for years,use to erect steel water storage tanks ,so had an endless supply of 19mm nuts made great drey busters
  13. The bird is not really bothered about you or its previous owner ,best part about falconry , for me anyway , is training a young bird ,watching it make its first kill knowing that you had a part in that .good luck pal !
  14. Black rabbit live,s matter too ya no!
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