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  1. Went to a butcher and game dealer last week and asked him if he was in the market for a good supply of big healthy rabbits, noticed he had some for sale behind his counter £ 7.20 per pound ,thinking I was onto a winner when he said yes I,all take as many as ya get ,I,all give ya a pound a piece ,could not believe the cheeky c..t ,told him that's what I used to get 30 year back n walked away , not gonna give em away .Anyone else having this problem
  2. If ya did,not have a partner ya could have come wi me !!!
  3. Did,not show ya the bit where he knock,s one out ,just before kip ,
  4. Majorettes, scouts,Bob a job ,pie n pea van ,ice cream van , policemen patrolling ,bag lady ,dustbin men that put ya bin back
  5. Them big thick bramble , hedges are no place, for a novice pal as said start on easy terrain , work up to it, or get some keen helpers
  6. With all the queers in the world ,population bound to drop. Dirty b*****ds
  7. Got ya remember now, was that John wright lived near round house , mate of mine mentioned that mangam other day is he still alive
  8. Was that the one that killed himself with poison, cymag I think ,was looking at a long sentance inside for rape or something
  9. Wentworth woodhouse ya I remember watching em once
  10. Turned it off as soon as Q say,s my boyfriend will be here soon . dirty bent c,,t
  11. Anyone tel me where I can obtain , now that's what I call terrier,s ix cheers ,.
  12. Think dogs may have mites or a skin allergy ,any body come across this before if so what did ya use to cure it , been told that camrosa ointment could work ,any serious suggestions welcome ,cheers
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