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  1. Ya and the same guy on crow that loaded the gun ,was the same guy on this film . not hard to figure out!
  2. Used to do this in a private , keepered wood ,snare log set above 6 ft brass snares triggered every time , but never any target , snare always snapped put it down to fox jumpin up and using its weight to spin and snap it bit of a mystery
  3. Looks good ,what's in it exactly
  4. What pup ya got pal
  5. wildman


    Pair nested on a pylon 500 yards from mine, sit in allotment watching em , pigeon men on allotment hate em. Never in my lifetime did I think that they,ed be as common as they are
  6. Nice one mate, she looks like you, must be the lack of hair ,if ya got time for a wander with dogs n ferret let me know , all the best pal
  7. Ya should,not let ya kids play with ya photos pal ,memory lost forever that
  8. There,s no hard and fast way pal just introduce em nice n steady ,small sett,s, that your dog has given a deffinate mark at don't force em then block em in ,let em play take your time . some click straight away ,some take abit longer but 99% will make good rabbiter,s ,been at it 43 years only had one that I gave up on can't explain it , good luck kid
  9. It,s all a con ,money making scam ,set up for the rematch so they all get another massive payday .next time aj wins and circus rolls on that Eddie hearn,s no dumpling ,he,s a business man in the most lucrative sports around and them boxers just puppets .always been like that ,but at least some of the puppets put a show on ,
  10. That was a fix nobody just defends a title without fighting
  11. wildman

    White rat

    Once caught a pure white mink on the river esk, with northern county mink hounds. One of the huntsmen said that's the first one in 25 years
  12. DC, do you mean David Arthur's from Rotherham , I've had collar, s from him in the past ,think his handle was Pippa, could be wrong ,unfortunately he's gone now.
  13. Don't forget time of year,squirrels no its changing ,as they say in game of thrones, winters coming ,could be a reason why we all seeing more, hazelnuts are as ripe as a virgins pussy up my way,,, wish it was other way round though ,,,,
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