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    my lurchers terriers n ferrets air guns catapults trapping n mouchin o and women

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  1. wildman

    Write off

    Can a vehicle be wrote off more than twice and be put back on the road.
  2. wildman

    Watery/leaky eye

    Wash with optrex
  3. wildman

    Camper van conversions

    I.am gonna use a Luton box van .loads of room ,nice n square ,merc sprinter engine,very reliable just in prowess of finding right one . look at conversions on you tube
  4. Who says I'm doing nothing.the antis have took nothing from me and never will. As for saving my conscience I don't have one where .antis or gov. Are conserned I will do as I please ,you admire the antis if ya want, for all I know ya could be one ,I've never heard of ya on here before, I've fought for things I believed in and got nowhere against the gov. THEY SHUT THE f***ing PITS didn't they . what chance do we have
  5. The government are not intrestested in my or anyone else's views or opinions they just want to know where you are and what your up to and no matter how many people voice there opinion it dont matter the government will do what they want anyway .this country knackered
  6. If ya think I.m putting my name and address on anything think again .
  7. wildman

    Is it a bird!

    Great story to give cops if ya need to do some b*****d in .... Saw him fall out of that plane officer .. Honest..
  8. Fox,ERS do not tame well hardly at all .I've known quite a few that have tried difficult to get em to walk on a lead. So to get one to hunt to any standed ,I don't no .they have a fear of people and can't be manned . but you can try .good luck
  9. wildman

    Longest day !

    Can't come quick enough for me f..king hate summer .too hot for dogs n ferrets ,ticks ,flies drunken dicks hanging about till gone midnight .need a good hard winter to set things right
  10. wildman

    Whats The Best Boot

    The best boot is one that won't sink when ya ot at sea . why aya man
  11. wildman

    Small hob or jill kit

    Just had two litters don't no what they are yet but am sure there will be something in thee for ya
  12. Any litters about or due lads . am after some new blood cheers
  13. wildman

    More longtails this morning

    Ya do right mate
  14. wildman

    More longtails this morning

    Don't ya ever go to work . should ha phoned me pal . I,d have made one
  15. wildman

    Fell type

    Any litters or pups about from good workingstock. Or does anyone know of some coming up cheers