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  1. Ya wanna get on Britain's got talent
  2. Anyone north Yorkshire way able to ferret or air rifle a small permission as I have too much to take it on , reliable people only cheers
  3. Who I no most lads from the area . PM me if ya need to
  4. What ya use the tiger for ?
  5. Same here ,got that many permissions in last few weeks don't think I,ll be able to get round em all
  6. Never, just goes to show ya should read all 5 pages before ya reply , nice one arry
  7. Show us ya books , who do you think you are my accountant
  8. Paki country that mate f***ing riddled with em
  9. I,all have the dark one if that's ok not far from ya cheers
  10. Still any left pal if so where bouts are ya ,PM me if so
  11. I was brought up in the same village where it's based and filmed ,the author Barry Hines lived there I went to school with his 2 children ,my mam still lives there ,next street to the chip shop and club that were in the film ,I've climbed that wall more times for a young kes or a little owl ,still there but in a bit of a state now
  12. Mates mum asked us one day if we could have a look at her washing machine that was playing up while she went to work ,as we were always tinkering about in his garage with old motorbikes . Took top of started it up noticed two concrete blocks shakin about so we drilled a hole in the side and put a good screw into it . We she got home she said did ya get to fix my machine loads, ya no probs so she put a wash in started it up and it walked across the kitchen ,still ribs us to this day
  13. This happened two streets away from where I've just moved from seen the dogs in question never stopped barking there is a guy on next street he,s got 14 lurchers walks em all at same time if you happen to be out at the same time you don't stand a chance they drag him to whatever is across road n kill it he s the scourge off the village ,retarded brother of that other dick head Dave slight
  14. Vickers,a got right idea or can hover,s get pregnant
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