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    my lurchers terriers n ferrets air guns catapults trapping n mouchin o and women

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  1. wildman

    The national

    tiger roll £65 to come back for me get in
  2. wildman

    Working at height

    was a steel erector for years all over the world ,if it was high and unsafe it was always me that was up for it when i was younger .get vertigo now when i put a new pair of boots on
  3. wildman

    Lurcher racing

    ya mate i been a few times . not much to write home about just a bit of fun really dont no were ta coming from but its snowing like fuk at s63 9at maybe cancelled better check before ya travel
  4. wildman

    Parker vs Joshua

    7 foot reach fck me fat fury would be able to knock his opponent out while sat on his stool ha ha
  5. wildman

    Brickie required

    frking thousands
  6. wildman

    Commen buzzard

  7. hy up bud are ya after a locator    saw ya post about spiltting that ferreting set up  ,got one here if ya are   mac

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    2. wildman


      got one here ,it,s brand new used it once , ya no the story always had old grey box thought i could handle a bit of technology took it out turned it on ,what the f**k is this thing doing .seems i,m not ready for 21 century yet . cost me 180 box 1 collar  n a magnet to turn it on still in packaging 150 QUID any good to ya   mac

    3. big napper

      big napper

      Hi pal can you ring 07712714551 cheers

    4. wildman


      tried to call ya off house phone no answer no credit on mobile will try later

  8. wildman

    metal detecters

    good idea why not propose it
  9. wildman

    metal detecters

    just bought a garett ace 300 i 6 month old for half orginal price from cash converters , any you lads into it and any tips cheers
  10. wildman

    mk3 ferret finder , anyone selling

    what ya want to pay for one joe got one here but its brand new
  11. wildman

    My name is Lenny..

    what did you think ,that might give anyone thats not seen it a clue to weather is worth a look
  12. wildman

    Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    the sound of rain on the canvas of a tent ,sheep bleeting at night , the wild river n,swifts screcching on a summer night
  13. wildman

    Sleaze Bags.

    christipher biggins, jonherton king tony blackburn and i bet that noel edmonds shits his pants every time the door bell goes
  14. wildman

    How To Enter A Male Harris On Crow?

    when he says mugging he means sneaking up from behind or from cover and when he says the hh has only one chance he means no chance but you stick at it pal ive had a few hh and there a very intelligent bird might be better for the bird to first enter him to a quarry abit less difficult like rabbit just to get birds confidence up atb
  15. wildman

    Cheap Army Boots

    had a pair for work did,nt last more than 6 month thats why there so cheap cause there crap