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  1. When they give a animal some sweet name ,watch it get preyed on ,escape,mate have young ,it's like watching a crap soap opera
  2. Don't watch any of them anymore, just for armchair naturalists ,rather be out there doing it for real
  3. Just been offered one 1925 mint condition in an original leather holster ,any one no anything about em
  4. Dyslexic,s of the world untie
  5. Got ya a few more spots very close pal ,call me next time ya coming will take ya for a look
  6. No problem pal take all of mine !!!!!!! Only took me best part of 20years to build it up
  7. Anyone north Yorkshire way able to ferret or air rifle a small permission as I have too much to take it on , reliable people only cheers
  8. Who I no most lads from the area . PM me if ya need to
  9. What ya use the tiger for ?
  10. Same here ,got that many permissions in last few weeks don't think I,ll be able to get round em all
  11. Never, just goes to show ya should read all 5 pages before ya reply , nice one arry
  12. Show us ya books , who do you think you are my accountant
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