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  1. Just got 30 brand new half barrels will be adjust ing them all when I dig em back up
  2. Yes it should say 4oz,6oz ,oz means ounce ,I think
  3. I also have some land but its massive, so probably no good to you either
  4. Get out and ask pal. I have never had trouble getting flying permission,soon as you tell landowners its for bird of prey they get quite interested .dog men n guns they don't like
  5. wildman


    Once imped a carrion crow,s tail to a male buzzard ,worked well,looked strange
  6. About 100 or so in the grounds of the royal hallamshire hospital ,about half a mile from sheffield city center
  7. Length of string with a knot every foot ,that takes me back to when we were kids
  8. Hi lads got a BSA r10 and it,s leaking from the fill valve . is it a job for the gun shop or can it be done at home .am assuming its just a new seal but I,m no expert, I no some of you lads are ,any advice appreciated thanks
  9. Is there something wrong with you or what, this may be the general talk section ,but f**k me you come out wi some shit
  10. wildman

    22 yr old.

    It was moes who parted the sea , he was also the first to ride a motorcycle cause it says in the bible ,And low the roar of Moes triumph could be heard throughout Israel
  11. What a great idea ,does comisson mean , to add a little extra ?
  12. Mate of mine works at a bearing factory, gets me as many as I want for nowt ! Lucky b*****d.
  13. Balsa wood ,Francie pal that's the way to go nice n light good look
  14. f***ing brilliant gonna with that tonight na. Nice one DC
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