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    my lurchers terriers n ferrets air guns catapults trapping n mouchin o and women

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  1. wildman

    Is it a bird!

    Great story to give cops if ya need to do some b*****d in .... Saw him fall out of that plane officer .. Honest..
  2. Fox,ERS do not tame well hardly at all .I've known quite a few that have tried difficult to get em to walk on a lead. So to get one to hunt to any standed ,I don't no .they have a fear of people and can't be manned . but you can try .good luck
  3. wildman

    Longest day !

    Can't come quick enough for me f..king hate summer .too hot for dogs n ferrets ,ticks ,flies drunken dicks hanging about till gone midnight .need a good hard winter to set things right
  4. wildman

    Whats The Best Boot

    The best boot is one that won't sink when ya ot at sea . why aya man
  5. wildman

    Small hob or jill kit

    Just had two litters don't no what they are yet but am sure there will be something in thee for ya
  6. Any litters about or due lads . am after some new blood cheers
  7. wildman

    More longtails this morning

    Ya do right mate
  8. wildman

    More longtails this morning

    Don't ya ever go to work . should ha phoned me pal . I,d have made one
  9. wildman

    Fell type

    Any litters or pups about from good workingstock. Or does anyone know of some coming up cheers
  10. wildman

    50 pence in the back of the telly

    My favorite were grizzly Adams, Robinson crusoe and brendon chase
  11. How can he be corgi registered the prick don't like shit terriers
  12. wildman

    Red Signal Crayfish

    Had hundreds all on cooked chicken carcass n homemade traps
  13. wildman

    grand national

    It was not the Arabs that took shergar
  14. wildman


    Answers ya question, don't it say what ya after n ya might get an reply
  15. wildman

    Best Boxing Bouts

    Can't believe it took 4 pages before someone mentioned calzaghe n if greyman thinks wilder v fury to be best bout then he must have only have seen that one fight