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  1. No worries mate all the pups have gone now anyway
  2. Mates got 3 whippet dog pups left 3 months old both working parents from pennymeadow line let me know if your interested
  3. My mate got 3 whippet dog pups 3 months old for sale of pennyweadow line if anyone interested let me know I can get you in contact with him
  4. She turned out 27inch, don’t know about yours but mines a proper thief it’ll rob anything anyway if it’s not screwed down it’s gone then she’ll go bury it, if you’ve not seen or heard her in a couple minutes she’s up to no good
  5. She’s definitely not a ferreting dog doesn’t like waiting about but lamping or daytime doing well can’t fault her If she carries on the way she’s going should be a good season, how are the two sister getting on?
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