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  1. I like that Merle mate is it and dog or bitch, how I’t doing working?
  2. My collie greyhound x whippet greyhound bitch can’t fault her
  3. Really nice dog mate, What height is he and what’s he like behind stuff?
  4. No mate got shavings in it but if it needs jets washing then can just drill a hole in the bottom corner and wash it down that drain
  5. Just built my new home for them over the summer
  6. These are only others I’ve got
  7. I know mate but it’s the only decent picture I’ve got of her that I would want framing
  8. Does anyone know someone who does portraits of dogs want this doing?
  9. Anybody do any hunting in Madrid?
  10. She’s out off Scottish hare hunter wheaten bull greyhound dog x deerhound greyhound bitch
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