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  1. Cheers pal Deerhound greyhound x wheaten bull greyhound
  2. Jill’s pal and I’ve got bells on all of them
  3. Went out yesterday morning first set got one back netted then had to dig three out, then next set one in the net then had to dig again got two out of one dig moved on the 3rd set one bolted and the dogs got, 4th set had to dig twice and got two out of that, every dig was about 3-4 foot ended on 10 never had to dig so many in my life
  4. Little for example come here you little c*nt or come here you little sh*t
  5. Nice one mate been thinking about getting some for a while now, What are them ones called going to have a look at them?
  6. What are them tracking collars like mate any good?
  7. I’m the same mate, I think you’d have to leave them in there own shit and what not for abit for them to get infected but just keep them clean what should be done anyway and they’ll be alright, I’ve never had a problem anyway?
  8. It’s a load of shit that you have to breed or have them jabbed every time they come into season, I only ever breed mine if there good enough and I want a kit out of them if not there not getting bred and I’ve never had a problem with them when they’ve not been bred?
  9. I like that Merle mate is it and dog or bitch, how I’t doing working?
  10. My collie greyhound x whippet greyhound bitch can’t fault her
  11. Really nice dog mate, What height is he and what’s he like behind stuff?
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